Dream Goes Shopping...

Dream Goes Shopping...

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This is what it is like when Dream goes shopping...


  1. Miriam Stone

    Miriam Stone

    23 小时 前

    My question is why do they sell tnt in the supermarket?!!??!

  2. Hương Thảo

    Hương Thảo

    天 前

    Those voice acting are really good 🤣🤣🤣it fits perfectly wth the music

  3. Lea Willard

    Lea Willard

    4 天 前

    LoL for him it was not this was made 1 month ago lol

  4. Marcc Habchyy

    Marcc Habchyy

    4 天 前

    Minecraft robbery

  5. • Lil Potato Chan •

    • Lil Potato Chan •

    6 天 前

    I think George added those things in the store

  6. theboneisin


    7 天 前

    okay but what was the end rod for

  7. limar dayang

    limar dayang

    8 天 前

    Milk and end rod sussy baka dream

  8. •Lizzy- •Toh-Gamer•

    •Lizzy- •Toh-Gamer•

    9 天 前

    "Oh uh some TNT . . Uh . . . Ok . . "

  9. otter biscuit

    otter biscuit

    9 天 前

    why is bad selling tnt

  10. Jordan Lam

    Jordan Lam

    9 天 前


  11. Ducky gamer

    Ducky gamer

    11 天 前

    He is puttting the bleach with some vinager at home then putting it in the pie

  12. Ayeet Terus

    Ayeet Terus

    11 天 前

    I use head phones... jeez.

  13. 6InAMine


    12 天 前

    Dream "oh yeah and I also have some coupons" BBh *start having flashbacks* "AHHHHHHHHH"

  14. Musab Raja

    Musab Raja

    12 天 前

    What music is this

  15. M&Ms 4 days yt

    M&Ms 4 days yt

    12 天 前

    Looking at dreams items he will be cleaning cutting eating pie toeing a truck wearing a skee mask at ex

  16. ScorpionZAX Playz

    ScorpionZAX Playz

    13 天 前

    dream scared badboyhalo

  17. TheAdvertisement


    13 天 前

    Ok Bad but you're selling all those things why are you getting disturbed when someone buys them?

  18. Štíñkÿ Frøggįë

    Štíñkÿ Frøggįë

    13 天 前

    Plot twist: He bought the pumpkin pie so he could poison it

  19. khatam


    13 天 前

    Wow if this comment get most like i will donate dream iam a simp😂😂

  20. Enriqueta Munoz

    Enriqueta Munoz

    14 天 前

    I lol this out

  21. Hafsa Jaseem VC

    Hafsa Jaseem VC

    14 天 前

    Where's my Wattpad gang at? I'm so sure everyone who reads Wattpad thought other.. stuff.. 😀

  22. Blue Darryl

    Blue Darryl

    14 天 前

    This is totally normal Is dream gonna k**l people

  23. ChibiStudioz


    14 天 前

    George was being a bad boi-

  24. Sinbad Williams

    Sinbad Williams

    14 天 前

    I love how no one is mentioning the fact that Dream was charged so little for actual TNT... that stuff is expensive since it comes in bulk and he got it along with so much else for about $50

  25. Riya Shah

    Riya Shah

    15 天 前

    Is he trying to carve pumpkins? Like with the knife and then making more pumpkin pie

  26. Melissa Weinmann

    Melissa Weinmann

    16 天 前

    thats dream when he is preparing for another manhunt

  27. MZC Did It

    MZC Did It

    16 天 前

    Dream's Real Name Is Clay

  28. huh huh

    huh huh

    17 天 前

    the first and the third one look kinda kinky :/

  29. Demon Water Fox Ethan

    Demon Water Fox Ethan

    17 天 前


  30. Monke


    18 天 前

    The Fact Dream is trying to commit suicide

  31. UnCreatinity


    18 天 前

    i like how bad was panicing when dream bought alot of dangerous stuff but when he buys one food, bad immediently changes his mind

  32. Cameron Anderson

    Cameron Anderson

    19 天 前

    So pumpkin pie changed bads opinion on terrorism?

