FULL trophy celebrations as Leicester lift maiden FA Cup | FA Cup 20/21 Moments

Leicester have their first-ever FA Cup triumph to their name after they edged Chelsea in the final.

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  1. tailsgaming2005


    10 天 前

    So proud there are no words to describe it and I’m so glad that Leicester won it and I got to witness it

  2. aditya Pardeshi

    aditya Pardeshi

    16 天 前

    It made me cry

  3. Mohammed Mojahid

    Mohammed Mojahid

    17 天 前

    love you hamza from bangladesh

  4. Daniel Stapleton

    Daniel Stapleton

    29 天 前

    I know Leicester didn’t reach CL but again the FA cup is just as important to win 🏆 stills major trophy and winning silver wear is still important CMON the FOCES WELL DESERVED what a moment 😂 well done lads ❤️🏆

  5. Dennz


    个月 前

    A Buddhist thai owner brings leicester city making hystory again and again.. His kamma and his team good kamma brings this club win..

  6. J Lang

    J Lang

    个月 前

    What song was played when they first lifted the trophy? Not the Kasabian song, the one before?

  7. Ja Mizal

    Ja Mizal

    个月 前


  8. dussanee khengpimon

    dussanee khengpimon

    个月 前

    🇹🇭I am a Thai fan of Arsenal, but over the years I have taken Leicester City in my heart since Wichai became the club president there. That Khun Tob showed while on the field That is a true Thai personality, there will be no bosses and subordinates, only siblings and family. See you in the Champions League, Leicester, I love you.

  9. Ross Elworthy

    Ross Elworthy

    个月 前

    In my eyes Leicester are way bigger club than man city will ever be did it all without billions

  10. Brian Nielsen

    Brian Nielsen

    个月 前

    a fan of football, no matter what club you support, can't do anything but love a moment like this! Congratulations to all the Leicester fans, players, staff, manager and owner!

  11. njn brl:re

    njn brl:re

    个月 前

    0:18 How can they deteriorate beauty of FA CUP TROPHY

  12. then Chanel

    then Chanel

    个月 前

    I've stopped cheering on Man U and have been cheering on the screen for 3 months. My house is noisy at almost every house.

  13. Hasib Raiyan

    Hasib Raiyan

    个月 前

    Even though my team lost, I can only congratulate Leicester for this great achievement 🎉✨

  14. Jitendar Yadaw

    Jitendar Yadaw

    个月 前

    Welldon play licaster city conratulation

  15. Wooddy L.

    Wooddy L.

    个月 前


  16. สรายุทธ โคจรานนท์

    สรายุทธ โคจรานนท์

    个月 前

    Always have been and always will be a Chelsea fan. Just wish to drop a note of congratulations to Leicester on your first FA Cup title. Well done and here’s to more success in the future because in recent years it is your club that has put romance back in football

  17. Syed Hanif

    Syed Hanif

    个月 前

    They have been consistent since rodgers in charge. I think this coach has make great success with this team so far. They have been so good in domestic competition

  18. 21 Prince

    21 Prince

    个月 前

    I'm sitting here crying like a 6years old kid.

  19. อะ ไร

    อะ ไร

    个月 前


  20. มิดฟิลด์ หัวแดงเพลิง

    มิดฟิลด์ หัวแดงเพลิง

    个月 前

    มึงหัวเราะทำไมไอ้หัวหยอง ตบหัวแม่งงง😁😁😁😁

  21. Goku Lothbrok

    Goku Lothbrok

    个月 前

    I hope Chelsea will lose their 2 remaining premier league game and the champion league final in shaa Allah their president gave 80 million dollars for the genocide of palestinian in israel

  22. dash1011


    个月 前

    What is that song playing in the background at cup lifting?

  23. Mona Braud

    Mona Braud

    个月 前

    The real calf symptomatically interest because trumpet synthetically call around a round event. absurd, faded collar

  24. Nanthapong Ek

    Nanthapong Ek

    个月 前


  25. Phoenix Warden

    Phoenix Warden

    个月 前

    Leicester: raise cup with fans around Me a BVB fan: why didn’t we get fans to celebrate with them when they won dfb pokal >:(

  26. แก้ว 2528

    แก้ว 2528

    个月 前

    ผมร้องไห้ดีใจที่สุด ในที่สุดความฝันของคุณวิชัย ก็เป็นจริง มันคือความสุขของเกมส์ฟุตบอล มันคือความทรงจำที่วิเศษ เหนือทุกๆสิ่งผมเห็น ความสุขของแฟนเลสเตอร์ทุกๆคน "มันไม่ใช่แค่เกมส์ฟุตบอล แต่เลสเตอร์คุณคือ ครอบครัว⚽ขอบคุณจากใจ❤️🇹🇭🏆🙏👍

  27. Jordyn03 Raji03

    Jordyn03 Raji03

    个月 前

    Congratulations ⚽️Leicester City🥳 🎊 🎉Champion FACup🏆 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  28. distortdude80


    个月 前

    Tielemans looks like Indonesian

  29. Yovani Parra

    Yovani Parra

    个月 前

    A club where the money isn't the way to be successful just the love for the team and the fans congratulations!!! Anyone knows the name of the song in the background??

