[Joyce Is Moist: for HKG] 素顏廚房之聽歌仔煮嘢食 Keto Chicken Salad & Theme Song Reveal (粵/En Subs)

[Joyce Is Moist: for HKG] 素顏廚房之聽歌仔煮嘢食 Keto Chicken Salad \u0026 Theme Song Reveal (粵/En Subs)


Presenting a song i made for US. This is our theme song: Joyce is Moist: STAY MOIST!
I’m also gonna show you how to make my favourite KETO Chicken Salad. Perfect to eat with some salad greens or celery sticks.
(Cantonese and English)

Edited by Katrina Lee

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New Music Video for latest single: @princejoyce

Hi! I’m a 30-something singer, actor and jokester originally from Canada based in Hong Kong, trying to navigate life. Come join my adventures with me!

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  1. Serena Chen

    Serena Chen

    10 小时 前

    Very nice! Looks really yummy!

  2. Phiisuea Phiisuea

    Phiisuea Phiisuea

    16 小时 前

    唔造作,可愛自然,我喜歡妳*-*😍Yes, Joyce is 👍

  3. Kyle G

    Kyle G

    天 前

    I love you Joyce ☺️

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    Annie Chan

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    Mon Lee

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    Ming Hing

    3 天 前

    努力加油 我爱你

  8. So Ling Liu

    So Ling Liu

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  9. GB Services

    GB Services

    3 天 前

    This is a potential songs playing for all kind of occasions, all parties, gyms, cooking lessons or coffee shops, and many more...places.

  10. Sin Ying Tiffany Kwok

    Sin Ying Tiffany Kwok

    3 天 前


  11. Betty Ip

    Betty Ip

    4 天 前

    Fantastic Theme Song! 👍You are so cute and unique Joyce!! Love you 😊

  12. hongyun huang

    hongyun huang

    5 天 前

    开心果果I like you 👍

  13. Candy Tse

    Candy Tse

    5 天 前

    你隻沙律醬應該keto就唔合格喇 可以有更好選擇😊

  14. joyce ho

    joyce ho

    5 天 前

    Wow theme song is great suits video very well

  15. joyce ho

    joyce ho

    5 天 前

    Your princejoyce song is very good love it

  16. freephy pang

    freephy pang

    5 天 前

    so cute and so nice, thank you Joyce. Love you so much

  17. Caroline Laumann

    Caroline Laumann

    6 天 前

    you are too cute, always brightens my day when i watch your videos. thank you

  18. edith chui

    edith chui

    6 天 前

    Good song, good dance and good video👍💪❤️

  19. Karina law

    Karina law

    6 天 前

    Joyce 你真係一個好Sweet & charming young Lady,而且full of positive energy!!! 越嚟越好鍾意❤️和欣賞您喔!love ur music & keep it up 🆙 with good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Always Support you !!!

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    Bear big video

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    Karyee Interspace

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  22. Jo Y

    Jo Y

    7 天 前

    You looked too serious while cooking. Give a more smile pls 😉



    7 天 前

    見到你一路食沙律一路跳舞,睇到自己都好想跳落地跟住theme music一齊跳🤣🤣🤣

  24. Angela Wong

    Angela Wong

    8 天 前


  25. J


    8 天 前

    You don't need the mayonnaise, it's not good for you. Add some vinegar, salt of pepper are good enough for the salad you made. Next time try to do without it. It is just as good and light. Just some personal advice. Love your video .

  26. Winnie Chai

    Winnie Chai

    8 天 前

    Because of you , I start my first "Salad" in my life ... look delicious.

  27. DtodaDumpling


    8 天 前

    Love the tune, so fun, keeping it moist!

  28. taec yeon

    taec yeon

    8 天 前

    So cheng !

  29. cwm1408


    8 天 前

    Joyce 真係越做越好!

  30. Ling Tse

    Ling Tse

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  31. Edith Ng

    Edith Ng

    8 天 前

    Nice song, salad, dance❤️

  32. Jocelyn Chim

    Jocelyn Chim

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  33. lvxiaoge


    8 天 前

    鍾意到即刻 surscribe !! have a good day!!