  33. Yukime Hiraoka

    Yukime Hiraoka

    20 天 前

    Wonder what store that is to sell so many random stuff-

  34. Roopnarine Deonarine

    Roopnarine Deonarine

    20 天 前

    Bad: panics because dreams buying tnt and other dangerous stuff Me: dude those stuff were in YOUR store

  35. Gruffy The Muffin

    Gruffy The Muffin

    20 天 前

    BBH:UHM... DO YOU HAVE A-ANYTHING ELSE? Dream:pumkin pie. BBH:Oh!-Thats good

  36. Wilka Rodrigues

    Wilka Rodrigues

    20 天 前


  37. kenneth3000


    21 天 前


  38. TheZombers


    22 天 前

    Bbh was a pizza delivery guy for awhile but quit his job due to Dream ordering EXTRA large sausage After being scarred for life Bbh goes to be an undercover officer to where he ends up arresting Sapnap After getting fired for being too nice to the prisoners he gets a job at the local supermarket George buys your everyday things and Bbh rings it up but George ends up purchasing the entire store for free with approximately 2000 coupons Bbh Quit his cashier job to be another cashier at a hardware store Dream comes in to make Bbh's job scarier than it needs to be Bbh's history on his jobs

  39. Axolotl


    22 天 前


  40. RainbowFox


    23 天 前

    The pie is poisoned

  41. tho truong

    tho truong

    23 天 前

    I thought the last was ender dragon head

  42. Xyggy Nicholai Rutaquio

    Xyggy Nicholai Rutaquio

    23 天 前

    0:13 Bbh: why do i here boss music?

  43. Cam Echevarria

    Cam Echevarria

    24 天 前

    Will sapnap go shopping

  44. James Milaré Armando

    James Milaré Armando

    24 天 前


  45. Lily Currey

    Lily Currey

    24 天 前

    That all um- you know what nevermind

  46. Fia_Gam3s


    24 天 前

    Dream goes shopping: Adds george to the cart💚💙🛒🛍

  47. Cubreb


    25 天 前

    Evenyone look for a person that buying thing like this and we will find dream

  48. Sáng animation

    Sáng animation

    25 天 前

    That not pumpkin pie it human finger cheese

  49. valeria marinho

    valeria marinho

    26 天 前


  50. Nicole Sacalxot

    Nicole Sacalxot

    26 天 前

    Poor bad, him nervously scanning dreams stuff and when dream pulls a pumpkin pie to buy, bad is like this 😰 to 😁 ohh

  51. Charlimons2000XP xD

    Charlimons2000XP xD

    26 天 前

    Dream getting ready for manhunt:

  52. Fathi Alhaddad

    Fathi Alhaddad

    26 天 前

    Dream is no murd bad

  53. Andersson Luiz Santos

    Andersson Luiz Santos

    26 天 前


  54. xBruhx


    26 天 前


  55. Nora Edawards

    Nora Edawards

    27 天 前

    I would just like to say, if you take everything up until the “ski mask” it sounds like a whole different thing like. Dreamnotfound confirmed?

  56. Avree Crooks

    Avree Crooks

    27 天 前




    27 天 前

    It’s for the manhunts

  58. I am your Bryan!

    I am your Bryan!

    27 天 前

    George : buys a whole shop with coupons Dream : buying creepy stuff and a good stuff at the end Sapnap : buys the person and gives it to the person who the person likes? Badboyhalo : bankrupt

  59. Fake


    27 天 前

    Bad: are you cutting vegetables? Dream: lots of vegetables Dream*breaks into research hospital*

  60. Glacial Scoria

    Glacial Scoria

    28 天 前

    B d s m

  61. @your_mom_is_sus2019


    28 天 前

    Wtf dream

  62. johnny cain

    johnny cain

    28 天 前

    Okay it looks like he's about to kill someone

  63. Lunar Creeper [2nd channel]

    Lunar Creeper [2nd channel]

    28 天 前

    why isn't he questioning the literal bomb

  64. CheeseGeese 6

    CheeseGeese 6

    29 天 前

    Not suspicious at all

  65. JustPancakes_


    29 天 前

    0:04 Bleach: Poisoning 0:10 End Rod: Shining it in eyes 0:14 Tnt: Obviously Blowing up stuff 0:20 Rope: Choking People 0:28 Ski Mask: Hide Identity 0:35 Knife: To stab 0:44 Pie: *p i e*

  66. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha

    29 天 前

    He gon' rob a bank

  67. invisible AstRa

    invisible AstRa

    29 天 前

    ✨Dreams dark voice✨

  68. Smiley•Face


    个月 前

    Are the fandoms taking notes? If not, TAKE NOTES!

