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    天 前


  2. Starduckie


    7 天 前


  3. しふぁ夢子


    7 天 前




    23 天 前

    I am indonesia people but from JAVAAA :V

  5. Gustavo Ch.グスタボCh

    Gustavo Ch.グスタボCh

    个月 前

    Coco fue genial directo de REVISION DE MEMES DE REDDIT Junto a MOONA!! y realmente fue muy asombroso revisiones de memes ustedes son muy lindas oh esto momento siempre los voy a extrañar con cada miembro pero te amo coco tambien a ti moona oh lindo momento cuando moona gonzales junto a coco gonzales legendario momento minuto 17:45 mas moona hablando español fue hermoso.

  6. RaGiAn87


    个月 前

    34:18 Since Coco already knew she was graduating soon she really wanted Moona to know how much she appreciates her for inviting her to Usaken before she left. Coco was playing minecraft alone most of the time but Moona took her in and gave her all those fun memories with the rest of Usaken. This was a beautiful teetee moment I'll always remember as long as I'm a hololive fan.

  7. Steven Adhityawan Sonjaya

    Steven Adhityawan Sonjaya

    个月 前


  8. Eason Ng

    Eason Ng

    个月 前

    53:13 *"They can't never kill me "* . That doesn't age well

    • Eason Ng

      Eason Ng

      个月 前

      @Yonatan yeah but the shitpost review will never be the same again

    • Yonatan


      个月 前

      Well they didn't kill Coco

  9. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    个月 前


  10. 김상민


    个月 前

    Isn't it Korean? I mean Ina chan

  11. Leticia Zee

    Leticia Zee

    个月 前

    53:33 ...>

  12. 『Z』


    个月 前


  13. Hirami Kuharu

    Hirami Kuharu

    个月 前

    Ah yes the last reddit meme review with usaken co

  14. Rayyan Rizqi Zaidan

    Rayyan Rizqi Zaidan

    个月 前

    Good thing kaichou fulfill the promise she made with moona on moona birthday celebration :'( imagine if its never happen

    • Ren Tanaka

      Ren Tanaka

      个月 前

      I think the door for meme review was always open and Kaichou was waiting for Moona. She finally went on when she knew her time with Kaichou is near the end.

  15. AuRevoir


    个月 前

    Thank you for always being kind to Moona and all the Hololive ID members I hope you can meet all the Hololive ID members in Japan one day🧡🧡

  16. Nafutto ID

    Nafutto ID

    个月 前

    And moona was the only ID member to appear on meme review. Sedih bgt astaga... We love you kaichou, thanks for the hardwork all this time ❤.

    • Gung Krisna

      Gung Krisna

      个月 前

      @JTX8000 kiara bakal jadi yang terakhir

    • JTX8000


      个月 前

      Belum tentu, masih ada waktu sebelum tanggal 1 Juli, mingdep Ame, mungkin Minggu depannya lagi mungkin shion yang dituda, and there's still 1 more sunday

    • kyewlo6


      个月 前

      iya , padahal pengen review meme ama Ollie

  17. anthony richey

    anthony richey

    个月 前

    whoever did the boss pushing coco out the window meme, first off great job. unfortunately you missed the pure gold it would've been if contrary to our expectations from the meme format but consistent with the yagoo disappointment memes it was yagoo falling, having thrown himself out in disappointment.

  18. Troy Satto

    Troy Satto

    个月 前

    it was a really fun ride with you Kiryu, we will truly miss you and will continue to support you even if you aren't here

  19. Ragna


    个月 前

    48:00 Let it sink in that the person who made this meme was trilingual. Yep.

  20. 琳檎


    个月 前

    The earth really has the moon and the another moon, NASA said. But,the another moon are unstable and going to leave from the earth in a few years later. I saw that in Twitter news,so it may be wrong.

