The origin of kanji | Learn Japanese

The origin of kanji | Learn Japanese


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    Miraculous ladybug 🐞

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    You draw beautiful

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    aditi DRAWINGS

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    I don't understand 😔

  3. Meera Malhotra

    Meera Malhotra

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    The kanji for rain always seemed to me like it was as if I were looking out of a window on a rainy day.

  4. Candida Burby

    Candida Burby

    3 天 前

    Those rain drops look real

  5. Hyehwa Lee

    Hyehwa Lee

    3 天 前

    however I cant understand Kanji. i can learn it, but cant understand it.

  6. Marco Zolo

    Marco Zolo

    3 天 前

    I'll save you all a bunch of trouble... Kanji actually came from Hanzi, Chinese characters. The rest is history

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    • chang ai

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    😯您会 这个阿😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯💖😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯💖

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  11. 慈英虎武


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  12. Hugo Gomes

    Hugo Gomes

    4 天 前

    I don't understand how a circle with a dot inside turns into a rectangle with a horizontal line in the middle. Kanjis have no sense.

  13. nitrogen


    5 天 前

    4:30 kinda sus

  14. M C

    M C

    5 天 前

    Os vídeos desse cara me inspiram 💕

  15. Makel Ong

    Makel Ong

    6 天 前

    I noticed the rain drop in 雨 when I was studying Japanese and I was like "ohhhhh"

  16. 庆丰八年,习废帝


    6 天 前

    心=heart 愛(Traditional Chinese used in Taiwan and Hong Kong) 爱 (No heart) (Simplified Chinese is used in China and other Chinese-speaking regions)

  17. Randy Slater

    Randy Slater

    6 天 前

    legend says the ink is still drying to this day

  18. susu sasori

    susu sasori

    7 天 前

    If you could also add Romaji Sir to this wonderful work, I'd be very grateful 🥺

  19. 吴海军


    7 天 前

    Hello . I do not know if in Japan these "letters" are the same as those of China ....... Because in my book there are two / three pages that say about this and the book is Chinese

  20. 🅱️idat Tree

    🅱️idat Tree

    9 天 前

    sun = donut = window moon = wierder moon = *sussy amogus*

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  22. В гостях у Фаргона

    В гостях у Фаргона

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    Я давно знал про это, правда интересно. Еще очень сильно забавляли комментарии, где люди писали иероглиф, который явно не похож на то, что означает и требовали объяснить происхождение, но конкретных примеров я, к сожалению, не помню 😅 это было на каком-то российском сайте про Японию, когда я фанател по всему японскому, мне было лет 14 (сейчас 23)

  23. В гостях у Фаргона

    В гостях у Фаргона

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    Название на русском, комментаторы в основном японцы и англичане. WTF

  24. 골드OK


    13 天 前

    I'm Korean but i don't know if you're f##king hanja or you're in our side

  25. A Random Perfectionist Guy

    A Random Perfectionist Guy

    14 天 前

    Fun fact: kanji 汉字(the first letter read as Han) are from Chinese 😂 Another fun fact: you may realize Korean words is different but if you have Korean friend you will find out that most of their name is written in Chinese XD

    • A Random Perfectionist Guy

      A Random Perfectionist Guy

      13 天 前

      @프로감상러 Professional Appreciator I see. Thanks for clearing it up for me. 👍

    • 프로감상러 Professional Appreciator

      프로감상러 Professional Appreciator

      13 天 前

      Well, no. Many Korean names are originated from Chinese characters, but we don't "write" our names in Chinese. We have our own writing system, which is completely different from Chinese or Japanese. Unless you specifically ask a Korean to write his name in Chinese characters, he will write his name in Korean.

