rendog being mildly innappropriate for 5 minutes straight

"we're adults in this chat" - rendog 2019


  1. GINNY


    34 分钟 前

    HAHAHA reminds me of the time grain got sent thigh pics from a man

  2. Jaydee 8652

    Jaydee 8652

    9 小时 前

    If you were to do this again there’s a ton of innuendo in 3rd life. The most notable being a joke about Ren and Cleo flashing each other that not nearly enough people talk about.

  3. UT Plays Nepal

    UT Plays Nepal

    天 前

    This is the first time I saw ren. Some week ago I saw Bdous for first time... Got here from Hermetcraft (Grian)

  4. Creative Lightning

    Creative Lightning

    3 天 前

    Mildly? More like Wildly

  5. PizzaIsNice


    5 天 前

    ✨ Family Friendly ✨

  6. Requiem


    9 天 前

    Ladies get in line he diggity be on the way!

  7. Requiem


    9 天 前

    Rub me

  8. Axel Cruz-Hernandez

    Axel Cruz-Hernandez

    10 天 前


  9. Relativea


    10 天 前

    the disaster bi energy is showing and I'm here for it

  10. Th33


    10 天 前

    come on my dudes

  11. Henry Hovden

    Henry Hovden

    11 天 前

    One word: Shocking?!😂

  12. K.O


    11 天 前

    Ren is Pan in my French Vanila Fantasy HeadCannon

  13. shidmoment


    12 天 前

    Wow I hope he never inapropriat again 1!!11!!🥵😳😳😳

  14. Bronze IsAFurry

    Bronze IsAFurry

    15 天 前

    RENDOG IS FURRY!?!?!?!???!?!!!!??!?!???!! Oh my god it all makes sense

  15. stumble


    15 天 前

    ion fw this, keep these weird jokes out my family friendly escapist minecraft videos

  16. Deathomen


    15 天 前

    4:24 Hodgetwins refrence?

  17. BoonBoon 89

    BoonBoon 89

    17 天 前

    This man is so unintentionally funny lmao in or out of context intentional or not. This is gold

  18. MrChickinMan


    17 天 前

    "Hermitcraft is for kids" they said "All the MCYT's in it are PG" they said

  19. skepbeans


    17 天 前

    Imagine if Ren made a channel for 18+ viewers

  20. Jarry Pota

    Jarry Pota

    18 天 前

    In HC S6 minecon retrospective video there's some mild innapropriateness

  21. MirioAmajiki


    18 天 前

    2:31 RENDOG PANSEXUAL CONFIRM?!?!!!?!2?2!22!1!1!1?1!1!1!1!!2!2!1!1!2!2?2!22221

  22. MirioAmajiki


    18 天 前

    1:12 I bet after this he threw up... Rainbows...

  23. Luthorian


    19 天 前

    "ladies get in line- ladies and gentlemen; anybody can get in line!" that one quote means a lot. knowing that popular youtubers/streamers are working towards making their corner of the internet a safe space for lgbt folks really restores my hope in humanity

  24. Brxkenn Soul

    Brxkenn Soul

    19 天 前

    the immediate regret each time on his face oh noo lmao

  25. Catacus


    20 天 前

    this is why ren is one of my favorites, dosent come out and swear but the jokes are there

  26. Kizmo joe

    Kizmo joe

    21 天 前

    rendog acting a little too sus for 5 mins

  27. HappyGamer 4ever

    HappyGamer 4ever

    22 天 前

    4:00 The cow pulled out the ono reverse card and milked Ren

  28. Wolftag 101

    Wolftag 101

    23 天 前

    It makes me uncomfortable but at the same time it’s a funny moment

  29. Dane Osborne

    Dane Osborne

    23 天 前

    if your too young to understand the jokes, don’t worry, you will someday

  30. Robert Combs

    Robert Combs

    23 天 前

    LOL the end of that is amazing

  31. Blas_de_lezo


    23 天 前

    please dont stop being like that ren! YOU would be SO MUCH MORE BORING!

