The Zipper Was In Front - Fact-Checking No. 45's Pants Scandal

After the internet delighted in the possibility that America's previous president was copying a look from the legendary rap duo Kriss Kross, people may be disappointed to hear that fact checkers have proven the president was not wearing his pants backwards at a speech in North Carolina last weekend.

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  1. Legion Marks

    Legion Marks

    24 分钟 前

    Funny Colbert should mention zippers. Number 44 and number 46s flies were wide open when they came on his show.

  2. Tim Hopper

    Tim Hopper

    天 前

    Little Donny debuts his adult diaper!!!

  3. Alex K

    Alex K

    天 前

    Colbert , any other themes besides Trump, we have new one in the office , so any thoughts ?

  4. sandra robinson

    sandra robinson

    2 天 前

    Amazing that people like us Down Under and in rest of the world had no reaction and were ready to believe that the ex-President only 5 months out of office had pants on backwards and was wearing a nappy, did not even make a blip on the Suprise Radar just yeah just another day in US politics.

  5. Humane143Imperfection


    2 天 前

    Astronauts wear diapers, maybe he's a Space Man. Ohh shii.. no, I've just given the scientist madman more fodder for fire. Lisa Nowak wore a diaper.. ehh poor example, or is it? 😆 I'm going to have fun writing material for this for like the next month 🤣. I've got a TUPA bit down already but that photo op was just simply golden. Not unlike the showers its - stopping there.

  6. terry tt

    terry tt

    4 天 前

    I think he had to turn them around because he probably pee'd them! THROUGH the Depends!

  7. Mitch Gold

    Mitch Gold

    4 天 前

    losing it!!

  8. Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

    7 天 前


  9. Knack Wurst

    Knack Wurst

    7 天 前

    It's called the banana republic

  10. Juani 0210

    Juani 0210

    8 天 前

    I LOVE this Format the Old one... is kinda boring you know... So maybe dont discard it forever?

  11. Juani 0210

    Juani 0210

    8 天 前

    The sausage thing... was a little bit gross

  12. ralphferley


    8 天 前

    Know your political party, I am neither a D nor an R One of the political parties allows illegals into the country to commit crimes, to rape your daughters, sisters, mothers, . To get more voters and a bigger paycheck for their states They have ruined many cities by their poor policy decisions, not poor because of any other reason than greed They advocate for murdering babies, they reversed policies and are selling aborted baby body parts for profit again. They founded the KKK, put abortion clinics in poor minority neighborhoods and call others racists. They encourage diversity so long as it is NOT diversity of thought, no freedom or expression, thought, speech or descent allowed.

  13. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Elizabeth Ortiz

    8 天 前

    Florida seems to be a threat to public safety. Why are the best theme parks there??!!! Damn it I'd love to go to Disney World but I don't feel safe going there anymore.

  14. kalo924


    8 天 前

    Maybe elastic waist?

  15. Dean William

    Dean William

    9 天 前

    I'm just tuning in. Colbert bouncing with a weiner in his mouth. Is he celebrating June as gay pride month?

  16. RaperMcGhee


    9 天 前

    This shit is garbage

  17. Fuck You

    Fuck You

    9 天 前

    An actual legitimately elected President and this sellout calls him no.45 how disrespectful you "progressives" are. Its terrible none of you have the ability to feel guilt or shame because you love your fake tribe too much. May you choke on the karma coming

  18. Unmanaged


    10 天 前

    colbert needs to give it up and find something new to talk about

  19. Ultimate Venom Games

    Ultimate Venom Games

    10 天 前

    Anyone else think that the close up of that ufo looked vaguely.....bat shaped? Hmmm....maybe Batman has just been testing new experimental planes!

  20. missionrd100


    10 天 前

    And Trump was the one who called Adam Schiff the biggest leaker.

  21. clownage123


    10 天 前

    Can we have an inquiry as to why the footage of ufos is so grainy and unclear...asking for a friend.

  22. Bernie Flores

    Bernie Flores

    10 天 前

    But, you feel safe with current sleepy joe having the nuclear codes..dumb asses.

  23. Jim Davis

    Jim Davis

    10 天 前

    It's a good thing the wife shows me when to Laugh

  24. R1B3Y3


    10 天 前

    Are the folks working in graphics okay? Those cartoon facial expressions are broadcasting a deep internal nightmare LOL.

