M1 iPad Pro vs iPad Air 4: Is M1 REALLY Worth $200 More?

We found SO MANY DIFFERENCES between the iPad Air and new M1 iPad Pro in this Full Comparison and Real-Life Performance Tests!
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In this video, we compare EVERYTHING between the NEW 11" 2021 iPad Pro M1 and the 11" 2020 iPad Air with the A14 chip.

We take a look and compare things like the USB-C and Thunderbolt ports, the new speakers, the new ultra-wide FaceTime selfie camera and various performance benchmarks and tests!

We ran the Geekbench 5 benchmark, the new Geekbench ML test, GFXBench Metal, 3DMark Wild Life Extreme Gaming Test, Adobe Lightroom Photo editing, Luma Fusion 4K video editing, and more!

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Timestamps ⬇️
2021 iPad Pro vs 2020 iPad Pro - 00:00
External Differences - 00:35
Face ID vs Touch ID - 01:53
Speaker Comparison - 02:49
Display Differences - 03:47
60Hz vs 120Hz Pro Motion - 04:27
Geekbench 5 CPU Test - 05:25
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU - 06:27
3DMark Wild Life Extreme - 07:00
SSD Speed Test - 07:44
Lightroom CC Photo Editing - 08:49
Lumafusion Video Editing - 11:31
Which One Should YOU Buy? - 13:51

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  1. Laky


    天 前

    "Eight graphics cores In the M1 scores" -Max Tech

  2. That Xpat Fam

    That Xpat Fam

    天 前

    What about sidecar performance? As an artist I want to know if the M1 iPad Pro makes a difference when using apps like photoshop on sidecar. Opposed to an iPad Air.

  3. Ramraj Ramesh

    Ramraj Ramesh

    2 天 前

    Guessing the iPad Air took 12 mins

  4. rebelgod777


    2 天 前

    Air sounds more tinny and the pro seems to have more bass

  5. Vyrus Glympse

    Vyrus Glympse

    2 天 前

    7 minutes 1 second that's crazy

  6. Jellygta111


    3 天 前

    The air is more convenient

  7. Zackary Stewart

    Zackary Stewart

    3 天 前

    One comes in green. That one wins

  8. Ehsan Ganjidoost

    Ehsan Ganjidoost

    3 天 前

    good review, very insightful.

  9. Bongo


    3 天 前

    0:28, 100 subscribers before the end of the year? Do I see almost a million already in less than a month?

  10. Ahnaf


    4 天 前

    & it comes with twice the storage

  11. Thwin


    5 天 前

    USB-C speed chart is GB/s not MB/s

  12. FrEmp Gaming

    FrEmp Gaming

    6 天 前

    i am watchin this in my ipad pro 2021

  13. Muhammed Gilgil

    Muhammed Gilgil

    6 天 前

    Ive own the ipad 5 and the ipad 7 and now i have ipad pro 2020 and im happy with it and gratefull

  14. Sahil Siddiqui

    Sahil Siddiqui

    7 天 前

    I just buy air 4 with macbook pro. I pad pro is waste for me. M1 chip is waste in I pad pro. If you want to feel the power of M1 just buy Macbook

  15. KN21


    7 天 前

    I had shot photo on ipad only when I was on a trip and my phone’s battery died.

  16. ISAIAH Barrie

    ISAIAH Barrie

    7 天 前

    My iPad Air 4 is still better. With speakers

  17. Piyush V

    Piyush V

    8 天 前

    I’d rather get M1 Macbook Air



    8 天 前

    We all know about the end result It obviously depends on your budget. Ipad Air is more affordable Ipad Pro has better aspects

  19. Hall Of Famers

    Hall Of Famers

    8 天 前

    honestly on the ipads , i really prefer the touch id more .. so many times i pick it up and block the camera causing me to have to quickly adjust and take a lil more time to unlock it lol

  20. chuck


    8 天 前

    but… is it green though

  21. Henry Woo

    Henry Woo

    9 天 前

    Thanks for good comparison video. 200$ I will save it and top up at my gaming laptop. Real Gamers don’t use iPad to play game! I feel Still use back laptop and desktop to play high graphic games. Plus apple already said they have no planning to merge Mac and iPad...So, I vote for air 4 for iPad functionals and more the enough to canvas design, youtube, Netflix , Facebook, email and arcade games.

  22. braind scand

    braind scand

    9 天 前

    8gb Ram vs 4gb Ram on performance test game over

  23. Arsen Oganesyan

    Arsen Oganesyan

    10 天 前

    tanta comparativa tantos temas pero nadie dice cual va mejor ppara ver porno que es lo que mas usa la gente

  24. InkyzL


    10 天 前

    Please help I'm getting the Ipad Air and Pro 2020(both 256gb) at the same price. I wanna do illustration, animation and video editing work. M1 iPad on almost the same price is only 128gb. I am worried about the 7nm a12 in Ipad pro for long term battery life and performance.... Which one should I go for?

