Luka's flagrant foul on Collin Sexton was intentional and a message sent - Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Dallas Mavericks' star Luka Dončić was ejected last night for an aggressive strike to Cleveland Cavaliers' guard Collin Sexton's groin. After the game, Dončić' brushed off the play as intentional, saying quote 'After I saw the video, I knew I hit him, but it wasn’t nothing on purpose. I think that kind of stuff happens a lot in games, but I don’t know. That’s my explanation. It obviously wasn’t on purpose. It was just two guys fighting for a rebound, I guess.' Skip Bayless explains why he does not buy Dončić's explanation.

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Luka's flagrant foul on Collin Sexton was intentional and a message sent - Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    个月 前

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    • bob bib

      bob bib

      个月 前

      it was intentional but thats ok in my book. So what he got mad he paid the price for it and got ejected . things get heated at times i get it . its normally the retaliated person that gets ejected most of the times

    • mkamagate38


      个月 前

      @Jeff Samuels seriously?? Skip is literally the fb guy and skip is the bb guy skip is the mj super fan lebron super hater and Shannon is The nfl hof i feel Shannon uses more stats and logic when it comes to arguments in basketball but skip does not lack basketball knowledge at all he’s crazy but he ain’t stupid

    • Michael Edwards

      Michael Edwards

      个月 前

      Grow up skip

    • Now Never

      Now Never

      个月 前

      How much does Skip get paid to be a troll?

    • Jeff Samuels

      Jeff Samuels

      个月 前

      I can’t watch skip yak basketball anymore. He’s off. He doesn’t know ball and it’s obvious Shannon is the basketball guy on the show.

  2. Sumer Rana

    Sumer Rana

    14 天 前

    Haha Skip has personal agenda to hate against few players lol

  3. TheMancity07


    个月 前

    Baby Bird is still straight comedy 😂😂😂

  4. unholybees


    个月 前

    Not often I agree with Skip

  5. Eye of Ra

    Eye of Ra

    个月 前

    8:05 Shannon's voice 😂😂😂

  6. Marcell Bennett

    Marcell Bennett

    个月 前

    Skip Hates on Lucas bc he doesn’t play for his team

  7. VeinyDickTracy


    个月 前

    Serious question. Does Shannon have a speech impediment?

  8. Ok Bud

    Ok Bud

    个月 前

    Why they dont ever show us what they're watching? Lowkey kinda annoying

  9. U K

    U K

    个月 前

    Lil mice Trey 😂😂😂😂

  10. Silver Sword Reacts

    Silver Sword Reacts

    个月 前

    Wait so Skips whining about Luka whining what an idiot😂

  11. legendary soldier

    legendary soldier

    个月 前

    Thank god for rasheed wallace

  12. CarthageLando “Landonator14”

    CarthageLando “Landonator14”

    个月 前

    I'm so sick of skip trying to drag luka for being good enough to play pro basketball at 15 and thinking that's an advantage. If everyone could do it they would, like he makes no sense

  13. Brandon Owens

    Brandon Owens

    个月 前

    Shay shay got this one Skip...

  14. AAron


    个月 前

    Luka weak AF doing that though, no need

  15. leoperpec


    个月 前

    It's sad to listen to this Skip...

  16. Colin Duhart

    Colin Duhart

    个月 前

    Skip not lying tho

  17. Tom Izzo

    Tom Izzo

    个月 前

    Skip is exhaustinggg n this show is fake u guys just pick stuff to disagree on foh

  18. MrWilson 2020

    MrWilson 2020

    个月 前

    Of course he didn’t mean to punch him in the balls. Only people who want to punch other men in the balls would think that. Colin barely reacts because he gets hit in the leg.

  19. Marq FORTHEONE


    个月 前

    Skip, it wasn't.. sexton didn't react so ..