  25. White Summer 1967

    White Summer 1967

    10 天 前

    It's absolutely scary that that shitball held the nuclear codes for 4 years

  26. White Summer 1967

    White Summer 1967

    10 天 前

    Finally with dump out things will be starting to get back to normal



    10 天 前

    Did he pull his pants up from the knee area?? His DEPENDS must have been full. Noel Casler said he has Major Bowel Problems from All the drugs he has taken since the 1980s. He wears Depends, A Stomach Harness and 4" shoe lifts. WHAT A WINNER!!! PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTED FOR THIS LUNATICO...SO SCARY AND GROSS!!!

  28. Kathy D

    Kathy D

    10 天 前

    Are you cleared to be out in person with people? Iffy prospect.🤔 PS. and btw, please don't get a haircut. You're looking good with longer hair, and the distinguished salt & peppa.🤙🏼💞🍸

  29. impunitythebagpuss


    11 天 前

    The jacket and head were on the pants!

  30. Suzie Que

    Suzie Que

    11 天 前

    Could it be a diaper? Diaper Don.

  31. Vagabond


    11 天 前

    "Imagine how much 'no taxes' they would pay." :'D

  32. WW1-China


    11 天 前

    Just adult diapers. He's trying to stop a leak.

  33. Robert Bascelli

    Robert Bascelli

    11 天 前

    The only backwards thing here are Colbert and his viewers .

  34. J GetsCensored

    J GetsCensored

    11 天 前

    Colbert has really gone down hill.

  35. Tigerlilly


    11 天 前

    45 just looked horrible per norm, 😆🤣😂. Nothing off. he was just not wearing his girdle and his "FUPA" was squished and divided 5:18 🤷‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️. Any woman (or man) who has worn Spanx or a girdle in slacks knows 😉 😆🤣😂. His unbridled FUPA probably folded over hiding "tiny-45" from these NY indictments rolling out soon. He's just not wearing his "MIRDLE= man girdle" Looking at this..I think my phone stinks, let me get the lemon Lysol wipes, ugh.

  36. Eugenio Colussi filho

    Eugenio Colussi filho

    11 天 前

    send a rocket into it and see.

  37. gypsism


    11 天 前

    Trump wears diapers!

  38. Doña Ratona

    Doña Ratona

    11 天 前

    The blink/brow fail killed me!

  39. diaper don

    diaper don

    11 天 前

    Look up Diaper don...true story by someone use to work for him.....Then you can put 2 and 2 together..After a washing, he was in a hurry to put his pants on, & walla, he put them on backwards. No way you can tell me, they were on right.. And I'm not getting on a cruise that people don't have to have vaccines. Too many t Cheeto fans walking around with NO mask , no common when they haven't had the vaccine. That's why I still wear my mask. I don't trust everyone out there..

  40. Donna Monticello

    Donna Monticello

    11 天 前

    Continued STD's seem to cause problems for a lot of older people. Be kind.

  41. Silence Do-Good

    Silence Do-Good

    11 天 前

    Flogged to death I hope Trump gets a cut on their lame jokes at least. So painful to watch these failed late shows absolutely no humor in any of them it’s the same bs every night it’s run it’s course.

  42. Jaramillo Lugo

    Jaramillo Lugo

    11 天 前

    The loser's Depends are showing through more than ever, that's all. Snorting partying decades take their toll. Still being his stinking self, they'll be fuller when criminally charged!

  43. Larry Ritch

    Larry Ritch

    11 天 前

    Why don't you make fun of Biden, he's got alot to make fun of, but you socialist just won't do it.

  44. will27ns


    11 天 前

    Real cerebral comedy. What a dick. What a corporate shill.

  45. Kevin Slater

    Kevin Slater

    12 天 前

    Why did that hotdog clink when it was set down? WHY DID IT CLINK WHEN IT WAS SET DOWN!??!?!?!?

  46. teaberrywmn


    12 天 前

    Can we please be free of anything having to do with that orange toad.

    • Jonathan Siders

      Jonathan Siders

      11 天 前

      But it’s comedy gold

  47. MPR


    12 天 前

    His diaper was protruding. It was the diaper he wears. 😂

  48. Greg Raines

    Greg Raines

    12 天 前

    Dummy Trump had his pants on backwards like he was at a kriss kross concert in the 90s. Somebody take grandpa's keys immediately.

  49. Raven113 P

    Raven113 P

    12 天 前

    Looks like I won't be returning to cruising anytime soon...

  50. Tom Yerks

    Tom Yerks

    12 天 前

    Trump is a real cool guy I don’t know why everybody takes him so what if he wants to wear his pants backwards none of them suits fit him either he waddles around the stage telling everybody How Great he is

  51. Alexandrine Rigsby Henry

    Alexandrine Rigsby Henry

    12 天 前

    Articles of “en pants ment”! 😜

  52. Robin Sunbeam

    Robin Sunbeam

    12 天 前

    He probably was wearing an adult brief.

