♥️🐕Smart Dog Video 2021 _|18|_


  1. Jamir Ramsey

    Jamir Ramsey

    小时 前

    This pisses me off how they are neglecting animals

  2. Amina Allay

    Amina Allay

    2 小时 前

    I'm sorry

  3. Zoe Case

    Zoe Case

    2 小时 前

    What did you put on it’s eye to make it look like it is crying?!?! Because I don’t think it is safe for the dog… 😑

  4. YUANA


    2 小时 前

    강아지 눈에 눈물로 표현한 것이 뭐죠? 흐르지 않으니 진짜 눈물 같진 않은데요. 그리고 영상의 의도는 좋았으나 아무리 연출을 위한 것이라도 강아지를 던지듯이 쓰레기통에 넣는것과, 강아지에게 물을 뿌리는 것은 아니라고 봅니다

  5. 鴻秋何


    3 小时 前


  6. Antar Rrrr

    Antar Rrrr

    5 小时 前

    😭😭😭 ऐसा नहीं करना चाहिए



    5 小时 前


  8. Anil Choudhary

    Anil Choudhary

    5 小时 前

    I hate you those who react badly with Innocent animal

  9. Rabindranath Mishra

    Rabindranath Mishra

    6 小时 前

    इस जानवर से मनुष्य को सीखना चाहिए के हम एक दूसरे को मुसीबत में कैसे मदद करनी चाहिए।

  10. Mr.minecraft YT

    Mr.minecraft YT

    6 小时 前

    Like for the dog🐶❤

  11. Aznial Reyatullha

    Aznial Reyatullha

    6 小时 前

    Report this video.

  12. Aznial Reyatullha

    Aznial Reyatullha

    6 小时 前

    People are so dumb in the comment section the puppy was clearly abused during video making. It is not claimed otherwise. Report this video.

  13. さめ


    6 小时 前


  14. Darryl Gaston

    Darryl Gaston

    7 小时 前

    Now that was so wrong to just throw the puppy in the trash that man has no heart and also that other man pouring water on the trash and throwing the bottle away it’s a good thing your dog helped

  15. Deevesh Autar

    Deevesh Autar

    7 小时 前


  16. sayan Sardar

    sayan Sardar

    7 小时 前


  17. Møøn


    7 小时 前

    can we all have a moment and say IM THE MOST UGLIEST CRIER EVER

  18. sarbjit singh

    sarbjit singh

    8 小时 前

    Please koi ve bog nala ada na karo

  19. Rajat Sharma

    Rajat Sharma

    8 小时 前

    As a matter of fact they harm animals just for entertainment and money and i reported it just cuz it is animal abuse

  20. Outdoor activity’s

    Outdoor activity’s

    8 小时 前

    This is stupid why put a dog through that! It was crying!🤬

  21. Iik Nurhikmah

    Iik Nurhikmah

    9 小时 前


  22. Rahul chovsiya

    Rahul chovsiya

    9 小时 前


  23. ÃDÌTYÃ Chhajta

    ÃDÌTYÃ Chhajta

    9 小时 前

    Yo all are f u c k make vedio for viewis

  24. Ismi Isti

    Ismi Isti

    9 小时 前

    Kesian 😭😭😭

  25. Gurung K

    Gurung K

    10 小时 前

    Disgusting evil people hurting poor puppy

  26. Jarrod Barefoot

    Jarrod Barefoot

    11 小时 前

    This is so fucking weird….CNglobal sucks

  27. خليل العبودي

    خليل العبودي

    11 小时 前

    الانسانيه عند الكلاب😂😂😂😂😂اكثر من الانسان نفسه😂😂😂

  28. Tyson ff

    Tyson ff

    11 小时 前

    If you do it with a real dog again instead of plushie you will get 3 copyright strike in 1 day

  29. king__V 2143

    king__V 2143

    12 小时 前

    Who puts a puppy in a trash can??

  30. Isabella Llaite

    Isabella Llaite

    12 小时 前


  31. Pamela Ponce

    Pamela Ponce

    13 小时 前


  32. Sunami Majhi

    Sunami Majhi

    14 小时 前

    Lovely dog were are thoring 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

  33. Rodwilson Datuin

    Rodwilson Datuin

    14 小时 前

    Im basher

  34. maridani333


    14 小时 前

    Humans are garbage

  35. Mari Garcia

    Mari Garcia

    15 小时 前

    This is not actors this mean

  36. Stephanie Renk

    Stephanie Renk

    16 小时 前

    Wie kann man den armen Hunde Welpen nur in den Müll werfen das ist echt unglaublich, der der diesen Hund in den Müll geworfen hat sollte sich was schämen !😭🙅😠

  37. Peyton J Silva

    Peyton J Silva

    16 小时 前

    I know if I'm going to cry

  38. Berenice de la cruz Colli chin

    Berenice de la cruz Colli chin

    16 小时 前

    Es una mala educacion. Muy bien perrito

  39. Endal Chavan

    Endal Chavan

    17 小时 前

    Thish is rong

  40. Román Martínez

    Román Martínez

    17 小时 前


  41. Yenifer Petrona

    Yenifer Petrona

    17 小时 前


  42. Yenifer Petrona

    Yenifer Petrona

    18 小时 前


  43. Yenifer Petrona

    Yenifer Petrona

    18 小时 前

    No megusto por que tiro un perrito inocente

  44. Małpa Rosa

    Małpa Rosa

    18 小时 前

    Jacy niektórzy ludzie są źli

  45. Iara Carteri

    Iara Carteri

    18 小时 前

    son. re. malos. poresito. el. perro😍

    • Iara Carteri

      Iara Carteri

      18 小时 前


  46. PizZaAddicted__


    18 小时 前

    Aren't they abusing animals by making this "video"

