When queen Jessi and nation MC Yoo Jae Suk be in one room 😂😂

Queen Jessi is a real mood 😆😆


  1. Adebisi Said

    Adebisi Said

    13 小时 前

    Is it just me or is Jessi like pretty and ugly at the same time



    2 天 前

    jessi and jaesuk relationship just like me and my siblings *tom and jerry relationship* 😭

  3. inseoy4h사랑 위너

    inseoy4h사랑 위너

    4 天 前

    My fave combo. Hahahahaha

  4. M.Yusri


    6 天 前

    Everytime Jaesuk and Jessi in the same room, let the chaos ensues.

  5. amina tajrin

    amina tajrin

    7 天 前

    The most entertaining duo ❤❤❤

  6. Something


    8 天 前

    *BETTER* than Soomin and Sechan

  7. bread ninie

    bread ninie

    8 天 前

    they're the best tandem

  8. Aidah Bakri

    Aidah Bakri

    9 天 前


  9. Sakura Mei

    Sakura Mei

    10 天 前

    What’s the name of these variety shows?

  10. 송채린와 라이프스타일

    송채린와 라이프스타일

    19 天 前

    Can someone tell me what the intro song's name is? Btw I swear a lot like Jessi and I learned swear words first in Chinese and Korean. After I learned them, I learn the rest haha. Jessi is a Queen y'all❤

  11. 112_Preeti Kumbhakar

    112_Preeti Kumbhakar

    26 天 前

    2:52 which ep and show name plz!!

  12. myka 16

    myka 16

    26 天 前

    A good point is that thanks to Jessi, Jaesuk learn english.

  13. thejacks100


    26 天 前

    I wanna see Jessi Jaesuk and Hyori in a room LOL



    27 天 前

    You can't Sepperate the Je-Suk!

  15. Pauciloquent Flibbertigibbet

    Pauciloquent Flibbertigibbet

    29 天 前

    Jessi speaks and Jae Suk thinks 'this wasn't how I saw this going down'

  16. Khup Vangluah

    Khup Vangluah

    个月 前

    As a well versed in English, I know why she does not use Ho anymore...

  17. donud


    个月 前

    I bet Lee Hyori & Jessi will get along so fine & drive Jaeseok mad lmaoo

  18. Kc Magsumbol

    Kc Magsumbol

    个月 前

    Jessie: " do you know why i respect Jaesuk oppa?" Somin,Mijoo, Nara: "why?" Jessie: "because i don't have father here in Korea, and Jaesuk oppa is like a father to me, he is taking care of me just like how my father did"

  19. Jomel Vincent Santander

    Jomel Vincent Santander

    个月 前

    6:18 is legendary... hahaha! im dying!

  20. geryhyeri


    个月 前

    Love them

  21. Stanford Cristal

    Stanford Cristal

    个月 前


  22. Stanford Cristal

    Stanford Cristal

    个月 前

    vLeBron James

  23. Diana Kim

    Diana Kim

    个月 前

    WHY would you talk about surgery?? Are Men Crazy?? I hate strong men. Get a life

  24. Diana Kim

    Diana Kim

    个月 前

    Mae Tu Ki. FOREVER! U jae Suk! SUK.

  25. Blessing Laweh

    Blessing Laweh

    个月 前

    This cracked me up too much. I just knew of Jessi but I liked her vibe from the first time I saw her

  26. c c

    c c

    个月 前

    She has said she thinks of him as a dad! In the sense that he is her dad in Korea! So cute!

  27. Karima Reyes

    Karima Reyes

    个月 前

    hahahaha how does he not like her? how does anyone not?! she's fucking hilarious and brings laughter to everyone intentionally or not

  28. Lora


    个月 前

    their chemistry is insane hahahah so funny

  29. Mahdi Abdurahman

    Mahdi Abdurahman

    个月 前

    Funny husband and wife

  30. Sharon Mpata

    Sharon Mpata

    个月 前

    Jaesuk oppa say Come on Jessi Come On!!!

  31. EW! PEOPLE!


    个月 前

    Koreans need to learn from these two and stop taking everything seriously. Be more fun and interactive towards other people.

  32. CyanCrepe 8

    CyanCrepe 8

    个月 前

    What's the into song?