  53. General JellyRoll

    General JellyRoll

    12 天 前

    That coney paid for itself

  54. Canada Sucks

    Canada Sucks

    12 天 前

    Remember that time Stephen went to epstein island. Yeeeeah nothin to see here.

  55. Tricknologyinc


    12 天 前


  56. J. Gaulke

    J. Gaulke

    12 天 前

    He was wearing My Soakers: repurpised puppy pee pads from the dollar store! He's a MAGA Magnum Mango leaker!

  57. Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch

    Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch

    12 天 前

    No helping the poor! OK?

  58. Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch

    Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch

    12 天 前

    If you have had a blood desease are you at risk to take shots.

  59. Jane Talsma

    Jane Talsma

    12 天 前

    I’d anyone else dance along? Just me? Oh dear.

  60. ddd ddd no

    ddd ddd no

    12 天 前

    The hot dog had a curve

  61. S. Carter

    S. Carter

    12 天 前

    I agree the ufo appears to be a stealth bomber forgetting to be stealthy

  62. Calvin Huynh

    Calvin Huynh

    12 天 前

    The daffy armchair pivotally depend because salary nationally prevent times a entertaining family. wise, eminent distance

  63. Frances Ramos

    Frances Ramos

    12 天 前

    His Diaper was Full of💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  64. Diane Wood

    Diane Wood

    12 天 前

    Pull on pants 👖 ❓

  65. Nancy N

    Nancy N

    12 天 前

    “FATTY KRUEGER” . . . It’s just perfect 😆😆😆

  66. Jonah Baka

    Jonah Baka

    12 天 前

    Smart pants 👖

  67. Sunny


    12 天 前

    no way will I cruise again until vaccines are required on those floating petri dishes. I mean folks were getting sick before covid. you'd think the industry would learn???

  68. Donald McNamara

    Donald McNamara

    13 天 前

    Why doesn't Colbert say Trump's name?

  69. SpukiTheLoveKitten75


    13 天 前

    That explains the pants thing... low-res and the spot was blurred so someone could start a "He wears his pants backwards" hoax. He's obviously wearing "Depends", though.

  70. Elaine Brooksbank

    Elaine Brooksbank

    13 天 前

    It’s well known that Trump dictates his own medical reports and had a doctor issue a statement that he was “in great shape.” Whether Trump had his pants on ass backwards or not the photos show that he’s certainly “a shape” - I’m not sure whether “great” is the best way to describe it though. It seems that a diet of cheeseburgers, ice cream and the best chocolate cake the world has ever seen has left him with a “tremendous” paunch. The most alarming aspect of all the speculation is that people even considered it a possibility that the very stable genius with a very large brain had committed a sartorial faux pas in the first place. After all, this is the guy who can recall Person; Woman; Man; Camera & TV - an amazing phenomenon which no one else on the planet could achieve. But, heaven be praised, it turns out he is a clever boy after all and can put his pants on the right way round - but then so can my 2 year old grandson. (I wonder if Trump expects a round of applause every time he manages to dress himself too?)

  71. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams

    13 天 前

    Can't stand this guy

  72. yorkielover1027


    13 天 前

    How come no one is saying anything about Trump’s crotch looking like he is wearing diapers?

  73. Dramakingus Jaje

    Dramakingus Jaje

    13 天 前

    What I missed opportunity to do a Mr Rogers sketch with those shoes

  74. Sharon Berger

    Sharon Berger

    13 天 前


  75. John Matarazzo

    John Matarazzo

    13 天 前

    I think he started smoking weed

  76. pseudonym of a nerd

    pseudonym of a nerd

    13 天 前

    Where are all the cops refusing to enforce Florida's ban on asking patrons if they are vaccinated? When local officials started passing mask mandates, police department's came out and said they wouldn't enforce them. Getting past the whole, you know, cops deciding what rules they feel like enforcing, why doesn't it go the other way? Why don't police department's in Florida come out and say they're going to ignore reports of people requiring proof of vaccination on cruises?

  77. Theodicist Eddie

    Theodicist Eddie

    13 天 前

    He's hammered lol

  78. Richard 303

    Richard 303

    13 天 前


  79. dharmaducious


    13 天 前

    He wears diapers.

