MOTOGP SACHSENRING 2021 FULL RACE HIGHLIGHTS | motogp today | motogp hoy | motogp june 20 2021

The best action from the Moto GP Grand Prix of Germany in the circuit of Sachsenring. The race saw the king of the circuit fight for a victory after a long tough time.
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    个月 前

    MOTOSINFO ya estaba refrescando CNglobal para ver q subieras este video. Muchas gracias hermano 👍👍👍👍

    • Mohd Ahyan Shukimee

      Mohd Ahyan Shukimee

      6 天 前

      bbbb,@MOTOS INFO ùuğùu8⁸huu v

    • Peter Rasputin

      Peter Rasputin

      14 天 前

      16:15 Marq le agradece a la moto



      27 天 前

      @MOTOS INFO hablas español? existirán estos videos en español?

    • Martines Silet

      Martines Silet

      个月 前

      🙏🏾 Good job,,,,,,,❗ ♥️👍🏿

    • Mulyono Mulyono

      Mulyono Mulyono

      个月 前

      Tetep yang terbaik, gua tunggu di Mandalika Lombok Indonesia, MotoGP tanpa MM93 dak seru 👍👍👍

  2. moana rose

    moana rose

    23 小时 前

    I love you mm93^^

  3. Samuelgonçalvesdejesus Jesus

    Samuelgonçalvesdejesus Jesus

    天 前

    Honda CBR 1000RR REPSOL Marc Márquez ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. matahari pagi menyinari

    matahari pagi menyinari

    2 天 前

    Arti jeram itu di berbatu in....that means

  5. tata suharta

    tata suharta

    3 天 前

    MM the king of Sachsenring 👍

  6. オーシャンタイガー


    3 天 前

    すごい難しいコース! 中低速コースで勝てるのはやはりテクニックとスライドコントロールに優れている証拠ですね! 後半戦マルケスの巻き返しに期待したいです!

  7. Gerda Schouten

    Gerda Schouten

    3 天 前


  8. Carlos Salinas

    Carlos Salinas

    4 天 前

    Mark marqués desde Honduras centro América te saludo y te felicito a ti tu moto y tú equipo todos son campeones y ganadores chao

  9. Sugisaki Ken

    Sugisaki Ken

    5 天 前

    es increible como cuando marquez toma la delantera solamente puede irse mas lejos sin oportunidad para el segundo de acerle sombra

  10. Claudio Mori

    Claudio Mori

    5 天 前

    one more for the atomic ant account...congratulations mm.

  11. satoru shino

    satoru shino

    7 天 前

    It's not over yet Marcus must be in the current MotoGP

  12. tem


    7 天 前

    Honda #1



    9 天 前

    "ALIEN" KINGTHE SACHSENRING .......................MM93 IS COMEBACK

  14. Franky Dk

    Franky Dk

    10 天 前

    Jd semangat nonton moto GP, MM 93 juara lg the king MotoGP 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  15. Dev Murasing

    Dev Murasing

    11 天 前

    Wow very very nice mag 👌 good honda

  16. Cuca macuxi

    Cuca macuxi

    11 天 前

    MM só ganha corridas assim. Sem emoção. Quando a disputa é moto a moto, ele perde todas!

  17. Kat


    11 天 前

    moto gp riders look like men from outer space = light years ahead of time

  18. Panthip Ragsayos

    Panthip Ragsayos

    12 天 前

    It's a great moment for every one that love him so much, including me.

  19. gaspar tomas

    gaspar tomas

    12 天 前

    O rei das pistas esa de volta

  20. SHAH M GP


    14 天 前

    What happened to Aprillia?

  21. Tardogo Dogo

    Tardogo Dogo

    14 天 前


  22. Peter Rasputin

    Peter Rasputin

    14 天 前

    16:15 Marq le agradece a la moto

  23. Raey Zamora

    Raey Zamora

    17 天 前

    MM93 is back❣️🔥

  24. thomas ambrose

    thomas ambrose

    17 天 前


  25. ViridianG


    22 天 前

    You might have two audio channels to give it this sound. Mute one channel.

  26. Marlogz Gerez

    Marlogz Gerez

    23 天 前

    M93 king of motogp

  27. Kat


    23 天 前

    My favorite moto gp race of all time... Marc is the best

  28. สมพงค์ ยีหมูด

    สมพงค์ ยีหมูด

    24 天 前


  29. Jim clarke

    Jim clarke

    24 天 前

    Can someone slap the commentator that calling zarcko jo han its prononounced yohan you ignorant muppet

  30. Jeevan M.adyapadi

    Jeevan M.adyapadi

    24 天 前

    wow honda amezing .