  21. Jon Wicked

    Jon Wicked

    个月 前

    I will like to make the case that watame and Subaru deserve to be promoted to the Japanese and good English or to the Japanese and trying their best at least

  22. 3Rton


    个月 前

    Hmm. I wonder if being compared in english skills to Marin and Pekora is the biggest insult A-chan has experienced so far at Hololive. EDIT: Coco so shooked she forgot to clap hands kek

  23. Raxius


    个月 前

    When Pekora and Marine are in good English but not Shuba and Neneseal :(

  24. Nikkaido


    个月 前

    what a blast collab! moona really growing up, in the past she'll probably be so shy.

  25. Drix Ingara

    Drix Ingara

    个月 前

    What is this next to likes and dislikes?

  26. Thiago Ferro

    Thiago Ferro

    个月 前

    18:40 Ela disse! YEAAAAAH!

  27. Kai1300


    个月 前

    18:50 que gracioso esa parte que dicen el p$%#$ amigos

  28. Александр Коротецкий

    Александр Коротецкий

    个月 前

    Moona killin' while Coco dealin' 52:18

  29. Ryan Irwandi

    Ryan Irwandi

    个月 前

    54:42 did coco just say ' pekora mitte'!?!??🤣🤣🤣

  30. 高卒のしゃちく


    个月 前

    34:58 ~ここからのB級映画感すき

  31. daniel CL

    daniel CL

    个月 前


  32. POLMAO


    个月 前

    Dang.. ID finally. The amount of flirting from a certain Zombie is going to be off the charts once it happens.

  33. Zalev Setzeron

    Zalev Setzeron

    个月 前

    That Coco quest Video was seriously amazing! Great stream Coco!

  34. Charkid177


    个月 前


  35. Gin Toki

    Gin Toki

    个月 前

    Just want to point out about the language tier list - Aki knows a lot of English and she definitely belongs to Japanese and good English tier.

  36. Allan Noe Muñoz

    Allan Noe Muñoz

    个月 前

    35:08 The End lol 😆



    个月 前

    meme review with ollie 😆

  38. Kordiark Lindworm コルヂアク

    Kordiark Lindworm コルヂアク

    个月 前

    Moona and Coco really vibe with each other that this just become the liveliest and perhaps funniest meme review. Gosh, I'm so proud of Moona's growth from shy girl to become a Moon Goddess!

  39. Casual Filth

    Casual Filth

    个月 前

    Luna & Moona are both Moon Idols but there is enough space for two moons

  40. Spuddzilla2


    个月 前

    CNglobal closed captions are such a joke. I love these reddit videos though even if I can't understand a lot 😎

  41. The Major

    The Major

    个月 前

    Earth has 2 moons, The Moon and Cruithne.

  42. The Major

    The Major

    个月 前

    Cocoquest was epic, almost as good as the original meme, BrodyQuest, man that's an old meme, never expected it to become a hololive meme..

  43. CornBreadtm


    个月 前

    Moona: "Lets kill them..." *Dawn of the first day*

  44. Raukj Ale

    Raukj Ale

    个月 前

    Coco:"You know memes moona?" Moona:"memes are me, why u even ask?"

  45. Tyler D

    Tyler D

    个月 前

    41:30 Ah yes, the casual polygamy of Hololive.

  46. Fola steele

    Fola steele

    个月 前

    Coco: stop making shitty Japanese Memes Also Coco:Make shitty Japanese memes Note: I post to write this immediately after on pausing the video Moona made this exact point

  47. Undead Godzilla.undead king of zombie monsters

    Undead Godzilla.undead king of zombie monsters

    个月 前

    Kyriu coco the bringer of chaos askoko for the askoko goddess

  48. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User

    个月 前

    this put a smile on my face

  49. ふぇりす


    个月 前

    インドネシアでクソ過ぎて閲覧できないラビットよwww ちゃんと規制してる国はやってやるんだなw

  50. Avi Krev

    Avi Krev

    个月 前

    Is it just me or moona with pekora’s eyes looks unsettling af?