  80. Cancun771


    13 天 前

    Re: UFOs, Russian military hardware is complete shit and the Russian leadership, especially Putin, have a gigantic inferiority complex. They would be bragging 24/7 on all channels if they had _that_ kind of tech. The capabilities described are so far advanced that it is magic, for all intents and purposes. It might take humanity a thousand more years to even come up with the physics to theoretically explain those capabilities, never mind _reproducing_ them. And the Chinese are catching up to the USA, but they are clearly not quite there yet. And if it were US tech, you would see some billionaires using it to fly their families, their hookers and their cocaine around in it. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that these capabilities can only be explained by actual aliens. The interesting questions are, 1) are the sightings etc actually authentic?`and 2) Why release that information _now?_

  81. Nazeem


    13 天 前

    Did....did he....did stephen just casually artichoke that glizzy? Happy pride month everybody!

  82. Motoman744


    13 天 前

    It would be nice to get back to some real comedy again and maybe not worry so much about Trump for a change. It gets old.

  83. Wreavyn


    13 天 前

    I'm sure the countries that those cruise ships travel to will have requirements for vaccines, so I hope the assholes that try to cause another global outbreak are trapped on the ship for the entirety of their trip.

  84. Wreavyn


    13 天 前

    It looked like he was wearing maternity pants, and all those wrinkles are from him sitting for a long time, all sweaty, while the pant legs crept up higher and higher and bunched underneath the fat roll of his lower abdomen. For that amount of wrinkling, he had to be sitting for hours and hours without standing. He was probably psyching himself out watching the news.

  85. Richard Joseph

    Richard Joseph

    13 天 前

    You look so natural with a Weiner in your mouth!! Tool & a fool

  86. Valerie Rodger

    Valerie Rodger

    13 天 前

    It appears there is an overwhelming consensus on two things: 1. Most of us love this format and we're really going to miss it 2. Trump is definitely wearing adult diapers

  87. Grumpymrpug


    13 天 前

    Still talking about Trump ? I know there’s nothing funny to say about Joe Biden right Steve

  88. Sophie Peraaud

    Sophie Peraaud

    13 天 前


  89. Sophie Peraaud

    Sophie Peraaud

    13 天 前


  90. joana dougherty mcGee

    joana dougherty mcGee

    13 天 前

    Minute 6:34 -- the close up of the "low resolution" picture of Trump's dubious pants shown as they show it, looks photoshopped to me. Somebody had a lot of fun. That said, it has been repeated by many that Trump wears diapers for incontinence woes. Normally, I would not think to belittle a person for that, or any other physical malady, but Trump claims that he is (and marveling doctors also say that he is) such the physical specimen of perfection that to imagine him pooping his pants is satisfying.

  91. Austin Duvall

    Austin Duvall

    13 天 前

    Florida is a joke nuff said

  92. k4vud


    13 天 前

    rumors say Trump wears diapers. Most old men have bladder control problems and even bowel problems and i dare say lots of old GOP in Congress wear diapers, which may match the bulk of their bullet proof jackets under clothing. No shame, just a fact of failing bodies.

  93. Eric Allen

    Eric Allen

    13 天 前

    I wish the #UAP #UFO stuff wasn't joked about. If people understood the infrared imaging at Supersonic speeds with no exhaust or wings, submersible, invisible technology going in and out on radar. We don't have fusion yet which is the amount of energy required for these things. Not till 2025 is fusion expected to be completed. China can only hold fusion for 3 minutes.

  94. Leanne Maddison

    Leanne Maddison

    13 天 前

    Why is he so excited about various bans being lifted? Some countries lock down aged care facilities if there is only 2 positive tests. It's a LONG road to recovery.

  95. Susan Ford

    Susan Ford

    13 天 前

    Stop looking at the god damn pants. that is revolting. Even Melania does not go there, so you should not too. Get a life.

  96. Denis Rondeau

    Denis Rondeau

    13 天 前

    His pants weren't backwards, it was just the bullet proof testicules length vest that he had on as doesn't even trust his followers

  97. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman Baksh

    13 天 前

    It's official. Tangerine Mussolini has a front butt. Never trust anyone with a front butt.

    • Jonathan Siders

      Jonathan Siders

      11 天 前

      So he’s dual-butted

  98. K M

    K M

    14 天 前

    I feel like winning the election earned us the right not to have to hear any more about Trump than necessary. When he was President, it was necessary and cathartic to satirize him, but now that he’s not, it’s an unwelcome, unpleasant reminder, and it makes us look petty and sore, and by the way, further legitimizes his claim to power. You don’t need to satirize people who have no power. DO NOT WANT.

  99. Elantra Dupree

    Elantra Dupree

    14 天 前

    I was Alice he was the mad hatter and we got lost in wonderland



    14 天 前

    I guess the irony is that democrats drool over what rich old white men have to say while trying to convince everyone that old white men are the problem.