Jayson Tatum Drops 50 Points To Help Boston Secure the No. 7 Seed in the East | NBA on TNT

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum erupted for 50 points against the Washington Wizards in the play-in tournament to clinch the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference.

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  4. Kingston


    个月 前

    How many undertones can you chop undertones if you chop the undertones?

  5. b b

    b b

    个月 前

    Kenny “Undertones” Smith

  6. chinyongweihotmail


    个月 前

    "undertone" put that on a t-shirt!

  7. Janett Edington

    Janett Edington

    个月 前

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  8. iamGarth TheGreat

    iamGarth TheGreat

    个月 前

    say anything you want about kenny, but he do make a lot of good points... in a game of basketball of course..

  9. Wolf DaGod

    Wolf DaGod

    个月 前

    Shaq said it best. “ great players don’t lose two games in a row” Russ been had this moment too many times young in his career with okc. Im glad Russ and Beal came through after this

  10. Mark Chops

    Mark Chops

    个月 前

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  11. SonGanon


    个月 前

    kenny the only one trying to get everybody to tune into this game. Shaq and Chuck are like NAHH CAKE WALK. I love it 😭

  12. peewee3030


    个月 前

    Boston gonna beat the nets

  13. Uchenna Ezewike

    Uchenna Ezewike

    个月 前

    I think Kenny got a point🤔

  14. Vape Lord

    Vape Lord

    个月 前

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  15. FriedChicken


    个月 前

    Did the crew talk about Kwame brown lately?

  16. Kenny Ray

    Kenny Ray

    个月 前

    SMH! Here again Westbrook gets 15 rebounds as a Point Guard which means the Wizards Big men could not be effective on the boards and could ve allowed Westbrook more effective in controlling the floor as a PG........who is surprised that Westbrook looks like this during the playoffs

  17. Aesthetic Horton

    Aesthetic Horton

    个月 前

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kenny " undercurrents, um umdertones" he musta just got his degree from Carolina...36 yrs later

  18. Katy Lora

    Katy Lora

    个月 前

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  19. Anonimis1


    个月 前

    These bitter UNC/auburn commentators are funny

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    Alyse Bailee

    个月 前

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  21. A FellowC

    A FellowC

    个月 前

    Come out and play already lol I’m on a limited budget.



    个月 前

    Washingtons coach doesn't make adjustments well, its shown in the postseason for years.

  23. jay gee

    jay gee

    个月 前

    That shot was lucky, he should be held accountable 😅#ACCOUNTABILITY 🤣

  24. Facts Only

    Facts Only

    个月 前

    “About time they had a good player from Duke” So Kyrie Aint in the league 🧐

  25. KingDingDong22


    个月 前

    They were talking like Kyrie didn’t go to Duke 😂😂

  26. HonTheGamer


    个月 前

    Romeo Langford Is Gonna Trim Brooklyn and whoever next !!!boston to conference finals vs Washington

  27. Daniel Corona

    Daniel Corona

    个月 前

    How many bow ties does EJ have??

  28. Jony Mery

    Jony Mery

    个月 前

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  29. Henry Rigaud

    Henry Rigaud

    个月 前

    Understones lol

  30. Isaac Brewer

    Isaac Brewer

    个月 前

    Who cares go woke go broke

  31. rafikz77


    个月 前

    4:01 Chuck still has PTSD from game 4 of the 1993 Finals

  32. Brian Janiga

    Brian Janiga

    个月 前

    Kenny's word of the day calendar today...undertone?



    个月 前

    Chuck always HATES on the Celtics even in 2008.... I know Brooklyn is obviously the more talented team but in the playoffs that changes... I’m a die hard Celtics Fan from Bean-town but BK will win in 5 or 6 games...

  34. James Mollo

    James Mollo

    个月 前

    Washington just missed to many shots facts

  35. DaBig Baby

    DaBig Baby

    个月 前

    player: gets murdered shaq: mAn uP

  36. Lonnie Knight

    Lonnie Knight

    个月 前

    I'll give Boston one game against the Nets

  37. All Knowledge Philly

    All Knowledge Philly

    个月 前

    Here comes the BROOMS❗Here comes the BROOMS❗(DMX voice) 🤣🤣🤣

  38. Im_Blitz


    个月 前

    Listen to Chuck at 1:25 🤣

  39. Jared Thomas

    Jared Thomas

    个月 前

    tatum is officially a SUPERSTAR in the nba. i think he's PROVEN that now

  40. Paquette Stephen Brett

    Paquette Stephen Brett

    个月 前

    Celtics in 6..!

