Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought!

Exclusive hands-on with the electric F150 Lightning pickup truck that Ford just unveiled! This or Cybertruck?

Cybertruck First Impressions:

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  1. HB Pencil

    HB Pencil

    2 小时 前

    I can fucking live there and save moths of rent, damn!

  2. Hunter


    3 小时 前

    now we just need the range to be 800 miles with full load capacity. Dont get me wrong i love the sound of a V8 but i also believe that we need to switch track in our transportation

  3. Gilchrist Atchaoue

    Gilchrist Atchaoue

    3 小时 前

    sold on the from trunk

  4. seth simmons

    seth simmons

    3 小时 前

    rather hear an engine lol

  5. El Kapitan

    El Kapitan

    4 小时 前

    what about an electric F-250???

  6. NBT_Jamsta


    9 小时 前

    2nd fastest. The F-150 Shelby Super Snake does 0-60 in 3.4 seconds

  7. So Tran

    So Tran

    10 小时 前

    This guy is so busy, didn't have time to iron his shirt.

  8. Bradford Singleton

    Bradford Singleton

    12 小时 前

    Great video and very informative. I reserved my F 150 Lightning 2 weeks ago. I agree there will be a different buyer for F 150 lightning bs Cyber Truck and you outlined the major truck advantages of Ford’s entry which will make it a truck buyer preferred option VS Cyber Truck which will probably be an EV buyers preference. Hope you do another when Ford offers you one to test.

  9. Bryan Siepert

    Bryan Siepert

    13 小时 前

    Frunking, obvs

  10. E. Seda

    E. Seda

    13 小时 前

    Ford Lightning over CyberTruck any day 💪🔥

  11. arktseytlin


    14 小时 前

    If this happens on real scale this is game over for ICE, in passenger cars and trucks at least.

  12. D.C. Riley

    D.C. Riley

    15 小时 前

    Lighting all the way Brutha!

  13. Michael Jay Stauffer Joyce

    Michael Jay Stauffer Joyce

    22 小时 前

    I have a 2021 F-150 Crew cab Lariat. V6. In the 2000's ford did have the Ranger Lightning edition and I'm glad they rebranded the Lightning to be the F150 electric. Ford has had the best selling truck for decades for a reason, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota have always played catch up to ford in the pick up's. I would take the F150 Lightning over Tesla.

  14. Aquatic Amigos

    Aquatic Amigos

    天 前

    How much it cost

  15. Ahmed


    天 前

    What is the charging time though?

  16. User27893


    天 前

    Who would buy a Telsa Cybertruck over the F150 Lightening?

  17. User27893


    天 前

    He says "I'm not a truck person"... but I think we all are going to be once this thing mass-produced and available.

  18. Kevin Marshall

    Kevin Marshall

    天 前

    How long does the battery take to charge from dead to 100%. I think that's what business owners worry about. If we forget to charge or can't find a charging station we run the risk of being late to clients.

  19. Tucson Sharon Church Worship Experience

    Tucson Sharon Church Worship Experience

    天 前

    F-150 Lighting hands down!

  20. El aprendiz

    El aprendiz

    天 前

    90k, I’ll keep saving to buy me one in 10 years

  21. Gene Sparks

    Gene Sparks

    2 天 前

    F-150 EV for sure. Check out the Canoo ev truck it is pretty cool as well. Still I'm a Ford guy.

  22. Joe Steele

    Joe Steele

    2 天 前

    I like that this truck is holding onto the classic body style of the typical F-150. It seems most other electric vehicles are looking more futuristic which is fine if you're into that but I like the traditional look of the F-150.

  23. jiliya jili

    jiliya jili

    2 天 前

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  24. E V

    E V

    2 天 前

    Ford have charging stations? Thats my only concern

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      天 前

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  25. IVAO04ify


    2 天 前

    Game Changing. There's no reason to buy an electric car when you can get an electric truck that gets the same range. Practicality taken to new levels for electric vehicles. The next step is Electric Sports Cars like Mustang/Corvette/Challenger/Charger/Camaro - Do that, watch companies like Tesla die overnight.

