HIGHLIGHTS | Brighton 3-2 Man City | 10 man City lose 5 goal thriller

City saw a two-goal lead wiped out by a resurgent Brighton who recovered to win 3-2.
Joao Cancelo was red carded after just 10 minutes, but goals from Ilkay Gundogan and Phil Foden looked to have put City on the way to a 13th Premier League away win in succession.

But the Seagulls, buoyed by a passionate home crowd, eventually made the extra man pay with three second-half goals to secure a first top flight victory over City for 40 years.

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  1. Afif Harist 2005

    Afif Harist 2005

    9 天 前

    Line Up Brighton R. Sanchez 26 (GK) B. White 3 A. Webster 4 D. Burn 33 A. Jahanbakhsh 16 P. Grob 13 Y. Bissouma 8 S. Alzate 17 J. Moder 15 A. Mac Allister 10 D. Welbeck 18 Manchester City Ederson Moraes 31 (GK) JOAO CANCELO 27 J. Stones 5 Ruben Dias 3 O. Zinchenko 11 B. Silva 20 Rodri 16 I. Gundogan 8 R. Mahrez 26 F. Torres 21 P. Foden 47

  2. _.vsks. _

    _.vsks. _

    14 天 前


  3. Qamar Satti

    Qamar Satti

    20 天 前

    Trossard just schooled the whole City defense 😂 What a Goal by Him

  4. Marian Blaha

    Marian Blaha

    21 天 前

    Brighton jsou frajéři. ❤️

  5. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    26 天 前

    At least man city uploads highlights even when they lose unlike man United 😂

  6. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    27 天 前

    Rodri and Garcia played shocking but we move against Chelsea in the final

  7. Fixed sûr

    Fixed sûr

    个月 前


  8. Shivam Debnath

    Shivam Debnath

    个月 前

    City lost I can't believe this but really Brighton playing so much .good ❤️what a comeback

  9. Maria Aparecida

    Maria Aparecida

    个月 前


    • vbddfy euuyt

      vbddfy euuyt

      26 天 前

      Rúben dias the ONLY 1 trying to defende and the oders looking 😒 1:17

  10. Frank Austin

    Frank Austin

    个月 前

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      nieooj gotoy

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  11. What Is What

    What Is What

    个月 前


    • sehhi vooty

      sehhi vooty

      27 天 前


  12. DodoMaCro


    个月 前

    Thats not for red

  13. Xio Poo

    Xio Poo

    个月 前


  14. Charles Tolmava

    Charles Tolmava

    个月 前

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  15. Charles Tolmava

    Charles Tolmava

    个月 前

    I will forever appreciate the effort of *Kevin_crackz on IG* for keeping all his promises. He perfectly got my account unbanned again.

  16. Charles Tolmava

    Charles Tolmava

    个月 前

    I will forever appreciate the effort of *Kevin_crackz on IG* for keeping all his promises. He perfectly got my account unbanned again.

  17. Mr Skyz

    Mr Skyz

    个月 前

    cnglobal.info/faq/mXWkn3bTo32goZU/sh-p-n.html Now bring him inside Senior team because RODRI not good enough.. Fernandinho already sign 1 year.. i think he suitable for Fernandinho Job more to Defensive and can reading the game well.. he like Kante..

  18. John Swallow

    John Swallow

    个月 前

    Total joke of a red card

  19. dusekboss


    个月 前

    Thats why i love english football...

  20. Наталья Багинская

    Наталья Багинская

    个月 前

    in my opinion, in the second half the players of MC stupidly lacked pfysics of 10 to resist 11+1players - Brighton+fans. overtired and broke. error after error. (when I'm tired, I'm also dull) and I didn't understand red. I would understand yellow in this situation, but I do not claim to be a connoisseur of punishments on the field))) I am sure of one thing: we never know failure - it is good or bad, because the formation of experience and motivation to win - incomprehensible!

  21. Jacques-andre Mel

    Jacques-andre Mel

    个月 前

    But we are champion 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  22. kavi kavi

    kavi kavi

    个月 前

    Nice title to defend why they lose the match🤣🤣🤣

  23. First- For-Fun

    First- For-Fun

    个月 前

    Rúben dias the ONLY 1 trying to defende and the oders looking 😒 1:17

  24. Dovlet Mergenov

    Dovlet Mergenov

    个月 前


  25. Win Aung

    Win Aung

    个月 前

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  26. Mahad Mohamed Nour Mahadinho

    Mahad Mohamed Nour Mahadinho

    个月 前

    Wʜᴀᴛ A ᴘʟᴀʏᴇʀ Fʀᴏᴍ Pʜɪʟ Fᴏᴅᴇɴ ✌️

  27. William Jones

    William Jones

    个月 前

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      Matthew Champion

      个月 前

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    • Tasty


      个月 前

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      Asim Bomani

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      Eymen Yilmaz

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      Aisha Tan

      个月 前

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  28. Aldi hadi Gantana

    Aldi hadi Gantana

    个月 前

    ngerakeun kehed

  29. gud boi

    gud boi

    个月 前

    I'm not a brighton fan but this is unforgettable for brighton fans, keep it up brighton 😄

  30. point david

    point david

    个月 前


  31. Everything Guyman

    Everything Guyman

    个月 前

    2:33 that kid’s reaction defines my love for this game. What a come-back!!!

