The REVEAL of Kiryu Coco does PANDA PLANK

This is a documentary about Kiryu Coco's Plank fail
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  1. Hololive Historian

    Hololive Historian

    23 天 前

    This is a documentary about Kiryu Coco's Plank fail

    • せんろー


      6 天 前


    • kk cat

      kk cat

      13 天 前

      What her channel? ..

    • B S

      B S

      16 天 前

      This is the truth about this channel owner doxbin org/upload/Poka

    • Daniswara A. Majid

      Daniswara A. Majid

      21 天 前

      No matter how much you hate her I would still love her to the end

    • wolf 9lone

      wolf 9lone

      21 天 前

      oter report thanks for the material mr

  2. 傅悅恆


    10 小时 前


  3. narsplace


    14 小时 前

    only an aussie can do a plank.

  4. Yan Wei

    Yan Wei

    天 前

    where did she stream this on i dont see it on her youtube

  5. Yesu Desu

    Yesu Desu

    3 天 前

    I know she's leaving but we need to make these vids less popular, if it gets the attention of their company, some may get in trouble

  6. 黃髮女偵探


    4 天 前

    God.I have already miss her,imagine she say the announcement that she will leave is a joke…

  7. Peach Out

    Peach Out

    6 天 前

    I like that dead figure at the end.

  8. Dai


    6 天 前


  9. 24 Saint

    24 Saint

    6 天 前

    I wrote a big F on my forehead. Respex

  10. Kevin Carignan

    Kevin Carignan

    7 天 前


  11. Mateo Longo

    Mateo Longo

    7 天 前

    Está es la verdadera coco?

  12. N ut

    N ut

    7 天 前


  13. NateDoggT1998


    7 天 前


  14. 柑橘系の維管束


    8 天 前

    I never forgive the Chinese.

  15. BlooDy fAnG

    BlooDy fAnG

    9 天 前

    "And when you close your eyes looks like nothing changed at all"

  16. Air daker

    Air daker

    9 天 前

    her her

  17. ColonelFatass


    9 天 前

    Feet detected

  18. Евгений Мусиенко

    Евгений Мусиенко

    10 天 前


  19. Paulo Cavazos

    Paulo Cavazos

    10 天 前

    omg that thud sound at the end. me and my wife love her content

  20. HackSlahYT


    10 天 前

    im cry in silent

  21. sans thefirst

    sans thefirst

    10 天 前

    Her youtube is kson ONAIR

  22. Kopesh88


    10 天 前

    Damn, she's adorable.

  23. omanko


    10 天 前

    Que buen poto

  24. BAKU Drun

    BAKU Drun

    11 天 前

    I wish I could go see her some day... In my dream

  25. G_Boy


    11 天 前


  26. Lakes


    11 天 前


  27. Luis Aguillon

    Luis Aguillon

    11 天 前

    What's that thing on the mic

  28. danial najmi

    danial najmi

    12 天 前

    That pirate never lied when she said she really attracted to the dragon's cake. That's enough to give someone a stage 3 diabetes!

  29. HoloLover


    12 天 前

    Is it just me, or her subscribers suddenly decreased? Like a lot! (I meant her "kson" channel). In the morning she has already reached 700k subscribers. Now that I checked on it again, it was reduced into 400k subscribers??? What happened?

  30. Dragon Knight

    Dragon Knight

    12 天 前

    She's the whole bakery what da fuck 00:10

  31. Dragon Knight

    Dragon Knight

    12 天 前

    She's the whole bakery what da fuck 00:10

  32. sacrilege


    12 天 前


  33. UNIX27


    12 天 前

    魔乃アロエ ↓ 桐生ココ この連鎖は何処で止まるのか…

  34. Harold Jonathan

    Harold Jonathan

    12 天 前

    Hmm Coco's Feet

  35. Nocthot


    12 天 前

    Sure is eye candy tho!

  36. Alfredo Rodriguez

    Alfredo Rodriguez

    12 天 前


  37. gekkokkid


    13 天 前

    well... she is clearly died at the end there... press F for Respect

  38. Tobias Hand

    Tobias Hand

    13 天 前


  39. John James McCartney

    John James McCartney

    13 天 前

    Skinny Minnie.

