3rd Life #4 - We Got Em!

This is 3rd Life! An experimental mini series where we each have 3 lives. On the 3rd life we turn hostile toward our friends! Let's see what chaos ensues?

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  1. UEAdmiral


    9 天 前


  2. Jan Xyruss Yangat

    Jan Xyruss Yangat

    12 天 前

    redstone tutorial pls i wanna try the dare to flare

  3. Hello There

    Hello There

    13 天 前

    Does splash water put out fire for a moment

  4. EnderRen


    14 天 前

    I love how Tango falls in the hole of cows and then eats a steak and gets out

  5. Gavin Weidner

    Gavin Weidner

    17 天 前

    Just make the rules clear inventory

  6. Gavin Weidner

    Gavin Weidner

    17 天 前

    It should be no armor

  7. Gavin Weidner

    Gavin Weidner

    17 天 前

    Surprised there's no iron farm

  8. Peter Davis

    Peter Davis

    18 天 前

    "Why are you like this?" coming from Cleo of all people?

  9. Eyeseathem


    19 天 前

    Rule #0) you must play the game as intended

  10. SavageJohanson


    20 天 前

    No totems!!

  11. Alex Inman

    Alex Inman

    22 天 前

    What is Impulse's "swamp trick"?

  12. FuriousCalel Gaming

    FuriousCalel Gaming

    24 天 前

    Sent here by Grian 😁

  13. Mister Irrelevant

    Mister Irrelevant

    25 天 前

    Enderpearl are consumables boi

  14. sourpatchkidz in da house

    sourpatchkidz in da house

    25 天 前

    For the game a rule should be no chorus fruit ( if you get that far into the game)

  15. Tonu Ahmed

    Tonu Ahmed

    26 天 前

    5:07 anyone with skywars bridge building skill will steal it with no stress...

  16. OrdinalBroadcast


    27 天 前

    ImpluseSV: I'm going to go, everyone's crazy.

  17. Rohan Patel

    Rohan Patel

    27 天 前

    consumables are one time use items, that are gone after use, making e-pearls consumables

  18. Fox Bersy

    Fox Bersy

    27 天 前

    Cleo & BDubs look like an old couple, it's hilarious X'D

  19. Badrhp Aytounahip

    Badrhp Aytounahip

    28 天 前

    They can do the boat thing like dream did in the nether haha

  20. Tas The Watcher

    Tas The Watcher

    28 天 前

    The loot could be a single netherite ingot > high value > useful to everyone > won't be destroyed if they die to lava

  21. Minecraft_is_the_best


    29 天 前

    Call the dare thingy "minigame of many flames"

  22. Simon Lee

    Simon Lee

    个月 前

    at 21:40 a ghost moved the boat in the background

  23. Box Ssox

    Box Ssox

    个月 前

    I came from Grians description

  24. Soop Can Sam

    Soop Can Sam

    个月 前

    Tango, helmets aren't allowed

  25. cali gusto

    cali gusto

    个月 前

    Students: depression Those teachers at school that ignore bullying: 3:52

  26. ColdDeck45


    个月 前

    Back here to view again to see if i can spot the helmet infraction. (Was unaware that it was a rule before Ep#5) Correctly as mentioned, he's wearing it pretty much this entire episode. Can anyone clarify why Etho was punished for letting Tango know about the helmet when it looks like half the server was hanging with Tango while he was wearing the helmet? Was he punished for mentioning it?

  27. Gabriel Qian 99

    Gabriel Qian 99

    个月 前


    • Gabriel Qian 99

      Gabriel Qian 99

      个月 前

      I recommend getting some tnt to blow up their tnt cannons with your own tnt cannons.

  28. n8fury79


    个月 前


  29. Scarlett Caelin

    Scarlett Caelin

    个月 前

    I personally would argue that an ender pearl is consumed when thrown since you don't get it back, therefore making it a consumable

  30. Ajay Joel

    Ajay Joel

    个月 前

    where are the new episodes!!

  31. CHEW YUE JER Moe


    个月 前


  32. MoreZoeyness


    个月 前

    The endless loopholes in the rules was amazing!!! hahahah

  33. Damian Brake

    Damian Brake

    个月 前

    Ender pearls count as consumables because it consumes it and you can't use it again

  34. Mehmet Bidak

    Mehmet Bidak

    个月 前

    35:05 skizzle just got pg-13 The triple hom-

  35. Kira Born

    Kira Born

    个月 前

    "Risk It For The Brisket"

  36. Anna The Master

    Anna The Master

    个月 前

    Hi tango

  37. Perfect Protagonist

    Perfect Protagonist

    个月 前

    Hang on! Aren't ender pearls considered consumables? 🤔

  38. Jason Falk

    Jason Falk

    个月 前

    Haha too good 👌

  39. Daredevil YT

    Daredevil YT

    个月 前

    Just watch Bdubs video he was wearing fire protection diamond pants lol

    • Daredevil YT

      Daredevil YT

      个月 前

      Oh and impulse gave him them lol

  40. CurtisDoesADig


    个月 前

    Fire Resistance arrows ? LOL

  41. Alex 1A

    Alex 1A

    个月 前

    Ender Pearls are by definition a consumable, the ender pearls *were* consumed.

