VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021)

VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021) Tom Hardy, Let There Be Carnage, Action Movie HD
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  1. axon mori

    axon mori

    2 小时 前

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    2 小时 前

    They say only in theatres..😂😂 I am gonna download it from telegram full HD 😂😂😂

  3. Việt Bùi Hoàng

    Việt Bùi Hoàng

    3 小时 前

    When venom 2 released?

  4. Sean Kuhn

    Sean Kuhn

    3 小时 前

    Oh boy. Can't wait for another CGI fight between two black aliens at night. The first movie was extremely forgettable with a rat nest of a plot. Can't imagine this will be any better.

  5. ⒹΔм几ᴅ尺𝐑ⓣу𝓐ᴘ乇ᔕ


    5 小时 前

    Marvel (or some really motivated fans) should do a comedy film. Maybe call it Venom 3: the Odd Couple 😁

  6. Mitu Sen

    Mitu Sen

    6 小时 前

    The actual trailer by Sony has less views :(

  7. Popular Video

    Popular Video

    6 小时 前

    Одно и тоже каждый раз снимают. диз.

  8. Shahina Yesmin

    Shahina Yesmin

    6 小时 前

    I like venom

  9. Shahina Yesmin

    Shahina Yesmin

    6 小时 前

    When realesed

  10. KKC


    7 小时 前

    waiting desperatly

  11. ابن برقه عصيه

    ابن برقه عصيه

    8 小时 前


  12. ابن برقه عصيه

    ابن برقه عصيه

    8 小时 前


  13. PiCO had a stroke

    PiCO had a stroke

    10 小时 前

    We need it on netflix

  14. Sidharth Sagar

    Sidharth Sagar

    11 小时 前

    Miss u riot

  15. D-Rick Deering

    D-Rick Deering

    12 小时 前

    im just now seeing this...just as im finished reading the absolute carnage comic. watching this day 1

  16. Kurt Caguimbal

    Kurt Caguimbal

    13 小时 前

    Please for the love of god make it an R rated movie.

  17. Kaleb Smith

    Kaleb Smith

    14 小时 前

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    14 小时 前

    whispers *yummmmyyyyy*

  19. Javier Paffen

    Javier Paffen

    16 小时 前

    It will be a bad bad bad movie, but i'll watch it just because Woody Harrelson is on it....

  20. Oof Seth

    Oof Seth

    16 小时 前


  21. PitbullTerror88


    16 小时 前

    the voice of Venom kinda sounds different in this one?

  22. Commander Miguel

    Commander Miguel

    16 小时 前

    I just love that venom and ms j know each other

  23. Stephen Collins

    Stephen Collins

    18 小时 前

    Hard to believe, but this looks worse than the first one!

  24. Andreea Ispas

    Andreea Ispas

    19 小时 前

    i thought it would be different,,,,

  25. Joshua Morrison2006

    Joshua Morrison2006

    19 小时 前

    Hoping this is 15pg so I can see it in the cinemas when it first comes out

  26. MrBahBZ


    19 小时 前

    It's poop again! What a waste to give Bane to Tom Hardy, then Venom. And now Carnage will be wasted in Marvel's 2nd worst franchise. I like Hardy in *some* things, but he isn't Eddie Brock at all, and that's made worse since they show him constantly rather than the symbiote.

  27. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

    19 小时 前

    "One is the Loneliest Number" is *still* best covered by Three Dog Night! This particular cover is by Harry Nilsson.



    20 小时 前

    Wow suficiente informacion para mi cambeza

  29. Leo Maher

    Leo Maher

    21 小时 前

    I love how venom wants to eat mrs chen

  30. EMhisss


    21 小时 前

    Not sure how to feel about Venom's voice, kinda sounds different from the first movie, or maybe I've been reading too many of the Venom comics where Venom is really different XD But can't wait to watch this! I really wanna see Venom and Carnage battle

