NBA "0 IQ" MOMENTS showcases some of the lowest iq moments in recent NBA History. It includes players such as LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, J.R. Smith and many more NBA Superstars.

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  1. KingSwish


    2 个月 前

    Who's your favourite team in The NBA 🤔

    • Ayaan's Studio

      Ayaan's Studio

      天 前

      @HornandoG yo that’s my dad’s favorite team

    • HornandoG


      2 天 前

      The hawks and the lakers

    • fortnite memes and other random stuff

      fortnite memes and other random stuff

      3 天 前

      Lakers and warriors

    • Ayaan's Studio

      Ayaan's Studio

      9 天 前

      Hawks all day

    • Justin Cruz

      Justin Cruz

      9 天 前


  2. mackeyboy amane

    mackeyboy amane

    34 分钟 前

    1:06 what a jerk of a referee

  3. Ian Lundquist

    Ian Lundquist

    3 小时 前

    Well the average IQ in the nba is like 2 or 3

  4. rb9888


    3 小时 前

    draymond green - rofl. that guy is useless

  5. Scott Stacey

    Scott Stacey

    5 小时 前

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    Janelle Wade

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  7. umar usman

    umar usman

    19 小时 前

    lance with the block and celebration, kills me everytime.

  8. Zeebs


    20 小时 前

    1:34 😂

  9. qahoe curie

    qahoe curie

    23 小时 前

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    Margretsul2 Mayslvm68

    天 前

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  11. brax


    天 前

    1:34 he's like "bro did you not listen to the coach?"

  12. sayan sana

    sayan sana

    天 前

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    Saiwsi Ntilti

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    freddy chavez

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    Charles Gerety

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    Kris Ed

    2 天 前

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  17. Happy 295

    Happy 295

    2 天 前

    PJ Tucker one was hilarious.

  18. Catherine Evans

    Catherine Evans

    2 天 前

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  19. Dat Boy

    Dat Boy

    3 天 前

    9:18 we all knew this was going to be on here 😂😂😂 poor JR

  20. Vt


    3 天 前

    I still don’t know why Dreymond thinks he has any skill on the offensive side

  21. 거여운 귀북이

    거여운 귀북이

    3 天 前


  22. いざよいみく


    3 天 前

    0:54 That one made me burst out laughter.XDXD

  23. Guian patrick Munoz

    Guian patrick Munoz

    3 天 前

    tucker and jr smith is my fav...

  24. breh bruh

    breh bruh

    3 天 前

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  25. DR3AMz 343

    DR3AMz 343

    4 天 前

    Doris Burke “What is he doing!!” Shut up lady he made a mistake

  26. Beep Boop

    Beep Boop

    4 天 前

    3:31 this sound should be taken out of context for tik tok “Ooh he just violated, LeBron James just violated!!”

  27. Jonki Supreme

    Jonki Supreme

    4 天 前

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    Tony Jaramillo

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    ahmad abed

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  30. Atipong Pathanasethpong

    Atipong Pathanasethpong

    4 天 前

    8:50 Most creative play I have ever seen lol

  31. fipi ntugyi

    fipi ntugyi

    5 天 前

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  32. Brad scott

    Brad scott

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    gefeu mabea

    5 天 前

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  34. Murmeniusz


    5 天 前

    To przez te maski. Cytując seksmisję: "Tlenu im zabrakło" XD

  35. Jesse


    5 天 前

    Nah Westbrook is different. OKC fans have suffered 😂

  36. chan jostiin

    chan jostiin

    5 天 前

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    nhj fre

    6 天 前

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  38. Derek Sosa

    Derek Sosa

    6 天 前

    Draymond green should me traded and Andrew and Kelly and James

  39. Ryancang Pairets

    Ryancang Pairets

    6 天 前

    Sa isang pagkakamali lang sa tao na yan hindi pa nabigyan ulit nang pagkakataon na sisikat olol

  40. Noob21 Gaming

    Noob21 Gaming

    6 天 前


  41. craig mack

    craig mack

    6 天 前

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  42. Adam Murray

    Adam Murray

    6 天 前

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  43. TheRhowe2


    7 天 前

    5:14 The Tristan Thompson play gets me everytime. You know what, you guys suck. I am taking this myself

  44. F Z

    F Z

    7 天 前

    Clearly this guy is a bronsexual

  45. Camden


    7 天 前

    6:00 "draymond had it knocked away" Is the commentator blind?

  46. Haeixulaa A

    Haeixulaa A

    7 天 前

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    Cj Perry

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    Elizabeth Freeman

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    funie kufau

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    John Stae

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    Piece Nerve

    7 天 前

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  52. TJ Austin

    TJ Austin

    8 天 前

    Half of these aren't even low IQ there just mistakes like curry blowing a dunk how's that low iq

  53. Riley Reid

    Riley Reid

    8 天 前

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    Ronny Jackson

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  55. Cyan - Kun

    Cyan - Kun

    8 天 前

    7:31 Oh.