  26. Assault the Asphalt

    Assault the Asphalt

    2 天 前

    Wonder how this truck would do with a 6" lift on 37's.

  27. Dirty Hands Clean Money

    Dirty Hands Clean Money

    2 天 前

    Seen the lightning badge and got excited...then a huge letdown to learn it’s an electric truck. 😢

  28. Irfan Chand

    Irfan Chand

    2 天 前

    Can it plow

  29. Life In The Fla

    Life In The Fla

    2 天 前


  30. سعد السعيد

    سعد السعيد

    2 天 前

    فاشل لايصلح لأهل الصحراء 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  31. Frank R.

    Frank R.

    2 天 前

    I've owned my 2016 F150 Eco-Boost for the last 5 years. Traveling in remote areas of the west and looking at the "Charging Stations" map I wouldn't want to be out there without a place to plug in. So, if I did purchase one of these I would put on a bed topper or cover. Then, I could hide my gas generator back there with extra gasoline side tanks. That way I could find a nice place to park and break out my gas generator and sleep while it takes an hour to charge up my batteries. Now I'm rested and got a full charge and ready to travel another 300 miles pulling my travel trailer.

  32. Thomas Googh

    Thomas Googh

    2 天 前

    F150 have my deposit down. Cyber truck is soooooo ugly.

  33. Vincent Girard

    Vincent Girard

    3 天 前

    Does it come in a single cab

  34. AMB 1322

    AMB 1322

    3 天 前

    Let’s call it… “Frunking”🤣 Man I’m really not an EV guy, I like my truck as it is, gas powered, and I’ve really never considered getting an EV because most of them look like dog shit, and for a long time, charging stations were few and far between, but I can’t wait for a couple generations of this to come out so I can pick one up. I would never buy the first generation of any truck, but I have a feeling after a couple years they will have this thing dialed in. I love this thing. Functionality wise, I can’t think of anything holding this guy back. All of the convenience outlets, down to the lighting and the simple separation in the frunk, it seems like they literally thought of everything. I love it. I can’t wait. I’m definitely going to get one of these in the next few years provided they don’t have any issues after it comes out. So excited. Especially with how high gas prices have been getting, I paid 4.20 a gallon yesterday for 32 gallons in my truck, and I refuse to deal with that longer than I have to.

  35. John Perrin

    John Perrin

    3 天 前

    F150 all day.

  36. Chris Baber

    Chris Baber

    3 天 前

    That's a sharp truck.

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  37. Toonami20


    3 天 前

    I choose Ford lightning

  38. Ibk Izyks

    Ibk Izyks

    3 天 前

    This is built for TX

  39. Ram Ecodiesel

    Ram Ecodiesel

    3 天 前

    This Ford is a useless truck, the soy bois will all hail it but when it come time to put up or shut up this electric F150 will have no choice but to shut up. Put this truck to work and it will quickly run out of power, people don't have time to search for charging stations then sit there for up to three hours waiting for it to charge so they get to the next job.

  40. JasSinghGrewal


    3 天 前

    Keep up the great work

  41. Dennis Jones

    Dennis Jones

    3 天 前

    Ford over the Tesla. Now I’m curious about the type of lift that can be added snd max tire size.

  42. Arthur Robles

    Arthur Robles

    3 天 前

    Won't it be crazy if Ford does an ad where it's sharing power to a Tesla that's stuck at the side of the road? Then off it goes to power a construction site.

    • Bert Mortino

      Bert Mortino

      3 天 前

      Damn dude, they’d have Tesla on the ropes!

  43. John Lawrence

    John Lawrence

    3 天 前

    Great video. The question that I never see asked or answered is: How is the range effected driving, say, at night with the lights, wipers and heater going while in four wheel drive? Not everyone lives in southern California.

  44. Nick Davis

    Nick Davis

    3 天 前

    I want to see the RV hookup with this truck. Passthrough power.

  45. Peter Walker

    Peter Walker

    4 天 前

    This was a great review!

