J. Cole's 1st Points of His Pro Basketball Career


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  1. Highlight Heaven

    Highlight Heaven

    个月 前

    They didn’t even mention it on the broadcast :(



      个月 前


    • a guy from nz

      a guy from nz

      个月 前

      Ohhhh nooo they are treating a millionaire as a normal person. How sad

    • Highlight Heaven

      Highlight Heaven

      个月 前

      @Jeffrey Okyere-danso that’s cap

    • the bomb3762

      the bomb3762

      个月 前

      That’s probably because it’s the first season every for the ABL so they literally know none of the players. Yeah we know J Cole but they probably don’t so give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • Sophisticated Warriors Fan

      Sophisticated Warriors Fan

      个月 前

      @GAVAN W

  2. Archie Godwin

    Archie Godwin

    个月 前

    He literally got drafted in the NBA and leaves

  3. Sid Howard

    Sid Howard

    个月 前

    Get him a 10 day contract

  4. Sobber Machuca

    Sobber Machuca

    个月 前

    Basket ball American

  5. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan

    个月 前

    you mean Tobias Harris

  6. Fame Montana

    Fame Montana

    个月 前

    Cole just out here living his life man. No regrets

  7. Steve Maweu Jr.

    Steve Maweu Jr.

    个月 前

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  8. wokeson


    个月 前

    Trying to get the 100% achievement for life

  9. Hey Buddy RL

    Hey Buddy RL

    个月 前

    so close to one mil

  10. Big Dino

    Big Dino

    个月 前

    Mans done pulled a Dave chapelle on us.

  11. Fed420 0

    Fed420 0

    个月 前

    This whole basketball shit embarrassing for J Cole. I thought these famous people doing boxing matches was bad, but this tops that 💯

  12. William Kaneck

    William Kaneck

    个月 前

    Pro?? Bahahaaa!! This is NOT pro

  13. John Brian

    John Brian

    个月 前

    “Rebound so I caught it off the backboard” 🔥

  14. Unknown


    个月 前

    lmao wtf

  15. Slime Season ひ

    Slime Season ひ

    个月 前


  16. Sean G

    Sean G

    个月 前

    Shootin like he never played the point more 2 guard. I see u big fella!

  17. The Master

    The Master

    个月 前

    Jermaine cole

  18. royal mcmorris

    royal mcmorris

    个月 前

    My idol right there

  19. Robert Dickerson

    Robert Dickerson

    个月 前

    If he make it back ,win a ring and #1 album the same year,#THEPOSSIBILITIES

  20. Icy Bray

    Icy Bray

    个月 前

    Hold up is this d league

  21. John Doe

    John Doe

    个月 前

    Jermaine?! Cole?!

  22. Edward Herrera

    Edward Herrera

    个月 前

    How's Jermaine Cole ? Why is he important?

  23. U 8

    U 8

    个月 前

    If jcole was on nba2k he would be a 60overall glass-cleaner with no badges but rebounds #needVC

  24. Issachar Bryant

    Issachar Bryant

    个月 前


  25. Just Matt Here

    Just Matt Here

    个月 前

    Tobias Harris looking a little out of shape

  26. Jacob Soldat

    Jacob Soldat

    个月 前

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  27. Dylicious


    个月 前

    He’s. Setting. An. Example. Remember the name.

  28. Terrie Obermiller

    Terrie Obermiller

    个月 前

    The foregoing quail superfamily include because case inadvertently flap opposite a poor playroom. enthusiastic, unkempt zinc

  29. UBQ TV

    UBQ TV

    个月 前

    I’m going pro in Costa Rica

  30. Himmy Lau

    Himmy Lau

    个月 前

    Middle Child

  31. Terry Simmons TV

    Terry Simmons TV

    个月 前

    NEW VIDEO! 🙌🏼 cnglobal.info/faq/l3VrYZ2yo2yBp5k/sh-p-n.html

  32. Matthew Shafer

    Matthew Shafer

    个月 前

    What the hell is this ? So....Basketball clubs, right ? God that's annoying ! Even when it's acceptable to call a team a club, which in basketball it isn't, they don't actually right it out because of the redundancy.

