Amazing Machine, Machine Technology 2021, Erstaunliche Werkzeuge #99


  1. Skylos Foxtrot

    Skylos Foxtrot

    天 前


  2. 'Ajay' Jaiswal

    'Ajay' Jaiswal

    3 天 前

    What's this ?

  3. Great Mystery

    Great Mystery

    4 天 前

    Next stop - Psych ward

  4. Rahul Baghel

    Rahul Baghel

    5 天 前

    Cam with encoder bowlfeeder pnumetic cy and sensor automation machine

  5. Vishal Yadav

    Vishal Yadav

    6 天 前




    6 天 前

    Isko spm machine bolte hai

  7. mohd Abdulaziz

    mohd Abdulaziz

    7 天 前

    I didn't understand what product was produced . I think it is weast of time watching .

  8. Ghanshyam Goswami

    Ghanshyam Goswami

    8 天 前

    ye machine mujhe chahiye addres milega plz

  9. cheer up with Charunya harish

    cheer up with Charunya harish

    9 天 前


  10. Connie Alford

    Connie Alford

    9 天 前

    They look like zipper pulls.

  11. Madhu Jami

    Madhu Jami

    9 天 前

    What is this

  12. Maria L

    Maria L

    9 天 前

    Oque é isso??

  13. Abash Dilinogun

    Abash Dilinogun

    9 天 前

    Khh 🥃😆🥃🍻😠😂



    10 天 前

    কি এইগুলো?

  15. Fernando M

    Fernando M

    10 天 前


  16. deus vult

    deus vult

    10 天 前

    They made it in the 70s in Hong China thinks it's new...

  17. Efe doruk Semirgin

    Efe doruk Semirgin

    10 天 前

    Bro noone knows what it is but everyone says imagine doing this for 12 hours

  18. Evelia Pardo Lozano

    Evelia Pardo Lozano

    11 天 前

    Y qué es lo que hacen?

  19. RLC c

    RLC c

    11 天 前

    I already started a beat and song to imagine having to do this every day for life just so I can retire and afford cat food for dinner.

    • Awais Butt

      Awais Butt

      7 天 前


    • Pak Tam

      Pak Tam

      10 天 前


  20. hmode 5.11

    hmode 5.11

    11 天 前

    What is this, please explain?



    11 天 前

    Making what?

  22. Wicked Games

    Wicked Games

    11 天 前

    Oh kool they are making rappers chains kool

  23. Fjfj Do Xhchc

    Fjfj Do Xhchc

    12 天 前

    what this machine make please who can help me

  24. Inayat Multani

    Inayat Multani

    15 天 前


  25. GEE DEE


    15 天 前


  26. สุดหล่อ หล่อสุด

    สุดหล่อ หล่อสุด

    15 天 前


  27. Александр Маничев

    Александр Маничев

    15 天 前

    Че это делают то?

  28. Maine Mermaid

    Maine Mermaid

    15 天 前

    Sweat shop work, for $2 a day.

  29. Harry Kerala

    Harry Kerala

    16 天 前

    Nice work 👍🏼

  30. puran Singh

    puran Singh

    16 天 前

    L Hmm o h l l

  31. Terry Pocha

    Terry Pocha

    17 天 前


  32. M K SINGH 5597

    M K SINGH 5597

    17 天 前

  33. Mary Faith

    Mary Faith

    18 天 前

    What is it

  34. Lewis Wade

    Lewis Wade

    20 天 前

    Sounds like a bass line



    21 天 前

    Wow. Amazing and awesome. Very nice and cool.

  36. juan ces

    juan ces

    21 天 前

    Este sistema utilizamos nosotros en la fábrica en Argentina en la década del 80 90 qué se hacen los inventores del año 2021

  37. Ilson Carlos Alves da Silva Alves da Silva

    Ilson Carlos Alves da Silva Alves da Silva

    22 天 前

    Que porra é essa

  38. Cate Rina

    Cate Rina

    22 天 前

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE FUCKAEF.UNO CNglobal: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков ..

  39. Plewes YeiHanNa

    Plewes YeiHanNa

    22 天 前


  40. N. B. P. Davenport

    N. B. P. Davenport

    23 天 前

    Now if you only had a machine to do what you're doing

  41. Crypto B

    Crypto B

    24 天 前

    Bit of xtc and you have a great job

  42. Gilson Teixeira

    Gilson Teixeira

    25 天 前

    Olha eu não entendi o que é isso más gostei de ver kk

  43. таurage


    25 天 前

    Героин расфасовывает.

  44. Bruno Cocchietto

    Bruno Cocchietto

    26 天 前

    What a boring job.

  45. Shivappa Shivanna

    Shivappa Shivanna

    27 天 前


  46. John Mahoney

    John Mahoney

    个月 前

    What’s the suicide rate of employees running this machine?

  47. Robert LaFave

    Robert LaFave

    个月 前

    What is this

  48. Julius Matage

    Julius Matage

    个月 前

    Which machine is this? What does it make?

  49. Yuta Onishi

    Yuta Onishi

    个月 前

    A part of the Zipper?

  50. Awakening Enthusiast

    Awakening Enthusiast

    个月 前

    Got to make the Ecstasy to go out with Paco next week

  51. Linh Thuy

    Linh Thuy

    个月 前

    Làm nhẫn hả mn

  52. Ferdinand De Liva

    Ferdinand De Liva

    个月 前

    Now, that's a CLASSIC MASOCHIST! If she even SCRATCHES her head for a sec, BOTCHED JOB!🤣😄😁😃😉😂😆😅😊🤪😎

  53. M Aneeq

    M Aneeq

    个月 前

    Kia cheez bna rahy ho . .??????

