IMPOSSIBLE ice trick! 😱


  1. vicjill  •  3 century ago

    vicjill • 3 century ago

    10 小时 前

    I think i know you 🤨

  2. Fernando Ramos

    Fernando Ramos

    11 小时 前

    F por ti causa

  3. Ar juna Project

    Ar juna Project

    12 小时 前

    Bisu kaj

  4. Kurnia Rizky

    Kurnia Rizky

    12 小时 前

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 stupid

  5. kozmabarbi


    13 小时 前

    Oka- he- we- ga-

  6. JamesIsHere's second channel

    JamesIsHere's second channel

    13 小时 前

    He's the type of guy to bring a shopping cart to buy a house

    • Metallica Fan

      Metallica Fan

      9 小时 前

      I can’t stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Rawr Daddychill

    Rawr Daddychill

    14 小时 前

    The way he says go

  8. Palin Fadli

    Palin Fadli

    16 小时 前


  9. Poonam Kamble

    Poonam Kamble

    16 小时 前


  10. juan pablo palomino villegas

    juan pablo palomino villegas

    18 小时 前


  11. Insane Show Time!

    Insane Show Time!

    18 小时 前

    His hand are huge

  12. Yaloriis


    18 小时 前

    He's freaking obnoxious.....

  13. Bagus Samsul

    Bagus Samsul

    19 小时 前

    Mantap 🖒🖒😗😗

  14. Brandon Mansell

    Brandon Mansell

    19 小时 前

    Bro we can see the other ice cube please get another hobby

  15. Gantha J

    Gantha J

    19 小时 前

    so you get f in physics too huh?

  16. B4zzz


    19 小时 前

    cringe alert

  17. Jojo’s Unicorns squad

    Jojo’s Unicorns squad

    19 小时 前

    So you're showing that you’re fake???

  18. CHA AMIR


    20 小时 前

    I still subscribe him,bcz he's a good guy

  19. Corblox1


    20 小时 前

    To all the people who didn’t know, There’s actually another camera that shows hime being “sneaky”.

  20. Kiki Febi

    Kiki Febi

    20 小时 前

    Bohongan bangat

  21. Maritza Martinez

    Maritza Martinez

    21 小时 前

    Umm I like how he TRIED to do a magic trick but he umm failed

  22. One Nation!

    One Nation!

    21 小时 前

    Esnya kotor

  23. S. K Soren

    S. K Soren

    22 小时 前

    Peelaki 😁

  24. Radha Koyyana

    Radha Koyyana

    22 小时 前

    You are waste

  25. vivi sensei

    vivi sensei

    22 小时 前

    the way he opened his mouth to smile and acts surprised makes he look like a cart titan

  26. Altaf Naufal

    Altaf Naufal

    22 小时 前


  27. Siti Sinta

    Siti Sinta

    23 小时 前


  28. Deon Johnson

    Deon Johnson

    天 前

    0 how do you do that that's cool

  29. Deon Johnson

    Deon Johnson

    天 前

    What's your name

  30. Kitty_Girl


    天 前


  31. Nicole Lacap

    Nicole Lacap

    天 前

    Wow so talented😐

  32. 9cu00ng9 vlog

    9cu00ng9 vlog

    天 前

    hes the type of guy who put 2 coins to receive 1 coins

  33. judi walid

    judi walid

    天 前


  34. Keira Gilmore

    Keira Gilmore

    天 前

    Fun fact that you people if the internet probably know about: if your drink something and you see the ice cubes are not floating that means that their is something in your drink or something in the ice cube. If you don’t get it here is a little example, say your out with your friend or anyone and you get up to go to the bathroom. When you get back you notice that your ice cubes are not floating you don’t care and you drink it. You start to get dizzy or feel sick you basically feel like crap. They offer you a ride home and you faint or pass out samething you are now kidnapped. So yea people look at your ice cubes it may save your life. 😊 Okay now bye!

  35. Maria Elena Rivera

    Maria Elena Rivera

    天 前


  36. Leandro Silva

    Leandro Silva

    天 前

    Mentira ghjnmjsx

  37. The Crow

    The Crow

    天 前

    What is the song at the end?

  38. Dido


    天 前

    I love this videos

  39. Sharon Epps

    Sharon Epps

    天 前

    He was cheating I think you put the song up on the ground 🤔🤔😆😆😆😆😆😅

  40. 壮大な女の子


    天 前

    I just love love how surprised i was when the other hand got the coin and didnt even knwo how the fuck how quick it got there

  41. Perpleblas Jr

    Perpleblas Jr

    天 前

    His voice is just pure cringe. No offense

  42. Keira Wakefield

    Keira Wakefield

    天 前

    It sunk so really obvious that is what there the whole time

  43. Hs Farid YT

    Hs Farid YT

    天 前

    This prank is easy.

