Cha Eun Woo is really smart [Master in the House Ep 157]

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Almost everyone questions the purpose and goal of life. And most successful people have unique perspectives and lifestyles that have made them stand out from the norm. This reality show stars five young men, Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyeong, Shin Seong Rok, Kim Dong Hyun, and Cha Eun Woo who are famous in their own right but are searching for more. They are turning to the masters of success to see what they can learn and emulate in their own lives. They'll spend 2 days and 1 night learning from the la creme de la creme in Korea. Who will they meet on this journey? And what pearls of wisdom will they learn? Come along for the ride and see what these five young men will discover.
GENRE: Variety
SUBTITLE: English, Portuguese
YEAR: 2018
MAIN CAST: Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyeong, Kim Dong Hyun, Cha Eun Woo, Shin Seong Rok
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  1. I AM LOU

    I AM LOU

    2 天 前

    I see Jessi's guy and i listen...

  2. valerie alexia

    valerie alexia

    3 天 前

    Them playing sky castle ost is so funny

  3. Anjana Shivakumar

    Anjana Shivakumar

    3 天 前

    Astro already knew the word "CORONA". So, now it's destroying the whole word 😷. At 1:19

  4. r tommy

    r tommy

    4 天 前

    with all respect to eunwoo's very smart ass, why arent they praising the actress who got the words right away, who was giving explanations omg it might just be my gayness thats making me biased but omg

  5. parizad1990 parizad

    parizad1990 parizad

    5 天 前

    Enu woo come🙏🌹

  6. Baishnaveee Rai

    Baishnaveee Rai

    5 天 前

    Her face seems like mixed version of Eunwoo and Joy....

  7. Sandrah Pacheco

    Sandrah Pacheco

    6 天 前

    Por favor, legendas em Português ou Espanhol. Grata, 👍👍🇧🇷🇧🇷

  8. parizad1990 parizad

    parizad1990 parizad

    6 天 前

    سلام 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️😘

  9. Ashvini Aravindan

    Ashvini Aravindan

    9 天 前

    As an aroha im so happy they played knock when Eunwoo showed his answer and was congratulated by the other contestants

  10. Omansh Hyanki

    Omansh Hyanki

    9 天 前

    The "we all lie..." bg music killed me !

  11. shima


    11 天 前

    Smart plus handsome plus cute and everything he has and he deserve the perfect things. 자은우 you're so smart man♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. maiwiiya


    11 天 前

    I love eunwoo’s expession here 2:27

  13. Christabel Vanlallawmawmi

    Christabel Vanlallawmawmi

    13 天 前

    when someone is handsome or pretty they are dumb..but this guy have both

  14. sakura kinomoto

    sakura kinomoto

    15 天 前

    Cha eun woo is so smarttttt🥴

  15. MK 13

    MK 13

    15 天 前

    I think I saw a drama where the girl is the main cast. She is a witch

  16. Aisha Arif

    Aisha Arif

    15 天 前

    Happiest birthday cha eun woo we wish you every happiness if your life 🥰💕

  17. Kimal Wibowo

    Kimal Wibowo

    15 天 前

    Invite moon ka young,please 🙏🙏

  18. Jessablessed


    15 天 前

    HAPPIEST BDAY OUR LEE DONG-MIN!!!! I made a duet cover with him. Hope you guys have time to listen, it's my gift for him. (on my channel) We love you Oppa. Saranghae!

  19. yana nor

    yana nor

    21 天 前

    Eun woo I love you 💕🇲🇾

  20. Lahabati Reang Reang

    Lahabati Reang Reang

    21 天 前

    He is perfect in everything

  21. dr aroha sk pride dongmin protector

    dr aroha sk pride dongmin protector

    21 天 前

    Everyone talking abt eunwoo where are them ? Eunwoo multitalented hardworking humble athletic genius with iq 142 and top 3 in whole school smart king 🤴 love you

  22. Jisoo's Bottles

    Jisoo's Bottles

    21 天 前

    "I had no idea corona was even a word" Corona Virus: Am I a joke to you?!

  23. Akanksha Tripathi

    Akanksha Tripathi

    24 天 前

    I came here for eun woo but let me just say JUNGSHIK OPPPPPAAAAAA

  24. TAE'S BAE


    25 天 前


  25. aivilles ruuwawton

    aivilles ruuwawton

    25 天 前

    I love his face when he's getting serious... To the peak of his coolness

  26. Loremae Tuvilleja

    Loremae Tuvilleja

    25 天 前

    She was in the Growl and Wolf's Exo Drama. That's why she seems familiar to you guys.