  20. Kian Vakili

    Kian Vakili

    个月 前

    Skip will always be mad because he can't play bball. I've never seen him shoot a ball. LOL

  21. Mourad Maimoune

    Mourad Maimoune

    个月 前

    Skip the clown how long is he gonna be allowed to to puke bs talk 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  22. Cory Orion

    Cory Orion

    个月 前

    Nobody cries more then Lebron Cmon

  23. Verumaride


    个月 前

    My man Skip Bayless giving Luka his own LeBron treatment

  24. Hole in Dans Sock

    Hole in Dans Sock

    个月 前

    He is a target lately....... He has every right to fight back. TBH people always trying to fight him because he balls better..

  25. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez

    个月 前

    ‘He might take a shot a trae…mice trae’ 😂

  26. Jade Zee

    Jade Zee

    个月 前

    it was certainly an intentional hit...but if you watch it it is not so clear that he wanted to hit him in the groin....more like a quick slap out of frustration....

  27. Moore 2

    Moore 2

    个月 前

    Luka did it on purpose. He been angry. I get others got away with more, even on him. But that was on purpose lol.

  28. True Games

    True Games

    个月 前

    Skip just trying to be extra woke and hate on Luka cuz he white

  29. First Last

    First Last

    个月 前

    2:15 Shannon be playing with skip just to make him mad 😆😆

  30. Luis echevarria

    Luis echevarria

    个月 前

    Lmfaoo he said " slick Chris Paul moves " 😂😂😂

  31. Amaze-2savage Youtube

    Amaze-2savage Youtube

    个月 前

    Lol luka top 5 scoring and assists Skip pointless argument

  32. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life386

    个月 前

    Sexton should have punched him right in his face after that he hit him on purpose I saw it. After you hit him he looked right at him as to say what you want to do.

  33. Ferntin


    个月 前

    Skip says he was really frustrated? They were up 11 points so I wonder what frustrated him. Usually when you have a lead you tend to be less frustrated.

  34. z z

    z z

    个月 前

    Skip forgot that Bledsoe is called baby LeBron. Calling Luka baby Bird when comparing that might be offensive towards Luka

  35. L.M


    个月 前

    He remembers the game where Dwight Howard roughed up Luka and "took him out of the game" yet these were Luka's numbers that game. Points = 31 Rebounds = 13 Assists = 15 Steals = 0 Blocks = 1 Turnovers = 6 FG% = 43.5% 3P% = 44.4% FT% = 87.5% This is Luka in his 2nd season and Skip says he was "taken out of the game" by the eventual winners. A team that has AD, Lebron, Dwight and yet they managed to restrict this 20 year old (at the time) to 31/13/15. Skip Bayless is such a fantastic analyst and he actually said he "remembers that game". Luka dominated as did LeBron in all fairness. Luka did it at 20 though.

  36. Daniel Carter

    Daniel Carter

    个月 前

    Skip is more wrong than ever on Doncic

  37. Jonathan Dube

    Jonathan Dube

    个月 前

    I know I'd be penalized and thrown out of the game, which may be the goal, but if a man hit me in the groin, I'm coming for his head

  38. Hudd UTS

    Hudd UTS

    个月 前

    Naw he meant to do it

  39. bastiat


    个月 前

    LeBJ whines EVERY play... It would be impossible to whine more than LeBJ.

  40. Superflyty 7

    Superflyty 7

    个月 前

    Are you serious? refs are getting soft like society. he swung his arm around barely even looking because he was shoved in the back by another grown man. Should be a foul but of course society gets offended and butthurt.

  41. Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist

    Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist

    个月 前

    Do our eyes deceive us? , I seen the same thing uncle Shannon saw. luka try to slap the man's hands off of him and his hands accidentally must hit him in the jewels or whatever

  42. MrTerrell966


    个月 前

    Luka crybaby Doncic..

  43. CFTV Data

    CFTV Data

    个月 前

    lmao, the segment isn't even about Luka's talents as an NBA player and Skip is still reading free throw percentages off his little card he prepared ahead of time 😂

  44. CFTV Data

    CFTV Data

    个月 前

    I'm no Skip apologist, but come on guys... he sack tapped him, and it was hilarious. Shouldn't have been ejection worthy. It's not like Luka was trying to hurt him. He didn't hit him hard. He was just annoyed. The refs turned it into a whole thing.

