After Chad Wild Clay made "MELVIN IS ALIVE!", Vy Qwaint created "WE LOST... Project Zorgo Wins. Battle Royal vs Hackers for Safe House After Hiding Underground", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "Can You Survive the Chaos Simulator? Spy Ninjas vs Moving Uhaul Truck Challenge!", The 5 Spy Ninjas travel to the Project Zorgo Headquarters, The Black Pyramid. The infamous hackers have threatened the deletion of CNglobal at midnight, and the Spy Ninjas are the only ones who can stop them. For 2 years, Project Zorgo and the leader have been trying to interfere with CNglobal, everyone's favorite streaming site. Chad and Vy, the 2 original Spy Ninjas, have been doing their best to defend it against the evil hackers, but thanks to the help of PZ1 Daniel, PZ4 Regina, and PZ9 Melvin, who have each left the organization and joined the Spy Ninja team, Project Zorgo has been defeated many times before. However, the rotten eggs have also grown in number, fighting back with ever-increasingly powerful members. It is time to end them once and for all by taking the battle royale to them! Millions upon millions of people love CNglobal, and many others rely on it for their livelihood. The Spy Ninjas can't let Project Zorgo delete it, not now, not ever. You know what time it is....IT IS TIME TO FIGHT!

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    Hey Spy Ninjas! TODAY IS THE DAY! Please watch the ENTIRE video and give us a Thumbs Up for good luck!

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