  27. Gavana KPOP

    Gavana KPOP

    26 天 前

    "I didn't even know that Corona is a word' Filipinos: Lol Note: Corona in Filipino (Korona) means crown.



    27 天 前


  29. Watanabe Sana 渡辺佐奈

    Watanabe Sana 渡辺佐奈

    28 天 前

    0:36 me when the virus started

  30. Rura Cupertino

    Rura Cupertino

    29 天 前

    Cha Eun Woo always proving in each project that he is not only handsome, he is talented, intelligent and hardworking

  31. Алексей Грачёв

    Алексей Грачёв

    29 天 前

    Ни х... не понятно, но очень интересно.

  32. weuiornds


    29 天 前

    Lmao we all lie was so random

  33. Liliana Rios

    Liliana Rios

    个月 前

    Please in spanish thank you Friendly greeting Argentina BS As 😘👏👍❤🇦🇷🇦🇷

  34. Ismat Rehman

    Ismat Rehman

    个月 前

    Real announcer...

  35. Munakata Reishi

    Munakata Reishi

    个月 前

    Cha eun cak - gifted gay face

  36. Rezky Amalia

    Rezky Amalia

    个月 前


  37. gaming secrets

    gaming secrets

    个月 前


  38. Baako Jernigan

    Baako Jernigan

    个月 前

    She's freakin clever as well.. damn

  39. Ren C

    Ren C

    个月 前

    This is the prove that eunwoo is a hardworking person He is not only super handsome but also very athletic and smart! Please people respect him with all of that not only for his visual :")

    • Asiel Starlit

      Asiel Starlit

      29 天 前

      Ikr he's literally a woman's or a man's dream husband HAHAHAA

  40. Julieshiie


    个月 前

    I feel so dumb watching this HAHAHAHAH

    • Mahibha Shaheen

      Mahibha Shaheen

      个月 前


  41. Sanjana Nalla

    Sanjana Nalla

    个月 前

    Not the sky castle theme song playing in the background at the beginning

  42. Idk a name

    Idk a name

    个月 前

    It’s cuz corona is Latin for wreath

  43. MysteriousPerson


    个月 前

    that girl is from Witch's love kdrama.. no wonder she looks familiar

  44. Jou Lin

    Jou Lin

    个月 前

    everyone knows Eunwoo is smart, but doesn't know how smart he is because he's from a boy group. I believe most of people from boy/girl group or female/male idol are not highly eduacated. I think even the actress surprised because she's highly educated (both College and high school) in Korea and Eunwoo hasn't complete his college yet, so Eunwoo definely did a good job.

  45. Anita Maulina

    Anita Maulina

    个月 前

    Sudah ganteng pintar pula trus gak bisa pacaran pula..hmm..surga dunia..😁😁

  46. jini


    个月 前


  47. melinaindy 1005

    melinaindy 1005

    个月 前

    I hope indonesia create tv show like this

  48. nabeha khan

    nabeha khan

    个月 前

    This guy looks like jin from bts



    个月 前

    2:04 is they r using Hindi 😳😳😳

  50. Wita Erlia

    Wita Erlia

    个月 前

    Ahhh...i see

  51. joyce tolentino

    joyce tolentino

    个月 前

    됴구 쟤개 내 쵿

  52. Ainnur Rizal

    Ainnur Rizal

    个月 前

    she might not famous internationally but she's famous in SK that's why these comment section load with english speaker praising eunwoo.

  53. Skylar


    个月 前

    Mb: what is the capital of america? Ew: obama? 😂 are you sure he’s really smart?

  54. Shaza Earisya

    Shaza Earisya

    个月 前

    the actress name is yoon sohee. she was in drama called queen of the ring, along with ahn hyo seop. actually, many of korean already know that she is smart. if you search in google they will give you "sohee kaist." she also appears on running man, and paired with kwang soo. in that episode, kwangsoo or jaesuk mentioned that sohee are study in kaist

  55. Karma Hadid

    Karma Hadid

    个月 前

    Eunwoo's face when he thinks n write the answer is fierce... i like it

  56. banana ooh nana

    banana ooh nana

    个月 前

    It's the girl from Witch's Love. I've heard she's really smart. I've always known Eun Woo was smart, he's a well balanced nerd that excelled in both academics and sports. No wonder he got into Sungkyunkwan University, which is like the top 4 university in Korea.