  33. M M

    M M

    个月 前

    Jessi Come on 😂 this always popped up in my head whenever I saw jae suk😂

  34. Candy Will

    Candy Will

    个月 前

    I can't stop laughing. They are funny

  35. seraphimprince


    个月 前

    She got a lot of face work done

  36. Nadya Aprilliani

    Nadya Aprilliani

    个月 前

    I really like jessi, she not pretending to be cute on camera

  37. WNF WR

    WNF WR

    个月 前

    jaesuk english keeps on improving with jessi... and jessi korean must be also improving with jaesuk.. hahaha

  38. Judha rotone

    Judha rotone

    个月 前

    Its so fun to watch both of them😂😂😂😂

  39. Lara


    个月 前

    Which is the episode that were dressed like a couple in blue? It looks like it's so funny

  40. Laarni P.

    Laarni P.

    个月 前

    Her personality is bubbly, funny, witty and a 💣. Jae Suk a very kind person just the way how he deal with Jessi.

  41. ce sneaks

    ce sneaks

    个月 前

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  42. Dody GodSins

    Dody GodSins

    2 个月 前

    "Is there any celebrity with Ho surname?" Haha : "Honaldo"

  43. dangitNicky


    2 个月 前

    Man YJS is a masterful MC. I think he's the only MC in Korea who could handle Jessi (save maybe for Jessi herself).

  44. private genesis

    private genesis

    2 个月 前


  45. akmysf


    2 个月 前

    it will be mess whten these two in the same scene

  46. Asuna Yuuki

    Asuna Yuuki

    2 个月 前

    I hate you!! Hahaha

  47. Yehet girl

    Yehet girl

    2 个月 前

    7:46 what episode is this?

  48. Nezuko Chan

    Nezuko Chan

    2 个月 前

    3:04 I can't stop WAHAHHAAH

  49. Demmi Diaz

    Demmi Diaz

    2 个月 前

    Jae suk is the best mc cause he will bring your true cute personality I like their tandem as always 🥺

  50. Sabreena K

    Sabreena K

    2 个月 前

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me every episode list of running man jessi is in . I’ve already watch some but I wanna rewatch everyone. I’m bored at home😭😭

  51. Ketty Eija

    Ketty Eija

    2 个月 前

    My reaction to the title... One word no doubt = HILARIOUS😂😂😂

  52. Kiwii3


    2 个月 前

    Ahh here is my favorite duo in the Korean entertainment industry

  53. Rezina Dharti Ghale

    Rezina Dharti Ghale

    2 个月 前

    No need to watch standup comedy shows😉😉

  54. 유지훈


    2 个月 前

    We need a part 2 here with their interactions in HangoutWithYoo and Sixth Sense 재x제 Siblings❤

  55. Gayathri Sankar 12G2

    Gayathri Sankar 12G2

    2 个月 前

    No one Jae Sook: C'mon Jessi 😂😂

  56. Steve Brown

    Steve Brown

    2 个月 前

    Why jessie scared when people stand behind her ?

  57. Queen Hobbs

    Queen Hobbs

    2 个月 前

    We’re is 2:28 from

    • Mina 3848

      Mina 3848

      个月 前

      Two Yoo Sugarman

  58. C Dee

    C Dee

    2 个月 前

    Jessi is actually really dumb. If she didnt sing she wouldnt surmount to anything. Needed surgery to be more popular. Now wears nothing on stage to stay popular. Lmao.

    • Danna Santillán

      Danna Santillán

      2 个月 前


  59. Saina Singh

    Saina Singh

    3 个月 前

    1:16 where was this from?

  60. jowyboi


    3 个月 前

    I love their chemistry. They are hilarious together.

  61. Asma Ismail

    Asma Ismail

    3 个月 前

    Why did she get Veneers? Her gummy natural smile was better

  62. oikawaii toru

    oikawaii toru

    3 个月 前


  63. zkdliiin owen

    zkdliiin owen

    3 个月 前

    jessy i cant stop laugh😭😂😂

  64. lovegame intuition

    lovegame intuition

    3 个月 前

    I admire their love-hate friendship:’).

  65. Rezhel Ramirez

    Rezhel Ramirez

    3 个月 前

    Only Jessi can do these things to Jaesuk😂

  66. KITT KaTT


    3 个月 前

    jessi and jaesuk the best!!! always LOL 😂😂😂😂

  67. HeYsToBiT !

    HeYsToBiT !

    4 个月 前

    Tom and Jerry



    4 个月 前

    Omg😂😂😂 they're like siblings and sometimes like fighting couples. So cute!!