  25. Jonathan Hodgetts

    Jonathan Hodgetts

    10 天 前

    Probably Apple will sell a lot more of the Air, but I would always go for the Pro. If you can’t afford the latest M1, then the 2020 and 2018 Pro’s are still incredible devices and IMHO a better purchase.

  26. Morris Smith

    Morris Smith

    10 天 前

    I got my ex wife the iPad Pro, didn’t know it was this nice definitely would of probably kept it for myself 😂😂😂



      8 天 前

      🤣 u can take back from her

  27. Najwa Hamdan

    Najwa Hamdan

    10 天 前

    do you guys think that there will be M1 ipad air? I'm using macbook m1 and is in love with the speed but ipad pro M1 is just too much for my daily use.

  28. Beeso 79

    Beeso 79

    10 天 前

    With all those differences, Pro does worth extra 200 but it is a matter of the using style. For me I would not use the full capabilities of the Pro as a home user, IPad Air with magic keyboard is more than enough.

  29. Summon


    11 天 前

    Yes it is worth it since no one wants 64 gb of storage so if you choose 128 you will pay 745 for the air and with a 50 dollars extra you can buy the pro which has a better display and more powerful chip and will last longer

  30. Anna Kang

    Anna Kang

    11 天 前

    The iPad Pro had a better sound quality.

  31. Ethan Anderson

    Ethan Anderson

    11 天 前

    Pls tell me it’s not worth it I just got my iPad Air now I’m gonna upgrade it sadddd

  32. Roop Kiran

    Roop Kiran

    12 天 前

    which one would you recommend for medical college? (main purpose is to take notes with apple pencil)

  33. PokoTheDinosaur


    13 天 前

    depends how much money u have

  34. You know me...

    You know me...

    13 天 前

    You didn't update iOS on the Air.

  35. Maramind Entertainment

    Maramind Entertainment

    13 天 前

    I wonder if Max still thinks its worth the $200 after WWDC.

  36. Film Factory

    Film Factory

    14 天 前

    Bro can u plz tell the size of ipad in your hand?

  37. Joey Johnston

    Joey Johnston

    14 天 前

    It's also worth noting that the Pro starts at 128GB. If you want a storage upgrade to 256GB on the Air, the Air becomes only $50 less than the Pro. If you need more storage than 64GB, the Pro seems like a no brainer to me.

  38. alperen ozturk

    alperen ozturk

    15 天 前

    Ipad air 4 is a tied down device. It can support face id but it does not, it can support higher refresh rate but it does not, there could be 128gb version but there isn’t. That means something like that: Apple: We can offer a very capable tablet at a very affordable price. Apple: But we don’t. :)))

  39. Michael Cassano

    Michael Cassano

    15 天 前

    What is that wallpaper on the air? Love it.

  40. keronaz95


    15 天 前

    Man, i thought the air 4 256gb would be worth it..but damn M1 128gb is still the clear choice here (as someone mention here, 120hz, more ram, and op chip). im saving for M1

  41. LelouchLamperouge235


    16 天 前

    ive tried maxing out genshin impact on iPad Air 4 :D It basically never drops under 60 fps :D with these scores ipad m1 should be able to play genshin at 120 Hz if it gets uncapped :D

  42. Donavan Freberg

    Donavan Freberg

    17 天 前

    I love your videos! Subscribed! Question for you….I am (was) an iPad Air 4 user who decided to go pro…I just ordered the new pro, the 11” model in 128. I’m awaiting shipping and excited! I was in the return period so I just exchanged my iPad Air 4, which I REALLY loved, but I wanted the pro, for a few reasons, but mostly for the center stage function. I am going to be doing a lot of zoom meetings. I could only afford the 128gb base version, and I’m hoping it’ll be enough storage. I don’t do video work, just some photo editing, basic procreate drawing, document writing, playing some games and content consumption/streaming. My previous iPad was the 256gb air, and it had a ton of apps, bunch of games, drawings, and a LOT of photos and I only used like 70 gigs or so, so fingers crossed I’ll be fine at 128. Do you think the 128 is sufficient storage? Thanks again for the great review, I’m super excited!

  43. SimsForever


    17 天 前

    I’m really happy with my iPad Air 4❤️

  44. Ajinkya D

    Ajinkya D

    17 天 前

    But still… It’s a tablet 🙂

  45. John Micheal Kane

    John Micheal Kane

    17 天 前

    Don't break my heart and pocket by making these damn videos.