  54. _ Roxy _

    _ Roxy _

    个月 前

    amazing machine! it force a human to to tha same action for 12 straight! this machine make you become the machine!!! ITS INCREDIBLE!

  55. F M

    F M

    个月 前

    She's standing next to the feeder feeding the machine... The feeders doing a faster job 😜🤪

  56. Carlos Renato chofer

    Carlos Renato chofer

    个月 前

    This machine calls ensambladora.

  57. Reinaldo Souza Reis

    Reinaldo Souza Reis

    个月 前

    Nem da pra ver o que é 😒

  58. TradeResell


    个月 前

    Etsy: Behind the scenes

  59. Татьяна Дергалева

    Татьяна Дергалева

    个月 前

    Что клепает?

  60. David Sparks

    David Sparks

    个月 前


  61. Paulette Ault

    Paulette Ault

    个月 前

    What's she making and what's on the front of her shirt???

  62. Jayson Siano

    Jayson Siano

    个月 前


  63. Mityay Polov

    Mityay Polov

    个月 前

    What are they doing? Who's know?

  64. Federico Oneto

    Federico Oneto

    个月 前

    Yay! Chinese labour, my favorite! Thanks CNglobal

  65. Ankit Skumar

    Ankit Skumar

    个月 前

    Inshart hai lagta hai

  66. DANZER ZONE 0066

    DANZER ZONE 0066

    个月 前

    Batteries company

  67. Ms Starlight

    Ms Starlight

    个月 前

    I can't see what the gold coloured stuff is, (I'm on my cell ph), would someone please explain what it is? And what the machine is doing, too, thanks. ☺

  68. Silverlining Cloud

    Silverlining Cloud

    个月 前

    No faces, no voices,no letters, but Chinese

  69. Bradhart24


    个月 前

    Sounds like music on fair ground ride

  70. Devi Fatmawati

    Devi Fatmawati

    个月 前

    Indo sending🙃

  71. 123 123

    123 123

    个月 前


  72. James Rice

    James Rice

    个月 前

    I'm sure they can put a hopper or rotator feeder where she's at and there you go ..NO job for her .

  73. Ahmad Da'i Fishing

    Ahmad Da'i Fishing

    个月 前

    Amazing technology

  74. V only online V

    V only online V

    个月 前

  75. Putragasnex


    个月 前

    Wow kereeeen...

  76. Priya Dakua

    Priya Dakua

    个月 前


  77. bajaj bajaj

    bajaj bajaj

    个月 前

    Like as dch 400 led welding e

  78. ktuscia


    个月 前


  79. Mohammed Imran Khan

    Mohammed Imran Khan

    个月 前

    Bhai yah sab Ka Mujhe Aata Hai

  80. Oquei Matheus

    Oquei Matheus

    个月 前


  81. No One

    No One

    个月 前


  82. onomonapoetikon monomonapoetikon

    onomonapoetikon monomonapoetikon

    个月 前

    Care to tell us what it's doing?

  83. Md Morsalim

    Md Morsalim

    个月 前

    Call me 9304384756

  84. Seenath Kk

    Seenath Kk

    个月 前

    എന്തുവാ ഇത്

  85. とおるちゃん


    个月 前

    そこは手動ねφ(゚∀゚ )。秒で飽きるわ。

  86. Crystal Greco

    Crystal Greco

    个月 前

    She has some quick fingers

  87. Ra y

    Ra y

    个月 前

    What is she making?

  88. V i c K

    V i c K

    个月 前

    The machine is the human

  89. Enright Adventures

    Enright Adventures

    个月 前

    Don't wear makeup. Makeup is gross and causes zits.

  90. pubg boss

    pubg boss

    个月 前

    Kya $r

    • pubg boss

      pubg boss

      个月 前

      Rat ha

  91. archangel20031


    个月 前

    Does anyone have a clue what their manufacturing?

  92. Hanniel Ricaplaza

    Hanniel Ricaplaza

    个月 前

  93. bob nilpfert

    bob nilpfert

    个月 前


  94. luiz_colombi


    个月 前

    Slave work

  95. Billy zavvier

    Billy zavvier

    个月 前


  96. Alexandre Freitas

    Alexandre Freitas

    个月 前

    Chinese Slavery thanks for my Nike

  97. Gage Hayes

    Gage Hayes

    个月 前

    What is it making

  98. Aaron Rowe

    Aaron Rowe

    个月 前

    I bet there will b alot of jam ups and air problems

  99. Jovan Soto

    Jovan Soto

    个月 前

    It got to do with gold

  100. IgorRyltsev


    个月 前

    Imagine doing for 12 hours skipping the lunch break! Nope 🙅🏻

    • M K SINGH 5597

      M K SINGH 5597

      17 天 前

    • Kriztofer Plitzkin

      Kriztofer Plitzkin

      个月 前

      It's 10$ per hour if you change your mind

    • Chitranjan Misra

      Chitranjan Misra

      个月 前

      @oh ça c'est pas très gentilunko

    • richard marino

      richard marino

      个月 前

      I would do it happily if was mine

    • Adam Saurwein

      Adam Saurwein

      个月 前

      You dont even know what work is!🤦‍♂️