  32. Admiral Adry

    Admiral Adry

    个月 前

    Trossard broke like six ankles there....

  33. Ocong Gaming

    Ocong Gaming

    个月 前


  34. Dobianuli D

    Dobianuli D

    个月 前

    There’s some weirdness about foden, he’s the most over hyped player right now. Media just want him to be a star. They probably just want to make him then break him

  35. Muhammad Thariq

    Muhammad Thariq

    个月 前

    Epic comeback

  36. Einstein Ray

    Einstein Ray

    个月 前

    Lu kebobolan 2 gol, bisa cetak 3 gol U still win the game

  37. yahye toreh

    yahye toreh

    个月 前

    congrat brighton

  38. edgarallan soto Padilla

    edgarallan soto Padilla

    个月 前

    Ni roja ni penal perdón pero no hubo nada se tiró

  39. Tobio Kageyama

    Tobio Kageyama

    个月 前

    I have to be honest Brighton deserved the win... They were focused strong and determined and shined throughout the match

  40. Camille


    个月 前

    Waiting for the champions final

  41. You are Beautiful

    You are Beautiful

    个月 前

    City robbed

  42. Tyrique Petrus

    Tyrique Petrus

    个月 前

    Cancelo 😂

  43. Arnab Mitra

    Arnab Mitra

    个月 前

    Foden proves again why he is one of brightest young prospect of world football. And what a goal by trossad , a wonder goal.

  44. christian rivera-avelar

    christian rivera-avelar

    个月 前

    Am i the only one not feeling the away kit:/

  45. Meinn K

    Meinn K

    个月 前

    Wait what..! You lose and still post! You have a new Fan Here Sir

  46. MM Soccer TV

    MM Soccer TV

    个月 前

    How is that a red carf

  47. Fa Rach

    Fa Rach

    个月 前

    From where do you follow Man City ?. I am from Algeria, and you?



    个月 前

    Wow trossard took the whole Manchester city to school😂

  49. henk vrieling

    henk vrieling

    个月 前

    Don’t mention the score idiots

  50. praveen kumar

    praveen kumar

    个月 前

    Dias is still swimming

  51. shibilee 07

    shibilee 07

    个月 前

    Chelsea 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Ivan


    个月 前

    Cancelo didn't for a red card, it wasn't even his fault

  53. Zayar Zayar

    Zayar Zayar

    个月 前

    Brighton number11 is Messi?

  54. Vik Sinha

    Vik Sinha

    个月 前

    These referees should all die

  55. ASMA bekri

    ASMA bekri

    个月 前

    Les joueurs de Manchester city sont des égoïstes envers Mahrez et ne passent que rarement le ballon vers lui ,hors que c est lui la clé de réussite de cette équipe et il faut que Pep les conseils de jouer beaucoup avec lui ,si non Chelsea va gagner facilement la finale ..

  56. Swag Horse

    Swag Horse

    个月 前

    I find it quite annoying that you can’t see the time

  57. Hemanth Hemanya

    Hemanth Hemanya

    个月 前

    Trossard is underrated

  58. Tubagus Wildan

    Tubagus Wildan

    个月 前


  59. Lee Maïtuerø

    Lee Maïtuerø

    个月 前

    Feel like both city and united became too complacent after finishing in top 2 comfortably,both of them are in a downward form now .

  60. R C

    R C

    个月 前

    that's definitely not red, Cancelo is looking at the football instead of the brighton player lol

  61. Freddy


    个月 前

    All I can say is two great goals City, especially Phil's and as for Danny's rugby tackle on Joao the ref and Var were very disappointing. It is a nothing game but a good workout and playing under stress is good practice. We just need a bit of luck in the European cup final. Come on City!! Ps best owner in the history of football. 💙💙💙⚽



    个月 前

    lol moneycity useless

  63. Oto _26

    Oto _26

    个月 前

    This is not red 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  64. Rusty Henson

    Rusty Henson

    个月 前

    The eminent cloud previously care because lathe bareilly accept minus a obsequious expert. chemical, modern match

  65. syuhada


    个月 前

    Good game brighton

  66. Frankie Kourin

    Frankie Kourin

    个月 前

    Looking at how the play went, Mancity is going to cry on the 29th when Chelsea will clinch the champions league 👀

  67. No-Knickers-Emma


    个月 前

    We beat the most plastic club in the world.