  40. Bakasta


    13 天 前

    She did it longer than I can

  41. Jhiro bacaniツ

    Jhiro bacaniツ

    13 天 前

    I don't want her to graduate

  42. Kaeya Alberich

    Kaeya Alberich

    13 天 前

    i think im blind CUZ I DON'T SEE ANY TAIL

  43. Sydney Amora

    Sydney Amora

    13 天 前

    Man, I'm going to miss her so bad :(

  44. Baron Samedi

    Baron Samedi

    13 天 前

    F in the comments for Kiryu Coco

  45. SeRize -_-

    SeRize -_-

    13 天 前

    We only have 1 more month before coco leave hololive ;(

  46. Best friend

    Best friend

    13 天 前

    Goodbye, our orange dragon

  47. Akshay Anand

    Akshay Anand

    13 天 前

    This hittin' hard now.

  48. Piotr Jeske

    Piotr Jeske

    13 天 前


  49. RyuuSkadi


    13 天 前

    One reason why Coco is graduating is def. pressure from doxxing, I don't want any Hololive members to graduate so Imma gonna report this as: Hateful or abusive content - Abusing vulnerable individuals Sorry who ever is doing this but what you're doing is more dangerous than helpful.. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong, but I gotta do what is best for everyone... being happy while other are sad/scared is not for me...

  50. pingu wingu

    pingu wingu

    13 天 前

    P A I N

  51. weeb


    13 天 前


  52. cokerzombie


    13 天 前

    At the start it was fun to know how hololive faces... but now that she is moving on... i dont know, theyre anonimous for some reason, doxxing does not make us better that the "wolf warriors", it just seem a bit disrespectful now...

    • EMIYA Rin

      EMIYA Rin

      13 天 前

      Agree to this, I came by this video by accident and while she hasn't contacted the channel to take it down I think it's kinda iffy to post without permission

  53. gilbereto tangyong

    gilbereto tangyong

    13 天 前


  54. mahisa indra

    mahisa indra

    13 天 前

    It's so hard to laugh after knowing Coco wants to graduate

    • X Drake

      X Drake

      10 天 前


  55. Davprevi


    13 天 前

    It's hard to watch this after her graduating announcement...

  56. Toph Beifong

    Toph Beifong

    13 天 前


  57. Tsuki Mond

    Tsuki Mond

    13 天 前

    That F to pay respects aged horribly i feel

  58. Nelson Wing

    Nelson Wing

    13 天 前

    Come to watch this after the stream QQ

  59. lii lulll

    lii lulll

    13 天 前

    She is not gone... she is still on air... she is free to do whatever she wants to be whoever she wants now. :')

    • Derf Llennod

      Derf Llennod

      7 天 前

      I think she just died doing this plank though

    • dy


      11 天 前

      Like Ahsoka. She left the order, but she is still there and connected. The difference now is that she is free of what she can do.

    • Alexus Sabanal

      Alexus Sabanal

      13 天 前

      Puns aside I guess you do have a point. Sure hope she'll become as successful as she was as Coco though maybe even more.

  60. Jefferson


    13 天 前


  61. The Fire And Water

    The Fire And Water

    13 天 前

    ಥ‿ಥ Gra-

  62. Jule Fin

    Jule Fin

    13 天 前

    Thanks for everything..

  63. rodrigo corrales chaupi

    rodrigo corrales chaupi

    13 天 前


  64. Dnah


    13 天 前

    Idk but let blame this channel

  65. Likens


    13 天 前

    We will miss her dearly....

    • Mr. F4gg0t

      Mr. F4gg0t

      13 天 前

      @Shikozeii kson ONAIR

    • Shikozeii


      13 天 前

      @Samuel Morte can you tell me what the name of that channel

    • Samuel Morte

      Samuel Morte

      13 天 前

      Oh come on, she will do her content on her second channel

    • Amalia Uto

      Amalia Uto

      13 天 前

      We sure will. But she will always be in our hearts

  66. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo

    13 天 前

    I bet 100% this guy fault

  67. random horni

    random horni

    13 天 前

    Congrats, coco is gone now good job keep on doing this

    • ً


      13 天 前 You can check this guy's video if you wanna know why she's graduating, if you scroll down enough you'll find one comment that marks the timeline with explanation of what he's saying ( video is not translate from Japanese ) Add: I don't think this guy is at fault, Cover is the one you gotta blame for not giving these girl enough protection

    • Rushia _ Sama

      Rushia _ Sama

      13 天 前

      @Giggling Grape coco got her yt demonetize thats reason said on translation

    • Giggling Grape

      Giggling Grape

      13 天 前

      @MellamoSteve what?.... So what's the reason then bruh?

