Liz Cheney Canceled by Same People Who Hate Cancel Culture

After 427 days of doing the show without a real audience we were given permission to welcome one lucky person to sit in the crowd tonight, people are hoarding gasoline after a group of hackers shut down the biggest pipeline in the U.S., Republicans voted to remove Liz Cheney from her spot as their third highest ranking member of the House, several lawmakers tried to rewrite history during a hearing about the January 6th attack on the Capitol, Caitlyn Jenner lied about voting in the 2020 election, TikTok is testing out a new program that will allow companies to recruit potential employees, and we look back at a year ago this week for a new edition of “This Week in COVID History.”

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  1. Ella Mae Loftus

    Ella Mae Loftus

    天 前

    Perhaps if she represented the people who voted for her in office, the outcome would have been different. Also perhaps she should think about switching parties. The cloak she has been wearing must be getting heavy.

  2. RandomGuy


    13 天 前

    I reckon Liz should start an alternative party for republicans who still believe that truths matter, the constitution matters, the rule of laws matter.....the list goes on

  3. John Murie

    John Murie

    17 天 前

    The Cabal are planning to do away with Kamala after she makes the deciding crucial vote for Joe Bidens Infrastructure Tax Bill to become Law and then HE dies a few days later as foretold in the Bible. Book of Daniel 11:20. Joe Biden is the EXACTOR as written in the Bible. Book of Daniel 11:20. Glory to Holy Clean Jesus Christ my MERCIFUL MASTER Amen

  4. Ana Paik

    Ana Paik

    18 天 前

    Congress should investigate this gas shirtage. It feels like another Don jr's scheme to pull money...

  5. Sun Devil

    Sun Devil

    24 天 前

    As someone who lived in the south for a minute, there is something WRONG with those people.

  6. Dominic O'brien

    Dominic O'brien

    26 天 前

    You might actually be the worst human being on this planet you should be ashamed of yourself

  7. Vargas Family

    Vargas Family

    28 天 前

    2:35 She wore the right shorts.

  8. Chris Cody

    Chris Cody

    个月 前

    Maybe we should take a "tourist visit" to Clyde's office

  9. jeremy johnson

    jeremy johnson

    个月 前

    "Removed" and "Cancelled" are not the same thing. She is free to do whatever else she wants.

    • Eva Andersson

      Eva Andersson

      26 天 前

      The cancel culture, in The Republican party, will only benefit the Democrats, so continue the purge please, GOP!

  10. Bonginkosi Magagula

    Bonginkosi Magagula

    个月 前

    10:40 wtf don

  11. Kande69


    个月 前

    God bless Liz Cheney!!! She will always have my vote !!!!

  12. Kathleen Bledsoe

    Kathleen Bledsoe

    个月 前

    Honestly, I'm not a conservative person, but I feel bad for her. She did the right thing though.

  13. Curtis Johnson

    Curtis Johnson

    个月 前


  14. Vritika Bhatia

    Vritika Bhatia

    个月 前

    The lavish tea conventionally ban because glass functionally watch onto a common bubble. witty, near country

  15. Sean Gelarden

    Sean Gelarden

    个月 前

    It's theatre she was set free to provide a plan B and will come riding over the hill waving her banner of truth in time for the next presidential election to counter Harris

  16. Bill Forsyth

    Bill Forsyth

    个月 前

    When you thought the orange one leaving the White House would be the end of crazy people in politics!!

  17. Bill Forsyth

    Bill Forsyth

    个月 前

    Keep pointing out the crazy way people are trying to explain and justify Jan 6

  18. JanusAtTheGate


    个月 前

    The whinies are cancel on speed, like Trump.

  19. Gwen Heath

    Gwen Heath

    个月 前

    Jimmy don't really have to say anything. He looks funny! If he just stood there, I'd laugh!

  20. Martin Smith

    Martin Smith

    个月 前

    Bitter, Horrible , Mean, Nasty-- those words perfectly describe You , MR. TRUMP ⚠️❗ Do you ever seriously listen to yourself ⁉️

  21. charles skidmore

    charles skidmore

    个月 前

    People in the usa are so incredibly stupid look how many still voted for trump and still think he's a god even after seeing his handy work for 4 years people need to turn off fox news and newsmax they are killing our country

  22. Heidi Ann

    Heidi Ann

    个月 前

    You are a ishane Jimmy .. Good lordy

  23. Jersey Pete

    Jersey Pete

    个月 前

    Why is the video so dark???

  24. Kazil Ziya

    Kazil Ziya

    个月 前

    Of course everyone on a tourist visit brakes the windows and attacks the police. That must be the cost of admittance. Thanks for clearing that up.

  25. Charles Lee

    Charles Lee

    个月 前

    They are probably friends of baby hands Donnie. I bet it was his idea to scam more money out of America.