  46. HCCH


    17 天 前

    when would they put an M1 chip on iPad Air?

  47. Jeff


    18 天 前

    but the air starts at 64gb and the pro starts at 128gb. apple charges $50 more from 64 to 128 so if the air also starts at 128gb it would be. $649 and pro is $799, making it a $150 difference and with all the features the pro has over the air, the pro is definitely worth it for me.

  48. Jan Garcia

    Jan Garcia

    18 天 前

    If we don't start to see the same software that we have for Mac on the iPad, the M1 is not worth it. We must have capture one, dxo, luminar, davinci resolve, fully capable and renewed premiere pro and photoshop. As well as Apple's pro apps like final cut, logic...

  49. Zoran Saint-Simon

    Zoran Saint-Simon

    18 天 前

    This is the most biased and silly review ever. The more expensive device is better. Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. We didn't need a review to tell us that. But should everyone buy the more expensive device, regardless of their needs? What if you just read ebooks on the device, should YOU spend the extra USD 200? Is there anything that the Air can't do? Who the hell uses Lidar on their IPad anyway, seriously. This was a waste of 15 minutes.

  50. Fadhil Kurniawan

    Fadhil Kurniawan

    18 天 前

    Dont forget the storege, when the ipad air came at 64gb and ipad pro start at 128gb

  51. purdue


    18 天 前

    8 times faster. 40 divided by 5 is 8. Thunderbolt. You said; in the summary.

  52. Vineeth Gollamudi

    Vineeth Gollamudi

    18 天 前

    Bro, when will iPad 9th generation be released?

  53. Casper Svendsen

    Casper Svendsen

    18 天 前

    Maybe the M1 platform is gonna be that wet dream of full size laptop performance in a tablet. I bought into the Lumia 950Xl (continuum) and Surface Pro 4 platform, when they came out. I makes no sense that Microsoft have not made pci-e available for eGPU. But with the power of the M1 in the iPad, the only limitation is the OS. But as a Citrix access device to Remote Desktop/servers this is a superb device.

  54. SammyGames_YT


    18 天 前

    I have the ipad air. Im pretty happy about it. 4:18 but i can though 🤔

  55. Ding Je

    Ding Je

    18 天 前

    SInce Ipad Pro M1 has been released, should I get Ipad Air or discounted price Ipad Pro 2020?

  56. Abdelhakim Mohamed

    Abdelhakim Mohamed

    18 天 前

    I don't understand English very well. I want to know which one is better who can tell me 🙂 plz

  57. Khalid Abdulghani

    Khalid Abdulghani

    19 天 前

    Im guessing iPad air took 8:40 Edit : oof slightly over estimated it but still surprised

  58. prussell890


    19 天 前

    Ipad only having 4:3 is the reason for me scrapping my ipad pro for the samsung tab s7 plus! Watching movies on this is far superior

  59. James Connolly

    James Connolly

    19 天 前

    Still on my 2018 iPad Pro and feeling no need to upgrade yet.

  60. morpheus


    19 天 前

    Ipad CNglobal channel 😂😂😂😂😅

  61. Jesse Fan

    Jesse Fan

    19 天 前

    120hz is the best feature of the pro tbh

  62. Daddy J

    Daddy J

    19 天 前

    And then after a year or 2 it will be throttled down so much and they will blame the battery

  63. hifiguy77


    19 天 前

    The iPad Pro picture quality is far worse in spite of the higher nit count. The frog images clearly show a complete loss of contrast and shadow detail. Not a selling point at all; hopefully there is a way to adjust this in the settings.

  64. gutenmuach


    19 天 前

    You forgot to mention base storage laughable 64gb ipad air vs 128gb ipad pro

  65. bocil kepo

    bocil kepo

    19 天 前

    Even, my phone cost $179

  66. Sai Sanjay

    Sai Sanjay

    19 天 前

    Imagine a m1 iphone

  67. Scarycooldude fire

    Scarycooldude fire

    19 天 前

    It's weird that the ipad air 4 starts at a skimpy 64gb, compared to 128 gb for the ipad pro.

  68. Nicholas Pino

    Nicholas Pino

    19 天 前

    I have to raise my hand like a savage? What, are we living in mid-evil times? First world problems…

  69. Prince L

    Prince L

    19 天 前

    u can see the time before u guess

  70. Stormbreaker 82

    Stormbreaker 82

    19 天 前

    dude compare mac pro 2020 base model vs mini m1

  71. Prince L

    Prince L

    19 天 前

    the M1 ipad is cool and fast but I feel like there's nothing of value u can do on the pro as opposed to the iPad 8

  72. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia

    19 天 前

    Awesome video!

