「One Fruit for a Table」-- Flavorful papaya no matter it's ripe or not

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For the majority of people, papaya is a fruit commonly seen in a fruit store, which will be enjoyed as a fruit only once it's ripe. Yet for us, papayas are edible as long as its shape is formed. The texture of its flesh determines its ripeness. You can use raw papaya to make a cold dish, or use ripe papaya to stew some soup. Either way, the taste is great.

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    大王可聪明了! 把最好吃的留最后吃 😂

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    I am hungry

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    Everytime i see papaya I feeling want to eat Som Tum Thai papaya spicy salad.

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    6:15 look like the Thai salad 🤤

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    Fiazul Haque _44_4_524

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    2:13 my sister: bring me basket pls.. me: i have a better idea. just put them in the ground and bring it by yourself xD

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    Ami rima

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    My favourite fruit.thanks for many dishes.

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    That sweet dog is the bomb !! What an amazing , kind family !! Fantastic.

  10. Liza Bar

    Liza Bar

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    Does anyone know what are those red "bags" hanging from the trees in 1:37 and why?

    • Liza Bar

      Liza Bar

      3 小时 前

      @Amali Shalika Thank you! I actually thought about it but was not sure as I can't tell what kind of tree that is.

    • Amali Shalika

      Amali Shalika

      6 小时 前

      Protect fruits from fruit flys

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    #free Tibet #free Hongkong #free Taiwan

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    Dawang is such a good boy

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    It's such a beautiful place. I want to live here.

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    I thought Chinese eat only animals but seeing this video I have known that they also eat fruits 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      I thought Indian people only eat two kinds of the food,one is shit teaste curry and another is curry teaste shit,but seeing in India they also eat fruits.

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    you are not only a blessing to others but a greater blessing to your grandma and grandpa. They say parents love their grand sons and grand daughters more than their children and the way you treat your grand parents just shows that the opposite is also true. A lot of elderly people at their age sadly do not get this kind of love and attention. I just hope your videos will inspire millions why we need to count our elderly as the greatest source of blessing to us from God. Love from India.

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