Facebook: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Facebook’s global expansion has been linked to political turmoil overseas, so maybe their ads should focus less on how they “connect the world” and more on why connecting people isn’t always the best idea.

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  1. Todd S

    Todd S

    5 天 前

    "They also rely on users, like you and me." You? Sure, probably. Me? I have literally never been on any social media site. And I never will. ScrewTube is as close as I will ever get.

  2. Stan Downer

    Stan Downer

    5 天 前

    Eu entendi aquele homem e o adolescente no fim do vídeo 😆.

  3. John Danielson

    John Danielson

    6 天 前

    Imagine you wanna make a website for your horny college friends and then you end up ruining civilization

  4. Stigma


    7 天 前

    Watching this in the summer of 2021 is kinda interesting...

  5. Mindur Ownbiz

    Mindur Ownbiz

    8 天 前

    Facebook: "Hi, we're Facebook and we're coming to your country whether you like it or not". China: "hold my VPN".

  6. DestinationD


    10 天 前

    The only thing I crave to know now is did Reuters get the man a decent webcam?!

  7. Sítio do Cano Amarelo

    Sítio do Cano Amarelo

    12 天 前

    I would like you to do a video on eBay. Any place where to place suggestions and show how easy it is to scam on it ?

  8. HeavyMetalGamer


    16 天 前

    14:59 "I don't trust my iPhone now!" Uh, John? There's never been a reason to trust an iPhone. Apple is guiltier than Google when it comes to misusing your personal information, and Apple copies ideas from Samsung, Huwawei, and other Android phone manufacturers all while Apple pretend they invented the technology, and IPhones have way too many restrictions for any sane person to buy one. My Motorola Moto G Fast is half as thick as the iPhone 12, and my phone still has a headphone jack, FM radio, _and_ fingerprint reader. The camera is 33% better (16 megapixels on mine as opposed to the only 12 on your phone) too.

  9. Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson

    17 天 前

    Imagine that all the toilets were networked. You flush and it comes up in someone else's house. FACEBOOK.

  10. K B

    K B

    18 天 前

    I still use Facebook, but I don't get my news from it.

  11. Mukai Noda

    Mukai Noda

    20 天 前

    FB dying faster than ever

  12. Patrick Flanagan

    Patrick Flanagan

    20 天 前

    12:44 He accidentally calls it "Fakesbook". Perfect.

  13. Luthien S

    Luthien S

    20 天 前

    If John Oliver posted anything he said on Steam Discussions, he would be banned for being anti-racist. They have banned users for calling out racists like "whitelivesmatter". And meatballs are the anal beads of italy.

  14. Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis

    21 天 前

    Love John’s Facebook page. facebook.com/LastWeekTonight/ 🤪

  15. Vo Quoc Tru

    Vo Quoc Tru

    24 天 前

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  16. John Ohkuma Thiel

    John Ohkuma Thiel

    27 天 前

    Laughed myself to tears at the end, must share this on Facebook!

  17. Pablo azar AzAR Pablo

    Pablo azar AzAR Pablo

    29 天 前

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  18. Cheryl Scott

    Cheryl Scott

    个月 前

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  19. Andrew Bloom

    Andrew Bloom

    个月 前

    Libertarians/Conservatives like to argue against legislation by claiming people can take care of themselves, and take personal responsibility. They are, just, stunningly incorrect. Moat people are staggeringly stupid and foolish. So yeah we ought to force social media companies to deal with misinfo and hate speech, because people are simply not smart enough to see through it.

  20. emma wells

    emma wells

    个月 前

    my boy tommy m always got the good voice overs

  21. Michael Acker

    Michael Acker

    个月 前

    Is it just me or does the narrator at the end sound like, a LOT like Thomas Middleditch

  22. Victor Schmidt

    Victor Schmidt

    个月 前

    I think he meant to say that Facebook is giving governments around the world the ability to spy on their citizens.

