How TO SNEAK ANYTHING ANYWHERE | Game Master Spies Mystery Hunt

Can we sneak our mystery spy items into the movie theater with out anyone knowing? Subscribe to help us solve this next mystery. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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  1. Game Master Network

    Game Master Network

    个月 前

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    • Zain Alshatti

      Zain Alshatti

      3 天 前

      Is Maddie not wake you because I hate the network

    • Emma Hornback

      Emma Hornback

      4 天 前

      Hi Rebecca

    • Soumaia Sheikh

      Soumaia Sheikh

      16 天 前


    • Lila Volcevski

      Lila Volcevski

      17 天 前

      @meccasdino mysteries💝💞💗💟💖😘



      23 天 前

      I love u guys

  2. Nino Miranda

    Nino Miranda

    3 小时 前


  3. Diego Candelaria

    Diego Candelaria

    3 天 前

    The queen of actually said her name she isn't lying who agrees with me

  4. Scarlett’s World

    Scarlett’s World

    4 天 前

    Sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite and light it was time and you’re not a boy and when you’re awake it’s going to bite and by time you get that bike you will go inside the life game master

  5. Izabell House

    Izabell House

    8 天 前

    If you listen closely I heard some quit laughing and it sounded like the queen of gems

  6. Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani

    Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani

    8 天 前

    I love the gamaster spies

  7. Dharmendra Singh

    Dharmendra Singh

    9 天 前

    We. Iove. You.

  8. Natalya K

    Natalya K

    9 天 前

    Poiokikjc a

  9. MandA Emrich

    MandA Emrich

    10 天 前

    Are you and Matt married ????

  10. Shimaa Abdulhay

    Shimaa Abdulhay

    16 天 前


  11. jayy Mago

    jayy Mago

    16 天 前


  12. audilia02


    17 天 前


  13. Laura Casas

    Laura Casas

    18 天 前

    GMS that mean Game Master Spies

  14. Cody Price

    Cody Price

    20 天 前

    They are all camping stuff for camp hooti hoot

  15. Brandon James

    Brandon James

    23 天 前


  16. Maleah Gayac

    Maleah Gayac

    24 天 前

    I saw a letter on the sleeping bag I think

  17. HO WEI WEI Moe

    HO WEI WEI Moe

    24 天 前

    Just use the tunnels!!!

  18. Jamie Krementz

    Jamie Krementz

    25 天 前

    I can never do a whole game of a game master

  19. Rob Mojica

    Rob Mojica

    27 天 前

    That is not the clue Matt

  20. Rob Mojica

    Rob Mojica

    27 天 前

    Rebecca was talking with Maddie about the queen of gems when the game master put sugar cubes in the slurpies

  21. Imran Rashid

    Imran Rashid

    27 天 前

    CiNdY bObO bObO

  22. Imran Rashid

    Imran Rashid

    27 天 前

    "Are you kidding me??"

  23. Imran Rashid

    Imran Rashid

    27 天 前

    "Oh Man come one!!! What?!!??"

  24. Searvy Jimenez

    Searvy Jimenez

    28 天 前

    hi game master network

  25. Samira Elmi

    Samira Elmi

    28 天 前

    I mee it allready

  26. Willjk11


    28 天 前


  27. Katelyn O O'Rourke

    Katelyn O O'Rourke

    29 天 前

    I love you Rebecca

  28. Flatbush you ar the best

    Flatbush you ar the best

    29 天 前

    Be hide you Rebecca on the tree nice matt



    29 天 前

    Yes that is why you go to sleep



    个月 前

    ANyone else notice they used a collins key thumbnail kinda

  31. Tamara Deshawna

    Tamara Deshawna

    个月 前

    The queen of gems actually called Maddie’s name and the girls are right about the queen of gems

  32. Marissa Stannard

    Marissa Stannard

    个月 前

    Rebecca at 6:53 I saw a person near the bushes behind you when you were on the trail

  33. Princess Maddie

    Princess Maddie

    个月 前

    i love how they could of used the tunnel system to get to the movie theatre but they took the hard way

  34. Gavin And Declan

    Gavin And Declan

    个月 前

    Who but madie memoriezed

  35. Jessica centorrino

    Jessica centorrino

    个月 前

    She did

  36. Amber Diamond

    Amber Diamond

    个月 前

    I saw the RHS member on the stairs case watching u guys sneaking in spy gadgets in the theater than he ran out the front door.

  37. Patricia Amor

    Patricia Amor

    个月 前

    Hámster Spanish

  38. nicole zaragoza

    nicole zaragoza

    个月 前


  39. Moons TikTok

    Moons TikTok

    个月 前

    Cindy boo boo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Ahmad Shaheer

    Ahmad Shaheer

    个月 前

    I like the video

  41. Ahmad Shaheer

    Ahmad Shaheer

    个月 前


  42. Romel Lopez

    Romel Lopez

    个月 前

    Maddi is rite the queen of jems ses her name and also the queen of jems has escape

  43. Chuchu Poon

    Chuchu Poon

    个月 前

    I was bored at home and thought I can watch all the game master videos again and remember when in a video, RZ twin revealed that kingpin was her mom then it means Rebecca is also daughter of kingpin and the game master is her uncle because she is sis to RZ twin! It also means that Maddie is either daughter of game master or mr.x because she is a cousin of Rebecca

  44. Anika Chowdhury

    Anika Chowdhury

    个月 前

    Hi Rebecca I subscribed to your Channel I love your videos

  45. Finlay Berwick

    Finlay Berwick

    个月 前

    The queen of gems did say maddies name!!!!!