  34. Yuk Sin Chua

    Yuk Sin Chua

    9 天 前

    欣宜 😋👍💪

  35. Mia L

    Mia L

    9 天 前

    Like the most of the theme song ~ Joyce is moist!! Funny and cute!!! Especially your LAUGH 🤣

  36. hui gigi

    hui gigi

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  37. Celine Chan

    Celine Chan

    9 天 前

    look yummy wo...love it

  38. Kit Cat

    Kit Cat

    10 天 前

    等嘅時候可以彈結他或者睇書睇CNglobal 應該係食野之後一個鐘 做運動一個鐘👍

  39. ELLY Liu

    ELLY Liu

    11 天 前

    So cute! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Calico Hwang

    11 天 前

    ahhahhahaha 跟beat跳舞个part好似friends个Monica啊🤩🤣

  42. Kat Z

    Kat Z

    12 天 前

    I love how you don't bother getting a shaker or container for your salt, straight from the box 😂. love the theme song, reminds me of Christmas jingles for some reason lol

  43. buzz Royal

    buzz Royal

    12 天 前

    你首音樂好好聽 聽完感覺好輕鬆 有無拍片講下隻音係點諗?同埋moist點解?

  44. Michelle Wong

    Michelle Wong

    12 天 前

    I’ve been having some stressful issues. Thank you for making me smile.

  45. Tiffany Lee

    Tiffany Lee

    13 天 前

    Very nice Joyce is Moist song, I like it and love you

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    Carrie Lam

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    Cecilia Cheung

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    Love the BGM! 👍

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    Go Go

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    Cute girl 👍

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    Frenchie Jacques5

    14 天 前

    Looking forward the another salad cooking clips

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    Sylvia Cheung

    15 天 前

    Such a catchy tune! I want it for a ringtone!

  54. chun chiu

    chun chiu

    15 天 前

    Loved your theme song and dance. Loved your strong and cheerful personality even more!

  55. KrisBadWolf


    15 天 前

    *Just had to come back and say we made this last night and it was Fire! Legit lit :)*

    • Joyce 鄭欣宜

      Joyce 鄭欣宜

      14 天 前

      Try putting it in a sandwich too! Would taste so good

    • Joyce 鄭欣宜

      Joyce 鄭欣宜

      14 天 前


  56. panda wong

    panda wong

    15 天 前

    哈哈😄,好正!新一首洗腦歌~lanalalana..Joyce is MOIST🎼🎼😜希望你下次教吓整上海菜😍😍加油💪🏻

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    May Mak

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    Cynthia Tso

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    I like your video. Thanks, Joyce

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    Mia Lo

    15 天 前

    Nice song! Love the eat-celery-dance at the end 🤣

  64. Angie Lau

    Angie Lau

    15 天 前

    Joyce 🥰💪

  65. Sum Sum

    Sum Sum

    15 天 前

    Keto萬歲.....整多D!! like x100 👍👍👍

  66. Ye Richardson

    Ye Richardson

    16 天 前

    云云睇完 Joice is Moist 都好開心, 笑餐 si. I love watching all your videos, especially cooking ones. You wouldn't read about it, I'm so glad to have got to know you sing so well since "Irresistible", "Adrenalin" ....

  67. Tracy Chau

    Tracy Chau

    16 天 前

    Literally have the theme song stuck in my head now 😂😂😂

  68. Kitty Seto

    Kitty Seto

    16 天 前

    The Moist”salad is fantastic ! I loved it ! Will trying to be my lunch tomorrow ! You are so funny and talented ! Like your lovely voice and all your beautiful songs and your dancing as well ! Stunning Joyce ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Maggie Chung

    Maggie Chung

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  70. li ouou

    li ouou

    16 天 前

    可爱的胖妹妹 加油多做些好吃的

  71. Kathy Wong

    Kathy Wong

    16 天 前

    I just this theme song 🎵

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    Special video😍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Like u

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  77. Ryan Tsang

    Ryan Tsang

    16 天 前

    It's a "No" for me Joyce, the background music is too simple and kinda boring... by the way, are you using "The Same Chopping Board" the whole time ? 🥶

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    chan connie

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    Lynda Heng-Ferretti

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    Roxana Chu

    16 天 前

    Thank you for brighten my day! I had a bad day at work yesterday with my stupid boss and I still recovering from it after a sleep overnight. Your self dance with new theme tune makes me smile again and remind me it's a new day 🥰. Love #joyceismoist

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    16 天 前

    I like your dancing part 😊

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    Wong Aster

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  86. Jasmatasial Hlaleo

    Jasmatasial Hlaleo

    16 天 前

    Very good recipe👍 very delicious chicken and eggs mixed salad🐶 pretty good presentation😻 but quite a lot of work for me lazy !

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  95. fayeanna


    16 天 前

    Babe pls drop that link for the wok cover. It is fr Tefal too? Also please continue to insert the wacky Joyce is Moist Stay Moist versions. Gonna go try out this. But mebbe not with mayo. I don't remember last I had mayonnaise in my kitchen😅😅😅😅

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    B. Tam

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    Thank you Joyce! Really love your song, love your salad, love your dance, love your attitude! :)

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