  31. Akbar Khan

    Akbar Khan

    22 小时 前


  32. Anieuson Petisco

    Anieuson Petisco

    天 前

    Legal :D

  33. Genesis Z

    Genesis Z

    天 前

    its nice seing them be friends enjoying life together

    • yasio bolo

      yasio bolo

      7 小时 前

      my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

  34. Luca Viégas Garcia de Bragança Pereira

    Luca Viégas Garcia de Bragança Pereira

    天 前


  35. Mojah tv

    Mojah tv

    天 前

    Peter will be cameo dis one

  36. faizan Raza

    faizan Raza

    天 前

    Kab aa rahi hai

  37. Waffler


    天 前

    i want a game about this

  38. Raian Souza

    Raian Souza

    天 前

    Venon melhor anti heroi da marvel

  39. Pilita Devilla

    Pilita Devilla

    天 前

    When venom say yummy :D

  40. Preston Ratliff

    Preston Ratliff

    天 前

    This trailer would be so much better if they got the original voice actor for venom. His voice is meant to be frighting and scary, now its just makes him sound like some 70s bully or something. No hate to the trailer love it, either way im still going to watch the movie!

  41. Rick


    天 前

    good song choice

  42. Sara Ballante

    Sara Ballante

    天 前


  43. Steven Stinnett

    Steven Stinnett

    天 前

    Did you know anyone famous deals with something very similiar to this talking in their head? Except its not physical its a ghost in the end.

  44. Snow Zhang

    Snow Zhang

    天 前

    I can’t wait to watch !

  45. Nenad ИС XC Shuput

    Nenad ИС XC Shuput

    天 前

    It's a demon

  46. Keptin Kaos

    Keptin Kaos

    天 前


  47. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast

    天 前

    And here I am adding water to my shampoo bottle to make it last longer

  48. Andres Kuaz

    Andres Kuaz

    天 前

    Now. Are ve ok is be bad is you first and the life i feel re ally good

  49. Jason Pittmon

    Jason Pittmon

    天 前

    Looking forward to seeing this at AMC!

  50. Nate


    天 前

    Did they change venoms voice again

  51. Amelia Ava

    Amelia Ava

    天 前

    Contact Mrs Helen for more guidance 👇😊😊

  52. Amelia Ava

    Amelia Ava

    天 前


  53. flyguy270


    天 前

    Venom vs. Carnage!!!

  54. hijazi Khaled

    hijazi Khaled

    天 前

    Anybody watched it ? Plz answer !!!

  55. Just a loud Russian hardbass

    Just a loud Russian hardbass

    天 前

    Waiting for anti venom vs venom and carnage

  56. Lyra Chan

    Lyra Chan

    天 前

    So Venom and Eddy are basically an old married couple by now?

  57. Hoang Phuc Sinh

    Hoang Phuc Sinh

    天 前

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  58. Paloma Monroy

    Paloma Monroy

    天 前

    I can't wait to watch the Venom movie

  59. Red X21X

    Red X21X

    天 前

    I miss venom

  60. Ivica Stančin

    Ivica Stančin

    天 前


  61. Ivica Stančin

    Ivica Stančin

    天 前

    He ia very funny.

  62. Ivica Stančin

    Ivica Stančin

    天 前

    Venom is a bad boy.

  63. Mike Gluth

    Mike Gluth

    天 前

    The casting in this movie is AMAZING! You just know this is going to be an awesome movie.

  64. 天 前

    I'm waiting

  65. S.R 48

    S.R 48

    天 前

    Suggestion of better title: VENOM; The Age of Carnage

    • S.R 48

      S.R 48

      天 前

      @Little Chicken Oh! You told such an informative thing🤨….. as if I didn’t see the trailer 😑

    • Little Chicken

      Little Chicken

      天 前

      It’s called venom let there be cartage

  66. admin otaku

    admin otaku

    天 前

    Why did venom said ''orphenage'' in german in response to the ''hello venom'' from miss cheng?

  67. David Vela

    David Vela

    天 前

    Que lastima que este actor participe en esta saga tan terriblemente mala.