  33. Christopher


    个月 前

    Is anyone else going to say it? J Cole is not a good basketball player and it's obvious. Rapper privilege.

  34. ennyyyable


    个月 前

    did they change the patriots bbc to patriots bc? what a downgrade x)

  35. That Politically Incorrect Black Guy

    That Politically Incorrect Black Guy

    个月 前

    I really admire this guy. He’s really living out his dreams.

  36. Mike Cristop

    Mike Cristop

    个月 前

    this proves, he's better than drake

  37. Demon


    个月 前

    Bro how is he good at everything he does

  38. Josh Guo

    Josh Guo

    个月 前

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  39. Greg Pal

    Greg Pal

    个月 前

    Haha looks funny but it’s real too lazy to check out the highlights but I wonder how he played

  40. Max B

    Max B

    个月 前

    That man layup was ugly as shit. Looked like he threw out his back for a second.

  41. Ronaldisthenoob XCYT3GAMING

    Ronaldisthenoob XCYT3GAMING

    个月 前

    First thing first Rest In Peace uncle Phil

  42. Kellen Jones

    Kellen Jones

    个月 前

    Jermaine?! Cole?!

  43. KuroBushi


    个月 前

    Wait jcole actually went pro? I thought he was just playing for fun one time for my la sisters this is Jermaine Lamarr Cole he already won life and now he's a hooper?

  44. w3vvy N3body

    w3vvy N3body

    个月 前

    jermaine coleeeeeeeeee

  45. sliqsi


    个月 前

    Mans balled in the booth and now on the court... cmon nowwww

  46. Mag Jan

    Mag Jan

    个月 前

    So inspirational! Better late than never

  47. NBAZ3ntx


    个月 前

    this is awesome. he is doing the most out of his life

  48. Joseph Church700 Hernandez

    Joseph Church700 Hernandez

    个月 前

    What a meatball lol

  49. TDP RAW


    个月 前

    J Cole looking good out there

  50. D.M.E S

    D.M.E S

    个月 前

    if J.Cole ever drops 50 in a game we all know that an album is coming

  51. Anthony L. Kelly

    Anthony L. Kelly

    个月 前

    This is how many points Jermaine Cole will have playing basketball. 👇🏿

  52. Joe Foster

    Joe Foster

    个月 前

    Mans was just running

  53. Hunter Matthews

    Hunter Matthews

    个月 前

    Who won this game?

  54. Jeroma Atkins

    Jeroma Atkins

    个月 前

    The abortive trick diagnostically sigh because low phylogenitically continue aside a ripe fact. muddled, melodic carpenter

  55. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee

    个月 前

    He literally didn’t do anything why are people hype about this.

  56. Time Traveling Old Man

    Time Traveling Old Man

    个月 前

    He couldn't make it into the NBA so he's now scraping the barrel. If he's having fun though that's all that matters.

  57. Craven LeVay

    Craven LeVay

    个月 前

    lolol Where they are because who they are! I would destroy these Lames!!!!

  58. Lorenzo Dawkins

    Lorenzo Dawkins

    个月 前

    Watching BAL all summer

  59. where jobs grow on Jobies

    where jobs grow on Jobies

    个月 前

    Lmao buddy what I cole doing 😂 all for an album

  60. Jayson Colbert

    Jayson Colbert

    个月 前

    Simba Has Returned

  61. Chesscom Support

    Chesscom Support

    个月 前

    What an offseason Belichick is having! First Hunter Henry, then Nelson Agholor, and now J Cole!

  62. Chase Whalen

    Chase Whalen

    个月 前

    He had 3 points

  63. Lemon Beats

    Lemon Beats

    个月 前

    And it’s little old Jermaine, this was beautiful fir some reason

  64. mightyhealthy


    个月 前

    Fuck a side quest, this nigga is doing new game plus. God damn.

  65. Frostshokula


    个月 前

    Jermaine...Cole?! The real is back, the ville is back. Flow bananas, here, peel this back Cole?!

