The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever Seen

Or: "Tom's Cockup Trip".

This is a story about a television title sequence, and about me, as a child, watching it. It’s also a warning about how CNglobal won’t last forever, and it's the reason I'm climbing one particular hill in the Lake District. Merry Christmas, Denis Norden.

DoP: Simon Handley from Skylark Aerial Photography www.skylark-aerialphotography...
Music: Benjamin Squires
Animation: Matt Ley

Thanks to John Hoare and the Lake District National Park Authority

Filmed safely:

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  1. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott

    7 个月 前

    I know this video's a bit personal; it's not the sort of thing I normally do. But it seemed like a good story to tell for Christmas.

    • Yubbi Van Der VVater

      Yubbi Van Der VVater

      11 天 前

      We know, but it's great

    • Svndwich


      20 天 前

      This is a job for captain dissolution

    • Steve Chisnall

      Steve Chisnall

      个月 前

      Standing on the shoulders of giants.

    • Savage van wizardwitch

      Savage van wizardwitch

      个月 前

      Dear Mister (sir) Scott, I know that it may sound very unseriös, but this is the only way to get in communication with you, I hope you will not get angry or irritated by my way of being. It's not in my Intention to dig or flirt but I am sometimes very charming (think the stereotypers, if you understand would name my way how I am like that) 😉. I would be interested in a view of climate change, please from your side-thank you. Gteeti gs from a small bubble.

    • Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko

      Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko

      2 个月 前

      These personal kind of videos are also very enjoyable.

  2. Sil ten Napel

    Sil ten Napel

    天 前

    6:27 In't the transition right there where the 7 turns dark and is suddenly reflective instead of metallic?

  3. Bianca Castafiore

    Bianca Castafiore

    天 前

    I'm exhausted just watching you walking up and down those very British hills.

  4. Amanda


    天 前

    Reminds me of the care that went into the parts of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" where the toons and humans interact. I mean there's a huge difference in budget, but the amount of care going into scenes for details that you only notice going frame by frame.

  5. Panderjit SinghVV

    Panderjit SinghVV

    2 天 前

    I think that title sequence with the map and compass is inspired by the railway crossing scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It’s got a map, leaves, beam of intense light, and wildly swinging gauges.

  6. AJPC


    3 天 前

    Thumbs up to your cameraperson as well 👍

  7. Tiddy Fard

    Tiddy Fard

    4 天 前

    well there's 17 minutes of my life im never getting back

  8. nullability


    4 天 前

    God that music is so 90s

  9. Muad'dib


    4 天 前

    Cool that you did a shout out to Castle Air, they are still a brilliant company, and there's very few aviation companies that last for 30+ years

  10. Muad'dib


    4 天 前

    Yes! I was totally stoked when a new 'it'll be alright on the night' came out. It was big TV.

  11. Ninad Kulkarni

    Ninad Kulkarni

    5 天 前

    5 minutes in and I was terribly bored.

  12. Taming the Jungle An Allotment Diary

    Taming the Jungle An Allotment Diary

    5 天 前

    Such a great tribute!

  13. mearsm50


    5 天 前

    if you want on example of what the unofficial out-takes VT was like search for "White Powder Christmas", or "Good King Memorex"

  14. Jenkins Family

    Jenkins Family

    6 天 前

    For me, nothing will ever beat: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... 🎶 STAR WARS 🎶

  15. KCJbomberFTW


    6 天 前

    Hey, sorry if this sounds pretentious but is 11:57 an actual long ad break in the video or just stylistically intercontextual? I have Premium so I don’t know since I don’t get ads

    • Ricardo Querubin

      Ricardo Querubin

      6 天 前

      It is an actual ad break.

  16. Banty


    6 天 前

    the 7th intro seems to use warped footage rather than a 3d model of the logo, it seems to me that they probably made that portion of the video into a looping texture so when it settles into place it alligns with the raw footage

  17. The Fierce Bloke

    The Fierce Bloke

    7 天 前

    I twitched a bit when i heard Tom say: ''Pain in the ass'' 9:33

  18. Bim


    7 天 前

    Shoutout to the camera operator that walked backwards throughout this clip.

  19. AGWittmann


    7 天 前

    That was a nice video. Thanks for sharing a memory/moment of your childhood with us.