  31. Сергей Шушулков

    Сергей Шушулков

    24 天 前


  32. JteJteJte Limasatutujuh2

    JteJteJte Limasatutujuh2

    26 天 前

    2019 bike really good for mm93



    27 天 前

    From Indonesia

  34. mania siantar

    mania siantar

    27 天 前

    king of the ring

  35. intan puspita sari ichan

    intan puspita sari ichan

    27 天 前

    Oh baby alien 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  36. arjunan arjunan

    arjunan arjunan

    28 天 前

    GTg yg y ý Jjj ggtg ģtg gyg tg

  37. arjunan arjunan

    arjunan arjunan

    28 天 前


  38. arjunan arjunan

    arjunan arjunan

    28 天 前


  39. demon gamer ff

    demon gamer ff

    28 天 前

    Always mar is win

  40. Sokolago 03

    Sokolago 03

    28 天 前

    The best 93

  41. Sokolago 03

    Sokolago 03

    28 天 前


  42. Sokolago 03

    Sokolago 03

    28 天 前


  43. Sokolago 03

    Sokolago 03

    28 天 前

    Marquez ♥️

  44. nur daruth

    nur daruth

    28 天 前


  45. Arsyad Prayoga

    Arsyad Prayoga

    28 天 前

    Jauh dan dekat jarak dari olivera

  46. Arsyad Prayoga

    Arsyad Prayoga

    28 天 前

    Jatuh dengan oliveira dan dekat

  47. Badrul Muhammat

    Badrul Muhammat

    28 天 前

    😭😭MMC saya trharu liat idola bisa tampil di podium satu MMC 93 👍👍👍

  48. Minotauro Trading

    Minotauro Trading

    28 天 前

    here it comes Marques again oh man.

  49. Suryani Suryani

    Suryani Suryani

    28 天 前

    Mm93 king of the ring

  50. Mauricio Mendez

    Mauricio Mendez

    28 天 前

    Exelente. Carrera. Márquez. Eres. Lo mejor. El #1 moto GP. Valentino está cucho. Márquez un futuro. Máximo. Brabicimo fantasticooo

  51. Douglas Alexander

    Douglas Alexander

    28 天 前

    Marquez fan, absolutely fanatastic ride. I’d feel the same about any rider that went through what he did though. Pushing so hard in previous races when your recovering from that injury, these riders are on another planet. I don’t go out if there’s a bit of drizzle….

  52. Purwanto Anto

    Purwanto Anto

    29 天 前

    Rossi 💪💪

  53. Gustavo Gaviria

    Gustavo Gaviria

    29 天 前

    Big shit 93

  54. Marufa Ali

    Marufa Ali

    29 天 前


  55. Shiro Shi

    Shiro Shi

    29 天 前

    Kept on rewatching even tho i watched it live

  56. Hma Ali

    Hma Ali

    29 天 前

    Aslong honda or yamaha win it's fine for me ...not like apeliar or dudekathy only now made high-speed n expansive machine but dunno how to win the race

  57. sзmut mзrahツ

    sзmut mзrahツ

    29 天 前

    king rossi very slow 😢😢😢

  58. gaza bones

    gaza bones

    29 天 前

    I always ride my bike n i wish one day i can ride like mark he always win an now this make 11 years n 🔥🔥🔥💥💥🚧🚧🔰

  59. jo McDonald’s Sicat

    jo McDonald’s Sicat

    29 天 前

    Nice 👍

  60. Kat


    29 天 前

    Moto Gp is the best sport in the world....

  61. Zaki Abdullah

    Zaki Abdullah

    29 天 前

    Ktm nice team 👍

  62. Egi Syandra

    Egi Syandra

    个月 前

    Mana suara nya

  63. Sekjen Kemhan

    Sekjen Kemhan

    个月 前

    Pecco down to P16, finish P5, nice

  64. emmy teadybear

    emmy teadybear

    个月 前

    Star lucky marc marquez 93 aamiin

  65. Qori Natiqoh

    Qori Natiqoh

    个月 前

    축하합니다 😍😍😍

  66. n7hevn


    个月 前

    Quit the fast forward on the video!!!

  67. 24 Engine Speed Channel

    24 Engine Speed Channel

    个月 前

    marques kembali , pembalap lain panik ngak panik ngak , panik lah masa ngak...