  42. Davis Veazey

    Davis Veazey

    个月 前

    Now it’s just a matter of time before someone builds a flying machine to beat Tangos game

  43. Turen the Rogue

    Turen the Rogue

    个月 前

    Tango: You need to change the rules to "No unapproved items: Ask Tango before usage"

  44. Bronte Ferguson

    Bronte Ferguson

    个月 前

    POV: you’re here from Grian’s channel

  45. Project


    个月 前

    Tango, you're not supposed to have a helmet on. Grian says it's to make it easier to identify other players.

  46. Potato


    个月 前

    Bdubs and Cleo sound like a bickering couple.

  47. Potato


    个月 前

    2 Bros sleeping in a big bed 5 feet apart cause they’re not gay

  48. Karma Cifer

    Karma Cifer

    个月 前

    Cleo just pointing her crossbow to everyone to intimidate xDD

  49. Karma Cifer

    Karma Cifer

    个月 前

    You should definitely dig the trap hole deeper with hoppers at the bottom and only lava for the first blocks (with signs, buttons or something to hold it in place) so you can keep their things and if you kill yourself you can recover your items.

  50. ALIEN


    个月 前

    Tango walking around the wool castle with flint and steel in his hand scares me

  51. Mathis Desbaumes

    Mathis Desbaumes

    个月 前


  52. Sledgehammer K35

    Sledgehammer K35

    个月 前

    Tango just passively killing everyone lol

  53. samuel losada

    samuel losada

    个月 前

    Best episode of third life! Quick recommendation though, add an outro!

  54. gamers arduinos

    gamers arduinos

    个月 前

    you should name that lava challenge "quest of 3 feathered phoenix" fiery bird 3 feathers because all players have three lives

  55. Baard


    个月 前

    Play more HC among us. - Impulse spent SO much time on that!

  56. Erik K

    Erik K

    个月 前

    You could implement different difficulty levels with better rewards the faster the lava switches. Trivial levels with food could be a way to get others to try. And if they win first they then will want to try for better rewards next.

  57. Abigail Ruggle

    Abigail Ruggle

    个月 前

    By id

  58. Abigail Ruggle

    Abigail Ruggle

    个月 前

    I ment is

  59. Abigail Ruggle

    Abigail Ruggle

    个月 前

    Hey my name id philip and you can use a enchantingtable to make enchanting books

  60. its Jayden

    its Jayden

    个月 前


  61. BlurryFace Gaming

    BlurryFace Gaming

    个月 前

    "Did you get that in a box of cereal " 🤣🤣🤣

  62. Samira hassan

    Samira hassan

    个月 前

    I got here cost of grians link

  63. Panteley Kolodii

    Panteley Kolodii

    个月 前

    Do swamps spawn more diamonds or something? Why does it keep getting mentioned?

  64. Hernán


    个月 前

    tango mah boy, maybe im not the first to say this but, add a water strip inside the game, 1 block away from the lava, so the winners dont die of fire ticks AFTER completing the game (even tho killing them is the objective)

  65. R2D2 fromstartrack

    R2D2 fromstartrack

    个月 前

    Iirc Heimdall is protector of Asgard not only bifrost's

  66. Mai Lee

    Mai Lee

    个月 前

    cleo: on the drawbridge, not in the moat! bdubs: I'm going in the moat! XD

  67. Cosmic Remix

    Cosmic Remix

    个月 前

    Smallishbeans: Where are the boots? Are they safe? Tango and Impulse: It seems, in our laughter, we let them burn.

  68. Joe Gutierrez

    Joe Gutierrez

    个月 前

    38:00 Fun Fact, you can live off only potatoes. Will you enjoy yourself? No not in the slightest but you will survive

  69. Caleb Chu

    Caleb Chu

    个月 前

    Tango: udder sauce me: OH MY PLEASE STOP!!!!!

