帶大家睇我們600萬港幣獨立屋的House tour

As we are moving out of this house we decided to do a house tour! Come join us to check out our house!




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  2. yt chan

    yt chan

    9 小时 前

    Very good house! Thnaks for sharing, Fay and Stevo.

  3. mrmrabcabc123


    14 小时 前

    We like Fei"s study that makes good out of it.

  4. Bruce Yeung

    Bruce Yeung

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  5. y kan

    y kan

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  6. y kan

    y kan

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  7. Bo Wa, Pel Lee

    Bo Wa, Pel Lee

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  8. Katie Lee

    Katie Lee

    3 天 前

    Like uncle bob said. U guys are so honest!!!

  9. Hsun Huang

    Hsun Huang

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  10. K tee

    K tee

    3 天 前

    可唔可以整一集教大家點樣幫間屋防蟲防鼠呀?聽講某啲terraced house 都幾多鼠患🐀

  11. SARAH Chan

    SARAH Chan

    4 天 前

    點解你們住了英國咁耐仍keep到身形?因為英國rubbish food真係好平,平到會大量入手,尤其是雪糕更是好好味

  12. Bonnie Lam

    Bonnie Lam

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  13. Ww wong

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  14. Ww wong

    Ww wong

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  15. david tse

    david tse

    5 天 前

    Congratulations Your house is so beautiful!!

  16. 堅尼のVlogumentary


    5 天 前

    Nice house!!

  17. ST


    6 天 前

    Congrats!! Take some good rest after all :)

  18. fet88 chan

    fet88 chan

    6 天 前

    standnews 英政府料首 5 年最多 1.5 萬 BNO 人士極度貧窮 開放申請社會房屋 英國房屋社區及地方政府事務部 (Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, MHCLG) 於周四(10日)公布,當局於本周二向地方政府發放信件講述有關房屋的新政策。MHCLG 指,BN(O) 簽證開放後首五年,估計將有 2,400 至 15,000 名極度貧窮申請人受惠於公共財政資助,要求地方政府處理社會房屋及無家者支援時,考慮 BN(O) 簽證人士申請。 信件指,BN(O) 簽證最初設計是不容申請人獲得公共財政資助,但 4 月初英國政府修改政策,容許極度貧窮人士向政府尋求援助。MHCLG 估計,在 BN(O) 簽證首 5 年約有 2,400 至 15,000 貧窮人士會因而受惠。 為配合上述政策變更,MHCLG 亦修訂了規定,讓符合以下條件人士合資格獲得社會房屋 (social housing) 或無家者支援﹕ 1) 以 BN(O) 簽證獲准入境或逗留在英國的人士; 2) 其許可並不限於要求他們或其扶養人在沒有公共財政資助的情況下維持生計;以及 3) 居住於英國、海峽群島、人島及愛爾蘭共和國。 有關的修改於本周二(8 日)已交上英國國會,並將於本月 29 日生效。MHCLG 指,此後地方政府須在處理社會房屋及無家者支援時,考慮上述新措施。

  19. Princess Maru

    Princess Maru

    6 天 前

    段片一開頭就帶比我地歡樂 HAHA

  20. Charlie Cat

    Charlie Cat

    7 天 前

    👍🐈🐱, thanks for showing your very nice home with brick walls and skylights. However I don't see a basement nor garage.

  21. Peter Chan

    Peter Chan

    7 天 前

    So glad to see many HK people come to UK. These videos are helpful to them. I am developing in London and would like to create some apprenticeship in construction for HK people interested in this industry

  22. CL Mah

    CL Mah

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  23. kwailin tong

    kwailin tong

    7 天 前

    請問: 英國電費貴嗎 ?

  24. Stan Ng

    Stan Ng

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  25. Wendy Leung

    Wendy Leung

    8 天 前

    The one thing I noticed about U.K home is the door or radiator gets in the way of placement of furniture. I noticed you have two sofas in front of the double door in the living room. Thank you for sharing your house tour.

  26. DLLM CATia

    DLLM CATia

    8 天 前

    開門見水喉漏財(親身體驗), 有門就閂好門擋下

  27. Wai Yee Chan

    Wai Yee Chan

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  28. Jacky Cheung

    Jacky Cheung

    8 天 前

    恭喜晒! 好鐘意你地間屋,好光猛,每個厠所都有窗,間隔好好用。咁我估你買新屋一定為咗另一個location.