  45. Neeraj Nj

    Neeraj Nj

    个月 前

    Luka always cries for fowls

  46. Neeraj Nj

    Neeraj Nj

    个月 前

    Bro it was clearly intentional..Luka should've been clever at choosing a better location to land his punch

  47. T. Gattusdo

    T. Gattusdo

    个月 前

    They really pay this grandpa to troll!!!!??? 🤯

  48. Thegawd VEGITO!!!?!!

    Thegawd VEGITO!!!?!!

    个月 前

    Skip hates any player someone compares or threaten to surpass his favorite old school players

  49. Tan Tan

    Tan Tan

    个月 前

    Skip's hatin' coz Luka torched his Clippers last season even without KP.

  50. ZinoAmare (ZinoAmare)

    ZinoAmare (ZinoAmare)

    个月 前

    He does swing at Collin that's what I saw

  51. Mahmut Cakal

    Mahmut Cakal

    个月 前

    Skip you are a clown.. a dwarf like skip talks about physical use. ha ha ha

  52. bosnakedisniksic


    个月 前

    Skip's hate for Lebron is what propelled Skip to where he is now. Yeah he had a career amd was known of before Lebron, but his hate is why people tuned over the last two decades. Now with Lebron aging out and getting closer to retirement, he needs someone else to hate on for the clout. In comes Luka with Mark Cuban in his corner. Perfect for Skip.

  53. Renan Miguel Marasigan

    Renan Miguel Marasigan

    个月 前

    With LeBum nearing his retirement, Skip knows he needs to invest on Luka Magic to continue his career

  54. SladesterG


    个月 前

    Uh idk what games skip been watching, everytime someone makes Luka mad I’m literally like “well he gonna score the next 10 points” then most the time he does.

  55. Nate Stevenson

    Nate Stevenson

    个月 前

    Bro Skip is literally riding Collin Sexton’s “ you know what “ just to hate on Luka

  56. Zhiloreznik


    个月 前

    Luka and Jokic are from Balkans. They are not crying ... that is the way of life in the Balkans :)

    • U K

      U K

      个月 前


  57. Neji


    个月 前

    Soo looks like luka is skips next target…. smh MFFL

  58. JeReMy ChAnNeL 333

    JeReMy ChAnNeL 333

    个月 前

    Shannon Sharp is right about this one lol😆 but Skip's bread & butter is to be on opposite side of the fence & make the arguements & that is what makes the show work so good! I like Skip but he is really trolling over this one lol

  59. elvisfan1971


    个月 前

    Skip hates Luka bc Skip is an idiot its that simple.

  60. Jan Lipovnik

    Jan Lipovnik

    个月 前

    The king of complaining complains how other complain. You go Skip!

  61. boondocks


    个月 前

    Skip is just the worst

  62. Marko Rabin

    Marko Rabin

    个月 前

    Sexton banged Luka from behind so he got angry and hit him low, seems like lower abs more than groin but i cant tell. Def not flag 2

  63. Ayush Garg

    Ayush Garg

    个月 前

    Yall know this is why every tweet skip puts out gets ratioed.

  64. Bojokowski


    个月 前

    Women refs make sports unwatchable

  65. Much Love Gambine

    Much Love Gambine

    个月 前

    Lebron leads the league in wine 😂😂

  66. Zak Green

    Zak Green

    个月 前

    I wish I could understand why Skip is so threatened by those that are great at a young age.

  67. zomgitsgabe


    个月 前

    Other than Skip's arguments about MJ being the 🐐...he be trippin about everything else lol how can he hate on luka so hard? Why does he not like him so much?

  68. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

    个月 前

    So cool how we get to see the clip as they analyze it! Not in anyway annoying. Great times!