  20. Izzy Ace Dolphin

    Izzy Ace Dolphin

    8 天 前

    Idk why but I started to tear up near the end. Such a good story. I wanna go watch those old outtake shows now

  21. Gomes Brown

    Gomes Brown

    8 天 前

    What a gorgeous video. Congrats.

  22. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep

    9 天 前

    What I wanna know is how they got the entire live audience in the helicopter

  23. Matt Andrews

    Matt Andrews

    10 天 前

    Just found this and as a presenter I'm full of respect for how you delivered that Tom, and also I love details so thank you for taking the time to explain everything so well and give credit where its due to some incredible production staff. The compass needle is the sort of thing hardly anyone would think of, even fewer would agree to it, it can only be done by a rare few who go to the extreme effort and time because they have true passion for what they do

  24. jackson1277


    10 天 前

    9:18 gramma scott

  25. Richard Gadsby

    Richard Gadsby

    10 天 前

    I just discovered Tom Scott's videos. They are truly excellent, entertaining and informative. Thank you!

  26. Tyler Hardy

    Tyler Hardy

    10 天 前

    I haven't watched broadcast television in over 10 years now.

  27. TrashiVision COD:MW

    TrashiVision COD:MW

    10 天 前

    i loved the ending, slightly cried ngl

  28. ChocolateTampon


    11 天 前

    At 6:28 the CG is faded out and perfectly blends with the crane style camera rig shot. You can see the transition in the simulated studio lighting rigs reflection in the number 7. The camera rig looks like it's been programmed a specific set of coorination data to prefectly overlap the CG. There are a couple of automated movements at the end of the transition that are not so smooth, similar to a modern drone shot. Even so, it was a top quality piece of production for it's time and better than some efforts today that have so much more advanced technology.

  29. cannon9009


    11 天 前

    Okay, confession time, when Tom mentioned hiding easter eggs in the background, I was kindof expecting an easter egg to be present in maybe the foliage of the hill in the background, or maybe a plane with a flag to fly by or something. Maybe I was actually missing something, or maybe I was just looking for something that wasn't there, but either way, I'm amazed by how easily I was set into a "gotta find the hidden stuff" mindset by just the mention of easter eggs.

  30. Reem


    13 天 前

    I love that CNglobal suggested this channel cause of jacksfilms! So happy it did. Binging the hell out of it.

  31. Mithun Srinivasa

    Mithun Srinivasa

    13 天 前

    Great Video

  32. Ernie Pantuso

    Ernie Pantuso

    14 天 前

    I think number 7 was much more of an accomplishment.

  33. Blah


    14 天 前

    "Merry Christmas VT" That was the BBC 'gift' to it's VT Staff.

  34. Kharl Kanana

    Kharl Kanana

    15 天 前

    Is anyone else trying not to laugh at cockup little cockup GREAT cockup

  35. Mark Sosbe

    Mark Sosbe

    15 天 前

    Never thought a video about a 90’s tv title sequence could make me emotional. This is a great video. Thank you 🙌

  36. Gofven


    16 天 前

    6:27 Transition of the title sequence

  37. spartan kc

    spartan kc

    16 天 前

    I loved the commercial break lines.

  38. Backruborbust


    17 天 前


  39. Daz555


    17 天 前

    Corridor Crew need this one to look at!

  40. Mark Penrice

    Mark Penrice

    18 天 前

    Kept it going right to the last second. I loved that last little nod to IBAOTN with the animated arm and clapperboard, just like they had at the end of their own credits. Nice.

  41. Jag Betty

    Jag Betty

    19 天 前

    Well done Tom a fine stroll to the top, I would’ve been knackered walking and talking like that, so once again we’ll done.

  42. Wisnu's Lullaby

    Wisnu's Lullaby

    21 天 前

    late for 6 months, but this is just so brilliant !!!! Thank you!!

  43. Liam Martin

    Liam Martin

    21 天 前

    17:31 An out-take. What a perfect way to end the video.

  44. Jamie Hess

    Jamie Hess

    23 天 前

    This is one of the best CNglobal videos I have ever seen, and hearing you talk about something you are so passionate about cheered me up, it felt like I was genuinely hearing a story from a friend

  45. The Ocean Man

    The Ocean Man

    24 天 前

    it's not done in one frame it's a fade from cgi to live action

  46. mchibs62


    24 天 前

    Cue mark and mid rolls I am impressed

  47. ImaHunter


    24 天 前

    I went to the lake district recently, I am SO ANNOYED that I didn't visit great cockup.