  29. Donald


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  30. Vian Fung

    Vian Fung

    8 天 前

    thank you for share

  31. kit kit li

    kit kit li

    8 天 前

    thousand like ^^

  32. Sean Wu

    Sean Wu

    9 天 前

    個花園其實可唔可以整平佢, 唔要啲梯級??

  33. Wonderful sleep chan

    Wonderful sleep chan

    9 天 前

    Steve, 菲,男大當婚 女大當嫁啦!快啲拉埋天窗早生貴子啦!🤪🥰

  34. fet88 chan

    fet88 chan

    9 天 前

    Summer in the garden - with nothing to sit on! Outdoor furniture from stores including B&Q, John Lewis and Ikea is already sold out - thanks to Suez Canal backlog and high demand because people can't go on holiday Garden dining sets and seating - including hanging eggs and deckchairs - are in high demand with many of the most popular lines at UK stores already sold out Nine out of ten of John Lewis' most popular dining sets have sold out Ikea best seller, a Betso £120 parasol, has sold out at 20 out of 21 UK stores Cargo ship stuck in Suez Canal in March is still affecting imports into the UK and the prospect of another summer at home has sparked a buying boom

  35. fet88 chan

    fet88 chan

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    Now the Queen gets cancelled: Oxford's Magdalen college students vote to remove portrait of monarch from common room because she 'represents recent colonial history' and replace it with 'art by or of other inspirational people' Move passed by Magdalen College's Middle Common Room by a large majority One supportive student said 'patriotism and colonialism are not really separable' Sparked an immediate backlash, with Queen hailed as a 'pioneer of anti-racism'

  36. Wonderful sleep chan

    Wonderful sleep chan

    9 天 前

    菲,想問你這屋管理費、council tax及地租多少錢呢?

  37. Stanley Tang

    Stanley Tang

    9 天 前

    間屋好靚,可惜系路邊....... 多謝你真誠分享和提醒,thanks so much 👍

  38. LS Yan

    LS Yan

    9 天 前

    Stevo搬床褥嗰段係咪扮Mr. Bean呀? XD

  39. Simon Chan

    Simon Chan

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  40. dundunsar


    9 天 前

    beautiful, tidy & clean!

  41. Kipper Chan

    Kipper Chan

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  42. sally yan

    sally yan

    9 天 前

    Your house is so beautiful! Congrats, you finally sold it!!!!

  43. TY Lawrence Wong

    TY Lawrence Wong

    9 天 前

    英國人傳統全屋地氈,因為保暖,我最怕!因為好污糟!揭起嚇死你!千年污糟野藏下面,仲會有蜘蛛仔!而且英國人入屋唔除鞋,踩到入房,洗手間地氈濕淋淋(我無法理解)淨係樓梯用來隔音,同睡房用都ok , 大廳飯廳唔用地氈很好。

  44. Lydia Ming

    Lydia Ming

    9 天 前

    好鍾意你間屋, 佈置得好舒服!請問英國裝窗花使唔攞approval?

  45. Chris Cheng

    Chris Cheng

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  46. Allez Venga

    Allez Venga

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  47. Chan Eva

    Chan Eva

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  48. M M

    M M

    10 天 前

    Hi Ive been watching your CNglobal since a long time ago. You’ve mentioned you had used PLS-Solicitors for you property purchase before. Would you use them again or recommend your friends to use them for buy/ sell properties? Greatly appreciate your input. :)

    • Moving Socks

      Moving Socks

      8 天 前

      We did use PLS for both buying and selling this time. They did get the work done with reasonable price but their customer service is really not that great. You will never able to talk to the actual solicitor and only interact with bunch of junior people. Not recommend if we have a choice again.

  49. Lawrence Hor

    Lawrence Hor

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  50. Daisy Yan

    Daisy Yan

    10 天 前

    Nice house!!

  51. Pan Chan

    Pan Chan

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  52. AudreyBliss


    10 天 前

    0:16 開始笑😂😂😂😂😂

  53. yu ouyang

    yu ouyang

    10 天 前

    What is your studying for

  54. F Wong

    F Wong

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  55. Sue Won

    Sue Won

    10 天 前

    Who cares! 做show! 🙄🖤

  56. 風間燁人


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  57. S Ya

    S Ya

    10 天 前

    請問過咗 stamp duty holiday 完咗 屋價會唔會平D? thx

  58. from A distance

    from A distance

    10 天 前

    what a nice & cosy house! are you moving to a larger one or one within Greater London?