  69. jason robbins

    jason robbins

    个月 前

    That was not an accident it was completely on purpose he knew what he was doing and he did it on purpose. I agree with Skip Bayless a 100% on this one it was intentional it was not an accident he looked he did it and that's what happened

  70. Josiah H. King

    Josiah H. King

    个月 前

    Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli used to complain more than ANYONE ever has. They were the Kings of Crying and Whining

  71. BryTunes


    个月 前

    They don't really know what they think guys - they just agree to do point counterpoint

  72. T Redd

    T Redd

    个月 前

    Skip hate luka 🤣🤣

  73. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    个月 前

    Initially I thought it was Dame who was going to become the new Bron for Skip but it seems that Luka got his spot

  74. Goadie 🕊

    Goadie 🕊

    个月 前

    1:05 pause shannon

  75. Martavious Tisby

    Martavious Tisby

    个月 前


  76. Xvcxmp


    个月 前

    Ready aim fire I got this lmao 😂

  77. collin huey

    collin huey

    个月 前

    luka makes me to not watch >NBAplsstep in or u will lose millions

  78. Damon Doran

    Damon Doran

    个月 前

    Skip thinks he can read minds...also thinks Luka cant hit someone where he wants to from 1 foot away ha

  79. James-Earl Bonez

    James-Earl Bonez

    个月 前

    The Refs are out of control

  80. Joshua Black

    Joshua Black

    个月 前

    Sexton bumped him hard first, then Luka overreacted. Just two young players of this new generation 😂

  81. Jovie Nono

    Jovie Nono

    个月 前

    I hate listening to that Clown Skip Brainless. everything he says is pure garbage.. keeps hating on people.. number 1 hater in the world..

  82. Don't Watch This

    Don't Watch This

    个月 前

    Skip preparing for when lebron retires

  83. Mar Eastwood

    Mar Eastwood

    个月 前

    I’ll show you how we play in Europe we do this lmao 😂

  84. Jo O

    Jo O

    个月 前

    Skip bayless’ memory is great, how does he remember details, even the date of random game lol

  85. Oliver Balbuena

    Oliver Balbuena

    个月 前

    I’d be a Luka fan IF: He gets a new hair style Fixes his teeth Wears a shirt under his jersey

  86. Bryan Richard Castro

    Bryan Richard Castro

    个月 前

    hope shannon gets his own show

  87. Old Head Painter

    Old Head Painter

    个月 前

    Gimme a break Skip

  88. Aquabat zap

    Aquabat zap

    个月 前

    Luka went from shooting 32% and 31% to shooting 35% from three. He’s right there with Harden and shoots more 3’s than him but I’ve never seen Skip say James Harden is a terrible shooter...

  89. G Johnson

    G Johnson

    个月 前

    That looks like a great way to give a player a season ending back injury. One cheap shot deserves another. I don't think Sexton meant to do what he did, but how many people are cool when they are blind sided.

  90. Robert Greenwood

    Robert Greenwood

    个月 前

    Skips clippers don’t wanna see Luka for 7 games in the playoffs this year 💪🏻

  91. quincyweaver52


    个月 前

    Luka can score 50 maybe if not taking out the game . Maybe 15 assist . Maybe 12 rebounds , air ball one shot out of all of that and skip will say " but he air balled, how could you air ball , I'm sorry but you're just not good enough "

  92. Jason Cafeo

    Jason Cafeo

    个月 前

    Mannnn Luka try to slap dudes package. Straight up

  93. j317


    个月 前


  94. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards

    个月 前

    Skip is a joke

  95. Honcho Hamza

    Honcho Hamza

    个月 前

    Skip not even lying or hating on this one Luka is soo soft 🥱👋🏾

  96. Jay McCarty

    Jay McCarty

    个月 前

    Skip's been on a roll the past few weeks. "He turns and looks right down and says, I... I got this. I'm going to send you a message." "He would send one to a 6'1" guy. 6'7" v. 6'1"? He said, Yeah watch this. I'll show ya how we play over in Europe. We'll do this".

  97. Clay Kendall

    Clay Kendall

    个月 前

    Let us see. Skip acting like luc bout killed the man.

  98. Chris Cordova

    Chris Cordova

    个月 前

    Skip “I’ll show you how we play in Europe we DO THIS” Bayless at it again

  99. Nate


    个月 前

    Leader of the player hater club

  100. Ruler of Worlds

    Ruler of Worlds

    个月 前

    It didn’t seem intentional For as where he got it it seemed like he wanted to get him off of touching him