  48. Amy Henriksen

    Amy Henriksen

    24 天 前

    The end of this video made me unexpectedly smile such a massive smile

  49. Yannik Lohlein

    Yannik Lohlein

    25 天 前

    We need Captain Desillusion to tell us how exactly that transition works!!

  50. jodyanthony


    25 天 前

    Your videos are art, Tom.

  51. baylinkdashyt


    25 天 前

    And, having watched this again now, and having spent half my adult life promoting -- and maintaining -- the Internet... I still have to wonder if its a good trade... 1.8M people seeing this in 6 months, vs 106M(77) people watching the MASH finale. Cheers, 93.5M(64). Seinfeld, 76M(67). Big drop off to Friends and Magnum, but still 1.5 to 2 orders of magnitude more viewers in 1 day than 180. Each situation has positive and negative effects on the societies as a whole... I wish I knew which one was better. Cause they're mutually exclusive, on the global scale; one precludes the other. Still a damned fine piece; right up there with ISO standard cup of tea. :-)

  52. Joery M.

    Joery M.

    26 天 前

    i found the transition, on 6:27 you can see the edges of the 7 are not aligned, and it fades to the real shot

  53. alexis garcia

    alexis garcia

    26 天 前

    "Mom! Tom Scott is making a title sequence!" -candice

  54. kholil .-

    kholil .-

    27 天 前

    Mr.Bean is the peak of British Television

  55. Liam


    27 天 前

    10:26 'They holded it'.

  56. Comrade Chaos

    Comrade Chaos

    27 天 前

    y'know, it's rather funny to think about the fact that at some point, someone like Tom's gonna see one of his videos in the future and have the same exact thoughts that Tom did seeing that Title and do similar things, and then keep the line going themselves. It really is an unending line when it comes to inspiration isn't it

  57. JOG ON with Harry Morgan

    JOG ON with Harry Morgan

    29 天 前

    This is a great video, but I'm really surprised how Tom is just not that out of breath walking up this large hill constantly talking.

  58. Where Is My Son I Can't Find Him

    Where Is My Son I Can't Find Him

    29 天 前


  59. Andreas Petersen

    Andreas Petersen

    个月 前

    6:47 you would do that

  60. Ian Bowden

    Ian Bowden

    个月 前

    A show that only has an episode every two years....wack.

  61. unforseen consequencer

    unforseen consequencer

    个月 前

    British The Eric Andre Show

  62. David Gregory

    David Gregory

    个月 前

    I'm not so sure that the 90s were TV's heyday. I think you need to be at least 50 to remember British TV's heyday, which was clearly the mid to late 1970s. I'm not sure that audience figures are what this is based upon, or whether it is based upon the sheer grip and influence on society, because I refer to the latter... which obviously is a more slippery metric to judge things by.

  63. JonatasAdoM


    个月 前

    Thank you for making a dedicated ad break. Something I really think others channels should do too.

  64. TheAngryMudkip MudkipsForLife

    TheAngryMudkip MudkipsForLife

    个月 前

    The Tom Scott season finale

  65. Opal Watson

    Opal Watson

    个月 前

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  66. John Mcmahon

    John Mcmahon

    个月 前

    Love the B5 shout out.

  67. SheolCodeMonkey


    个月 前

    I wasn't prepared for Tom to refer to 1993 as "Nearly 30 years ago"

  68. Aimée Ferguson

    Aimée Ferguson

    个月 前

    I’ve watched this several times now and this vid is just an absolute masterpiece and one of your best, Tom. Thank you for being as much of a nerd as I am.

  69. Kieran Penrose

    Kieran Penrose

    个月 前

    This is a story about a television title sequence And I like to take a minute just sit right there il tell you how I became the prince of a town called scunthorpe

  70. Expectocat YT

    Expectocat YT

    个月 前

    yo a reference to my boy Babylon 5

  71. TheGrimravager


    个月 前

    This video is special, thanks for making it and going the extra mile

  72. Goose Shid

    Goose Shid

    个月 前

    The royal biplane lastly charge because south america adventitiously guard upon a drab ikebana. complete, fabulous deal

  73. Thomas McNulty

    Thomas McNulty

    个月 前

    Excellent my brother!