  30. G B

    G B

    个月 前

    Congrats from MU fan. This team is amazing.

  31. Forward Slash

    Forward Slash

    个月 前

    Tell me that the fa cup still matters with out telling me the fa cup still matters.

  32. Tony Lawlor

    Tony Lawlor

    个月 前

    "This Wonderful Competition", it was only a matter of years ago when they wanted to scrap the FA cup.

  33. Risty Tyana

    Risty Tyana

    个月 前

    this is happens when you win competition with heart just like movies

  34. Burger R.

    Burger R.

    个月 前

    Congrats from Thailand.

  35. Nuchnapa Chermchansophon

    Nuchnapa Chermchansophon

    个月 前

    I'm not fc to any football team and Thai. The moment is marvellous and shows to us that different people from different countries can work together as an effective team on the basis of equality and respect to each other. LCFC n team, you are all deserved the victory after long waiting for the Cup for 137 years. Hope Leicester team to win more championships in the near future. 👏👏👍👍

  36. Purav J

    Purav J

    个月 前

    Really proud to be a leicester fan 🏆🏆🏆

  37. Boy Rizqi

    Boy Rizqi

    个月 前

    4.20 respect

  38. coons out

    coons out

    个月 前

    nice to see a terrorist team win the english fa cup, god help our game

  39. andrea86


    个月 前

    Anyone knows the name of the song in the moment when they lift the trophy please? I mean no the Kasabian song heard on the following moments

  40. Auto CON

    Auto CON

    个月 前

    Man City I’m counting on you to do same please!! 🙏🙏 London is red

  41. Ivan Codor

    Ivan Codor

    个月 前

    Leicester has replaced arsenal in the pren

  42. szewei1985


    个月 前

    Salute hahahaha

  43. เพชร นํา้แข็งชิ่ง

    เพชร นํา้แข็งชิ่ง

    个月 前


  44. ทีระ เรา

    ทีระ เรา

    个月 前

    Live​you 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  45. Muhammad Haiqal

    Muhammad Haiqal

    个月 前


  46. Leon World

    Leon World

    个月 前

    I dont think Leicester have any antifan

  47. Faathir Muhammad

    Faathir Muhammad

    个月 前

    As the Filberts fans since 2014 (When I know about Kasabian), I'm really happy because I know, it was a mandatory to be happy when your team is win something, but I still keep give the respect for Chelsea, which had trying better.😇😇🦊🦊

  48. Crazy Variety Tv

    Crazy Variety Tv

    个月 前

    Never seen Chairman join to congratulation for a champion with team

  49. Kitsana Chiwisan

    Kitsana Chiwisan

    个月 前


  50. Kitsana Chiwisan

    Kitsana Chiwisan

    个月 前


  51. Memes Production 2456

    Memes Production 2456

    个月 前

    Was Kroenke even at the stadium

  52. Diamond


    个月 前

    LCFC Family 🇹🇭

  53. Davor Belosapkin Gonzalez

    Davor Belosapkin Gonzalez

    个月 前

    Nice to see ppl on the stands and the owner involved and humble!!

  54. ali rahmat

    ali rahmat

    个月 前

    Great celebration Congrats brendan and squad Congrats Leicester City 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  55. Resul Akgül

    Resul Akgül

    个月 前

    01:20 ÇAĞLAR SÖYÜNCÜ 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  56. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos

    个月 前

    Let this sink in...Brendan Rodgers was actually linked with Spurs...Spurs

  57. Gary Unsworth

    Gary Unsworth

    个月 前

    Well done Leicester City this is a poke in the eye to the so called 'big 6' it gives hope to other teams and rightly so

  58. SR7GAMES


    个月 前

    1:44 maddison picking his nose😂😂

  59. Safwan


    个月 前

    Big ups for wesley fofana and choudhury for speaking up for the real cause.🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸✊

  60. Tomáš


    个月 前

    anyone who knows the name of the song played when schmeichel picked up the trophy?

  61. you knowwho

    you knowwho

    个月 前

    United fan. But this Leicester's owner is very special. All about the club!

  62. The Commendable

    The Commendable

    个月 前

    I am thailand and the result will say. Be the first in the world to own a football team in the senior league. That can come down to celebrate the championship with the players in a very friendly way

  63. Nathan wong

    Nathan wong

    个月 前

    what's the song they are playing as LCFC lift the trophy?

  64. you Know It

    you Know It

    个月 前


    • you Know It

      you Know It

      个月 前


    • you Know It

      you Know It

      个月 前


    • you Know It

      you Know It

      个月 前


  65. abhinav kashyap

    abhinav kashyap

    个月 前

    I have seen his more than 10 times today

  66. Kelvin Subero

    Kelvin Subero

    个月 前


  67. Marcello 1992

    Marcello 1992

    个月 前

    I am sick for Arsenal and yesterday I felt the same emotion as if it was he who was beaten, I have a huge affection for Leicester not only for the trophies but as everything started in the last years, it was with great sadness and commotion that we saw the departure of Vichai and yesterday fortunately your child can smile to ease the sadness of his sudden departure. . It's not just football, thank God for these emotions!!!

