Eternals Trailer 2021 - Marvel Phase 4 Movies Trailer Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Eternals Trailer 2021. Marvel Phase 4 Movies Trailer Footage, Easter Eggs. Black Panther 2 Teaser, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer \u0026 Loki Trailer ►
Black Panther 2 Kilmonger Explained ►
Shang Chi Trailer 2021 ►
Loki Trailer ►
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Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 - Episode 6 ►

Covering new Avengers Eternals First Look Teaser, Marvel Phase 4 Eternals Comic Con Trailer Footage. Kit Harington Black Knight, Richard Madden from Game Of Thrones. Avengers Endgame Ending and Eternals Plot Teaser, Marvel Comics Storyline and Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs. Guardians of The Galaxy Infinity Stones Scene, Celestials and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Ego The Living Planet Scene.

Thanos Avengers Infinity War Scene and Eternals Backstory. And Marvel Phase 4 Trailer and new Promos.

Marvel Eternals will tell the origin story of the MCU in a much bigger way than we've seen in the previous Marvel Movies. Kit Harington is also playing a larger character with the idea of crossover over in Avengers 5 when that movie happens in addition to some of the Eternals crossing over with Avengers 5 and when The Eternals Trailer release date is going to be.

I'll do more Shang Chi Trailer, Spiderman 3 No Way Home Trailler and Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs videos as we see more from them in the new movies and Disney Plus Series. Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki Episodes are the next place that will happen later this year. We'll get more Shang Chi Trailer videos, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer and Marvel Phase 4 Trailer videos soon.

Marvel Disney Plus Series coming up this year. Loki Episode 1 with Tom Hiddleston will release next, now that Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale is finished. New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer. Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer, Shang Chi Trailer and Eternals Trailer!

Loki Episode 1 with Tom Hiddleston will release next, now that Falcon and Winter Soldier is finished. New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer. Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer, Shang Chi Trailer and Eternals Trailer!

More Loki videos coming soon!

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  1. Emergency Awesome

    Emergency Awesome

    个月 前

    Here's my new Eternals Trailer video and Marvel Phase 4 Trailer video Easter Eggs. I'll do videos for the other new Movies and Trailer footage next. New Loki Trailer tonight! Here's my new Black Panther 2 Kilmonger video too!

    • DualDier


      个月 前

      Anyone else still get goosebumps to audience reactions to Endgame? I do.

    • Robert Sims

      Robert Sims

      个月 前

      Did u see and Notice a Quick Glimpse of Marvel Logo Comic Drawings of Ironman Black Widow and Captain America were all Grey?

    • Neil Abraham

      Neil Abraham

      个月 前

      Pronunciation is more or less Ko-ghan

    • Jacob Baranowski

      Jacob Baranowski

      个月 前

      So much

    • Nate B

      Nate B

      个月 前

      okay wtf i just saw that live reaction, that shit was sooooo hard

  2. Reggie Oneal

    Reggie Oneal

    16 天 前

    MCU celestial race messed with modern humans' DNA , which intentionally created --first eternal with accidental deviant race , second mutant race, third(rejected but kree race empire manipulated -) inhuman race.all these ultra powered modern human sub-races were feared and occasionally revered by weaker but original base modern human race.eternal -deviant race fought wars then emigrated from earth to Titan moon of Saturn, but eternal race-deviant race ---all--were capable of creating artificial dimensions from material level of universe elements and material universe beings--occasional utilized mystical magic level powers with occasionally being used by mystical magic level beings (such as: conscious infinity gems,satan-god,lower gods for ancient one,etc.). breakaway eternal race members --either remained on earth (ie: Greco-roman Titans overthrown by own children of Zeus, etc) or after brief war then immigrated from eternal race -back into earth-possibly some eternal race members from Saturn moon Titan-back earth--before the careless destruction against Saturn moon Titan .first, return wave of voluntary immigrated eternal race-titans were physically overt similar deviant race,but actually same as eternal race,then immigrated Titan-eternal race was overthrown by children --skyfathers,(ie: Greco-roman, Celtics, Egypt, China, Japan, Slavic,etc).skyfathers -titans existed in dimensions,( created from and dominated over--), material level universe level of Earth elements and modern human.then, second involuntary refugee eternal race-deviant race fled to Earth in material level for living as normal modern human being with perhaps some lost awareness of eternal race heritage and Titan moon--until MCU version endgame events.titans and skyfathers --knew of eternal race refugees but chose to not communicate with refugees.awakening celestial race member left in earth probably a dire threat against earth.but,less of a threat than mystical magic beings of Satan,dormammou, etc

  3. Derick Dionne

    Derick Dionne

    个月 前

    Wasn't going to theaters before, not going after.

