Spartace Moments Episode 542

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Music in this video
Wednesday Night by Nuera
How Come by Chu Sang Min
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  1. Elyvia Ely

    Elyvia Ely

    5 天 前

    Hope they will b together forever 💘 untill they get married.i like jk married kh.

  2. Kaito Shinxx

    Kaito Shinxx

    13 天 前

    They look at each other

  3. Anabell Diendo

    Anabell Diendo

    23 天 前

    Love them

  4. I will always love you

    I will always love you

    个月 前

    I want them to be together, but I will still be their supporter even if thhey dont end up together.

  5. No Game No Life

    No Game No Life

    个月 前

    I think there's something happening between them, They're very close right now, but the members like Haha or Jaesuk stopped teasing them even if they noticed something.

  6. Stephanie Lasuta Perez

    Stephanie Lasuta Perez

    个月 前

    Ahhhh my spartace heart.. 😍 Love them.both.

  7. sting cris

    sting cris

    个月 前

    I really want them to end up togetber.

  8. Lorna Kim

    Lorna Kim

    个月 前

    What is the song title?

    • ikaa 9497

      ikaa 9497

      个月 前

      Its written on the description

  9. Spartace Shipper

    Spartace Shipper

    个月 前

    for me, jihyo looks so gorgeous in her opening attire.. i know it's one of jk's friends lineup, but that firey dressup really looks great on her.. and she seems comfortable in it.. on top of that, the way jihyo shows it off to jk is just adorable 😍😍😍

  10. Evelyn Daigdigan

    Evelyn Daigdigan

    个月 前

    I hope they will admit that they have a relationship with the two of us and who follows the spartace and are happy They really matter to each other i look forward to always proposed jk to jh

  11. 진솔미


    个月 前

    프로그램 때문에 둘이 사귀는거 숨기는거 이해는 하지만 솔직히 김종국씨 결혼얘기 할때나 여자게스트들과 연관 지을때는 같은 여자로 써 송지효씨 속상할 듯 그냥 둘이 빨리 공개연애했으면 좋겠음❤

  12. Zhi Ruo芷若

    Zhi Ruo芷若

    个月 前

    A bit late but THANKS FOR THIS VID.....!!!!!

    • Zhi Ruo芷若

      Zhi Ruo芷若

      个月 前

      @FBI• Federal Bureau of Investigation nah....I think I meet you more than I meet my whole family😂😆😑

    • FBI• Federal Bureau of Investigation

      FBI• Federal Bureau of Investigation

      个月 前

      You again😂

  13. Alma Yazon

    Alma Yazon

    个月 前

    Ahhhh my SPARTACE heart 💖💖💖.. there's also one scene during football game when LKS is bullying KJK, Jihyo kinda punched him hahahhaha...and to think that Ji-hyo was not teamed with KJK yet... Spartace fighting !!!!

  14. Jacque Chavez

    Jacque Chavez

    个月 前

    I didn’t notice that he actually looked at Ji hyo while PD was explaining to them about game and I love Spartace moment so much 😍😍😍😍.

  15. 彩琳


    个月 前


  16. Rubiah Yahaya

    Rubiah Yahaya

    个月 前

    Really sweet SpartAce moments. They 're really seemed so lovable n caring. You really captured their every movements n it's so awesome. 😍😍SpartAce be together till the end😍😍

  17. Angelica


    个月 前

    And that guest that jihyo worked with actually have jihyo as his ideal type..that's why look at how kjk tries to guard jihyo away from him

    • Maryam


      个月 前

      it explains why he was alittle awkward around her 😂

  18. Ace


    个月 前

    Ahh this is making me more hopeful more than ever

  19. Tyra Joseph

    Tyra Joseph

    个月 前

    where did you watch running man latest episode?

    • Shaima Nafa

      Shaima Nafa

      个月 前

      Please watch on VIU app and support Running Man

    • Evelyn Daigdigan

      Evelyn Daigdigan

      个月 前


    • wijdane hassan

      wijdane hassan

      个月 前


    • Tyra Joseph

      Tyra Joseph

      个月 前


    • Sabrinaa


      个月 前


  20. Andrea Enriquez

    Andrea Enriquez

    个月 前

    Whenever they sit apart from each other, their eyes constantly scan the room and search for the other one.

  21. XR Sera

    XR Sera

    个月 前

    I've also noticed that they're almost always beside each other! They're so sweet, now I'm just waiting for them to announce their marriage lol

  22. Nesi Leka

    Nesi Leka

    个月 前


  23. Kembang Bunga

    Kembang Bunga

    个月 前

    They walking side by side, sit together, glance each other, how much ur love to this sweet couple? They care each other! ❤️😭

  24. 진솔미


    个月 前

    지효씨 후덕해짐 겨울이라 사람들이 대체적으로 살찌는 듯 그래도 종국 지효 포에버❤

  25. Aryanti Atun

    Aryanti Atun

    个月 前

    Recently jk seems more open about his feeling toward jh...i hope soon we hear a good news

  26. P. S

    P. S

    个月 前

    2020: Social Distancing.. SA: What was that?

  27. Fox Kween

    Fox Kween

    个月 前

    I dnt know but isnt jk oppa always wanted to be nearer to jihyo unnie? Ah, my spartace heart.. 😍😍😍

  28. iyay panggings

    iyay panggings

    个月 前

    Wow thank you ...❤️❤️❤️

  29. Sabrinaa


    个月 前

    when we like someone, we will face toward him or her (♡ω♡ ) ~♪



      个月 前

      Like me and my crush😂 i always look at him and smile alone...😭

  30. Maelin Estrellon

    Maelin Estrellon

    个月 前


  31. Elouise Briones

    Elouise Briones

    个月 前