  74. Kevin Russell

    Kevin Russell

    个月 前

    In 20 years time, I'm doing a video about this video and how Tom Scott was able to monologue perfectly walking up a hill for 20 mins straight, whilst being film by a backwards walking cameraman.

  75. Ginger0525


    个月 前

    peaceful landscape 😮🙏

  76. Esteban Fiddeou

    Esteban Fiddeou

    个月 前

    Tom Scott's subtitles are in another level

  77. S Mac

    S Mac

    个月 前

    That Was Superb!! Great video, and a lovely tribute to the craftsmen/women of the past when often “good enough” just wasn’t good enough. You had to do your best work, even if it often wouldn’t be particularly noticeable.

  78. Nadav abutbul

    Nadav abutbul

    个月 前

    it impresses me who is litterly a kid in 2021 so in the 90s probs wouldve been to a kid like its a otherworldly thing prob more effort then some youtubers today

  79. Pieter Dijkema

    Pieter Dijkema

    个月 前

    Thank you for displaying and explaining a piece of your inspiration!

  80. Ashwin Bolar

    Ashwin Bolar

    个月 前

    The medium is the message - and the means of the medium’s existence, advertising, defines it all. And advertising itself, is a product of capitalism. The ‘CNglobal’ killer will be whatever captures our attention for the longest.

  81. Lucifer, CEO of Hell

    Lucifer, CEO of Hell

    个月 前

    It honestly makes perfect sense that a show about making fun of mistakes in the film and TV industry would itself have a masterful and flawless title sequence.

  82. François Luneau

    François Luneau

    个月 前

    Really nice tribute. And all the while, I could never take my mind off the cameraman's ability to walk backwards without falling! (Until that outtake…)

  83. 走氣汽水


    个月 前

    How did you change the colour of the closed caption?

  84. Felipe Ito Anuatti

    Felipe Ito Anuatti

    个月 前

    I apologise if someone else wrote this and I didn’t see it, but the ending credits have a nice little detail. The credits are in sync with the music. New information is shown as new bars in the tune begin.

  85. Ethan Forsyth

    Ethan Forsyth

    个月 前

    Wanting to be sponsored by turtle beach although all the ones I bought have eventually broke (By me)?

  86. Helen Roberts

    Helen Roberts

    个月 前

    Brilliant... and how did you narrate all of that with no autocue or cards!!

  87. Kevin C

    Kevin C

    个月 前

    You filmed a cockup while filming a cockup film on Great Cockup about a cockup film on Great Cockup.

  88. haxxxer


    个月 前

    Worth it!

  89. hieu nguyen

    hieu nguyen

    个月 前

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  90. pikachufan25


    个月 前

    merry Christmas to you too hohohoho

  91. Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor

    个月 前

    9"20 Because compasses don't react to real laser beams.

  92. Mahe Iram Khan

    Mahe Iram Khan

    个月 前

    This was so good!

  93. hieu nguyen

    hieu nguyen

    2 个月 前

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  94. Człowiek Drzewo

    Człowiek Drzewo

    2 个月 前

    I love the story, Tom

  95. Keera Ann Fox

    Keera Ann Fox

    2 个月 前

    Oh, the appreciation of craft well done! Of pride in one's work! Of wanting to go that extra mile just because you really love what you do - and your audience! That applies to the title credit makers of "It'll Be Alright on the Night" - and to you, too, Tom Scott! I get your love of artists of the past, of what roomier deadlines and budgets could allow people to do. We live in cheap times. Thanks for the bittersweet look back! And for your presentation!

  96. CamSei


    2 个月 前

    Still one of my fave Tom Scott video.



    2 个月 前

    i watched the whole video from start to finish and gladly enjoyed it.

  98. Bungo


    2 个月 前

    6:17 it turns from CGI to real shot, you can just about see the chroming of the lip appear at the very bottom of the 7 disk which isn't visible on the CG version.

  99. Cortez Slade

    Cortez Slade

    2 个月 前

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  100. HuffGLaDTem


    2 个月 前

    this made me nostalgic for something i learned about a few mins ago