  57. random chicken

    random chicken

    个月 前

    When they said corona all I could think was corona virus 😭

    • Jeongzz


      个月 前

      I mean, we all do lmaoo

  58. 매

    个月 前

    Goshhh all my life, I never seen Cha Eun Woo being ugly not even a single picture. Indeed, perfection exists and it's him. So sad that he actually wanna get married soon but we can't do nothing about that, instead let's support him until we guys get older.🥲❣️

  59. Skythe 07

    Skythe 07

    个月 前

    I'm inlove with him after true beauty and gangnam beaty

  60. Tips & Tricks!

    Tips & Tricks!

    个月 前

    “Corona is a word?” 2020 : Let me teach you sumn

    • Wooid_


      2 天 前

      @Lyra Belaqua well that was obvious...

    • Lyra Belaqua

      Lyra Belaqua

      2 天 前

      @Wooid_ originally it‘s Latin. Since Italian derives from it, a lot of words are similar and in this case it‘s the same ;)

    • Jacel Hilario

      Jacel Hilario

      21 天 前

      Korona is also a thing here in the Philippines both have the same meaning but only differ in spelling

    • Wooid_


      22 天 前

      yeah an Italian word, as the girl said it means crown in Italian

  61. farhahxoxo


    个月 前

    beauty with brain HE INSANE

  62. 이자티


    个月 前

    uknowhat, im so amazed at my ownself in able to answer the question bout the sun so naturally. omg dearsslffff

  63. • Aeshtlyy •

    • Aeshtlyy •

    个月 前

    eunwoo is too perfect.....

  64. Rene Lamzon

    Rene Lamzon

    个月 前


  65. ilyn salde

    ilyn salde

    个月 前

    He is so good in everything i cant help my self to amaze him every day my idolized for him from astro to him 🥰🥰🥰

  66. Iris Gonzales

    Iris Gonzales

    个月 前

    SEUNG GI 💕

  67. Merielle Jasmine Lacap

    Merielle Jasmine Lacap

    个月 前

    Now I know why she portrayed the character of sophie an in the spies who loved me.. Woooahh,GO! Yoon so her unnie

  68. Ibune Juangga

    Ibune Juangga

    个月 前

    I think _Do Kyung Sook_ and _Lee SuHo_ really in his DNA.. :D

  69. CoCo Cee

    CoCo Cee

    个月 前

    She answered perfectly too! What a bunch of twats!

  70. Mercedes Mitchell

    Mercedes Mitchell

    个月 前

    Eunwoo looks so cute in that hat 😸

  71. back to the future 123

    back to the future 123

    个月 前

    Well he has an Iq of 142 so I am not surprised.

  72. Alliah Sampang

    Alliah Sampang

    个月 前

    Blessed by the Lord

  73. Yuniathi Yuniathi

    Yuniathi Yuniathi

    个月 前

    She is knows the answer to this question too..

  74. Cha Eunwoo

    Cha Eunwoo

    个月 前

    kelly from pigeonly

  75. Cha Eunwoo

    Cha Eunwoo

    个月 前

    dow agi tsura ni kelly

  76. Ananda Salma Khoerunnisa

    Ananda Salma Khoerunnisa

    个月 前


  77. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat

    个月 前

    smart guys are the sexiest.

  78. chemankz lukit

    chemankz lukit

    个月 前


  79. Aileen Tabi

    Aileen Tabi

    个月 前

    Why? Why? I keep seeing him every day Im falling in love with him ~my daughter everyday🤦😅 I saw her watching True Beauty omg my girl is crying 😭she cried, She said mom i want to finish my study and work hard so that she can go to korea and she want to meet eun woo, btw she is 15 years old❤️ Im so thankful I have a daughter like her, and Im so thankful for you cha eun woo for being my daughter inspiration.

  80. Liv liya

    Liv liya

    个月 前

    OMG i really love her!! I watched a lot of her dramas..she proved everyone with her brain literally in every show!! she's definitely the definition of beauty with brain❤️

  81. itsWhiteRose 7

    itsWhiteRose 7

    个月 前

    Cha Eun Woo how can you be so cute in any angle

  82. Story Writer

    Story Writer

    个月 前

    ANDNAJS SHE IS CLEVER AND SHE SPEAKS GERMAN (?) AND SHE LOOKS AMAZING AND SHE IS A GREAT ACTRESS I CANT- Bruh i learned exactly this sun and corona thing today 😂😂😂😂 AFTER watching this video omg thank u for teaching and helping me ❤❤❤

  83. Carol Chan

    Carol Chan

    个月 前

    Eunwoo is really very smart

  84. 今月の少女


    个月 前

    I fully understand the phrase "your bias is your bias but cha eunwoo is cha eunwoo" and this means not because he was been named as korea's face genius but it is because of how he always like to improved himself in trying and doing different things. He's smart, sporty, respectful, humble and kind, talented and most of all hardworking (i know y'all can see that). He doesn't remain as a so called visual only and this is the reason why you cannot resist him.