    • MellamoSteve


      13 天 前

      You are blaming someone completly unrelated to that, don't be silly

  68. Azuru Fira

    Azuru Fira

    13 天 前

    God I hope she will still be active in her second channel.

    • Thicc Noodles

      Thicc Noodles

      13 天 前

      She graduating :(

  69. Jhon


    14 天 前

    Ain`t coco without adidas outfit either that or the skin is change

    • lyq 232

      lyq 232

      13 天 前

      Bro, she probably wears Adidas underwears or something, who knows?

  70. Tri CoffeeP

    Tri CoffeeP

    14 天 前

    How do you acctually find em

  71. FSVTuber


    14 天 前

    so cute @@

  72. _ Random

    _ Random

    14 天 前

    She's a full package just like Calli but the Japanese opposite version

  73. Ken Kai

    Ken Kai

    15 天 前

    That plopping sound when she fell Kinda satisfying

  74. Terrible Herbst

    Terrible Herbst

    15 天 前

    Damn, Marine was right.

  75. Lalo


    15 天 前


  76. Santiago Zaragoza

    Santiago Zaragoza

    15 天 前

    Oh no

  77. Kawaii Negi

    Kawaii Negi

    15 天 前

    Kanata's laugh?

  78. Man of Culture

    Man of Culture

    15 天 前

    Everyone: awwww how cute! LoL Foot fetish peeps: *enhance grid 400.7-500.88* I NEED A GOOD LOOK 👀

  79. Litigation Jackson

    Litigation Jackson

    15 天 前

    This is why she would go on to buy a $5000 bed

  80. JB 2X

    JB 2X

    15 天 前

    F She tried

  81. ThatGuyWithaGoodMic UNKNOWN

    ThatGuyWithaGoodMic UNKNOWN

    16 天 前


  82. Haha Simp

    Haha Simp

    16 天 前

    wait, kanata lied abt coco's feet being hairy

  83. Hashi Rama

    Hashi Rama

    16 天 前

    I love kson for just being kson and coco for just being coco

  84. rian


    16 天 前

    everybody gansta until sakuta asks coco if she likes pandas

  85. Alex Wu

    Alex Wu

    16 天 前


  86. とんかつ


    16 天 前


  87. りっか


    16 天 前


  88. Alternative


    16 天 前

    is hse really coco ?

  89. 3 OINARI

    3 OINARI

    16 天 前


  90. Pekomatic


    16 天 前

    Who else hears prank yagoo in the beginning

  91. Soup _75

    Soup _75

    17 天 前

    When was this?

  92. Gabriel Valdes

    Gabriel Valdes

    17 天 前

    She dies

  93. YourSensus


    17 天 前

    Looks like she has to work on her right hip flexor muscle group but other then that she has pretty good strength

  94. Graplesyrup


    17 天 前

    Damn she got a cannon back there too. Truly from the ATL

  95. Lonely Wolf

    Lonely Wolf

    17 天 前

    This reminds me of the playstation all stars Commercial with kratos Saying he like planking.

  96. クリップ使い


    17 天 前

    Is this video Hololive liver's video taken before she has been Vtuber?

  97. Your Waifu Sucks

    Your Waifu Sucks

    17 天 前

    Fake. Where's the dragon tail?

    • Electric Forest

      Electric Forest

      17 天 前

      She unplugged it

  98. Serious Silliness

    Serious Silliness

    17 天 前

    I love her!

  99. 路過的deadbeats


    17 天 前

    Cute but KUSA wwwwwwww

  100. Zaldy Salim

    Zaldy Salim

    17 天 前

    0:27 Panda is Temporary Dragon is Eternal