  32. Carlos Villalta

    Carlos Villalta

    23 天 前

    i love how every hermit is kinda weirded out by these things except stress who just laughs

  33. Sam Cords

    Sam Cords

    24 天 前

    Anyone else slightly concerned by watchjng this

  34. Somebody Likes Bacon

    Somebody Likes Bacon

    24 天 前

    Its so funny hearing mostly family friendly creators say inappropriate things, idk why

  35. Titanium Wolf Pack

    Titanium Wolf Pack

    24 天 前


  36. Manolo Gonzalez

    Manolo Gonzalez

    24 天 前

    Use me as a 'WTF' button 😂

  37. Clanktitan2


    24 天 前

    I forgot Ren has a face

  38. acromantulo tapias

    acromantulo tapias

    25 天 前

    oooh god "lets get you into a vending machine shall we"

  39. David Zhou

    David Zhou

    25 天 前


  40. RedStone576


    25 天 前

    my day is now ruined

  41. Pigeon Animations

    Pigeon Animations

    26 天 前


  42. Fyre_Hazaard


    26 天 前

    "im always down for some grinding if you know what im saying. ladies get in line baby, ladies and gentlemen! anybody can get in the line!" a true bi icon ladies, gents and everything in between. 😩 (idk if ren is actually bi, or if he's ever discussed his sexuality, this is a joke because i personally thought it was funny)

  43. Ben Fernandez-Sheinbaum

    Ben Fernandez-Sheinbaum

    26 天 前

    Rendog needs to be like this in his videos!! He’s the most non family friendly hermit, we need some of that in videos!!

  44. LEONÉ


    26 天 前

    rendog my beloved

  45. Erin Jackson

    Erin Jackson

    27 天 前

    "I got a dong in my throat" will live in my brain rent free forever

  46. shongkie


    27 天 前


  47. orange


    27 天 前

    anyone remember the "gigacock"

  48. kenzo joshua i delos santos

    kenzo joshua i delos santos

    27 天 前

    the last one was too perfect

  49. kenzo joshua i delos santos

    kenzo joshua i delos santos

    27 天 前

    4:06 uhm im a little scared

  50. kenzo joshua i delos santos

    kenzo joshua i delos santos

    27 天 前

    finally a that's what she said joke

  51. Angel Lozano

    Angel Lozano

    28 天 前

    Ren: I'M RUBBING YA MAN Iskall: .____. ok.

  52. Liam Engram

    Liam Engram

    28 天 前

    LOL! That last bit was gold.

  53. Emerald Rain

    Emerald Rain

    28 天 前

    Ren looks NOTHING like I thought he would! Wow

  54. James MacKenzie

    James MacKenzie

    28 天 前

    That’s the whole rendog theme

  55. Ronak De

    Ronak De

    28 天 前


  56. Clout Foam

    Clout Foam

    29 天 前

    I know you made this 5 min and 1 extra seconds just to piss me off

  57. 「 Heaphilian 」

    「 Heaphilian 」

    29 天 前

    That's why I love Ren

  58. DrAli Rashid

    DrAli Rashid

    29 天 前

    ahahhaahahhahahahaha, love ren ❤❤❤

  59. phosphor gostle

    phosphor gostle

    29 天 前

    When you remember hermitcraft is meant to be pg...

  60. JamesonYT


    个月 前

    I like how everything Ren says sounds sexual out of context

  61. cuckinator


    个月 前

    "this is a family friendly channel"

  62. Jeremiah Gottwald

    Jeremiah Gottwald

    个月 前

    Can anyone give me the stream for 2:49? And what MC game is that I forgot the title.

  63. noatryy


    个月 前

    someone's gotta get ren a bf or gf

  64. Paramjot SINGH

    Paramjot SINGH

    个月 前

    I love RenDog.