  66. ZKL


    个月 前

    Teammate: Cole want to hit this 3 ? J Cole: yeah bruh Teammate: when you want to hit this 3? J Cole: can I hit it in the morning?

  67. Troll


    个月 前

    Lol okay

  68. YY


    个月 前

    That weak ass point

  69. kalem rhodriguez

    kalem rhodriguez

    个月 前

    I thought Cole was go dunk that

  70. Isaiha Beltran

    Isaiha Beltran

    个月 前

    Is he even in shape or he out there running like it’s pick up ? 🤷🏽

  71. Opened box

    Opened box

    个月 前

    Why is he playing basketball I thought he makes music?

  72. Horus Hyperion

    Horus Hyperion

    个月 前

    If J Cole can be 36 and haven't played professionally B ball in a decade , ig anything is possible.

  73. Cyril Jones

    Cyril Jones

    个月 前


  74. Hussle From WST

    Hussle From WST

    个月 前

    he's dropping heat while dropping people

  75. Ali thebassGOd

    Ali thebassGOd

    个月 前

    Me: Jermaine?! Random person: Yes Me: Cole?! Random person: Yesss!!

  76. Yasser Idris

    Yasser Idris

    个月 前

    Jermaine Cole

  77. Laurel Campbell

    Laurel Campbell

    个月 前

    The moldy hubcap specially touch because mailman ipsilaterally annoy vice a nine celsius. numerous, shut aquarius

  78. GamingBeFly


    个月 前

    He got an offensive board too. Nice way to start your career

  79. Just Another Youtuber

    Just Another Youtuber

    个月 前

    Mans just sold 300K now he getting buckets he living life like a gta character

  80. Romelu


    个月 前

    J Cole in 2022: The Rookie Season

  81. Green Management

    Green Management

    个月 前

    Take the money back home U.S is good



    个月 前


  83. Green Management

    Green Management

    个月 前

    Give that man 20 Reia

  84. Xavier Wilson

    Xavier Wilson

    个月 前

    The back of his jersey better say GOAT

  85. Sapphire Entertainment [Gemaconda]

    Sapphire Entertainment [Gemaconda]

    个月 前

    ok but what about that guy with 40 steals

  86. Kill Da Opps

    Kill Da Opps

    个月 前

    Big difference between this nigga & drizzy don't get it fcked up

  87. Ashton Crutchfield

    Ashton Crutchfield

    个月 前

    chicago bulls wya?😂

  88. Jujo


    个月 前

    Is that Jermaine Cole!? 💀💀

  89. Malik D

    Malik D

    个月 前

    That’s right Cole!!

  90. TDDaCavsFan


    个月 前

    What was his stat line this game?

  91. A Man With A Brain

    A Man With A Brain

    个月 前

    Illuminati industry plant you people are entertained by

  92. Joe Pannu

    Joe Pannu

    个月 前

    Dude looks like Javale!

  93. rolando frias

    rolando frias

    个月 前

    Could have got a dunk if the other man woulda passed that

  94. Malik7ic


    个月 前

    “We liVing IN the Matrix!!”

  95. Phillip Small

    Phillip Small

    个月 前

    Damn I actually seen that play happen and didn't even know it was him...

  96. EhhYo Mikey

    EhhYo Mikey

    个月 前

    Lol that was an ugly shoot, wait this is pro 🤦‍♂️

  97. Bob Tea jr.

    Bob Tea jr.

    个月 前

    You’re kidding me...he plays pro now!!!

  98. Mackolm X

    Mackolm X

    个月 前

    Knowing that Cole is 36 makes me realize that I’m getting old. Like 10 years ago I was jamming Friday Night Lights

    • SaucyX4 •

      SaucyX4 •

      个月 前

      I’m 21 and lowkey feel old 😂

    • Thecuttingej 8

      Thecuttingej 8

      个月 前

      Makes me feel old i did a mural of the return of simba art my senior year lol

  99. Justin Cady

    Justin Cady

    个月 前

    He took somebody’s roster spot that has been working their whole life for. That’s f***** up. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  100. Phil Sinex

    Phil Sinex

    个月 前

    Way to follow the play J