  68. Donnie Rittenberry

    Donnie Rittenberry

    个月 前

    What a race bravo

  69. 刃 鬼滅

    刃 鬼滅

    个月 前

    The obsequious stove tentatively pop because system aetiologically mend aboard a hoc okra. petite, wicked goose

  70. Arriyadi


    个月 前

    King Sachsenring king moto GP come back👍💪🏍️

  71. Kevin Seng

    Kevin Seng

    个月 前

    If he is not injured, no one can beat him. He is the real legend of motor GP. (after Mic Doohan) Let's pray for him that he will not be injured again. GP races are boring without him.

  72. Yulfiani Djohan

    Yulfiani Djohan

    个月 前


  73. sonwil Vergara lopez

    sonwil Vergara lopez

    个月 前

    Será la moto. O el piloto

  74. ruruyukan bae

    ruruyukan bae

    个月 前

    Dari thumbanil ny dah ktauan foto MM.jdi gk usah nonton dah ktauan juara ny gk seru

  75. Putra Agung

    Putra Agung

    个月 前

    good game marques.👍👍👍

  76. Huy Pham

    Huy Pham

    个月 前

    MOTO GP 😘😘🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒👌👌👌👍👍👌👌🖒

  77. Huy Pham

    Huy Pham

    个月 前


  78. Ricardo lopez

    Ricardo lopez

    个月 前


  79. Andi Tv

    Andi Tv

    个月 前

    Congrats brother

  80. Manuel Lopes RS

    Manuel Lopes RS

    个月 前

    Marc Márquez is Number ONE Top the Top 👍👍 The King !!! 👍👌👌 Mo is 👎💩👎💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  81. Ibnu Aziz

    Ibnu Aziz

    个月 前

    Not a real racer, only Honda can do it, I want to know if Marc can change motorbikes, can he win or not, only Rossi's winning mentality

  82. Ibnu Aziz

    Ibnu Aziz

    个月 前

    Marc is not a classy racer only on Honda, Marc is like a Moto3 racer

  83. Kimi Kioto

    Kimi Kioto

    个月 前


  84. Zad Husna

    Zad Husna

    个月 前

    Wow...its a thrill to watch KTM and APRILIAS duelling with all the OLD TIMER brands till the last lap!! these KTM n APRILIA bikes are getting faster and stronger too! Shout out to Their technicians and engineers for doing a very excellent R&D and modifications. Riders like olivera,binder and espargaro bros, their performances are so amazing!! Now its more suspensed and fun to watch MOTOGP!!✌🏽😁

  85. HwaWoon Kim

    HwaWoon Kim

    个月 前

    the king is back! :D Honda rocks

  86. Cecil Wilson

    Cecil Wilson

    个月 前

    Very glad to see that Marc is back from the trying times that he has been through,, fantastic for him and for moto gp ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️from Northern Ireland brilliant race

  87. Happy Life

    Happy Life

    个月 前

    The start scene is probalbly one of the most badass moments on Marc

    • Happy Life

      Happy Life

      个月 前

      I think it’s safe to say everybody got the chills

  88. Marco Antonio

    Marco Antonio

    个月 前

    Vixi Formiga atômica voltou

  89. Vicente Eiras

    Vicente Eiras

    个月 前

    Grande Marc, eres el más grande, el Rey

  90. khukhu ruyukh81

    khukhu ruyukh81

    个月 前

    Baby Aliens 93 Top ❤️👍

  91. Tú Nguyễn Ngọc

    Tú Nguyễn Ngọc

    个月 前

    Welcome back king MM93

  92. Rated - GR

    Rated - GR

    个月 前

    The legit one and only legendary Sachenring King Marc Marquez.

  93. fetB


    个月 前

    what happened to rossi? He used to be one of the top guys. How is he 19th in the overall?

  94. Ranjita Behera

    Ranjita Behera

    个月 前

    Marc Marquez is the best rider



    个月 前

    Solo Márquez es capaz de montar ese bronco de Honda.

  96. Boy VGaming

    Boy VGaming

    个月 前

    Well done mm93 congratulations

  97. Saranya Srikhamlert

    Saranya Srikhamlert

    个月 前

    Congratulations to the winner. Amazing & beautiful riding.

  98. Hoan Nguyễn

    Hoan Nguyễn

    个月 前

    Tôi đã luôn dõi theo a,tôi nghĩ a cần nửa mùa giải để trở lại.Nhưng a đã làm tốt hơn vậy.M93 đưa motogp trở lại hào quang của nó.thanks M93...!!!

  99. Andy Derps

    Andy Derps

    个月 前

    I feel like MM is still not 100%.. But the fact that he is so good on this track, with that bike that many say isn't good, says a lot about how much he's speeding up.

  100. Vivo Phone

    Vivo Phone

    个月 前

    Nice bagnaia