  59. 蓮藕蔬菜


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  60. J Wu

    J Wu

    10 天 前

    蝦碌片🦐可能重攪笑過 Mr. Bean. 🤣🤣🤣

  61. Leong Kennedy

    Leong Kennedy

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  62. Gold Coke

    Gold Coke

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  63. Annie W

    Annie W

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  64. zZz


    10 天 前

    I see so many Ikea stocks and they look great in your house. Congrats! 😁

  65. Chau Chau Man

    Chau Chau Man

    10 天 前

    Thanks for sharing. Genuinely like to see your video.

  66. Lili Chan

    Lili Chan

    10 天 前

    thx for sharing!!!

  67. dark chocolate

    dark chocolate

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  68. Li Aster

    Li Aster

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  69. KK Lee

    KK Lee

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  70. Karry B

    Karry B

    11 天 前

    Thank you Faye & Stevo for sharing 💜 你哋好有生活品味, 睇擺設已經可以想像到你哋一邊飲咖啡一邊聽黑膠碟 😉 P. S. 加拿大都有compost bin (綠色桶),不過我哋個市政府真係有做嘢, 有叫啲市民去一個地點攞返process過嘅compost種花🌷

  71. Philip P

    Philip P

    11 天 前

    做得很好,neat and cozy. Love the kitchen and decor 😍

  72. rr rr

    rr rr

    11 天 前

    Nice House.

  73. V Ho

    V Ho

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  74. 浩南


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  75. Cynthia Chiu

    Cynthia Chiu

    11 天 前

    newly built house

  76. Koala


    11 天 前

    有米喎 而家你哋住豪宅😉♥️👍💃🌈

  77. Zera Chui

    Zera Chui

    11 天 前

    I like your house👍 looking forward to see your new one 😃

  78. Gummy


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  79. Brian Hui

    Brian Hui

    11 天 前

    幾時會拍新屋嘅house tour?期待中。

  80. Winsy Lau

    Winsy Lau

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  81. zoo leung

    zoo leung

    11 天 前

    565k 四房3廁,真係夢寐以求,新屋一定更好。

  82. Sam Ip

    Sam Ip

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  83. stella Lam

    stella Lam

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  84. Joe Chan

    Joe Chan

    11 天 前

    其實舊屋都幾OK, 各自有work area正 Stevo 咁多玩具點搬...



    11 天 前

    我想請問下,啲屋嘅boiler即係儲水式熱水器?英國唔興用即熱式熱水器?我去英國住過幾間air bnb,啲即熱式熱水器真係差到一個點😞

  86. Tiana CloudLand 天上遊雲

    Tiana CloudLand 天上遊雲

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  87. Tracy Chung

    Tracy Chung

    11 天 前

    見到life in the uk書

  88. 菲比 -遠走高菲

    菲比 -遠走高菲

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  89. amyc


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  90. michelle wongleung

    michelle wongleung

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  91. simonchiu50


    11 天 前

    好 like你地同Bob叔比最真實既資訊,吾似某D youtuber係咁hard sell來英國買樓炒樓。 🥰

  92. Oscar L

    Oscar L

    11 天 前

    Stevo 同ah Faye keep得間屋好靚,買到嘅人都好好彩,間屋好新淨好舒服☺️

  93. Edward


    11 天 前

    請問當時裝修用左幾多GBP 呀?

  94. yc Cheuk

    yc Cheuk

    11 天 前

    Wow! What a spacious house, nicely decorated, and many thanks for sharing with us. So open to let us know the buying and selling price. You are such nice guys. Happy moving!!! I've got a 700+ sq. ft. flat in Sutton. I bought it for GBP225000 in 2011 and have been letting it since as a furnished unit. For viewers' info I've just renewed the tenancy contract with the tenants at GBP1050 pm (same as previous one).

  95. TAI HUNG


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  96. Steven Lau

    Steven Lau

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  98. Shara Ng

    Shara Ng

    11 天 前

    Hi your new house seems no toilet at ground floor, isn't it ? So you have to go upstairs everytime, it quite inconvenient. Anyway, congratulations !

  99. B L

    B L

    11 天 前

    I saw mr bean pushing the mattress into the van 😂

  100. Samuel Wong

    Samuel Wong

    11 天 前

    very good video. Thank you