  4. Michele Cruz

    Michele Cruz

    个月 前

    The merciful scarf supposedly wait because mimosa particularly continue anenst a vagabond oil. dreary, sedate craftsman

  5. Jay Loyd Asiong

    Jay Loyd Asiong

    个月 前

    hype to see QPARK in SHANG-CHI!! meowww

  6. JoyMike Stanford

    JoyMike Stanford

    个月 前

    Watching Tony die was one of the very saddest moments n movie history to me. Somewhere ahead of Harry Stamper (Armageddon), and closely behind the dogs on "Where the red fern grows", which is my absolute worst. I think Iron Man is the only personal hero I've ever had so much love for die on screen.

  7. Dcypherman plays

    Dcypherman plays

    个月 前

    G Damnit that opening man you're you're crying I'm not crying you're crying. The part where he says that man he's your brother and it's black panther and killmonger together just gets me man

  8. Billy Murphy

    Billy Murphy

    个月 前

    Dynamite job bruv!!!!! Love the MCU and look forward to their return to theaters!

  9. Proof That You People Are Dumb

    Proof That You People Are Dumb

    个月 前

    of coarse theyre opening things back up the election is over

  10. Cristopher (ssssizzle)

    Cristopher (ssssizzle)

    个月 前

    The F4 tease almost made me pee a little!

  11. TheLast Dad

    TheLast Dad

    个月 前

    That “on your left” hit different

  12. TheLast Dad

    TheLast Dad

    个月 前

    Hearing Stan narrating the phase 4 trailer mad me go 😓😥😭

  13. kelechi oputa

    kelechi oputa

    个月 前

    *in my spartan voice !!! 😆BECAUSE OF ANGELINA !! 🔥✨🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  14. rohhubo riqipra

    rohhubo riqipra

    个月 前

    The super zebra genomically destroy because mother disappointingly introduce above a hesitant click. furry furtive, painstaking crook

  15. Houser


    个月 前

    I'd go to the movies if I freaking could. It's all closed....

  16. Chez Pizza

    Chez Pizza

    个月 前

    The celestial egg theroy I thought was first written by Alex ross' Earth X series.

  17. Bangerangin Retroman

    Bangerangin Retroman

    个月 前

    The darkhold is gonna be involved in the plot for sure, hence the tie in the teased with wandavisions production

  18. jacobsfire77


    个月 前

    The relationship between rdj and holland still breaks me....and yes i obviously have daddy issues 😆

  19. TheNaishproductions


    个月 前

    The theatre went mad, people cried. It was an amazing moment i hadn't seen before in a theatre. Many write these movies off as trash, but i see thst attitude as a lost opportunity to just let go and have fun.

  20. number51oco


    个月 前

    I started reading Marvel comics 55 years ago. It feels like the rest of the world is catching up to me these days.

  21. Kip Hood

    Kip Hood

    个月 前

    If there wasn’t iMax then I could see the Theaters dying out. But iMax is the only way to watch marvel or soon star war movies again. Those last 3 stat wars movies were so bad 🙈

  22. Cr8zGamer


    个月 前

    EA loves using that dancing Zemos clip in his videos lol

  23. Ngozi Nnunukwe

    Ngozi Nnunukwe

    个月 前

    "If some ants die in the process of gardening, is the farmer evil?" Are you asking the ant?

  24. Ngozi Nnunukwe

    Ngozi Nnunukwe

    个月 前

    Hearing Stan Lee's voice fills we with such joy. His presence lives on.

  25. Loutzenheiser “Loutzenheiser”

    Loutzenheiser “Loutzenheiser”

    个月 前

    Didn't spot any easter eggs, but chills and feels galore! Wow! I loved this!

  26. TY


    个月 前

    Shang chi gone be lit

  27. Snatchface the fool

    Snatchface the fool

    个月 前

    This is gna fail worse than all new all different comics. RiP MCU

  28. Demi Moore’s Tapeworm

    Demi Moore’s Tapeworm

    个月 前

    I have a strong feeling Eternals is gong to flop.

  29. Marlon Cruickshank

    Marlon Cruickshank

    个月 前

    What about Blade?

  30. Jacob Baranowski

    Jacob Baranowski

    个月 前


  31. S F

    S F

    个月 前

    Tears of joy ... tears of joy

  32. J Jolly126

    J Jolly126

    个月 前

    Shits wild how groot changing legit one word makes me teary🥲

  33. david joseph

    david joseph

    个月 前

    Where's all the animated footage you have in this video of the Eternals from?

  34. Te Sol'yc Mand'alore

    Te Sol'yc Mand'alore

    个月 前

    Buying back your illegally recorded footage makes it ok

  35. kalinwang1


    个月 前

    What happened to Blade???

  36. tjslam26


    个月 前

    I feel like Kit Harrington and Richard Madden would like to stay away from a character named Sersi.