  70. StartingLifeinAnotherWorld (Alan Chen)

    StartingLifeinAnotherWorld (Alan Chen)

    个月 前

  71. Cartriggered


    个月 前

    I'm from grian

  72. scott mckinley

    scott mckinley

    个月 前

    If someone uses a ton of chorus fruit to get there I'd die laughing. Idk if there is a stronghold on the map tho so may be impossible

  73. kinilas


    个月 前

    Ok but instead of lava it would be hilarious to entity cram cows in the little hole and kill intruders by crushing them with what they wanted. And he could have hoppers underneath to steal all their stuff

  74. Simon Cox

    Simon Cox

    个月 前

    Petition for Tango to read out the rules of the game in a “laser tag” fashion: I WILL NOT PLACE, BREAK, OR ALTER BLOCKS! Or something. And then make everyone repeat it

  75. Liam Loebl

    Liam Loebl

    个月 前

    Tango you're not allowed to wear helmets :\

  76. Hoang MVP (Hoang)

    Hoang MVP (Hoang)

    个月 前

    I feel so bad for grian now because he thought his lava wall works

  77. Donald Seth

    Donald Seth

    个月 前

    Tango, also, no boats

  78. biohazard warning system

    biohazard warning system

    个月 前

    Bdubs and Cleo fight like a mareyd old couple

  79. shckr17


    个月 前

    epic yet dirty and felt used..

  80. Klaus Baudelaire

    Klaus Baudelaire

    个月 前

    Game could have been called "Light on your Feet" - you need to be quick, the lava lights up the ground, and if your feet get set on fire there's literally a light on your feet

  81. JackyHarper


    个月 前

    "Because we're green, we can't kill anyone right? Well I'm trying to make a box where people can be enticed to kill themselves!" -TankTek 2021

  82. Rishav Chakravarty

    Rishav Chakravarty

    个月 前

    DONT FORGET TO ADD NO BOATS IN THE RULES !!! (boats are fire resistant)

  83. Finn Irwin

    Finn Irwin

    个月 前

    he is wearing a helmet on third life bruh

  84. Aidan McCarthy

    Aidan McCarthy

    个月 前

    haha just keeps the boots

  85. Carla Johnson

    Carla Johnson

    个月 前

    Grian sent me . Sending the love ❤️❤️🤟😎🤟

  86. phiefer3


    个月 前

    game name suggestion: Trail Blazing

  87. Louis Read

    Louis Read

    个月 前

    An idea for a trap could be a staircase but there’s a block in the way so they can’t get down but then on top to the block there are tnt minecarts so when they break it they will fall and explode

  88. Aarav swamy

    Aarav swamy

    个月 前

    oh god this is turning into the dream smp

  89. Blagatt


    个月 前

    Updated rules for Dare to Flare: 1) No placing or breaking of any sort (because breaking a hole where the lava falls would prevent it from spreading and placing signs/doors/etc. which are technically not blocks is forbidden) 2) No water buckets 3) No consumables (potions and golden apples mainly) 4) No throwables (ender pearls, splash potions) 5) No Fire Protection (with enough of it you can literally swim in lava for a bit iirc) Hints: 1) Use F5 2) Look out for blocks the lava never reaches and use them to rest and plan 3) Take food with you 4) If you do touch the lava, your best bet is to get to a resting spot (see hint #2) ASAP and eat 5) Jump on the block below the chest (this is possible because the chest is not a full block)

  90. Premium Hacker

    Premium Hacker

    个月 前

    Put a bell on it

  91. MuttonChops24


    个月 前

    enter pearls are consumable. they are a one time use item.

  92. MelodyStark


    个月 前

    Me: omg 3 people die Also me: go watch all the other videos to see reactions.

  93. Mr. Grantelkade

    Mr. Grantelkade

    个月 前

    New rules: 5) no flying machines 6) no destroyed blocks 7) no piston pushed blocks 8) no boats or other entities 9) no regeneration or health potions 10) no strider riding That’s it for now but there may be more

  94. M. James Vy

    M. James Vy

    个月 前

    A little bit more for 1m subs!

  95. Senior Avocado

    Senior Avocado

    个月 前

    Call it the "Lava Bucket Challenge" *Ice bucket challenge flashbacks intensifies*

  96. your nightmare 777

    your nightmare 777

    个月 前

    I'm level 51 tango I used to be level 76 but I made a god bow with those

  97. Dimitar Vasilev

    Dimitar Vasilev

    个月 前

    I like it how everyone could switch off the machine because it isn't forbidden

  98. Noah Mathews

    Noah Mathews

    个月 前

    I hope he uses a trapped chest and makes it a death drop if you make it through

  99. Prodigy Games Channel

    Prodigy Games Channel

    个月 前

    Imagine if scar orders grian to get him the boots.

  100. Felix Weingardt

    Felix Weingardt

    个月 前

    Careful boats are not blocks. And throwable potions are consumables of a potion of water should be allowed