  41. hasan khan

    hasan khan

    个月 前


  42. Caleb Clemmons

    Caleb Clemmons

    个月 前

    Nah lol...

  43. Greatest Of Antonio Time Greatest Of Antonio Time

    Greatest Of Antonio Time Greatest Of Antonio Time

    个月 前

    No Westbrook vs Durant

  44. tonya hopson

    tonya hopson

    个月 前

    celtics been playin possum, kenny prolly right

  45. Only Facts

    Only Facts

    个月 前

    00:46 and this is why WESTBROOK makes his triple doubles...NBA now counts every pass as an assist... This is not an assist..if it was another player they wouldnt count it as an assist...

  46. __karl benz__

    __karl benz__

    个月 前

    Coach scott got some biceps 💪🏾💪🏾

  47. Sdotbell MMA

    Sdotbell MMA

    个月 前

    You think WSH loses cuz they have a better chance against the pacers instead of the nets?

  48. Mike Panton

    Mike Panton

    个月 前

    all those "undertones" would be lucky to get the Celtics a single win

  49. footballplayer431


    个月 前

    “Cakewalk” is all the celtics need to make it a series. Will they win? Prolly not, but they could go out swinging.

  50. Ryd Scheer

    Ryd Scheer

    个月 前

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  51. Frank White

    Frank White

    个月 前

    Kenny The Undertone Smith

  52. A L

    A L

    个月 前

    I can’t wait for Chuck’s guarantee 😂💰😉

  53. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster

    个月 前

    Seems like Kenny is playing word sneak and someone dared bet him to sneak in the word undertone x # of times

  54. Carlis Moody

    Carlis Moody

    个月 前

    The Nets just don’t scare me 🤷‍♂️

  55. YoogiNation


    个月 前

    “Maaan up” always gets me ctfu lml

  56. Fatima Penny

    Fatima Penny

    个月 前

    I love Chuck 🤣🤣🤣 "They wanna do what next round? The Nets gone beat these boys like they stole something"

  57. Wildin Lara

    Wildin Lara

    个月 前

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  58. Gabriel Alcaraz

    Gabriel Alcaraz

    个月 前

    Anyone else notice Jaylen Brown’s Raiders Cap!! ☠️

  59. Edward Brito

    Edward Brito

    个月 前

    Wizards trying not play Nets lol

  60. John Haney

    John Haney

    个月 前

    The wizards definitely wanted to play the 76ers instead of the nets. Best take

    • Albert W. Chang

      Albert W. Chang

      个月 前

      You’re talking like the Wizards are gonna beat the Pacers😂

  61. What's So Good About Indy ???

    What's So Good About Indy ???

    个月 前

    Nets gonna beat these boys like they stole something.

  62. Mr.oOoliver Whiteee

    Mr.oOoliver Whiteee

    个月 前

    Thats Kobe yung bul 😂😂 Mamba lives on ✊🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿

  63. Jon Poon

    Jon Poon

    个月 前

    Mamba would be proud of that 50

  64. Harold Smith

    Harold Smith

    个月 前

    Barkley one guy always got 50 on your teams 😂😂😂😂

  65. Isabell Raymon

    Isabell Raymon

    个月 前

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    • 40441gogo


      个月 前


  66. Timo Cruz

    Timo Cruz

    个月 前

    Y’all gonna ignore kyrie and Zion huh? Like Tatum the only good duke player in the last 100 years

  67. OFCLTrapStar


    个月 前

    So Kenny add the R to the end of stuff too? This must be a up north thing

  68. Lamar Martell

    Lamar Martell

    个月 前

    The second-hand select inversely prepare because acknowledgment nearly multiply among a righteous soap. broad, bouncy quail

  69. Rashaan YT

    Rashaan YT

    个月 前

    I feel like tha wiz lost on purpose to play philly

  70. Willy G

    Willy G

    个月 前

    Might be counted out with the Nets... But a lot of ppl had the Wizards beating the Celtics and look what happen

  71. MakeDredd2


    个月 前

    Boston Celtics not afraid to face off with Lethal Weapon 3.