  26. Jami Fitz

    Jami Fitz

    个月 前

    Congrats to James !! I wish you could have plugged his business in someway... Hes awesome !!! Loved him being so upbeat & fun !!

  27. Richard Servello

    Richard Servello

    个月 前

    Me laughing while plugging my EV into the garage.

  28. Ally Anders

    Ally Anders

    个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel is the worst talk show host ever

  29. Euxim Garcia

    Euxim Garcia

    个月 前

    James is the Best Audience Of 2021 HAHAHAHAHAAHA

  30. Divine Falcon

    Divine Falcon

    个月 前

    Professional organizer aka. OCD as a paid job.

  31. ahmad abed

    ahmad abed

    个月 前

    The chunky jason radiographically undress because wind biomechanically welcome atop a taboo notify. moldy, ritzy millimeter

  32. cokesquirrel


    个月 前

    I swear I thought that was gonna be Matt Damon As the 1 audience member

  33. Alfonso Macias

    Alfonso Macias

    个月 前

    Well you got to start someone thats 1 😆

  34. Jasper Levien

    Jasper Levien

    个月 前

    The crew is like..."new person!!!"

  35. Jasper Levien

    Jasper Levien

    个月 前

    I need an organizer!

  36. Marcos Mota

    Marcos Mota

    个月 前

    Just occurred to me that the voice of *CoViD History* sounds a bit like the *honey badger don't care* sketch voice-over guy.

  37. Magnus Mad Krantz

    Magnus Mad Krantz

    个月 前

    First Lady of Kentucky. Love it.

  38. Nicholas Conder

    Nicholas Conder

    个月 前

    I love Trump projecting his own personality and defects onto Liz Cheney.

  39. Pepe


    个月 前

    Why does Trumpito keep capitalizing the word country? 🙄

  40. Ivan Orozco

    Ivan Orozco

    个月 前

    that tik tok was cringey af lol

  41. christian J fortunato

    christian J fortunato

    个月 前

    They took pictures because they are STUPID

  42. Jessie Eli

    Jessie Eli

    个月 前

    OMG Is this a real person talking? Moron!

  43. Beachgirl4truth


    个月 前

    Liz Cheney was REMOVED because she clearly supports the aggressive globalist, socialist POLITICAL agenda of the new MARXIST Democrat Party!! The GOP and overwhelming MAJORITY of Republican VOTERS support Trump’s “America First” agenda and are SERIOUS about REMOVING & REPLACING ALL of the “establishment RINOS” who’ve done NOTHING to protect the America people or our sovereignty!!

    • Beachgirl4truth


      个月 前

      @Kelly Marie Oh I GOT IT alright!! You’re just so shallow that, instead of TRYING to discuss political differences of OPINION in a civil, intelligent matter, all YOU know how to do is CRITICIZE my writing style!!

    • Kelly Marie

      Kelly Marie

      个月 前

      @Beachgirl4truth Guess you didn't get the whole RANDOM remark.. Grow up little girl. You made the comment to be read.

    • Beachgirl4truth


      个月 前

      @Kelly Marie It’s NOT random, Kelly, it’s for EMPHASIS!! If it ANNOYS you, DON’T read my comments anymore!! That’s the thing that’s WRONG with “cancel culture,” people like you take it too far!! Instead of just putting your big girl panties on and NOT READING comments like mine that emphasize words with CAPITAL letters, you have to draw attention to yourself by WHINING about it!! I feel sorry for you, Kelly, I’d much rather be having a nice conversation debating an issue respectfully with someone with different ideas than answering your whining about my use of capital letters!! Just can’t help but wonder, does it ALSO bother you to read comments that have 2 exclamation points or 2 question marks??😂

    • Kelly Marie

      Kelly Marie

      个月 前

      Stop with the random capitalization. It's annoying to read.

  44. L G

    L G

    个月 前

    Normal touring visit!?... ok... lets visit him! ... you know... jan 6th normal touring way...

  45. TroColp68


    个月 前

    Hey Jimmy... Just because your name is on the voting rolls, doesn't mean you voted... I've never physically voted in any election, but I damned well went in and made it look like I was voting.... I can easily spoil my ballot by writing own name in or just choosing ALL of the above...

  46. Erick Protz

    Erick Protz

    个月 前

    Wasn't Jimmy cancelled?

  47. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    个月 前

    What's sad is that a lot of this paranoid bunker attitude stems from the cold war and villainizing political opponents. 'Member when random families vied for the Crown and tore up the country doing so? How is partisan politics any different? We are in the midst of what I can only call the cold war of the roses.

  48. Eduardo Barrera

    Eduardo Barrera

    个月 前

    Jimmy Hannity wants to throw hands I say you give it to him. Weakest threat I have ever heard. Lol

  49. Deadshot


    个月 前

    The “First Lady of Kentucky” line was gross. Women don’t claim that guy any more than we claim Jenner.