  46. Paul Crews

    Paul Crews

    4 天 前


  47. Jeffrey Anderson

    Jeffrey Anderson

    4 天 前


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  48. Christopher Koon

    Christopher Koon

    5 天 前

    Lighting all the way

  49. Why Not

    Why Not

    5 天 前

    I’ve been online watching reviews and reveals from other YT contributors, and this is the best one I’ve seen so far! You are the first I’ve seen who looked for the range and battery condition on the truck. You’d think that would be something that they would try- duh, right? I haven’t seen many who mentioned the drained storage under the Frunk, and I don’t think anyone else mentioned that the cover could be repositioned to section off the trunk. I’ve reserved a Lightning. I will not be getting a Cybertruck because I absolutely hate the one screen does it all configuration Tesla has chosen. I know that makes it easier to transfer to other RHD countries. However, the pedals and steering are going to have to be moved- so what’s the big deal? Take the Aptera, for example, they could put the side “mirror” screens in front of the driver, and that would be an improvement. Sadly, laws require mirrors on 4 wheel cars, so cameras can’t be used like on the Aptera that is a 3 wheeler.

  50. goodluckwiththat


    5 天 前

    The frunk would be better used by stuffing it full with lots of pillows so that the people in the cab are more likely to survive a frontal crash.

    • goodluckwiththat


      18 小时 前

      @Bert Mortino i know right? i am full of brilliant ideas

    • Bert Mortino

      Bert Mortino

      3 天 前

      They should hire you

  51. strvze


    5 天 前

    So sick

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  52. Pizza ice cream

    Pizza ice cream

    5 天 前

    I am going to get my money together for down payment. Thanks Marques

  53. Moses Nettl

    Moses Nettl

    5 天 前

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  54. J Kay

    J Kay

    5 天 前

    I'm Japanese fan, but might be considering this for it utility. Let see how it does on the road.

  55. Will McKinty

    Will McKinty

    5 天 前

    Thanks dude - first time on your channel and subscribed - noticed that the vehicle starts at $39.6k - I’m Canadian, noticed the lightning starts at $68K here (CAD) - so lost interest - with current exchange rate the number should be $50k

  56. Turk Menp

    Turk Menp

    5 天 前

    Are you all dam pink girls? Laptop, chargers.... How it drives?

  57. Charles H.

    Charles H.

    5 天 前

    Do have an iron?

    • Charles H.

      Charles H.

      天 前

      @pinned by Gabriel St-German boooooo

  58. Trevor Peden

    Trevor Peden

    6 天 前

    This is a sick truck Elon up your truck game

  59. Waasae Ayyaz

    Waasae Ayyaz

    6 天 前

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  60. Ivo Popov

    Ivo Popov

    6 天 前

    The actual Tesla killer

  61. L. Hall

    L. Hall

    6 天 前

    I want a Truck that won't rust. I live in the rust belt of Ohio and road salt in the winter just eat the frames.

  62. Cody Chase

    Cody Chase

    6 天 前

    Can't wait to get one. This thing is insane

  63. Adam Schaeffer

    Adam Schaeffer

    6 天 前

    So I will or will not be able to haul a 15,000lb trailer or drop off into a mud hole whenever I feel like it?

  64. Executnr


    6 天 前

    The design has no futuristic creativity, it should be all aerodynamic it shouldnt even look like a regular truck, but I think its awesome.

  65. Caleb May

    Caleb May

    6 天 前

    id take both the f150 and the cybertruck and then sell the f150 for the money

  66. Matt Williams

    Matt Williams

    6 天 前

    460 sounds MUCH more appealing than 300

  67. Eric Gattis

    Eric Gattis

    6 天 前

    I want the 350 version

  68. Smit Sukhadia

    Smit Sukhadia

    7 天 前

    Definitely a Ford truck ❤️

  69. Raunak Talwar

    Raunak Talwar

    7 天 前

    F150 except for cyber truck

  70. kinderliving1


    7 天 前

    I absolutely love this truck.



    7 天 前

    F 150 Lightning is gonna be my 1st truck.

  72. suffer4fashion


    7 天 前

    Headlight - Taillight = Tailgating - Headgating

  73. Keith Starr

    Keith Starr

    7 天 前

    Man, if the towing range (like towing 8k lbs) isn’t actually an issue this is going to be huge deal for the RV folks. No more gas vs diesel debate, electric it is. Walk up hills like nothing. And no generators. Awesome.