  68. Lcy Lcy

    Lcy Lcy

    个月 前

    Tahniah..you wins

  69. ALROY Lobo

    ALROY Lobo

    个月 前

    Club owner really loves this game ...n there are other owners who want just money , money n money n nothing else 🤦‍♂️😂

  70. Lenny N

    Lenny N

    个月 前

    For those of you who don't know, this FA Cup win against Chelsea is even more touching because, during the time when Mr. Vichai bought Leicester, he had a fall out with Chelsea as their sponsor. In an interview on Thai channel, Top quote his father saying " One day, I will have a team to compete with Chelsea". It all started from Chelsea. T_T

  71. muqbul muqbul

    muqbul muqbul

    个月 前

    A team from nowhere to somewhere, what a team!

  72. Hunting Boy

    Hunting Boy

    个月 前

    จิ้งจอกสยาม Thailand’s Foxes

  73. Oneil Peterkin

    Oneil Peterkin

    个月 前

    Leicester city tole i dead love the club so much yall can belive me alone carry leicester city where i live 😢😢😭😭still Leicester city is the biggest side rn an i know we gonna beet Chelsea this week😣just do it fi the fans Leicester city 🙌we all a pray fa yall

  74. 마리오


    个月 前


  75. Handoyo 22

    Handoyo 22

    个月 前

    Pray for palestina gaza

  76. shishir acharya

    shishir acharya

    个月 前

    Leicester not only have won the FA Cup ...along with that they have own millions of heart.

  77. MyTube


    个月 前

    Who still remembers this story : Khun Vichai was once a supporter of the Chelsea his long favorite FC. He went to cheer in a match and was treated badly and got insulted by Chelsea staffs. He was disappointed of his favorite FC and made a solemn vow that he would build his own team up from a smaller FC that one day will fight Chelsea equally. Imagine that didn't happen and he didn't buy LCFC. Well, we should thank those Chelsea staffs for that disappointment that had given this splendid owner and his great dad to the LCFC.

  78. Nicholas Yen Kwang Ng

    Nicholas Yen Kwang Ng

    个月 前

    Leicester City is more than a Club! Great owner! Leicester City is a bigger club than Manchester City now!!!

  79. เด็กน้อย แก่แดด shooter

    เด็กน้อย แก่แดด shooter

    个月 前

    I am Thailand Congratulations

  80. Gervi Alvaro

    Gervi Alvaro

    个月 前

    Aku ndelok Leicester ngangkat piala kok ora bosen-bosen yo. Nek kowe kabeh piye??? Sing mudeng omonganku jawab yo!!!

  81. Ujjal Islam

    Ujjal Islam

    个月 前


  82. Nazaruddin Ibrahim

    Nazaruddin Ibrahim

    个月 前

    Thanks fofana and choudhury for support palestine 🇵🇸

  83. Luckas


    个月 前

    Chelsea robbed

  84. thitipont jj

    thitipont jj

    个月 前

    Congrat! Leicester Fan and Kun Tob. from Liverpool"s fan in Thailand "Fearless"

  85. Abdinasir Mohamed

    Abdinasir Mohamed

    个月 前

    Wow! What an owner! That guy is better than my FSG 😂

  86. ไพทูล กองสู

    ไพทูล กองสู

    个月 前




    个月 前


  88. JeepyJeepy1


    个月 前

    Casper is such a great goalkeeper same like his father , Peter must be very proud of his son . congratulation Foxes , finally you did it !! Khun Vichai !! you must be proud of your son too .

  89. Sahil Panwar

    Sahil Panwar

    个月 前

    I didn't expect this video to make me this much happy. 😄

  90. na vu

    na vu

    个月 前

    존나 감동이다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  91. funnyFamilyguyclips


    个月 前

    and people called this small trophy when arsenal won idiots

  92. 쉬고싶다


    个月 前

    와.. 이 구단주 참 멋지네.

  93. Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah

    Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah

    个月 前

    He lifted the trophy and pointed towards his father.....how amazing a feeling it will be. Leicester owners are too connected to every aspect of the club.

  94. Rishabh Rawat

    Rishabh Rawat

    个月 前

    Now I think the main reason for rich clubs to create super league was that they didn't want to lose to a club like Leicester.

  95. supply GamerMan

    supply GamerMan

    个月 前

    4:29 🙏🏻 THAILAND 🤟🏻 ❤️🤍💙🤍❤️

  96. MM  I  NL

    MM I NL

    个月 前

    It was a hands ball 😩

  97. ตรงเป็นตุง


    个月 前

    4:38 Who hand hit their boss??? 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  98. Abudzar Penarik

    Abudzar Penarik

    个月 前

    Save Palestina

  99. Henrietta Hendry

    Henrietta Hendry

    个月 前

    As a celtic fan , i see the attraction for Rodgers now...proper love and backing FROM AN OWNER....something my club sadly lacks.

  100. Chag Channel

    Chag Channel

    个月 前

    Even me not a premier league fans this is so emotionally happy to see this.. congrats foxes