  68. Barbosa Beatriz

    Barbosa Beatriz

    天 前


  69. Farxad Huseynov

    Farxad Huseynov

    天 前

    Venom Vs Carnage

  70. mouad ait hammou

    mouad ait hammou

    2 天 前

    wow this vemon is the best

  71. Fatemeh Hashemi

    Fatemeh Hashemi

    2 天 前

    When will this Venom movie be released ??🤔

  72. Jakub Swiderski

    Jakub Swiderski

    2 天 前

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  73. Chris G

    Chris G

    2 天 前

    Looks shit just like the first one



    2 天 前

    Wait wait pls be Carnage I haven't seen the full trailer please be Carnage

  75. R Game

    R Game

    2 天 前

    Siapa disini yg risih sama "beli itik 2 ekor"

  76. Emma Mutallib

    Emma Mutallib

    2 天 前

    Cannot wait to watch it🤩🤩

  77. Amaechi Christian

    Amaechi Christian

    2 天 前

    Woom that sounds diffick shit on the movie stinvn



    2 天 前

    Türkler sessizce beğendi

    • Hyper 35

      Hyper 35

      2 天 前

      Ne zaman çıkıyo

  79. Lupulsaiu


    2 天 前

    Where si Siper Man?

  80. Brandon J.

    Brandon J.

    2 天 前

    00:44 *Detroit Jacket* Representing! Woot woot!

  81. ItzzLuk


    2 天 前

    When is cooming Venom 2?

  82. Arian Asadi

    Arian Asadi

    2 天 前

    Ohhhhh yes 😐❤️

  83. Navigator Hotel

    Navigator Hotel

    2 天 前

    damn i was really hoping for another actor to do the act of carnage :S

  84. A PERSON


    2 天 前

    hey Gordon you have a rival

  85. Mrityunjay Kumar

    Mrityunjay Kumar

    2 天 前

    Imagine venom "eating" ms chan🙂

  86. Udeepta Bora

    Udeepta Bora

    2 天 前

    Trailer is too dark

  87. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    2 天 前

    I really do hope that they make this movie rated R, it wouldn’t do carnage justice if it was just pg-13

    • Jaiden Gamerz

      Jaiden Gamerz

      8 小时 前

      no frick you that ruins me from watching it

    • STORM_ shockmin

      STORM_ shockmin

      天 前

      Copied word from word

    • hijazi Khaled

      hijazi Khaled

      天 前

      Did u watch it ?

  88. Raven Pickels

    Raven Pickels

    2 天 前

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  89. Lolan 11

    Lolan 11

    2 天 前


  90. ölümCenneti


    2 天 前

    Haysi bakiyim

  91. Wook Rep710

    Wook Rep710

    2 天 前

    the better be R if not im going to be pissed

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      2 天 前

      Ah shit they gave venom a personality this is gonna be fun

  92. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    2 天 前

    This is really going to be the first movie isn’t it

  93. Alex Tarazona

    Alex Tarazona

    2 天 前

    The voice is pudge dota2

  94. TheMaestro


    2 天 前

    I love how Venom is apart of its own universe and not within MCU and spidey-verse

    • Noriaki Kakyoin

      Noriaki Kakyoin

      19 小时 前

      @Fiacra Doyle If they're going to borrow this much from the comics it's common sense that spiderman exists in this universe. The entire movie is based off of a concept introduced in the comics.

    • Fiacra Doyle

      Fiacra Doyle

      19 小时 前

      @Noriaki Kakyoin what are you talking about if you actually knew enough about it you would know the comics are not solid when it comes to these movies just because he meets in the comic doesn't mean it happens in the movies they are their own entity and only borrow from them.

    • Jacob Yawn

      Jacob Yawn

      21 小时 前

      I thought venom was DC (joking)🤪

    • Wenson Wacaworth

      Wenson Wacaworth

      天 前

      @Noriaki Kakyoin What do you mean by Spidey-verse?

    • Uday Varma

      Uday Varma

      天 前


  95. Ashraf Jarbo

    Ashraf Jarbo

    2 天 前

    It comes out on my brithday

  96. Luciano Silva

    Luciano Silva

    2 天 前

    1.. filme..e.. show... gostei...😲