  44. Xtreme Pest Control kentucky

    Xtreme Pest Control kentucky

    天 前

    I cannot believe that you just did that I’m proud of you that can’t clap clap

  45. D.R. Tutorial

    D.R. Tutorial

    天 前

    He uses Inshot ediring

  46. AnormSore


    天 前

    Hea wi gaw I'm rede 😅 nice trick btw

  47. Caylus Dylan

    Caylus Dylan

    天 前

    You're so cute

  48. فرح عوده

    فرح عوده

    天 前


  49. habib Adnan

    habib Adnan

    天 前


  50. Jake Arquilla

    Jake Arquilla

    天 前

    Hereee wee gowwrr I'm rreadeyyyrrr

  51. #روزي فـرع راسـكمÙnÚ.!

    #روزي فـرع راسـكمÙnÚ.!

    天 前

    music pls

  52. Nora Juković

    Nora Juković

    天 前


  53. Sheyda Zandi

    Sheyda Zandi

    天 前

    He reminds me of Morgz-

  54. Manuel Orate

    Manuel Orate

    天 前

    Ano kaya yon angpangin ng vid mo!!

  55. venkat pagutla

    venkat pagutla

    天 前

    Time waste

  56. Mia Spawn

    Mia Spawn

    天 前

    U cannot do magic bc u fake it.

  57. Froshi


    天 前

    the ice aint floating :?

  58. Jessie Evans

    Jessie Evans

    天 前

    Love you

  59. Davi Silva

    Davi Silva

    天 前


  60. jonalyn jhojho

    jonalyn jhojho

    天 前

    what is he eating? 😁

  61. hoax 000

    hoax 000

    天 前


  62. Zali Alindog

    Zali Alindog

    天 前


  63. Лиана Кош

    Лиана Кош

    天 前


  64. Лиана Кош

    Лиана Кош

    天 前


  65. GoD Pubg

    GoD Pubg

    天 前

    Yeah kya bawasir bana diyo ba

  66. Nbl OTF

    Nbl OTF

    天 前

    Who tf likes dat shit

  67. Rushmi


    天 前

    Stop tiktok cringe

  68. Mr poopybutthole

    Mr poopybutthole

    天 前

    Why does he have the most annoying face?

  69. Rabia Rabia

    Rabia Rabia

    天 前


  70. radja pras

    radja pras

    天 前


  71. Out Law

    Out Law

    天 前

    U lip smack more than a bratty teenage girl 🤣 cool trick tho

  72. Reshma K

    Reshma K

    天 前

    No good

  73. Muhammad Ilham

    Muhammad Ilham

    天 前

    Kesal gw liat mukanya

  74. Fernanda Guillen

    Fernanda Guillen

    天 前


  75. Juniorvelit Velit

    Juniorvelit Velit

    天 前

    Lindo 😘😍😘😍😘 te amo

  76. Isaac Schiereck

    Isaac Schiereck

    天 前


  77. Deslyn Peace

    Deslyn Peace

    天 前

    But I seen the penny you dropped do you want me to pick it up

  78. brixxian Gallentes

    brixxian Gallentes

    天 前


  79. John Carlo Acerdin

    John Carlo Acerdin

    天 前

    May saltik ba to sa utak?

  80. rhaiven mangila

    rhaiven mangila

    2 天 前

    Alam koyan eh

  81. Jayprakash Suvasia

    Jayprakash Suvasia

    2 天 前

    The ice containing the coin wasn't floating, so everybody can guess this trick easily, hehehe

  82. Cristal Esmeralda Sandoval Montes

    Cristal Esmeralda Sandoval Montes

    2 天 前


  83. BaconBoy Lee

    BaconBoy Lee

    2 天 前

    What watch is that?

  84. Schwii.-


    2 天 前

    Anyone else get a gay vibe from this guy?

  85. Susy Ramirez

    Susy Ramirez

    2 天 前


  86. Harvey Langley

    Harvey Langley

    2 天 前

    How do u get millions of views so annoying 😂

  87. Dario Peeucci

    Dario Peeucci

    2 天 前


  88. Almohada cagandose de la risa

    Almohada cagandose de la risa

    2 天 前

    Have you ever wondered: "For how many hands did I pass that coin that the guy gave me after buying a soda?"

  89. maxo utalishvili

    maxo utalishvili

    2 天 前


  90. Obianuju Izuakor Francisca

    Obianuju Izuakor Francisca

    2 天 前

    I got to ask what is wrong with his teeth

  91. Dar Ms

    Dar Ms

    2 天 前

    Jhoot hia

  92. Ghie Cabinian

    Ghie Cabinian

    2 天 前

    He looks like Nickocado Avocado 🤣

  93. kayeszone


    2 天 前

    You do realize the ice cube with the coin sinks to the bottom of the cup revealing your secret right? :)



    2 天 前

    6 ice cubes per mold? Bruh we have like 20 per mold

  95. Tuấn Anh YouTube

    Tuấn Anh YouTube

    2 天 前




    2 天 前

    Ur voice is so disgusting to hear

  97. Shaurya 123

    Shaurya 123

    2 天 前


  98. Anisa Paramita

    Anisa Paramita

    2 天 前

    looks like stanley Hao