  56. Cyan - Kun

    Cyan - Kun

    8 天 前


  57. dgsvtdh


    8 天 前

    8:50 hahahahahaha

  58. a0ne b

    a0ne b

    8 天 前

    i laughed the whole video

  59. Андрей Усав

    Андрей Усав

    8 天 前

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  60. Cora Salas

    Cora Salas

    9 天 前

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  61. Logan Potter

    Logan Potter

    9 天 前

    Just like to mention the fact that Ty Lue had a timeout and just stood there and stared while J.R. was going to half court

  62. Fictitious Code

    Fictitious Code

    9 天 前

    "I've never seen a player practice a free throw" to "I have" Equals comeon dude!

  63. Jamie Leon

    Jamie Leon

    9 天 前

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    Nora Gearhart

    9 天 前

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  65. Oliver Wulff

    Oliver Wulff

    10 天 前

    James Harden aka my least favourite player

  66. D. C.

    D. C.

    10 天 前

    Yo Westbrook just carries that dumb look on his face around with him most of the time

  67. jlv


    10 天 前

    I soon as I saw "0IQ" I knew Draymond would be first.

  68. Mayank Kulshreshtha

    Mayank Kulshreshtha

    10 天 前

    that pg play was kennard's fault

  69. Bandz Monney

    Bandz Monney

    10 天 前

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  70. El


    10 天 前


  71. Logical Dude

    Logical Dude

    10 天 前

    Hard to blame George at 1:35. The way they're breaking in transition, he thinks the guy behind him is going to the corner. Ref happens to be running there at the same time, guy behind him stops, George makes a quick touch pass to the ref thinking it's his guy.

  72. Pale Empress

    Pale Empress

    10 天 前

    7:22 WTF was that? LOL

  73. cristina pumilia

    cristina pumilia

    10 天 前

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  74. 이재수


    10 天 前

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  75. Corrine Silverman

    Corrine Silverman

    10 天 前

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  76. Sockaloupe


    10 天 前

    Idk what the lamelo clip 0 IQ was

  77. A M

    A M

    10 天 前

    russell westbrook seems to appear in bit of these huh lol

  78. L. Wolfe

    L. Wolfe

    10 天 前

    what was the final score in that game omg 7:30

  79. Kyle Ross

    Kyle Ross

    11 天 前

    If you squint these look pretty similar to WNBA highlights.

  80. Milkcrate


    11 天 前

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  81. Arthur Mont-Morency

    Arthur Mont-Morency

    11 天 前

    5:43 That was actually a REALLY SMART play by Rondo, if it was intencional. By throwing the ball at Boban's leg, he forced the shot clock to start with the ball completely out of their control.

  82. Cryptidian


    11 天 前

    That ref was probably like: "Cry me a river bitch, I have money on this game"

  83. BLT1967too


    11 天 前

    Quite a few of these aren't remotely low-IQ moments. They're just carelessness.

  84. Ellie-Rose Stein

    Ellie-Rose Stein

    11 天 前

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    Jack Yeh

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    Colbert Greenspan

    11 天 前

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    John Stae

    11 天 前

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    Donnaly Gala

    11 天 前

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  89. Math Simon

    Math Simon

    11 天 前

    Westbrook could literally fill this with his high IQ moments.

  90. Cory Levy

    Cory Levy

    11 天 前

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  91. Dee double u

    Dee double u

    11 天 前

    said it once and ill say it again .. Im willing to bet my last dollar JR smith would've went down the other end of the court and dunked it if lebron didn't interrupt him 9:20

  92. Steve G

    Steve G

    11 天 前

    I don't think this is a particularly good set of highlights. Rob Schneider used to have a comedy bit where he'd deliver the "wacky sports plays of the day," but it was just people very normally missing shots or swinging and missing at a baseball, etc." "Pippin shoots, and it hits the front of the rim--D'oh, Scottie, you're supposed to put the ball INTO the basket, not hit the front of the basket! Wacky blooper!" A lot of these are just errant passes, which aren't "low IQ plays," they're just what happens in a high-speed game where players have to make fast decisions. Some are desperation shots in the final seconds--it's not really unusual to comically miss a desperation 3 at the end of a shot clock or game. Only a few of these are actual brain freezes (trying to dribble the ball into play, forgetting the score, etc.) Most are just the regular way that people play imperfect basketball games.

  93. SpartanCDC


    11 天 前

    A zero iq play is giving the ball to Russell Westbrook

  94. Marcin Olszewski

    Marcin Olszewski

    12 天 前

    1 minute into it and already guys dunking on their own baskets :D Good stuff

  95. Daze Zeroks

    Daze Zeroks

    12 天 前

    id trade tyler herro and kyle kuzma for a fax machine and a printer for real

  96. jacky mai

    jacky mai

    12 天 前

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    zoie courville

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    Олег Гонтарь

    12 天 前

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  99. Dev Reacts

    Dev Reacts

    12 天 前

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  100. Carson Adams

    Carson Adams

    13 天 前

    Nets all the way!