Watch How He Turns Waste Wood Into A Beautiful Table! // The Perfect Wood Recycling Project Ever

Watch how he turns waste wood into a beautiful table! // The perfect wood recycling project ever

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  1. Swapan Biswas

    Swapan Biswas

    4 小时 前

    Nice bro,,☺️👍👍👍



    2 天 前

    Congratulations, good work 👍🏻. I think it would be even better if you made a lath frame around the tabletop panel.

  3. DogCreek Project

    DogCreek Project

    2 天 前

    I love your projects. I would like to see you use a different stain, like dark walnut or briar smoke.

    • J. Harris

      J. Harris

      天 前

      How bout you build your own and use whatever stain you want!

  4. Fanny Edith Leiva Palacios

    Fanny Edith Leiva Palacios

    3 天 前


  5. Wahyono Nono

    Wahyono Nono

    6 天 前


  6. SCRAPE Media

    SCRAPE Media

    6 天 前

    No രക്ഷ

  7. Denis Muguluma

    Denis Muguluma

    7 天 前

    Job well done. I have really loved it. Its quite amazing and exceptional

  8. Benjamin N. Haokip (GospelToday)

    Benjamin N. Haokip (GospelToday)

    7 天 前


  9. Krishna Prasad Bhandari

    Krishna Prasad Bhandari

    8 天 前

    I want to buy the table and from where? Give me the information.

  10. 🔥 💙Spiritual Abba💙 🔥

    🔥 💙Spiritual Abba💙 🔥

    10 天 前


  11. Hafeez Ahmed

    Hafeez Ahmed

    11 天 前

  12. Karan Kumar

    Karan Kumar

    12 天 前

    Good good good sir 👍❤️

  13. hasan Almohussin

    hasan Almohussin

    14 天 前

    Great job thank you... Can you tell me what paint you used in the end?

  14. Tan tran nhat

    Tan tran nhat

    14 天 前

    Good job

  15. أبو زياد لأعمال السيراميك

    أبو زياد لأعمال السيراميك

    15 天 前

    Great and beautiful work, greetings from Egypt

  16. csg_tasarim


    15 天 前

  17. jpwallace100


    15 天 前

    thought a fruit fly landed on my computer screen. almost broke the dam thing.

  18. csg_tasarim


    15 天 前

  19. Gary Kittelson

    Gary Kittelson

    15 天 前

    Amazing work do you sell patterns

  20. Mustafa Ilkbahar

    Mustafa Ilkbahar

    15 天 前

    ustam hangi agaci kullandin

  21. Old Hindi Remix

    Old Hindi Remix

    16 天 前

    *_Ek like us maa ki lambi umar ke liye jis ne aapko janam diya 💜_*

  22. Rakib Ali

    Rakib Ali

    16 天 前


  23. Krasi Mostoles

    Krasi Mostoles

    16 天 前


  24. Dony Jyrwa

    Dony Jyrwa

    17 天 前

    Love that Cat. . and the Table also

  25. kay ehm

    kay ehm

    17 天 前


  26. Asphalt 9 Legends

    Asphalt 9 Legends

    17 天 前

    The design is good but the size of top is not right according to table frame.. Sorry to say that..

  27. Jarome Jacksan

    Jarome Jacksan

    18 天 前

    I recommend Woodglut to every beginner and not only.

  28. Baburam Bhardwaj

    Baburam Bhardwaj

    18 天 前

    Very nice wood crafts

  29. Dane Miljuš

    Dane Miljuš

    18 天 前

    Is that epoxy? Great job!

  30. M 10

    M 10

    18 天 前

    Censurate sta ceppa...

  31. Kris Fallo

    Kris Fallo

    18 天 前


  32. Meme Karam

    Meme Karam

    19 天 前

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  33. Rich Keelan

    Rich Keelan

    19 天 前

    Wow awesome looking table great job

  34. mahesh sharma

    mahesh sharma

    19 天 前

    How much price

  35. Jose Clairton

    Jose Clairton

    19 天 前

    Jjjjn j

  36. Ysa Akimov

    Ysa Akimov

    19 天 前


  37. Yinka Davies

    Yinka Davies

    19 天 前

    Wwwoooowwww, is that glue that strong or you made more of the mixture

    • ابان سوريا

      ابان سوريا

      18 天 前


    • ابان سوريا

      ابان سوريا

      18 天 前


  38. Den Deny

    Den Deny

    19 天 前

    Semoga chanel you tube lebih hot dan menghibur kedepan.

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    นายชัยยศ สุขต้อ

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  40. dildar shaikh

    dildar shaikh

    20 天 前

    Nice 👍

  41. Matt Z

    Matt Z

    20 天 前

    What is the sanding tool and extension he was using? I need one.

  42. Geetha K

    Geetha K

    20 天 前


  43. Pawan Gaur

    Pawan Gaur

    20 天 前

    Awsummmm....great job..💖❤💗💙💚💛🧡💜👍😍😘🤩

  44. Eliya Ryoba

    Eliya Ryoba

    20 天 前

    Is good

  45. rmimy


    21 天 前

    amazing I love the creativity, keep up the good work @woodworking Guide

  46. Ko Ko

    Ko Ko

    21 天 前


  47. muhammad noor effendie

    muhammad noor effendie

    21 天 前


  48. Edy 4479

    Edy 4479

    21 天 前


  49. Somaliland


    21 天 前

    That table top is a joke, it wouldn't even hold a roasted turkey if you placed it on top of it.