  69. Quang Playz

    Quang Playz

    个月 前

    0:33 why r they holding 2 knives with 1 hand XD

  70. scep plays

    scep plays

    个月 前

    wonder what happens when dream doesn't pay for these stuff

  71. Rat of the Bluest

    Rat of the Bluest

    个月 前

    The bank: I sense there is gonna be a robbery

  72. Min Sooyoung

    Min Sooyoung

    个月 前


  73. Demar Davis

    Demar Davis

    个月 前

    why the hell were they selling ski masks and tnt in the first place?

  74. ✾emirukaʕ•̫͡•ʔ


    个月 前

    Dream goes shopping: kalm Dream is done buying his 'stuff': panik Dream gives the last item: *k a l m*

  75. A rubik cube that shouldnt have internet access

    A rubik cube that shouldnt have internet access

    个月 前

    You guys dont wanna know what happened off-camera

  76. Jules TheSlytherin

    Jules TheSlytherin

    个月 前

    He’s getting ready to murder more people on the DSMP after he breaks out, it’s *f i n e*

  77. Super Sabo Bros.

    Super Sabo Bros.

    个月 前

    The rope looks like a 9 0:20

  78. Jellynade_MadeThis


    个月 前

    Seriously when somebody is going to buy murderous things the cashiers don't even ask- this is accurate

  79. ✪ngáo's ngơ✿

    ✪ngáo's ngơ✿

    个月 前


  80. Albert Li

    Albert Li

    个月 前


  81. ThatOneGuy


    个月 前

    That’s the best acting I’ve seen from this channel.

  82. Kwak the duck

    Kwak the duck

    个月 前

    proceeds to cut vegetables aggressively

  83. You'll See Me Never

    You'll See Me Never

    个月 前

    honestly this is all i expect from a psychopath and i like it that way

    • You'll See Me Never

      You'll See Me Never

      个月 前

      he's chaotic in-character and out of character.

  84. yoj yoj

    yoj yoj

    个月 前

    My brother keeps sayin kirby warp star

  85. floppa cat

    floppa cat

    个月 前

    Is it going to kill him

  86. ItsAraf BG

    ItsAraf BG

    个月 前

    Bbh be like ngl they had us in the first half

  87. Cabbage King

    Cabbage King

    个月 前

    Pimking pie makes things alright

  88. Lim Noname

    Lim Noname

    个月 前

    Bbh was so freaked freaked out XD

  89. nova tan

    nova tan

    个月 前

    my adhd be like:

  90. FunTimesWithFunStuff


    个月 前

    Its fine he would only do those stuff with a water bucket

  91. Sapphire Blue

    Sapphire Blue

    个月 前

    📖🖊Pumpkin📖🖊 pie📖🖊 makes📖🖊 everything📖🖊 better📖🖊

  92. NonSensePlaysRoblox


    个月 前

    _Basics Of Speedrunner Chapter One_

  93. Oldnoobman


    个月 前

    Alternate title: Dream prepares for the next manhunt

  94. IMBored


    个月 前

    It could have been something else

  95. ItzCheckz


    个月 前

    He is preparing for when he exploded l’manburg

  96. Sam


    个月 前

    Plot twist: he knew hed been seen as suspicious when getting all that stuff so he got the pumpkin pie to make him seem innocent.

  97. Eden Chilton

    Eden Chilton

    个月 前

    BadBoyHalo acts scared by all of this, but he is selling it.

  98. skye the fluffy cloud

    skye the fluffy cloud

    个月 前


  99. ZeroHq


    个月 前

    Imagine a green blob coming up to you and buying things for a murder.

  100. WilsonKatYT


    个月 前

    This is more like if Wilbur went shopping XD