  26. Ple


    17 天 前

    How I see this is that 1. Sun: So, Sun in a more simplyfied version would be a dot in the centre and a bigger circle around it which would indicate sunshine. But circle is a bit a pain in the ass to draw properly sometimes, so instead of circle, let it be a square. And square with a dot inside be looking quite weird, so just make this a line in the middle and there ya have it, sun for ya. 2. Moon is reflecting sun's light, so just take the sun's kanji and make the side lines longer, so it's like, "taking" the light. 3. Rain - you have the upper line that represents clouds and a square beneath decided in to, as a window. And lines on the window as the raindrops. 4. Mouth - Sometimes if a person in anime is mad, may be drawn in a very goofy way and it's mouth are represented as a simple rectangle. 5. Teeth. That's a bit hard one :V. So, how am I seeing this is that the first horizontal line is a upper lip line. Lines above it are cupid's bow. Underneath, triangles are like those pointy scarry theeth. 6. Eye - you would rather draw it like horizontal rectangle with a square, but that's taking too much space so let it be vertical rectangle with a square. 7. Kid. Kid is stupid, so doesn't have a brain, so his head is flat. And it screams a lot so his hands are all over the place. 8. Tree. Long vertical line as a branch, horizontal line that here are starting the leaves, and two lines on the sides as roots. 9. Above: vertical line on the horizontal line. Another smaller line on the vertical one, so in case you're an idiot, it tells you it's about "above" kanji you're referring. 10. Below, same as the one above, but the small line on the vertical one goes a bit down, just in case you're even bigger idiot, it's pointing down. That's how I remembered all of those XDDD

  27. daniela ✨

    daniela ✨

    17 天 前

    i can use this video for learning chinese too.....

  28. By Y

    By Y

    17 天 前

    But they are all Chinese...?

  29. CK


    19 天 前

    I remember this as a kid.

  30. أحمد


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    اللغة اليابانية القديمة كانت سهلة جدًّا!!

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    Lol, reminds me of kindergarten time

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  34. MezzoVii


    21 天 前

    I always thought that the kanji for moon looked like a little crescent. 🌙 It's nice that I'm not the only one who noticed that. Your videos are very relaxing to watch.

  35. 𝕱𝖆𝖙𝖙𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖍


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    Nya arigatoo

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    They don't make sense

  37. Frank Daws

    Frank Daws

    22 天 前

    I need to know what pen is being used!! I’m amazed.

  38. Lucif3r


    22 天 前

    So basically the origin of kanji is a big game of telephone?

  39. Harita Ravindranath

    Harita Ravindranath

    22 天 前

    Is it just me or does the Kanji origins make any sense?

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  41. Caleb Yu

    Caleb Yu

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    pokemon evolutions be like

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  43. Arnon Saeoeng

    Arnon Saeoeng

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    23 天 前

    How do the original objects look similar to the kanji characters at all? lol, the only ones that look actually sort of similar are "mouth" and "rain"

  45. 感靈陽


    23 天 前

    Kanji translates to "Han Word". Han is Chinese, not Japanese.

  46. McChilde


    23 天 前

    So basically you had to be Picasso in order to write in Chinese

  47. Débora D

    Débora D

    25 天 前

    Waooh i like this👏

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    Thank you soo mush ❤

  49. Gustavo Mafra

    Gustavo Mafra

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    What it means?

  50. Annie Yu

    Annie Yu

    26 天 前

    Wasn't the Chinese who created these characters that were later carried over to be known as kanji in the Japanese language?

    • WolfCrag


      16 天 前

      That’s common knowledge lol. Kanji literally means “Chinese characters” in Japanese (漢字: 漢 → han/chinese, 字 → words/characters)

    • Thumtl Nguyen

      Thumtl Nguyen

      24 天 前

      All Asians know these are from China. This Japanese guy might not know where his kanji comes from :)

  51. eReN yEaGer

    eReN yEaGer

    27 天 前

    I am superior, I learnt all of these from sun wu kong >:) Joke btw

  52. Aldi Darmawan

    Aldi Darmawan

    28 天 前

    Easy, kanji = Han zi

  53. 王卿宇


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  54. Franklin Fleming

    Franklin Fleming

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    What about akuma back on street fighter.

    • Franklin Fleming

      Franklin Fleming

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      I wanted to get that as a tattoo... but i will wait until i see it on your channel first lmao 🤣

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    There is no romaji :')

  56. Anh Tran

    Anh Tran

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    Which pen does he use? It looks good 😳😳

  57. International Capitalist Russian Bot

    International Capitalist Russian Bot

    29 天 前

    This is totally misleading. Stop making these irresponsible and ignorant videos. Learn some history of the evolution of Chinese characters.