  50. Vocalist Rock

    Vocalist Rock

    21 天 前

    Ganda naman nyan idol!astig pag kagawa.jhoniel kulit bago nyo pong kaibigan

  51. Wullum Carlier

    Wullum Carlier

    21 天 前

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  52. Tana Kon

    Tana Kon

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  54. Haron Hamsthanov

    Haron Hamsthanov

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  55. Nature cannot be fooled

    Nature cannot be fooled

    21 天 前

    I am not convinced. I believe lack of middle support can break the structure.

  56. Sahadeb Sahoo

    Sahadeb Sahoo

    21 天 前


  57. Sahadeb Sahoo

    Sahadeb Sahoo

    21 天 前


    • Sahadeb Sahoo

      Sahadeb Sahoo

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  58. Abdul Rauf

    Abdul Rauf

    21 天 前

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  59. Zaman Video Antik

    Zaman Video Antik

    22 天 前

    Amazing, i like this video 😊

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    Nitish 0007

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  65. Vanessa Melo

    Vanessa Melo

    22 天 前

    Para de falar emglez porque o mel pai e polícia que que ele vai ai

  66. Stefan G

    Stefan G

    22 天 前

    This is so far from wood recycling as it can come........... it has nothing to do with wood recycling!

  67. James Elliott

    James Elliott

    22 天 前

    Very nice work what can the table be used for

  68. Dmitriy Mironov

    Dmitriy Mironov

    22 天 前

    Wery cool

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    City.Village Vlogs

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  70. thanh tien le

    thanh tien le

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  71. muhlisin smk karta kdr

    muhlisin smk karta kdr

    23 天 前

    Nice this video.. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  72. Mohd Tabish Wooden Work

    Mohd Tabish Wooden Work

    23 天 前

    Nice 👍

  73. Arif Saeed

    Arif Saeed

    23 天 前

    Very naice

  74. Vinit Bh

    Vinit Bh

    23 天 前

    No centre support or damn it !!# waste of time

  75. Amit Kumar Mandarwal

    Amit Kumar Mandarwal

    23 天 前

    Genius idea is here!

  76. Black Tea

    Black Tea

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  77. Dinesh Jangid

    Dinesh Jangid

    24 天 前

  78. Pavan Kkumar Dangi

    Pavan Kkumar Dangi

    24 天 前

    Nice 👍 good inovation

  79. Mahendra Patel

    Mahendra Patel

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  80. Josie Schulz

    Josie Schulz

    24 天 前

    Beautiful table excellent job👍

  81. Viks Anton

    Viks Anton

    24 天 前

    Wow nice job 👍 great tools 👌



    24 天 前

    Very amezing video and quite hard you made very fantastic furniture

  83. You Tube

    You Tube

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  84. rodrigo gamboa

    rodrigo gamboa

    24 天 前

    Exelent job !

    • Heronildo Antônio Vieira

      Heronildo Antônio Vieira

      2 天 前

      @Coşqun İlyasovmn ...nm n ls.l.l

    • Coşqun İlyasov

      Coşqun İlyasov

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  85. Yansri Ichaabil

    Yansri Ichaabil

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    alya sahira decoration

    25 天 前

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  87. Oishi Bairagya

    Oishi Bairagya

    25 天 前

    Beautiful. This is very good.

  88. v.siva kumar

    v.siva kumar

    25 天 前

    What kind of paste used here kindly reply details about wood fixing paste 🙏

    • Halim Shaikh

      Halim Shaikh

      21 天 前

      @Nullkom manix cjiuujjj

    • Nullkom manix

      Nullkom manix

      22 天 前

      seems its a 2K epoxid resin based glue, wondering how strong it fix even without pressure. asia men clever, and really skilled craftmen👍

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  90. Keith Dunderdale

    Keith Dunderdale

    25 天 前

    Try building this using hand tools only 😵

    • Flavia Mapicha

      Flavia Mapicha

      23 天 前


  91. Grace Pardo

    Grace Pardo

    25 天 前


  92. Uyen Le

    Uyen Le

    25 天 前

    So beautiful

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    Bảo kim liên

    25 天 前

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  94. Tigger


    25 天 前

    Super nice Brother ❣️👍👍😎 You didn't even need measurements! 😆

    • Amirhosein Taghizadeh

      Amirhosein Taghizadeh

      20 天 前

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    Relaxing Daily Videos

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    Amazing broo 👍

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    Top 10

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  97. Danny Acosta

    Danny Acosta

    26 天 前

    Ano pong chemical ang ginamit sa pandikit

  98. عبدو كيمو

    عبدو كيمو

    26 天 前

    Wonderful... Creativity... Question please.. What is the name of the adhesive that the wood was glued to.. Is it available..

  99. Michael Saint

    Michael Saint

    26 天 前


  100. Jim B

    Jim B

    26 天 前

    Yet another piece of Crap. Yes, it looks nice. To the person who does not know how to make furniture, it probably looks like it is well made. It is not! It is not a matter of where you got the wood, it is a matter of how you join the pieces, understanding expansion and contraction, proper sealing (finishing) and so much more. Even the sanding was poor quality in areas where you might not see right away. Well made furniture is made with the same quality, top to bottom. Properly joined pieces, interlocked where necessary and properly attached. This piece if anything is a demonstration of how not to do it.