Kyungsoo is just the funniest without even trying, he's a natural
Thank you so much for watching ! Let me know if you want me to do something next!


  1. Maxene Gabutera

    Maxene Gabutera

    2 小时 前

    More like , kyungsoo being a grandfather

  2. ellipsis


    天 前

    10:51 I snorted

  3. ellipsis


    天 前

    He is so adorable

  4. ellipsis


    天 前

    9:58 we love a honest man

  5. Rei Sasaki

    Rei Sasaki

    天 前

    Guyssss, where is this from 12:32

  6. semelina pitrone

    semelina pitrone

    天 前

    6:02 I love that his choice of "manly phrase" was "Have you eaten?" Because it means he cares and wants to look after her, and honestly I see a side of my father in that. That a man really wants the best for the one he loves, whether it be protecting them, making sure they're fed and happy, etc.

  7. Deffia Zaazika

    Deffia Zaazika

    天 前

    im watching this to hold back tears, another level of pain

  8. exo comeback in June 7 2021 kim

    exo comeback in June 7 2021 kim

    2 天 前

    Exo comeback is in June 7th(2021)

  9. Aayush Gurung

    Aayush Gurung

    2 天 前

    is he like the Harry of sidemen?

  10. anmoldeep kaur

    anmoldeep kaur

    3 天 前

    his face most of the time 😐 but i love him😃😂♥️♥️😍hez too cute..his big big eyesss awwhhh🥺🥰

  11. Tania RS

    Tania RS

    3 天 前

    i love this and i love him

  12. Ivana Marcos

    Ivana Marcos

    3 天 前

    2:02 me at 3am doing modules

  13. Mya_Mya


    4 天 前

    Kyungsoo is cute and fine at the same damn time 🧡💛💚

  14. Navina Rengasamy

    Navina Rengasamy

    4 天 前

    Dear exols please search for "most handsome Asian King Fanchoice voting contest 2021" and vote for kyungsoo. He is in 13th place now.

  15. Sam_


    4 天 前

    0:24 why is he so cute T-T

  16. kpopgangstaJamswag Nojams

    kpopgangstaJamswag Nojams

    4 天 前

    The way he point himself to kill himself in mafia game is way tk funny😂 it reminds me of Yoongi when he did the same😂😂



    5 天 前

    1:13 omg is this my cutie kyungsoo? 😹💗

  18. Doodle Munchkin

    Doodle Munchkin

    5 天 前

    “Have you eaten?” “Because eating meals is the most important thing.” Me: a foodie: *aggressively fans self* Sheeeesh say less~!

  19. oriGEN


    6 天 前

    What makes him so d*mn funny is that he doesn't even try it. I don't get why people says he doesn't want to be on varieties, he would excel at it because he has a lot of natural charm and I'm sure he'd enjoy it.

  20. kookqiuty_


    7 天 前

    its been so long since ive been watching exo stuff, the last time was prob 2017 . i rarely watch them now but damn i missed quite alot

  21. Moon


    7 天 前

    Ang funny talaga ni Mayor Vico, suportahan po natin si Mayor Vico.

  22. Tracey Truong

    Tracey Truong

    7 天 前

    1:37 What song is this?

  23. Bloke Jr

    Bloke Jr

    8 天 前

    6:03 his voice😍 1:15 HIS HANDS

  24. Gheyndette Bodegon

    Gheyndette Bodegon

    8 天 前

    Link please 12:38

  25. Jocelyn Chu Ig

    Jocelyn Chu Ig

    8 天 前

    ok I’ve watched that video a couple of times and I’m still trying to do the hand trick that he does in the end of the video. He’s too godly

  26. Phyoe Kyaw

    Phyoe Kyaw

    9 天 前

    May you rest in peace???? Lmao🤣🤣🤣

  27. Modest Melanin

    Modest Melanin

    9 天 前

    I kept waiting for him to say his uncomfortable for some reason 😂

  28. Ela Fila

    Ela Fila

    10 天 前

    The funniest thing about D.O is that he ignores mostly everyone except Sehun and Kai, they get privilege for being the youngest

  29. Janushi Punchihetty

    Janushi Punchihetty

    11 天 前

    He is such a precious human.

  30. Flor Lim

    Flor Lim

    12 天 前

    7:46 when i am battling anxiety be like.. 😂

  31. Zeynep


    12 天 前


  32. Eve_ 453

    Eve_ 453

    13 天 前

    2:59 song?