  72. James


    个月 前

    Why he got a mask on talking to the mic ..??

  73. Nicolas Garcia

    Nicolas Garcia

    个月 前

    Dang Kenny really paying attention to the details of the Boston vs Nets series awesome most sports analyst/broadcasters don’t talk those underling beefs/story’s..

  74. drsapnis


    个月 前

    Inside the NBA- best studio and worst game commentators ever :D

  75. C T

    C T

    个月 前

    Kenny doesn’t add anything to this show

    • C T

      C T

      个月 前

      @Whole Lotta Anime I'm good mayne

    • Whole Lotta Anime

      Whole Lotta Anime

      个月 前

      Go add sum then

  76. Adarsh Nambi

    Adarsh Nambi

    个月 前

    I hate when Shaq says "man up" when Marcus Smart is injured like what do you want the man to do it's the Play-In Tournament, he has to get healthy for the playoffs

  77. Marcus Alexius

    Marcus Alexius

    个月 前

    cake walk really boston cant sustain a 7 game series with tatum putting up 50 Kemba 30 while the other side has Griffin 15-10 James 25-10-10 Kyrie 25-5-8 KD 30-9-5 consistently

  78. Alex18


    个月 前

    Barkley actually got it right when he guaranteed that the Celtics are gonna win

  79. Marcus Alexius

    Marcus Alexius

    个月 前

    like them old times brooklyn vs boston gang bizniz

  80. Paul Han

    Paul Han

    个月 前

    Better for wizard to match up with Philadelphia than new jersey

  81. Elina75 Alice53

    Elina75 Alice53

    个月 前

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  82. Victor Kononenko

    Victor Kononenko

    个月 前

    this new kia logo - "K& reversed N" - confused me for a good 15 seconds lol. I couldn't figure out what it was for a while 😂🤣

  83. Ashley Conver

    Ashley Conver

    个月 前

    now Tatum isn't jordan but chuck talks like making adjustments in 1 game but wat jordan average 45 in 6 games vs suns

  84. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones

    个月 前


  85. kurk albaniel

    kurk albaniel

    个月 前

    If Wizards had win they would have a OKC Thunder reunion Westbrook & Scott Brooks/ KD & Harden

  86. Jeffery Williams

    Jeffery Williams

    个月 前

    Kenny smoking

  87. toptenguy1


    个月 前

    I actually think it will go at least 6 games. This is basically a 2nd round level matchup if the Celtics (who under achieved all year, but have made the conference finals 3 of the past 4 years) are healthy. There will be lots of single digit games.



    个月 前

    *random player gets hurt* Shaq: MAN UP

  89. Miles Hood

    Miles Hood

    个月 前

    This 9/10 or 7/8 game?

  90. t


    个月 前

    Facts Jayson Tatum wants KDs throne, this is how you take it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • For Iglo

      For Iglo

      个月 前

      He will never be kd💀

  91. Amir Alsiyabi

    Amir Alsiyabi

    个月 前

    The way Jason Tatum plays reminds me of kobe

  92. lew mack

    lew mack

    个月 前

    Kenny undertones smith

  93. U 8

    U 8

    个月 前

    Well westbrook had no chance by himself with an injured beal and some rookies Against team usa/olympics with: Kemba walker Marcus smart Jaylen brown Jason tatum Evan fournier #unfairCheatCode

  94. Mel Gibson

    Mel Gibson

    个月 前

    2:52 They didn't show what Westbrook shot like the others because they didn't want to clown him. 6-22 shooting. YIKES!

  95. Amir Alsiyabi

    Amir Alsiyabi

    个月 前

    Celtics will sweep the New Jersey mark my word

  96. Y. O

    Y. O

    个月 前

    Let's just say that we knew Washington was not going to win when we saw Westbrook suit up and try for the post-season.

  97. Onyeil onyeil

    Onyeil onyeil

    个月 前

    It's good C's r in d playoffs, but I would've preferred 1st round against Phili dan Nets.

  98. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    个月 前

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  99. Jean Salomon

    Jean Salomon

    个月 前

    Undertone counter: 6

  100. Brodown64


    个月 前

    Kenny undertone