  51. くんエッチ


    个月 前

    34:57 No se que acabo de ver pero me gusto :D Don't try drugs kids >w

  52. penguin ronin

    penguin ronin

    个月 前

    Coco: i have yagoo Reditors:we have matsuri There s no part you win this fight

  53. Zigado


    个月 前

    Kaaaaaaichou~~~~~~~ I am so happy you get to stream with others properly now!!!! This episode was amazing as always. Ollie episode when?!

  54. Vladivsky


    个月 前

    As a javanese, i approved the javanese meme

  55. KEI Mutsuki

    KEI Mutsuki

    个月 前

    1枚目のmeme センス良過ぎん???

  56. ja_underscore_


    个月 前

    37:27 "Yagoo is a monster""he already is a monster"

  57. Sohun Lee / 李昭勳

    Sohun Lee / 李昭勳

    个月 前

    3:43 개인용

  58. Lomix


    个月 前

    Need more BTS memes. B - Buku T - Tatang S - Sutarman

  59. ARTER Pendragon

    ARTER Pendragon

    个月 前

    Le*put4s... oh man that's means another

  60. ARTER Pendragon

    ARTER Pendragon

    个月 前


  61. Hibiki


    个月 前

    You need the "up". The "up" is EXTREMELY important

  62. Roman Sucks

    Roman Sucks

    个月 前

    Chotto a minutu! Kaichou loves our shitty Japanese and japanglish!? XD Nani the fuck!? Well, if you want more than we’ll give ya more, Kaichou! We wakarunderstand! Also please don’t killrosu everymena! Onegaiplease!

  63. IBC 46

    IBC 46

    个月 前

    34:36 Moona's next meme

  64. Winnie The Pooh

    Winnie The Pooh

    个月 前

    ꦭꦪꦤꦤ꧀ ꦚꦩꦏꦪ ꦩꦏꦂꦪ ꦎꦏꦚꦒꦋꦚꦕꦕꦝꦱꦵꦠꦒꦩ ꦫꦗ ꦋꦚꦠꦺꦴꦫꦀꦩꦺꦴꦚꦩꦒꦚꦤꦪꦩꦶꦩꦪꦋꦃꦒꦺꦴꦩꦂꦧꦺꦴꦄꦵꦎꦁꦕꦚ ꦠꦺꦴꦢꦫꦫ

  65. CT SC

    CT SC

    个月 前

    *Dudes stop giving her money. No le den dinero.*

  66. Boom boom pow

    Boom boom pow

    个月 前

    54:40 did coco said pekora mite? www

  67. アエド


    个月 前

    Meme review fun as always, looking forward to more reviews Coco! Love your dedication and hard work in producing quality content for us.

  68. CasualT


    个月 前

    Coco: Aren't we gonna f**k Yagoo all day, every day? Moona and chat: Wait, what? ಠ_ಠ

  69. Himemiya Chikane

    Himemiya Chikane

    个月 前

    Opening animation is just amazing, kusa.

  70. トレバーフィリップス


    个月 前

    桐生ここちゃん、、そして、、ムーナちゃん、、、グッドモーニングevery one、、おはようございます。、今日もとっても楽しい。、そして面白かったです。Thank You次回のライブ配信もとても楽しみですなので、、次回の開催期間まで待機してお待ちしております。、必ず配信見に行きますね👌👌👌、、👌👌👌

  71. Rino Say

    Rino Say

    个月 前

    We got the best guest and many high-quality memes. This is my favorite episode of Reddit Shitpost Review so far.

  72. オッサ君


    个月 前

    The Brody Quest homage was something else. 10/10.