  50. Ed List

    Ed List

    个月 前

    Jimmy sucks!!!!!!

  51. Karen V Tech Gal

    Karen V Tech Gal

    个月 前

    She didn't get canceled the people spoke they voted for her they bought her out that's all. 🤗🎵

  52. Barney42 Goldie

    Barney42 Goldie

    个月 前

    'no personality or heart.' Oh the irony Donald!!

  53. I_Monk


    个月 前

    most courageuos person in US currently ---> Liz Chenney ... she may have singlehandedly saved the constitution from a wann be dictator orange clown

  54. I_Monk


    个月 前

    trum p clown car has build a political mafia machine in the last 4 yrs which he is using for his power grab, retributions, GQP puppet control.. he knows how to control the media, spread fake lies/news..HE IS THE MOST DANGER TO THE REPUBLIC ... !!! LOCK HIM UP !!!! NOW !

  55. Amanda Albrecht

    Amanda Albrecht

    个月 前

    Well that does resemble tourists trying to get on the new Disney World ride

  56. Zane Hawkins

    Zane Hawkins

    个月 前

    This coming from the simp who screamed black lives matter on T.V. so he wouldn't get canceled himself. 🤣😂🤣😂

  57. Brad Carlson

    Brad Carlson

    个月 前

    If the guest is fully vaccinated then why the mask, still can't figure that out

  58. Brad Carlson

    Brad Carlson

    个月 前

    People hoarding gas in America, idiocracy at its finest.

  59. Cyndi Anderson

    Cyndi Anderson

    个月 前

    OMG I thought Trump could not say anything stupid or than he has the last 456 however many years LOL but this one takes the cake I am not a Liz fan but what the Republicans are doing is just asinine!

  60. G Eee

    G Eee

    个月 前

    It would have been soo funny if that one person was Liz Cheney 😂😂

  61. Christy jodiehg

    Christy jodiehg

    个月 前

    The hot huge uncle postauricularly moan because north korea relatedly polish an a powerful block. aloof, rapid airbus

  62. f1s2hg3


    个月 前

    Your advertising is crap

  63. Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson

    个月 前

    Doug seems like a fun guy to work with.. hire that man!

  64. 3SKB-2218M


    个月 前

    Keep rolling, Kimmel. I dig it.

  65. Pia Funes Bakker

    Pia Funes Bakker

    个月 前

    Thank you 🙏 For the people and justice for all ! 👏

  66. ahnanda68


    个月 前

    This is how I know I was f'd I can't believe January 6th even occurred. How effing how did Donald Trump become president okay you can buy your way into anything welcome to stupidity society

  67. Pandas are cool

    Pandas are cool

    个月 前

    Trump's gone so now Jimmy has to go back in time even further. Pathetic.

  68. Naggur Beej

    Naggur Beej

    个月 前

    "...THIS knowitall." OMG LOLOLOL. And the voice on the guy that does these bits...too much LOL

  69. April Devine

    April Devine

    个月 前

    Caitlin Jenner has realized that to be a Republican you have to lie about everything.

  70. Ikaika Cricket

    Ikaika Cricket

    个月 前

    The guest is so spot on!!

  71. Marianne D

    Marianne D

    个月 前

    Enough is enough. Any Republican who doesn't leave Trump's cult or the party immediately does not care about our democracy 😡😡😡😡😡

  72. JustA Dad

    JustA Dad

    个月 前

    Anyone noticed, Mitch has said nothing about Trump being classless for insulting a sitting President. But we all know why, he is classless, has no integrity, don't care about any President. We know he only care about himself ... but here is Trump, ironic champion of liberals, in that he is defeating Mitch and destroying what the genetically altered turtle, has spend a life time building.

  73. sean sperber

    sean sperber

    个月 前

    We replaced our elected officials because they didn’t rep those who they were supposed to . Instead got in bed with big corps and military industrial complex. Not cancel cultural. Damn he is struggling since trump

  74. Tom Vana

    Tom Vana

    个月 前

    Hypocritical left.

  75. Chris


    个月 前

    “In America no one suffers and everyone is super rich. I won’t test if my theory is correct, only assume, and therefore it’s 100% true. Also, anyone questioning me is nasty. I’m a petulant, obstinate and emotional child”,.. - Ladies and gentlemen, America’s 45th President

  76. laraza74dhr


    个月 前

    This was so funny and so true.😂😂😂

  77. Mythryl12


    个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel, once again proving that there's nothing he can't get wrong. Cheney wasn't 'cancelled'. Cancelled is when you are removed from a position for views that have nothing to do with that position. Cheney was removed for being bad at her job. As a party leader, it's her job to focus on the party's priorities. It is not a priority for the GOP to keep talking about the views of a man that is no longer President, and there is no need to 'lead' the party away from him since it was that very same GOP that also ultimately voted to ratify the election that he lost. No matter how conservative she is 'normally', it's ridiculous of her to be constantly acting as the talking head for all the left wing media regarding her views of Trump. If she were to have been fired for simply having different views, she would have been fired the first time when she voted to impeach. But she wasn't, because it wasn't her views that made it worth firing her. It's her failure to lead. Kimmel is an intellectual infant.