  85. quieny villareal

    quieny villareal

    个月 前


  86. Kamdokht MahinZadeh

    Kamdokht MahinZadeh

    个月 前

    Everybody talks about her but she is already famous for her intelligence for years in Korea and she's been in a lot of shows and they always praise her and she's from KAIST a prestigious school in Korea so that is really not surprising for them anymore but then we have Eunwoo who got the most answers and went to the final. She even praised him and even from the beginning she was most worried of Eunwoo and how smart he is

  87. Karen Sweet

    Karen Sweet

    个月 前

    Me suscribiré el día que tengan subtítulos en español..

  88. Patrice Agawa

    Patrice Agawa

    个月 前

    My Eun woo 🥺❤️

  89. Kristelle Domanillo

    Kristelle Domanillo

    个月 前

    Literally beauty & brain eun woo❤️❤️❤️

  90. Ringleader24 T

    Ringleader24 T

    个月 前

    I love this show, but the clickbait for Cha Eunwoo is getting out of hand now😂Show some love for my other boys in this showwwww! Lol

  91. 아끄 AKE !

    아끄 AKE !

    个月 前

    Some complain about why people here only talk about Eunwoo. Why? Well bcs in SK, that actress is already well known to be really really really smart. She's been guesting in a lot of shows and they always praise her brain. So some people may be not surprised anymore. Or in this case, they simply don't know her (most of people who clicked this probably came bcs of Eunwoo and only want to see him).

    • Jou Lin

      Jou Lin

      个月 前

      I think it's because even everyone knows he's smart, but doesn't know how smart he is because he's from a boy group. I believe most of people from boy/girl group or female/male idol are not that smart. even the actress surprised because she's really really highly educated (both College and high school) in Korea and Eunwoo hasn't complete his college yet, so Eunwoo definely did a good job on it.

    • Oriahi Benita

      Oriahi Benita

      个月 前

      Simply the truth!!

    • Army living in Neverland

      Army living in Neverland

      个月 前


    • I support you

      I support you

      个月 前

      Oh wow

    • 7th Hokage

      7th Hokage

      个月 前

      Exactly 😂

  92. sofía


    个月 前

    everyone talking about eunwoo but can we really appreciate that smart actress like¿¿----

    • YzarcMW


      4 天 前

      People are here for eunwoo. Period! Respect.

    • Once Blink

      Once Blink

      24 天 前

      @아끄 AKE ! yep

    • 아끄 AKE !

      아끄 AKE !

      个月 前

      Well in SK, that actress is already well known to be really really really smart. She's been guesting in a lot of shows and they always praise her brain. So some people may be not surprised anymore. Or in this case, they simply don't know her (most of people who clicked this probably came bcs of Eunwoo).

  93. polyka bun

    polyka bun

    个月 前

    He is really smart

  94. Dhiraj magar new yt

    Dhiraj magar new yt

    个月 前

    Love from Nepal

  95. AEONs 16

    AEONs 16

    个月 前

    came for cha eun woo eventually stayed for yoon so hee

  96. Blue Bear

    Blue Bear

    2 个月 前

    That girl tho. Definition of dream girl. Brain and beauty. 👌

  97. Mirra Arrim

    Mirra Arrim

    2 个月 前

    Everyone: they are so smart Me: why this MC sounds familiar? Hey! It's Jungshik! O.o

    • tenzin chozom

      tenzin chozom

      5 天 前

      Same same

    • Moontess


      个月 前

      Haha, same!

  98. ggerdagg


    2 个月 前

    Eunwoo is so cute ❤️

  99. Ehqaa


    2 个月 前

    Isn’t one of them from The Brainiacs/ Problematic Men?! I like himmmm :)

  100. Pang-Ngia Vang

    Pang-Ngia Vang

    2 个月 前

    Everyone is saying that Eun Woo is smart BUT what about the actress?

    • 아끄 AKE !

      아끄 AKE !

      个月 前

      Well in SK, that actress is already well known to be really really really smart. She's been guesting in a lot of shows and they always praise her brain. So some people may be not surprised anymore. Or in this case, they simply don't know her (most of people who clicked this probably came bcs of Eunwoo).