  47. صالح عثمان

    صالح عثمان

    18 小时 前

    حرم تخلون

  48. Babita rai

    Babita rai

    19 小时 前

    Alll Man dog 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  49. Audkavsbbd Wrja

    Audkavsbbd Wrja

    20 小时 前

    This shit is disgusting people are like this in our world and we need to stop its hurting the animals and animals have feelings too.We need to have a safe place for humans and animals in the safe place we call home

  50. Evitatr


    20 小时 前


  51. manisha


    20 小时 前

    Yoga content banane ke liye kuchh bhi karte

  52. manisha


    20 小时 前

    Yaar is duniya mein to humanity Naam ki chij Tak nahin rah gai hai vichar ko itne pyare ko kyon chhode Insan na rakshas Banta ja raha hai

  53. Ash


    20 小时 前

    This Is Our World When Someone Who Gives Messages To Others Do The Same Thing Like In This Video He Did Very Wrong With That Poor Dog Just To Show Don't Do That

  54. ɨ ǟʍ ֆɨʀɨ

    ɨ ǟʍ ֆɨʀɨ

    21 小时 前

    Award winning performance by 2 dogs👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  55. Isabella R.

    Isabella R.

    21 小时 前

    Watson is the melo

  56. Joelma farias

    Joelma farias

    22 小时 前


  57. Importunate3245


    22 小时 前

    Weird usually you see asians eating the dogs instead of throwing them away

  58. Brad Lee

    Brad Lee

    22 小时 前

    The world change from love to hate ❤️ to 💔

  59. Elismara Farias

    Elismara Farias

    22 小时 前


  60. Cristy


    23 小时 前


  61. Cristy


    23 小时 前

    Wow he dum he just waste monmey

  62. anni paul

    anni paul

    23 小时 前

    Tbhi aaj hum sb human unsave or animals save ne Waheguru Ji 🐵🦁🐯🐶🐺🐼🐰🐹🐭🐅🐆🐖🐄🐂🐃🐑🐑🐕🐈🐐🐒🦏🐘🦘🦙🐿️🦢🕊️🦜🐣🐥mehr rkhna in sb pe 🙏🏻

  63. Oppo A15

    Oppo A15

    天 前


  64. Nimco Khaliif55

    Nimco Khaliif55

    天 前


  65. Siva Shankar Darla

    Siva Shankar Darla

    天 前




    天 前

    So cute 😘😘



    天 前

    Or usse pkd b rakha h uski skin se 😑😑😑😑 they can't speak but the also feel the pain



    天 前

    This is very wrong🥺 Video banane k liye aap uss innocent dog k sath aise kaise kr skte ho I love dogs❤ Aise krke kya mila uss puppy k sath or upr se vo paani b phenka uske upr😑😑😑😑

  69. นา ยาย

    นา ยาย

    天 前


  70. Subhash Kalita

    Subhash Kalita

    天 前


  71. Adrian Maheswara

    Adrian Maheswara

    天 前

    The best thing is that the water pipe is made from paper or plastic xD

  72. Orlando Chatez

    Orlando Chatez

    天 前


  73. Asha Ram

    Asha Ram

    天 前

    Any person is throwing water that person are like just foolishness type

  74. Moise


    天 前

    Le pauvre 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  75. sachin shahu

    sachin shahu

    天 前

    Kitna cute hai puppy's

  76. tanya  and pihu show

    tanya and pihu show

    天 前


  77. Katerinync Urbano

    Katerinync Urbano

    天 前

    Hhdhbsvsvshshshhshdhsshshsnznznnznznsnsnsbsjhzhs bs vzbxbxhxhxxjxdjdjdjdjxxjbsbsshsbsbdbbbbsbdbdhdhs

  78. Poonam mhatre

    Poonam mhatre

    天 前

    That happand with me i will bit him out

  79. Gudia Mishra

    Gudia Mishra

    天 前

    Jisne use dogi ko kachre ke dibbe mein kya hai usko to main bahut jyada marungi

  80. Lakshmi  Channel

    Lakshmi Channel

    天 前

    Super super

  81. Nature's nest

    Nature's nest

    天 前

    I. Love. Dog. I. Can. Help. All. Dogs. Thanks

  82. Zack Cleveland

    Zack Cleveland

    天 前

    That is not ok 😣

  83. Muzzfar Shaikh

    Muzzfar Shaikh

    天 前

    Very nice vidio heart touching

  84. 狐傘


    天 前

    生き物をおもちゃにすんなアホか これを「感動した〜😂」って思ってる奴がいるなら相当なサイコパス

  85. 塩らーめん


    天 前

    えーと?これは動画やけんイッヌに キツく当たっとるとかな?() どっちにしろ最低だと思u(((ゴメンナサイ

  86. Mehedi hassan

    Mehedi hassan

    天 前


  87. クラKura


    天 前

    Poor doggy!!! :(

  88. Tim D J

    Tim D J

    天 前

    I love how the puppies eye got better after that guy splashed a miracle potion on the dog & threw it out after.