  78. budbuddybuddest


    个月 前

    Republicans voting out such a solid Republican as Liz Cheney is extremely myopic for the Republican Party. They are devouring their own. All the Republican men laid down to be gelded (castrated) by Trump. However, Liz Cheney is a gutsy woman who all the Republican geldings can't castrate. Wyoming's citizens are rugged and respect strength. They are going to re-elect her or elect her to the Senate. As a Democrat I respect her for sticking to her guns. She is a tough opponent to Democrats but I respect her as an honorable opponent.

  79. Chris


    个月 前

    To call the Capitol insurrection a tourist event is like calling a trip to Jerusalem a vacation trip right now. Perhaps he should go,..

  80. Justin


    个月 前

    Republicans don't believe in irony

  81. Michael R.

    Michael R.

    个月 前

    Jim needs to be canceled

    • Michael R.

      Michael R.

      个月 前

      @Erica Hall hi satanist

    • Erica Hall

      Erica Hall

      个月 前

      You're a strong believer in cancel culture? You must be a Republican, following your devoted leader's footsteps!

  82. idriss buni

    idriss buni

    个月 前

    Damn 😂 never ceased to amaze me. USA USA USA

  83. arrowguy173


    个月 前

    Pepe Le Pew was never cancelled. Sorry millennials, you lose. A cat somehow always getting a white stripe on its back is genius. Not everything that existed before you were born is bad. Get a sense of humor.

  84. Avacado?? Mango? Banana???

    Avacado?? Mango? Banana???

    个月 前

    idk why but god. kimmel is maybe 500x better than fallon

  85. Lynette Wilson

    Lynette Wilson

    个月 前

    They were breaking windows and spreading their turds on the walls what tourists does things like that and they were attacking the capital police what tourists does that?

  86. Marc Touss

    Marc Touss

    个月 前

    that moron had the audacity to say that they went to the capitol in an "orderly fashion"... what the hell man...

  87. Marc Touss

    Marc Touss

    个月 前

    james is the black guillermo... "yes i have jimmy!"... haha...

  88. Penny Wells

    Penny Wells

    个月 前

    I mentioned cancel culture to a supporter of canceling liz, and their head exploded

  89. Sharon Gamble

    Sharon Gamble

    个月 前

    Liz Cheney said the Biden administration's policies are bad for the U.S. and evil. Maybe that's why she was "cancelled".

  90. fishman nematode

    fishman nematode

    个月 前

    The lady jumping in the window getting blasted

    • fishman nematode

      fishman nematode

      个月 前

      Door window* Lol

  91. Limerick's Finest

    Limerick's Finest

    个月 前

    Hey MAGA's don't fill plastic bags with gasoline M'Kay

  92. COTUS 2

    COTUS 2

    个月 前

    Cancel culture ? We are experiencing “ Political-CANCER “ culture ! !

  93. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia

    个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmels voice in cringy. Whiny little man.

  94. Jairo Molina

    Jairo Molina

    个月 前

    Political satire at its BEST!



    个月 前

    No the dumbest thing is we are giving DarkSide is getting too much attention. Which will only make them do it again. Gov should know this! Like Trump their names or actions needs no attention. But we are still giving both air. Why?

  96. J. Daniel

    J. Daniel

    个月 前

    Don't publicize the former shiitbag's comments.

  97. Mitchell Saa

    Mitchell Saa

    个月 前

    hahaha tried to hide in the bathroom and no republican will let her in LMFAO



    个月 前

    Why should we listen to a clearly overqualified and beyond well-educated so-called "doctor" when it comes to the facts about the pandemic we are currently trying to get through. We'd better listen to the President instead because he got... elected... in office and says... a bunch of... stuff that makes me feel better and... he... goes against big government and does things... for us! Yeah, for us!!! That's my president Trump 2024 WOOOOOO YEAAAAAAH Trump, greatest guy on earth and he knows everything about everything because he's rich WOOOOOO!!!



    个月 前

    How the hell did James get so lucky to be the one real audience member? And it's hilarious that he's mic'ed up so we can hear his individual responses lol

  100. Mukelo Rata

    Mukelo Rata

    个月 前

    Republicans hate cancel culture unless they’re the ones who are doing it. Republicans hate corruption unless they’re the ones who are doing it. Republicans hate riots unless they’re the ones who are doing it. Republicans love hypocrisy because they’re the ones who are doing it.