  68. Brandon Won g

    Brandon Won g

    个月 前

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  69. Skull Gaming

    Skull Gaming

    个月 前

    what happens if a player gets red card will he be out of the match ? and the team has to play with rest of the players, i never thought that man city will lose.

  70. Tresor Ntumba

    Tresor Ntumba

    个月 前

    please can barcelona sell pique? he is enough older now

  71. Syahmi Shahrin

    Syahmi Shahrin

    个月 前

    The best match of the season🤣🤣

  72. Jana ALI

    Jana ALI

    个月 前

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  73. Oru Kalvin Klien

    Oru Kalvin Klien

    个月 前

    Red wasn't an excuse in this game because they were leading 2 - 0 alrdeay, yet that didn't secure them the victory, rather the table turn around in less than 20 mins!

  74. Oru Kalvin Klien

    Oru Kalvin Klien

    个月 前

    Man city, will have to improve and stay vigilant defensively, or not such an unalert defence could consive alot against aggressive chelsea in the champions league!

  75. Levine Akampa

    Levine Akampa

    个月 前

    That Trossard goal was filthy. Filthyyyyyyyyyy.........

  76. Animal Video

    Animal Video

    个月 前

    That's EPL for you Surprise can come every week

  77. Vahap Şanal &

    Vahap Şanal &

    个月 前

    S sport atmıyor bari burdan izleyelim

  78. Nestor Szcerbic

    Nestor Szcerbic

    个月 前

    Hope you will be in the top five next year. Continue with Graham Potter 💪

  79. Lahiru Nimesh

    Lahiru Nimesh

    个月 前

    Thank you Brighton ❤️

  80. john honai

    john honai

    个月 前

    I want Man City 2nd kit back to purple jersey with diagonal orange sash and socks with purple to orange blend (third kit of18/19).

  81. Ratana Wing

    Ratana Wing

    个月 前

    Heung min son the best

  82. Girija Singh

    Girija Singh

    个月 前

    Trossard completely humiliated Ruben Dias 🤡🤡

  83. 맨시티팬


    个月 前

    괜찮습니다 저는 맨시티가 져도 영원한 맨시티 팬입니다 맨시티화이팅 맨시티 챔결에서 첼시잡고 첫우승합시다 화이팅!!! 저는 항상 맨시티를 응원하고 맨시티를 사랑할것입니다 화이팅맨시티!!!!!!!!

  84. Sudut Menarik

    Sudut Menarik

    个月 前

    City play like a losser

  85. Chanel 121

    Chanel 121

    个月 前

    City... if you got fast goal, dont think you will win the game easily and become careless to your defence.. be careful in final champ league chelsea will have counter attack... as they killed barca and arsenal....

  86. Christopher Pasaporte

    Christopher Pasaporte

    个月 前

    No bearing game for MCFC

  87. MrGrumpy Cat

    MrGrumpy Cat

    个月 前

    1:08 my man Rodri why you just gotta make a Sunday League mistake

  88. Michael Cole

    Michael Cole

    个月 前

    Trossard oh my 😱

  89. The Starboy

    The Starboy

    个月 前

    Diaz got violented 😂

  90. Sahil Thazhvara

    Sahil Thazhvara

    个月 前

    10 man city still can't beat Brighton?



    个月 前

    What a goal from tossard

  92. steve irungu

    steve irungu

    个月 前

    That's football by Steve Irungu Jermaine

  93. Andi


    个月 前

    Tangannya wellbeck sengaja dicantolin ke tangannya cancelo

  94. Johnny Sack

    Johnny Sack

    个月 前

    Man city losing is a good day

  95. Professor B

    Professor B

    个月 前

    positives: Foden showed once again he is a key player Gundo did not lose his form, his positioning and goal scoring are the best Negtives: Rodri, Sterling, Silva need to pull it together we don't have time for any kind errors or poor form Garcia should be on sale



    个月 前

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  97. Ayub Sikoyo

    Ayub Sikoyo

    个月 前

    Red card for what?

  98. Rajat Dimri

    Rajat Dimri

    个月 前

    Foden is a real deal 💯

  99. Rashid


    个月 前

    1:15 he dominating city defence 🙁

  100. OG Kevin

    OG Kevin

    个月 前

    Hows this title.... saltyyyyyyyy