  69. Life is Green

    Life is Green

    4 个月 前

    The comment section is so positive ☺️☺️☺️

  70. Kelly Manuel

    Kelly Manuel

    4 个月 前

    What episode is 8:38 from?

  71. Benjamin Yue

    Benjamin Yue

    4 个月 前

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  72. Nevaeh Muse

    Nevaeh Muse

    4 个月 前

    Why does Jae-Suk look like Edna from The Incredibles.



    4 个月 前


  74. Bluekiss25


    4 个月 前

    they must be siblings in their previous life 🤣

  75. Susi Nengsih

    Susi Nengsih

    4 个月 前

    Jae suk baby shark

  76. yaya oke

    yaya oke

    4 个月 前

    It's like YJS is older brother, Hyori is second sister, and Jessi is the last child lmao. YJS comments : "I hate you" "I'm going crazy about you" "it drives me nuts" and punch the tray lmao that's like the real reaction from the bottom of his heart lol

  77. loco coca

    loco coca

    4 个月 前

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  78. joem ocampo

    joem ocampo

    4 个月 前




    4 个月 前

    They are arguing in a flirty way. Gosh! I SHIP THEM.

    • Mina 3848

      Mina 3848

      个月 前

      But Jaesuks married tho



    4 个月 前

    Why they are like a Real Life K-drama.. the bests🤴🏻👸🏻💜

  81. tsatsral telmentugs

    tsatsral telmentugs

    4 个月 前

    Wow jessi said they really dont match but how times changed they really love each other now

  82. Sumonatasnim Taniaislam

    Sumonatasnim Taniaislam

    4 个月 前

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  83. Moon Star

    Moon Star

    5 个月 前

    Their relationship is just so relatable hahahahhaha But jessi really loves jaesuk. Ever since i watched her on Running Man

  84. Rhose Rodriguez

    Rhose Rodriguez

    5 个月 前

    Chaotic "couple"...🤣🤣🤣

  85. Benjamin Yue

    Benjamin Yue

    5 个月 前

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  86. Jota Aloke

    Jota Aloke

    5 个月 前

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  87. chloe johnson

    chloe johnson

    5 个月 前

    This has so many views, please go support our Queen on Mobidic her show is called My Style or Jessi Showterview

  88. Walrus juice

    Walrus juice

    5 个月 前

    omg i suddenly miss my friend she was so much like jessi when it comes to her energy

  89. Suzy Huang

    Suzy Huang

    5 个月 前

    What show is the first clip?

    • Suzy Huang

      Suzy Huang

      4 个月 前

      @Gift Nalyoo thank you!

    • Gift Nalyoo

      Gift Nalyoo

      5 个月 前

      first sugarman second same bed different dreams

    • Suzy Huang

      Suzy Huang

      5 个月 前

      And the one at 1:13

  90. Nurhazimah Mahmod

    Nurhazimah Mahmod

    5 个月 前

    Is there any korean that even hates on her ? because we need more ppl like her in k-entertainment i'm tired of those cutesy playing innocent girls

  91. chg hfd

    chg hfd

    5 个月 前

    Every Six Sense episode is like watching Jae Suk taking his girls on a field trip and none of them listen to him.

  92. Mai stan

    Mai stan

    5 个月 前

    They give such siblings vibes it's too funny

  93. chade duncan

    chade duncan

    5 个月 前

    jeasuk is the only one that communicates well with her

  94. Debit Rai

    Debit Rai

    5 个月 前

    I lost at 4:45 YJS: "Ex-perience!!" Jessi: "No,not experience." *that English accent fluency and love how YjS was so shocked how Jessi corrected him hhhhhhh love his reaction hahahahahah

  95. Aximay Sosa

    Aximay Sosa

    5 个月 前

    Jessi's lips look so nice here. I love her regardless and she can do what she wants but I feel like her lips here look plump enough.

  96. Skye


    5 个月 前

    I can't... with her. She is so funny but I like how she just speak her thoughts tho.

  97. Mai Eden

    Mai Eden

    5 个月 前


  98. Claire Visico

    Claire Visico

    5 个月 前

    What is the title of the entertainment show in this vid?

    • Gift Nalyoo

      Gift Nalyoo

      5 个月 前

      running man happy together sugarman

  99. riuku agekinai

    riuku agekinai

    5 个月 前

    i honestly feel like im gonna get a long with jessi so much like 🤣

  100. allergic to bullshit

    allergic to bullshit

    5 个月 前

    Why it's always them tho? They are like couples hahaha