  74. Twinstick 359

    Twinstick 359

    7 天 前

    That is ugly 🤮

  75. kykingz78


    7 天 前

    I don’t trust any golfer with a shirt that wrinkled

  76. Texas Law Dawg

    Texas Law Dawg

    7 天 前

    We call that a frunk in the MR2 community, lol.

  77. kewrock


    7 天 前

    The coolest Lightnings were back in 2000. Step-side, 2-door, 2wd, supercharged 5.4Ltr.



    7 天 前

    You liar that it charge the truck.

  79. Jayson Richey

    Jayson Richey

    7 天 前

    With the space in the front trunk, it would be nice to be able to add extra batteries for extended range. I wonder if this will be an option in the future? Kind of like throwing a couple 5 gallon cans off gas in the bed???

  80. Michael Bessette

    Michael Bessette

    8 天 前


  81. Adam Green

    Adam Green

    8 天 前

    F150 for sure.

  82. Kevin Lleshi05

    Kevin Lleshi05

    8 天 前

    Wouldn't so many power banks consume a lot of battery that you would have to recharge afterwards ?

  83. Curly Whrly

    Curly Whrly

    8 天 前

    10:08 Mac screen saver starts

  84. Curly Whrly

    Curly Whrly

    8 天 前

    Too bad I only have 80$😢😕

  85. Carter Thomas

    Carter Thomas

    8 天 前

    Finally,maybe guys with small penises will stop blathering on about their raptors. Hands down the ugliest mod Ford ever made to a truck. But hey, it's proof positive that a fool and his money are soon parted. Lol

  86. Suresh B

    Suresh B

    8 天 前

    Good information, very well presented. I will opt for this F-150 over others in the market today. Love what F-150 lighting is bringing to the market. Go Ford!

  87. Mauricio Moreno

    Mauricio Moreno

    8 天 前

    Cool vid...but watch out 12:12 "max torque" can not be delivered "from 0 rpm".... from low rpm, yes, but NOT 0 rpm... 0 rpm = 0 torque...

  88. Flygal5


    8 天 前

    Want the F150 Lightening

  89. Robert Scrimshaw

    Robert Scrimshaw

    8 天 前

    F150 gets my vote!

  90. trigger2142


    8 天 前

    I am going with the Cyber Truck! I like the upcoming self driving features, when I am ready, I just tell my truck to come pick me up. lol

  91. Enriko Mulawarman

    Enriko Mulawarman

    9 天 前

    Did you cancel your cybertruck?

  92. JustSteve92


    9 天 前

    Chevy Voltage will the next electric truck name lol

  93. D


    9 天 前

    An excellent review, friend. Ford owes you big. Stay well.

  94. azn north

    azn north

    9 天 前

    Anything that's electronic/software related - WAIT. Yall know first gens gonna have a ton of bugs and kinks to work out. You dont wanna be the first to deal with black and blue screens, lol. Hold off for the 2nd/3rd gens before buying. Ford is Job #1?? I wouldnt be so sure...

  95. azn north

    azn north

    9 天 前

    MEHHH... I will wait till Doug Demuro reviews it. Gotta get that Doug Score...

  96. Joshua Brown

    Joshua Brown

    9 天 前

    You could camp out under the hood of the truck! Just keep it cracked open a tad.

  97. David Malin

    David Malin

    9 天 前

    At 69 I've been a gas truck guy all my life, but this has really got me thinking. If it can pull a mid-range weight RV and still get a decent amount of miles I think the other features, i.e. all the electrical outlets, it's own power block, a giant refrigerator in the front, with storage, could win me over. Great presentation!

  98. Mathew S.

    Mathew S.

    9 天 前

    Still cybertruck because I'm not convinced that Ford will release OTA improvement updates as often as Tesla does. The F150 features look great though.

  99. A-a-ron


    9 天 前

    I'm buying the second maybe 3rd model

  100. Pierre B

    Pierre B

    9 天 前

    Every Australian right now: Bloody Hell this is A UTE not a TRUCK!!! I take the F150 over that cybercrap any days!!!