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*Baking powder is not needed for this recipe.
Important for success is to make a firm meringue(But not too much) and don't to overmix the batter. These two things are important to make the cake puffy.

● 18cm 【square】 cake pan
100g cake flour or all purpose flour
100g unsalted butter
100g milk
6 egg yolks
Vanilla extract
6 egg whites
100g sugar
Baking in a hot water bath
150℃(302°F) 60min.

● 15 cm【square】or 18 cm【Round】cake pan
65g cake flour or all purpose flour
65g unsalted butter
65g milk
4 egg yolks
Vanilla extract
4 egg whites
65g sugar
Baked in hot water bath
150 ° C 50 to 55 min.

●18 cm *7.5cm*H8cm【Pound cake】 cake pan
35g cake flour or all purpose flour
35g unsalted butter
35g milk
2 egg yolks
Vanilla extract
2 egg whites
35g sugar
Baking in a hot water bath
150℃(302°F) 30-35min.

● 20cm 【square】 cake pan
115g cake flour or all purpose flour
115g unsalted butter
115g milk
7 egg yolks
Vanilla extract
7 egg whites
115g sugar
Baking in a hot water bath
150℃(302°F) 65-70min.

* Preheating is necessary. Even if the recipe was written without "preheat oven ...", you must preheat the oven, and please start baking when the oven reaches a set temperature.

* The result of baking may be changed depending on each oven at home. The temperature and the baking time in this recipe is only a guide. Please check the degree of baking stuff before taking it out from the oven, and then take it out.
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  1. Emojoie


    2 个月 前

    Baking powder is not needed for this recipe. Important for success is to make a firm meringue(But not too much) and don't to overmix the batter. These two things are important to make the cake puffed up. Good luck!

    • Sofiatul Risma Wada

      Sofiatul Risma Wada

      天 前

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    • Mey Ing

      Mey Ing

      5 天 前

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      wasil aje

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      Supriya Tripathi

      16 天 前

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    • Sitara Shaikh

      Sitara Shaikh

      17 天 前

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