  23. Alberto De Cristoforo

    Alberto De Cristoforo

    个月 前

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    eung yang

    个月 前

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    tay ohh

    个月 前

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    Jordan Peele

    个月 前

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    Georgia Mendez

    个月 前

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    pamela angela

    个月 前

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  29. Alexn Andum

    Alexn Andum

    个月 前

    So Facebook is basically a septic tank that is constantly overflowing?

  30. Sabrina Butler

    Sabrina Butler

    个月 前

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  31. Riley P

    Riley P

    个月 前

    People love Instagram but hate Facebook. Same company

  32. NOAH R

    NOAH R

    个月 前

    I'm shearing this on Facebook lol

  33. edward ramize

    edward ramize

    个月 前

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    Cassie Henderson

    个月 前

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  35. Erik Schopman

    Erik Schopman

    个月 前

    Why are you guys so active on FB?

  36. Autumn Gorman

    Autumn Gorman

    个月 前

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  37. Charlie Mirus

    Charlie Mirus

    个月 前

    I went to HS with the guy speaking at 1:22! (Sadly my only “claim to fame” is his 1-second claim to fame, haha)

  38. Diana Castillo

    Diana Castillo

    个月 前

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    Doris Fiore

    个月 前

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    Jeje Here

    个月 前

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  41. Anonymous


    个月 前

    John Oliver is like The Onion except less theatrical. Years later it is still relevant as ever.

  42. Donkey Grima

    Donkey Grima

    个月 前

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  43. Becky G

    Becky G

    个月 前

    “That bear f*cks!”

  44. Adrianna Martirano

    Adrianna Martirano

    个月 前

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  45. Langston Edmonds

    Langston Edmonds

    个月 前

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    kekcuti sacegko

    个月 前

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  47. George Hale

    George Hale

    个月 前

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  48. alfred borden

    alfred borden

    个月 前

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  49. Lanaa Lee

    Lanaa Lee

    个月 前

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  50. Xiaoping Zhang

    Xiaoping Zhang

    个月 前

    Isn't it interesting to see capitalism citizens requires private company aimming for profit concerns about life, humanity and politics? Shouldn't it been the job of the government to start with?

  51. Gayle Kelly

    Gayle Kelly

    个月 前

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  52. Jonathan Ryals

    Jonathan Ryals

    个月 前

    Facebook only has 60 Burmese speaking employees... Actually sounds like a lot there are over 200 countries. If Burmese is on the low end thats a few thousand translators right there. If it is a 100 billion dollar company that is one translator for every 30 million dollars of value... How many 30 million dollar companies have zero translators?

  53. Joan Slattery

    Joan Slattery

    个月 前

    4 months Facebook free

  54. Soma


    个月 前

    Delete Facebook.

  55. Ayush Sharma

    Ayush Sharma

    2 个月 前

    8:08 😂

  56. Shell Bmgo

    Shell Bmgo

    2 个月 前

    The onion said muslims are doing a secret invasion faking kind ness (satire)

  57. Carolyn Dewey

    Carolyn Dewey

    2 个月 前

    So, what he's saying is, Facebook is a broken septic tank.

  58. Mariam Newcomb

    Mariam Newcomb

    2 个月 前

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  59. Jackie V

    Jackie V

    2 个月 前

    Why does John joke about fucking animals in like 90% of episodes?

  60. Bengjinuoe Roman

    Bengjinuoe Roman

    2 个月 前

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  61. b s

    b s

    2 个月 前

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    Ker Loz

    2 个月 前

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  63. Priyangshu Saiba

    Priyangshu Saiba

    2 个月 前

    The good old days when facebook simply helped you to connect with almost forgotten acquaintances instead of being a platform for hate, fake news and trash.

  64. Marvin Gershowitz

    Marvin Gershowitz

    2 个月 前

    *Why I Quit Facebook....* You got a NAZI Running the operation. It's not a Machine and he didn't invent the Communications over the Internet... He Accidently wanted to HURT PEOPLE and his Idea grew... and *It is still HURTING PEOPLE!* - 2017 mfg

  65. Luke Saltiboi

    Luke Saltiboi

    2 个月 前

    Who’s here after that whole civilian government thing is over

  66. CadillacFleetwood68


    2 个月 前

    Freedom of speech only matters if you protect all speech. It doesn't matter if the only speech permitted is generally accepted. That said Facebook (all social media) should have a disclaimer like cigarettes, something like (harmful for your mental health and general IQ).