  65. Blazecraft1335


    个月 前

    susdog lol

  66. Yi Yang Choo (randomfluffypup)

    Yi Yang Choo (randomfluffypup)

    个月 前

    that last one killed me

  67. Yakima Doku

    Yakima Doku

    个月 前

    besides the "4k" quality it's veryfun to watch again and again

  68. Luka Kapetan

    Luka Kapetan

    个月 前

    How often do these happen

  69. Vee Waterson [old account]

    Vee Waterson [old account]

    个月 前

    I never have watched rendog But i think i will now, because this is very great😂

  70. Random Reviews

    Random Reviews

    个月 前

    Omg LOL

  71. Sleep-Deprived Witch

    Sleep-Deprived Witch

    个月 前

    Me: Yeah no im not a simp Also me: *has watched this multiple times*.

    • Drawings And Things

      Drawings And Things

      8 天 前

      Dont expose me like that shh

  72. Hvski


    个月 前


  73. General_ Groves

    General_ Groves

    个月 前

    "rendog being mildly sus for 5 minutes straight" as the title may getcha a few more veiws :)

  74. Doddle 07 (Doddle)

    Doddle 07 (Doddle)

    个月 前

    "ladies and gentlemen anyone get in line!" thats cannon ren's bi /j

  75. Short Snort

    Short Snort

    个月 前

    “Queenbmomma” certainly is a queen... Not a royal one I can assure you

  76. Daniel 456

    Daniel 456

    个月 前

    This is why I love ren. This and his a great storyteller.

  77. Daniel 456

    Daniel 456

    个月 前

    Grian ‘imma… imma need you to stop saying that’ 😂

  78. Nick Wilson

    Nick Wilson

    个月 前

    "That one was too hard to resist" -rendog

  79. Dawson Benji

    Dawson Benji

    个月 前

    I feel bad there is more comments on this vid then there are on the channel

  80. x the bean

    x the bean

    个月 前

    And here I was thinking I was the only one saying that this gives off Big Bisexual Energy

  81. nilian


    个月 前

    im happy hermits are family friendly because i would pass out if his episodes looked like this

  82. Steve Minecraft

    Steve Minecraft

    个月 前

    Honestly I think he’s the second most charming hermit of them all

  83. nilian


    个月 前


  84. TenKiingKirby


    个月 前

    What stream was this from? 2:50

  85. dimandqueen


    个月 前

    2:33 better title "ren being a bisexual mood for 5 minutes straight"

  86. HomereQ


    个月 前

    1:11 *_slightly_* innappropriate 2:24 *_SLIGHTLY_*

  87. Dave Sunhammer

    Dave Sunhammer

    个月 前

    Minecraft is for all ages of people who like fun. What is your point? "I have it covered by a speedo."

  88. CeNedra Lea Heldra

    CeNedra Lea Heldra

    个月 前

    Are you drunk this for kids or adults

  89. Kuziziy


    个月 前

    oh no

  90. Dan Aj

    Dan Aj

    个月 前

    During the HHH livestream working on the evergiven ren said he “got some wood” and cleo practically died.

  91. MaritalTurnip8


    个月 前

    95% of the time rendog is mildly inappropriate but that's why we are fans of his.

  92. Eevee


    个月 前

    this is...uncomfortable

  93. nbMaple


    个月 前

    this video should be called “reasons why i love ren so much”

  94. AnAnomaly 334

    AnAnomaly 334

    个月 前

    I’ll never forget doc saying “loly(presumably holy) shit I’m rich” in X’s video And Wels naming his tool “knight’s hoe”

  95. MuchMuch


    个月 前

    I like the Hermits doing some adult things sometimes. It gives you sense that Hermitcraft is not just for kids

  96. jessica hanson

    jessica hanson

    个月 前

    So hot.

  97. gymblue123


    个月 前


  98. BWB Bedwars Team

    BWB Bedwars Team

    个月 前

    “It does feel really good to strip”

  99. Drachma86


    个月 前

    Ren: "I've got a dog in my throat" Ren: 0.o

  100. King monkeynos

    King monkeynos

    个月 前

    Ren why