  46. ragomez1989


    个月 前


  47. Unicorn gamer

    Unicorn gamer

    个月 前

    me hello the tunnel system

  48. Jazmine BbleTea

    Jazmine BbleTea

    个月 前

    i feel like the club house is a bit too girly for a boy and girl's club house

  49. lincx


    个月 前

    This is CRINGE stop like only 3 year olds eatch this

  50. Emma Lofton

    Emma Lofton

    个月 前

    Maddie needs to shut up

  51. braylin wright

    braylin wright

    个月 前

    3. 5K 4. 5M. views. 2. weeks. ago Carter. Sharer

  52. braylin wright

    braylin wright

    个月 前

    1. 1K

  53. _Roblox_adopt_me_ L-B

    _Roblox_adopt_me_ L-B

    个月 前

    Couldn’t u have used to tunnel system? 🤣

  54. Chet Em

    Chet Em

    个月 前

    When you guys were trapped in the tiny house the game master put sleep cloud in the Slurpee‘s

  55. sara5


    个月 前

    1 23

  56. Brian Killingsworth

    Brian Killingsworth

    个月 前

    Maddie is right the queen of gems actually called her name the queen of gems is evil

  57. Mikyaal Miraz

    Mikyaal Miraz

    个月 前

    Yes that is true

  58. Tristan Lissone’s

    Tristan Lissone’s

    个月 前

    You are the Best

  59. Tristan Lissone’s

    Tristan Lissone’s

    个月 前

    Love ❤️

  60. Casey Adams Harper

    Casey Adams Harper

    个月 前

    hey guys just saying since Rebecca Mat Maddie and Danial are now the game master spiys should game master network gange the name

  61. Marissa


    个月 前

    Do not screenshot matt

  62. Evie Games

    Evie Games

    个月 前

    I laught so hard when Rebecca said to mat just when he came back the a rhs gauding the move thearter long story long story it was not along story the only thing that happing is this guy messaged her and said there’s an red guarding the movie thearter lolll

  63. Yi Jun Khor

    Yi Jun Khor

    个月 前


  64. Vicki Yackle

    Vicki Yackle

    个月 前

    You can just go through the tunnel

  65. nazra raiza

    nazra raiza

    个月 前

    Yeah but I don’t see the game master book

  66. Vely Gonzalez

    Vely Gonzalez

    个月 前

    Is maddie the smartist person in the game master spies

  67. Tina Green

    Tina Green

    个月 前


  68. Gina Auguste

    Gina Auguste

    个月 前

    Ya madi is right the Queen of gem called Madison name

  69. Princess Aily, Obir

    Princess Aily, Obir

    个月 前

    I know the RHS are bad but i kinda feel bad for them they dont know that kingpin died you guys should tell them and make them on your side

  70. Whitney Wright

    Whitney Wright

    个月 前

    Game master I know that you know the spy ninjas Scheels but I want to be a part of them I know you're not gonna let me join the game master network I just asked if I can join the spy ninjas and now I'm asking if I can join you if you don't want me to do now Asher is probably don't know who piper piper Raquel Cal taco account with that her boyfriend live so you guys can actually ask I know you know the mirror twins I need American actually asked if I can join Merrell twins

  71. {dark_explorer}


    个月 前

    Love you becca

  72. Monica Ravinera

    Monica Ravinera

    个月 前

    I remembered some of thoes clues

  73. Whitney Wright

    Whitney Wright

    个月 前

    Hi one to be a part of Xanthium

  74. A'Niya White

    A'Niya White

    个月 前

    Y didn’t y’all take the tunnel system to the movie theater lol 😂

  75. Savannah Fenton

    Savannah Fenton

    个月 前

    Im I the only one noticed that Rebecca's voice sounded different like she was losing her voice

  76. AN Besties

    AN Besties

    个月 前

    yes Qog will maybe get you guys

  77. Sara M

    Sara M

    个月 前

    you guys could of just used the tunnel system, I feel like could of been so much easier.

  78. Kayla Clark

    Kayla Clark

    个月 前




    个月 前

    I had piano lessons press like if you play piano😉

  80. Wren Howell

    Wren Howell

    个月 前

    were is roby rod

  81. Wren Howell

    Wren Howell

    个月 前

    and were is rz trin

  82. Wren Howell

    Wren Howell

    个月 前

    were is zoei

  83. Breanna Walker

    Breanna Walker

    个月 前

    Rebecca you know how you said slender Bobo I started 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 soooo hard I can’t stop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



    个月 前

    I can not believe that all of the RHS is Rouge.

  85. ariana panchmatia

    ariana panchmatia

    个月 前

    Rebecca I am buying the T-shirt the game master T-shirt

  86. Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

    个月 前

    Game master network

  87. Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

    个月 前


  88. Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

    个月 前


  89. Kristin Alecxandria P. Bernardo

    Kristin Alecxandria P. Bernardo

    个月 前

    Guys the tunnel. U could've used thar

  90. Rachel Slatcher

    Rachel Slatcher

    个月 前


  91. Rachel Slatcher

    Rachel Slatcher

    个月 前

    prestin sed your merch soxy

  92. Holly Francis

    Holly Francis

    个月 前


  93. Bryce Byrd

    Bryce Byrd

    个月 前

    You should make a Channel that is called a game master Spy's

  94. Ashleigh Valdez

    Ashleigh Valdez

    个月 前


  95. Stephanie Muniz Ochoa

    Stephanie Muniz Ochoa

    个月 前

    The GM put sleep cloud

  96. Triona Bason

    Triona Bason

    个月 前

    Yikes 😬 This is Crazy 😝

  97. Triona Bason

    Triona Bason

    个月 前


  98. Triona Bason

    Triona Bason

    个月 前

    I Love Game Master Spies

  99. Iker Pena

    Iker Pena

    个月 前


  100. Elaina Bos

    Elaina Bos

    个月 前

    Yes the gamemaster put something in your slurpes