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  60. Gery ValHart

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    木=ki=tree 林=hayashi=forest 森=mori=woods 女=onna=woman 安い=yasui=cheap 姦=women lesbian threesome 😆

    • Gery ValHart

      Gery ValHart

      27 天 前

      @衛生 it is, kanji is from chinese

    • 衛生


      27 天 前

      It Looks Like A Chinese Alphabet

  61. noorur


    个月 前

    Kanji is the old Japanese pronunciation of Hanzi. Back during Japanese Asuka/Nara time, China had political & economic hegemony within East Asia. So male Japanese government officials had to learn to read/write Hanzi to communicate for trading trading & diplomat purposes. Back then, Japan were just backwater island(s) fighting amongst themselves with no writing system, just like how England was when the Romans came.

  62. Uras Sarı

    Uras Sarı

    个月 前

    日 is like a window that is like its sunny. 月 is like a window. (not very much) 雨 is like a window that is lke its rainy.

  63. Laura Lettau

    Laura Lettau

    个月 前

    so this is how oversimplified logos started

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    and me with my chinese be here like-

  65. Ghost


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    Make ABC but on Chinese please

  66. センナ


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    Me: Everything makes sense so far 2:47 : *Let me introduce myself*

  67. lucky mick

    lucky mick

    个月 前

    Does it pronounce like chinese?

  68. 邱哥哥


    个月 前

    Outside of speaking Japanese, it should be called Hanzi 汉字, it is not "kanji" as in its own thing. It's not a japanese invention whatsoever afterall.

  69. hehexd1112


    个月 前

    tsuki -> sus

  70. •SnowMint•


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    Some kanji look like abstract drawings

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    Дерево без кроны в такой логике. Это у Вас очень печальный стиль письма.

  72. Terry Chesney

    Terry Chesney

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    But what is the Japanese pronunciation? Your penmanship and tools are excellent for this purpose. They are a pleasure to see. Thank for your efforts.

  73. Cande Dias

    Cande Dias

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    What's the middle thing?

  74. ميار


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    درس مفيد وسهل حفظها وفهمها بسرعه

  75. Ryu Neeko

    Ryu Neeko

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    Well originally this is Chinese symbol and Japanese language take it from there

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    Được anh yêu cũng tốt

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    What about 好 and 嫐

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    I want this pen



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    Que se dane os símbolos! Onde eu compro esta caneta? : )

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    I ran out of signs for "mountain", "river" and "fire" - they are also very easy to associate

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    Lmao thé Kanji dont look at all like thé schemes.

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    Kanji and hanja from Hanzi.

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    저 팬은 또 어디꺼람ㅠㅠ

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    This guy is doing the translation from ancient egyptian letter (hieroglyphs) to kanji

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    きーかいかいにょーにじゅういち、ソニーナ フンフーン♪(櫻井翔)

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    ☀️ 日 🌙 月 🌧️ 雨 🌳 木 🧒👨‍👦 子 ⏏️ 上 🔽 下

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    Psyche Delos Trance

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    Nichts für ungut, aber auf mich wirkt es so als waren die "Erfinder" dieser "Schrift" künstlerisch sehr untalentiert und "einfach nur" plump in der Ausführung. Aber nichts desto trotz Danke für die Veranschaulichung.

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    Kudos to all the people that sacrificed their eyes just to know what the sun looked like

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    Yea, some words really like chinese

  93. Ora :3 - おら

    Ora :3 - おら

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    The word "تمطر" Looks weird , you should use "مطر" instead because "تمطر" means "it rains" or "rainy"

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    I like the one for "teletubby"

  95. Tom


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    Oh- God it's like a riddle,that's so cool wtf? It looks like what a child would do with their friends, generally siblings. Reminds me of when people type with all emojis and you gotta figure out what each emoji means fibxkd

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    My inner weeb is very happy. Yaay! Arigatou ^_% now I can memorize Katakana

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    A book called origins of kanji... you hide it to make a channel about it... no all... copying the book... you could have advised it to people... it can be downloaded from emule or bought on amazon

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    Почему же так все сложно???

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    The moon is sussy

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