  73. Velvetra29


    个月 前

    Usada Hoshinova isn't real, she can't hurt you. Usada Hoshinova: 10:48

  74. EnderMega


    个月 前


  75. Saskara


    个月 前

    This is really hilarious lol

  76. Seraphina Aizen

    Seraphina Aizen

    个月 前

    Past meme reviews have taught us that Coco speaks fluent Japanglish also. Her mastery is almost as good as Aki's. And yes, there is a second moon. But it's only about six meters across and probably won't be in orbit of us for much longer. It was only pulled into earth's orbit about three years ago. It's actually quite common for some small meteors to get captured by earth's orbit and stay in our orbit for a few years before escaping. This particular mini-moon is about to do just that.

  77. Sweety Candy

    Sweety Candy

    个月 前

    34:58 Meme of the year 🤣🤣

  78. Jotaro Malupet

    Jotaro Malupet

    个月 前

    18:40 Dont mind me i need this for my research.have a good day

  79. Spazz Maticus

    Spazz Maticus

    个月 前

    Even when furious YAGOO still can't stop smiling

  80. 17_Oriza tsabitah

    17_Oriza tsabitah

    个月 前

    indonesian people cant open reddit because IPO-chan . . . . . . . IPO-chan is a anime personification of internet positive, and our governments create some anime personification to stop people open a shady web, yeah its an anime girl

  81. Lethal Weaboo

    Lethal Weaboo

    个月 前

    Coco: "Is vodka a language?" Gura: "Voodka vodka vAAhdka, blaa"

  82. Mouchee


    个月 前

    that Chaos scene was perfect. just perfect for this collab. i wonder who's next. I'm hoping the Time-travelling gremlin will have a shot in meme review. she's perfect for it

  83. Nordlys


    个月 前

    11:42 onna no himitsu

  84. 星空アゼム


    个月 前

    Moona > Willing to say MF > Not willing to say Hi Honey

  85. M Ridwan Saputro

    M Ridwan Saputro

    个月 前

    13:40 Senyum Bibir Shitprot Slur :D

  86. Yohanes Agustino Sjaaf

    Yohanes Agustino Sjaaf

    个月 前

    i don't know but what will happen if A-chan be the guest in coco reddit meme review?

  87. MK -2

    MK -2

    个月 前

    32:09 社長がラピスラズリをねだったとき、2人が交換日記を始めたとき、ムーナがコラボの不安で泣いているとき、二人が共に笑いあったとき、いつでも俺たちはそこにいた。 Whenever the CEO asked for a lapis lazuli, whenever they started an exchange diary, whenever Moona was crying from anxiety over the collaboration, whenever the both of them laughed, we were there. そして今、当然クソほど泣いてる。  ココ会長、本当に本当にありがとうございます。 And now we're fucking crying. Of course, right?  Thank you so, so much, Coco.

  88. Al Zaini Azharie

    Al Zaini Azharie

    个月 前


  89. CyanDumBell


    个月 前

    man, that movie is something else

  90. hariya


    个月 前

    i want you

  91. ARealFakeIdentity


    2 个月 前

    the guy who made the meme at 34:53 should make the hologra episodes maybe they do already

  92. 防腐剤無添加


    2 个月 前

    douga niki GJ

  93. Jack Bowel

    Jack Bowel

    2 个月 前


  94. Miguel bourbakiss

    Miguel bourbakiss

    2 个月 前


  95. Motoaki Tanigo

    Motoaki Tanigo

    2 个月 前

    The most vibing guest with kaichou so far can't wait for other ID and EN member

  96. 九条†


    2 个月 前

    34:14 どうでもいいことなんだがここの「だもん☆」めっちゃ好き

  97. すとん


    2 个月 前


  98. 七瀬クランベリ@使い魔ちゃんVtuber


    2 个月 前

    2:51でちょっと巻き舌になってるのかわいいです💗 ココちゃんもムーナちゃんもお話しするの上手だし2人ともとっても素敵です☺️ ココちゃん眼鏡似合ってます😍

  99. Tio Aditya

    Tio Aditya

    2 个月 前

    that javanese meme is brilliant lmao

  100. Aldo


    2 个月 前

    NEXT MEEEEME!! Moona 2021