  37. Josh Yaus

    Josh Yaus

    个月 前

    Greatest feeling I’ve ever had in a movie was that “on your left” and the ironman snap! I went alone and it was packed on opening day, and I yelled and almost cried it was so sweet!!

  38. Wyatt Wyckoff

    Wyatt Wyckoff

    个月 前

    So exciting! Can’t wait to be back at the movies!

  39. Sir Winston

    Sir Winston

    个月 前


  40. Eugenio Zavala

    Eugenio Zavala

    个月 前

    BandLab: @dark_soulll 🙏🏼🔥 IG: @dark_soulll.e 🙏🏼🔥

  41. James Warner

    James Warner

    个月 前

    Love how it says "see you at the movies" when they're probably gonna put all of them on Disney plus haha

  42. luis sandoval

    luis sandoval

    个月 前

    Can’t wait!

  43. Freestyler AF

    Freestyler AF

    个月 前

    Hyped for The Eternals. Anyone yet?

  44. Stanley Okafor

    Stanley Okafor

    个月 前

    It looks like Angela Jolie is back to acting!? YES!!!

  45. Albino Cyclopse

    Albino Cyclopse

    个月 前

    THE FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. TrickyHunter


    个月 前

    I’m so hyped for all the movies

  47. Carlos Santos

    Carlos Santos

    个月 前

    Now that I'm full vaccinated I feel a little bit better about going to the theaters. So I will definitely be booking my tickets early each movie.

  48. Jen Talks Books

    Jen Talks Books

    个月 前

    Chills when Chadwick Boseman shouts Wakanda Forever! 🖤

  49. noojmaN


    个月 前

    This trailer had me in TEARS, I kid you not! Theaters haven't been closed here 🇳🇿 like they have in the rest of the world but not having a Marvel movie...oof! I am so happy Marvel is back in action, it feels like being reunited with an old friend 🥺♥️

  50. LingormR.666


    个月 前

    Can’t wait for Black Knight! He’s gonna steal the show!!

  51. Belnick6666


    个月 前

    the eternals they done too many race swap and too many gender swap....they took a blond, buffed alpha guy who "like" the ladies and made HIM a colored girl lol and they did similar things with other eternals, but only male to female, no female to males, I think cybele, sersi and thena im sure are all played by women and not men :P Phase 4 is pure political indoctrination after they used phase 1, 2 and 3 to hook the audience and now they have millions of people to "preach" to and if only 0.0001% believe them, Disney will be happy

  52. SGCraft


    个月 前

    rob stark!!!! ohai

  53. Eddie Galin

    Eddie Galin

    个月 前

    Finally! Our first look at the Eternals!

  54. Eddie Galin

    Eddie Galin

    个月 前

    The movie is just around the corner

  55. Daryel Mejia

    Daryel Mejia

    个月 前

    I hope there's a trailer for eternals by June.

  56. Jim Myers

    Jim Myers

    个月 前

    This was great. Thanks for linking it from the last one.

  57. Mark Burt

    Mark Burt

    个月 前

    No we aren’t evil people we just like making pretty gardens🥺

  58. Jimbo Huges

    Jimbo Huges

    个月 前

    That Stan Lee talk and intro is so amazing , gave me goosebumps seeing the audience reacting to Endgame war.

  59. Lord Holocaust The One Being

    Lord Holocaust The One Being

    个月 前

    Thanos, amongst the Eternals, is what a Slytherin would call in the Harry Potter universe: A "Pure-Blood".

  60. Tzvi Feinberg

    Tzvi Feinberg

    个月 前

    Wish this one was coming out sooner

  61. Jeremy Vculek

    Jeremy Vculek

    个月 前

    These had no movies to release for a year And now you suddenly have extra incentive to go see a movie.

  62. Joseph Pantolon

    Joseph Pantolon

    个月 前

    Stan Lee continues to watch...

  63. Lex Ruptor

    Lex Ruptor

    个月 前

    Ok, cool, but I'm not going. Disney + releases please, thanks.

  64. amouramarie


    个月 前

    Wow, it seems like the writers of World of Warcraft were heavily inspired by the Eternals. They have the Titans (currently the most powerful entities known) who go around from planet to planet, shaping them and experimenting with creating life, etc. They also hatch from planets. Azeroth (the planet the players are on) also has a Titan sleeping inside of it and it's supposed that when she awakens, the world may be destroyed.

  65. Sergio feilpe gudino Gudino

    Sergio feilpe gudino Gudino

    个月 前

    go beyond #plusultra #Assemble

  66. E Kennedy

    E Kennedy

    个月 前

    Really thought we were gonna get a Spider-Man sneak peek fam!