    • Eve_ 453

      Eve_ 453

      12 天 前

      @sheepy thanks! It's been years since I listened to EXO haha

    • sheepy


      12 天 前

      EXO Touch It

  33. Adinda Camelia

    Adinda Camelia

    14 天 前

    Bangga banget ngebias in the one and only d.o.💕

  34. Hiba Sobh

    Hiba Sobh

    14 天 前

    The EXO-L in the audience that went "you're so adorable!" is my mood. ❤

  35. Zuphia H

    Zuphia H

    14 天 前

    Not gonna lie but This is my most productive mental crack therapy .Thank you D.O for your existence on this earth You have no idea how much you mean to EXOL #D.O the one who doesn’t know himself cute

  36. Cece Rogel

    Cece Rogel

    14 天 前

    Oh gosh, I really like Kyungsoo...

  37. Shenna Mae

    Shenna Mae

    14 天 前

    I love his poker face but I love him even more when he smiles. He's so cute! 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  38. Ryan


    15 天 前

    Maybe you should express yourself more respectful

  39. Meshkat Rahman

    Meshkat Rahman

    15 天 前

    The moment when D.O scrams "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH"(2:3 ) My ears went like"NNNNOOOOOOOOO" PS: Because of wearing headphone with 90% sound

  40. sook


    17 天 前

    where is he.

  41. _ lilinana

    _ lilinana

    18 天 前

    Omg now I miss D.O and exo in general 🥺🥺

  42. Emma Epps

    Emma Epps

    18 天 前

    D.O. vs wasabi.... hes questioning so many of his life decisions rn

  43. oscar CSY

    oscar CSY

    18 天 前

    This video clip edit makes kyungsoo even cuter

  44. Hind.


    18 天 前

    13:36 where can i watch this?

  45. Waiting ForkyungSoolo

    Waiting ForkyungSoolo

    18 天 前

    Kyungsoo miss you😭😭

  46. BoomBastic 11

    BoomBastic 11

    20 天 前

    that DO laugh is something else

  47. Abbie Beltran

    Abbie Beltran

    21 天 前

    If in the future 2022 D.O will color his hair -even tho I know he wouldn't- its over for us D.O stan, it will be our last breath, preparing to see him in that kind if style is already breathtaking how much more if he suddenly change his mind and then decided to color his hair and then have his own IG, like bijj........... I can't with that 😳😳

  48. •두넝이


    21 天 前

    디오 일본방송에서 벽치기할때 목소리가 넘 멋져서 감탄하고, 잘생긴 얼굴에 또 감탄하고, 물어본 질문조차 식사하셨냐고 물어보게 웃기면서도 역시 한국인이다 싶음ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  49. Sela Kartika

    Sela Kartika

    22 天 前

    Hahahahaha temanku memng sangat lucu 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. awesome Estelle

    awesome Estelle

    23 天 前

    He is the type of guy who gets his revenge no matter what ,but still he is an angel 😂

  51. EXO EXOL_1485

    EXO EXOL_1485

    24 天 前

    Guys which show is around 6:20?

  52. Maia Vitale

    Maia Vitale

    24 天 前

    the faces they make when they eat something nasty😂💀

  53. Lonely Yeol

    Lonely Yeol

    24 天 前


  54. anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto

    anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto

    25 天 前


  55. Moonchild


    26 天 前

    He's so funny even with that straight face



    26 天 前


  57. Zahra Tusyaum M

    Zahra Tusyaum M

    26 天 前

    So funny 😂😂

  58. Amy Anyki

    Amy Anyki

    27 天 前

    Other members: don't cry D.O: k then Also D.O: * slapping him self*

  59. a


    27 天 前

    The fact that he was a huge reason why I fully got into EXO...the only man eggsoo

  60. Super Sperm

    Super Sperm

    28 天 前

    Hi what show is in 13:40?

  61. tomatowesome


    28 天 前

    Bro Kyungsoo😿😿😿

  62. Uhm Ok

    Uhm Ok

    28 天 前

    What was the song name from 1:35 - 1:40, sounded familiar but lately been forgetting, if anyone’s knows please tell me

  63. GG4EVA


    28 天 前

    Especially when every single exo member dancing in a music award show while kyungsoo just chilling behind them like nothing in the world will move him and his facial expressions

  64. Noelia Cruz

    Noelia Cruz

    29 天 前

    Hahaha he just looks fed up 11:07

  65. Cooltink101


    29 天 前

    D.O is my ultimate favorite bias in EXO.