  73. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia

    19 天 前

    Does the 2tb iPad Pro have faster read and write speeds then the 128gb iPad Pro?

  74. GamewithJono


    19 天 前

    Finally ipad pro 2021 is finally worth buying

  75. Cryptonite


    19 天 前

    The Pro has a faster chip, more cores, double the refresh rate, more RAM, more storage than the Air. I'm shocked, shocked I say, that Pro performs better.

  76. Gagasaurio


    19 天 前

    I would love a review of the m1 iPads, without any comparison

    • Max Tech

      Max Tech

      19 天 前

      Coming up!

  77. R C

    R C

    19 天 前

    I love my air but the touch ID does get annoying some times.

  78. Sky kiddo

    Sky kiddo

    20 天 前

    The fact that my brand new iPad Air came yesterday._.

  79. Sedano Sonia

    Sedano Sonia

    20 天 前

    ang iyong tulong ay hindi nakakalimutan sa aking bansa 🇵🇭 salamat sa pagbibigay sa akin ng bagong iPhone 12 pro max na libre nang hindi nagbabayad para sa pagpapadala at paghahatid

  80. Sedano Sonia

    Sedano Sonia

    20 天 前

    ang iyong tulong ay hindi nakakalimutan sa aking bansa 🇵🇭 salamat sa pagbibigay sa akin ng bagong iPhone 12 pro max na libre nang hindi nagbabayad para sa pagpapadala at paghahatid

  81. Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley

    20 天 前

    The shadow detail is dramatically better on the Pro.

  82. Jammie Dodger

    Jammie Dodger

    20 天 前

    Touch ID and Face ID Should both be on the iPad Pro and the iPhones

  83. ancy pitts

    ancy pitts

    20 天 前

    Great review you really show the difference between the 2 ipads really show what you are getting for $200 more thanks

  84. Stigs stupid cousin

    Stigs stupid cousin

    20 天 前

    i feel like ipad air way overpriced.

  85. Steve Wohlford

    Steve Wohlford

    20 天 前

    Yes. Next video.

  86. APBTV


    20 天 前

    Been using an air for 4 months in uni for all my work just a fantastic device, I got the 256gb model cheaper then the base pro, it’s all you need unless you want a bigger screen then get the bigger size pro

  87. JVIVE Tech and Fun

    JVIVE Tech and Fun

    20 天 前

    Thank you very much for this video I just purchased ipad air 4th generation in April and since then I have been wandering what would be a major difference with a M1 chipset ipad, also I want to specify I am so excited that I am writing this comment even before watching the video 😅😅

  88. Scubasausage


    20 天 前

    Youd be mad to buy an Air over the pro. In 3 years time the Air will be slow, clunky and chugging through apps but the pro will be zooming still.

  89. Gibberish The pro

    Gibberish The pro

    20 天 前

    The air is just more affordable

  90. Gibberish The pro

    Gibberish The pro

    20 天 前

    To be honest I would still choose the air because it is cheaper and no one takes photos I just use it to play some small games and watch CNglobal and netflix

  91. Stony P

    Stony P

    20 天 前

    Nice hands

  92. Just A Normal Guy

    Just A Normal Guy

    20 天 前

    I bought an iPad Air four months ago. I’m happy. Stop.

  93. ROCK sai

    ROCK sai

    20 天 前

    6 seconds maybe

  94. OBK


    20 天 前

    I use my camera tons and it saves me all the time at work. My iPad does not hunt for focus or alll the other weirdness.

  95. uwuMichael


    20 天 前

    the ipad pro 2021 is now obviously better but before this upgrade with the 2020 version the ipad pro 2020 didn’t really bring many things to the table part from promotion and cameras mainly (but who would really care about cameras) and the processing power was basically the same if not slightly worse on the air 4

  96. gavin lesly

    gavin lesly

    20 天 前

    Watching this on my M1 iPad😂

  97. Mark Ian Cinco

    Mark Ian Cinco

    20 天 前

    Wow. Sana ol!

  98. Words


    20 天 前

    I want to buy Air but too lucrative to buy M1 pro because M1 will go a long and long and in the everyday changing tech world A long way is 5-7 years with top most level performance. Only bad thing I feel is if I used 120 hz I'll be ruined for life and won't be able to sustain any other Device. People might think what I'm talking about but it is true. Since 2018 I switched to flagship SoC of phone and now I can't even tolerate the 600-700 series processor

  99. Jonathan Scott

    Jonathan Scott

    20 天 前

    Nice hardware. Crap software. Neither of them are worth the money. A laptop makes far more sense. I fell for the iPad trap. Useless things. Never again.

  100. Ashan McNealy

    Ashan McNealy

    20 天 前

    Air shoulda been priced at $499