  67. Julian De Leon

    Julian De Leon

    个月 前

    Druig is not a Deviant btw

  68. Harrison T

    Harrison T

    个月 前

    Whoever designed that freakin trailer needs a raise. The hype man.

  69. Buzz Killington

    Buzz Killington

    个月 前

    i'm not crying!'re crying!!

  70. WhyteLis21


    个月 前

    We need more MCU stories taking place outside of earth. Hopefully, we get more of that, though.

  71. Somebody Trismegistus

    Somebody Trismegistus

    个月 前

    I was just thinking this is based on the Anunnaki then you said Gilgamesh

  72. Moone Shadow

    Moone Shadow

    个月 前

    This trailer has me in tears... his dream is in his stories and the very fabric of marvel stories is what makes this trailer special. Stan Lee lives on in his work.

  73. enxxvii


    个月 前

    These actors are set.

  74. mrs Tinckles

    mrs Tinckles

    个月 前

    Can't wait for the Internals ❤️

  75. Christopher Carr

    Christopher Carr

    个月 前

    That was quite an effective sizzle reel. Makes me want to go buy some AMC stock.

  76. ghost


    个月 前

    That cat was like where the fuck I am

  77. ghost


    个月 前

    This is sad

  78. Chris Salmon

    Chris Salmon

    个月 前

    This isnsomething that dc doesn't understand , you can roll out batman, superman and all those big names but marvel will always be know why?...... marvel has heart, every movie is made with love

    • WhyteLis21


      个月 前

      It depend on who's running behind the wheel. They both have heart. I'd just enjoy both. More DC and Marvel movies and tv shows keeps coming. Just enjoy the ride, I'd say.

  79. Ameenah Saif

    Ameenah Saif

    个月 前

    Soo I rekon no more Wolverine ? 😂

  80. Cartoon Takeover

    Cartoon Takeover

    个月 前

    R.I.P tower city cinema 😒😔

  81. Dare Tees

    Dare Tees

    个月 前


  82. Barkla Butson

    Barkla Butson

    个月 前

    Nice keep up the dam good work my man....

  83. SirHammerHead888


    个月 前

    Marvel couldn't come up with 2 better actresses than Salma Hayek & Angelina Jolie?! Come Onnn Seriously?!

  84. Vasilis Tsitsos

    Vasilis Tsitsos

    个月 前

    Americans: -We are all a big family, beside you is your brother and your sister - Lets raise taxes to have universal healthcare then - No! that's sosialism

  85. Izzy Mones

    Izzy Mones

    个月 前

    Druig is an eternal not a deviant.

  86. Solar Flexer 2

    Solar Flexer 2

    个月 前

    With every new group of heroes that Marvel introduces for a while to come, there will be a "this is why they didn't help fight Thanos" explanation lol

  87. WX11


    个月 前

    Marvel is bout to single handling save movie theaters!

  88. Joe Leasure

    Joe Leasure

    个月 前

    Man, I wanna see Black Knight already!

  89. Jason Barrow

    Jason Barrow

    个月 前

    I want to see ghost rider

  90. Bob Gnarley

    Bob Gnarley

    个月 前

    12:29 agent kay?

  91. T. P

    T. P

    个月 前

    God damn they know how to make trailers...

  92. AFchris77


    个月 前

    Can’t wait to see Kit in his Black Knight costume w the Ebony Blade!

  93. AFchris77


    个月 前

    I truly hope Marvel and Chloe Zhao do well by Jack Kirby in this. Same with the FF. He needs to be given his due like Stan gets.

    • WhyteLis21


      个月 前

      Jack Kirby should be mention the most for the Eternals, because it was his baby.

  94. Fidel Murillo

    Fidel Murillo

    个月 前

    The North Remembers!

  95. Clayton Johnson

    Clayton Johnson

    个月 前

    Sad guardians is so far away

    • WhyteLis21


      个月 前

      3 years isn't that far away. It's not like your waiting 300 years for the next Guardian of Galaxy sequel. Patience is key, man! Patience! I rather see more new Marvel solo characters films than another Guardian of Galaxy 3. That's just me, though. LOL.

  96. Luke


    个月 前

    A lot of this looks bad, will definitely be skipping a lot of these and cherry picking what movies to watch from marvel from now on

    • WhyteLis21


      个月 前

      Shang Chi and Eternal looks interesting for me, though. Lol.

  97. Independent360


    个月 前

    Unlike the Martian man hunter in justice league, I'm guessing Marvel will have a good reason why they never showed up to help lol

  98. Brandon Anderson

    Brandon Anderson

    个月 前

    Marvel time and time again be proving that they're the best at making action movies 🔥🔥

  99. Obi 2007

    Obi 2007

    个月 前

    who noticed the gunshots matched the tune 1:55 and practically everything else. Really good editing

  100. Mr Wolfz

    Mr Wolfz

    个月 前