  66. Soni Kamboj

    Soni Kamboj

    个月 前

    3:12 what is the song name please tell

  67. Faded Crimson Yanna

    Faded Crimson Yanna

    个月 前

    "Who are you, come back here" I'm gonnee lmao

  68. gia


    个月 前

    10:35 best part

  69. i'mhappy


    个月 前

    Yung kissing scene talaga waaaaaaah ampota bakit masaket?

  70. Maria Clara

    Maria Clara

    个月 前

    I love him so much!

  71. lily mccue

    lily mccue

    个月 前

    The uninterested fifth mostly ignore because wall steadily bake past a ordinary meteorology. uttermost, waggish dipstick

  72. jaybird


    个月 前

    d.o is my favorite person

  73. Linda Clark

    Linda Clark

    个月 前

    Ha ha

  74. The Pinoy Chopping Board 101

    The Pinoy Chopping Board 101

    个月 前

    Their answer to the first question is also the answer to which member is the scariest😅

  75. Winnie Chau

    Winnie Chau

    个月 前

    Wooow, really...no EXO fans!? Waaah!?

  76. nurul husna

    nurul husna

    个月 前

    Can i ask? Someone know when it is 4:33 ? 🥺🥺

  77. Sitthy Rizowna

    Sitthy Rizowna

    个月 前

    D.O is a example of funny introvert......😂✨

  78. Vyeol


    个月 前

    Thank you for this video!!!

  79. Shejm NEWS

    Shejm NEWS

    个月 前

    Hi. Not an exo fan. But he's adorable. Watched his drama 100 days My Prince. Not sure within exo fandom, but outside the fandom I think he is the most love and has the least hate. I think I'm falling.

  80. Andi Maria

    Andi Maria

    个月 前

    He’s so fucking cute 😡😡😡

  81. •J1haniie_23•


    个月 前

    9:21 when he partially exposed chen HAHAHAHAHA🤣🤣



    个月 前

    SMH he radiates old man energy and baby aura at the same time HAHAH

    • Dream.


      19 天 前

      Accurate lmaoo🤣

  83. Sabreena K

    Sabreena K

    个月 前

    1:04 why did I hear marks (got7)laugh from Kai 😭😭

  84. Yulianti Safitri Dewi

    Yulianti Safitri Dewi

    个月 前

    D.O Sevage man

  85. 44. Devita Soraya

    44. Devita Soraya

    个月 前

    aah this made my day🥺😂

  86. Kianna Kim

    Kianna Kim

    个月 前


  87. linsuning


    个月 前

    I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THE “because eating is the most important” 😂😂😂 HELP HE’S SO FUNNY

  88. Cimoll


    个月 前


  89. Sela Salsabilaakl1

    Sela Salsabilaakl1

    个月 前

    Who boy with Do 13:28?

    • Geek Anshtian

      Geek Anshtian

      个月 前

      actor friend in d.o military musical

  90. Grace Park

    Grace Park

    个月 前

    "If I open my mouth your finished!" 😂😂

  91. bbysoo


    个月 前

    my bf really looks like him and i love it

  92. Satansoo


    个月 前

    This was not funny. I am not funny. How dare you. Come back here.

  93. MCBuilder101


    个月 前

    2:00 yes Kyungsoo you’re doing great sweetie 2:08 same

  94. Lalthapuii Renthlei

    Lalthapuii Renthlei

    个月 前

    He's the finest man ever...

  95. Lianna's Lingo

    Lianna's Lingo

    个月 前

    I notice Lay was on some of these clips and I realised how much I miss him with EXO

  96. park me yeol

    park me yeol

    个月 前

    Although d.o is silent persona he's still funniest❤️ baekhyun is that person who want to makes his beloved family and friends chill and laugh on his jokes but smile in pain ❤️❤️ they are so precious

  97. Ashita Thakur

    Ashita Thakur

    个月 前

    6:22 bruh did kim seonho and kyungsoo do something together? that's like the universe giving me what i didn't even imagine i needed

    • kp ng

      kp ng

      个月 前

      They were promoting their drama! The drama is called 100 Days My Prince (:

  98. Puti Alleza

    Puti Alleza

    个月 前

    this video makes me miss kyungsoo even more

  99. Raquel Aires

    Raquel Aires

    个月 前

    8:26 *kyungsoo running in tiny*

  100. Nicole


    个月 前

    4:23 HE DID NOT