    • haladu abubakar

      haladu abubakar

      2 个月 前

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  67. Suprith V

    Suprith V

    2 个月 前

    Just as In Myanmar, in India Hindus are hating Muslims because of social media

  68. Hyma susee

    Hyma susee

    2 个月 前

    WhatsApp is becoming the new Facebook here in India

  69. 로베많 및

    로베많 및

    2 个月 前

    3:56 Well, that aged poorly. Also 3:38 something 'viral' "[has] been linked to outbreaks of deadly violence" pretty recently as well.

  70. Shawn Lucas

    Shawn Lucas

    2 个月 前

    Excellent. Thank you.

  71. Scorpio Snake

    Scorpio Snake

    2 个月 前

    Every technology can be empowering as well as destroying. Look at how many rallies of free speech, parade for homosexuals and rallies against racism have been organized due to facebook. Facebook is good when used by good people and bad when used by evil people. Blaming facebook is like distracting blame from evil doers.

  72. Hydred Makabali

    Hydred Makabali

    2 个月 前

    Amazing. Love your content. That's right! Tell it like it is.

  73. deoxtor


    2 个月 前

    18:04 my fav LWT inside joke

  74. my god

    my god

    2 个月 前


  75. azrael


    2 个月 前

    John he was talking to government I mean , have you been listening to them lately. He may not have dumbed it down enough

  76. azrael


    2 个月 前

    Well happy there are hypocrites in basically every religion they don’t ever follow the shit they preach . Seriously

  77. Samuel Phippen

    Samuel Phippen

    2 个月 前


  78. B D

    B D

    2 个月 前

    Challenge accepted....."And the Grammy goes to......I will Survive"..... Balloons. Bam!! Your move jonny boy

  79. Benjamin Brand

    Benjamin Brand

    2 个月 前

    Speaking of Bill Cosby books that should of set off some alarms, years ago before it all came out about him, I read a book he wrote called “childhood” or something. There was literally an entire chapter dedicated to him and his friends at the age of like 12 trying unsuccessfully to roofie a bunch of girls who they invited to a party for that purpose. Not joking

  80. HeezNeez


    3 个月 前

    Wait, it was just the dad in a costume?

  81. Tex Martinez

    Tex Martinez

    3 个月 前

    This aged both like four month old milk and fine wine

  82. Raine Nicholas

    Raine Nicholas

    3 个月 前

    “Just imagine if Fakesbook - er, Facebook” Freudian slip there

  83. Zephaniah Dejene

    Zephaniah Dejene

    3 个月 前

    Ever heard of Ethiopia Talk about hate posts Man I live in a shizz hole But also Facebook is a shizz hole so u guess were even

  84. Mas Verde

    Mas Verde

    3 个月 前

    The best “in my feelings” I have ever seen 👍🏻

  85. Sufian Omar

    Sufian Omar

    3 个月 前

    Fuck Burma karma came back for them genocidal maniacs and the citizen government that ensembled it

  86. Daelen Clark

    Daelen Clark

    3 个月 前

    Facebook: We're a toilet!

  87. Michelle Nguyen

    Michelle Nguyen

    3 个月 前

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    Miguel Rogel

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  89. Anton Brakhage

    Anton Brakhage

    3 个月 前

    Now might be a good time to mention that Facebook is reportedly planning to let Donald Trump back on its platform, from which he was removed after using social media to incite an armed insurrection against the US government with the goal of becoming a dictator.

  90. Ca Ca

    Ca Ca

    3 个月 前

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  91. MrBlackDragon


    3 个月 前

    This video is really poignant now since the coup.

  92. Joe Macnichol

    Joe Macnichol

    3 个月 前

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    Amelia Molly

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  94. R G

    R G

    3 个月 前

    This is American Qanon followers ina nutshell.

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    Miguel Rogel

    3 个月 前

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    srveg gog

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    Jenson Cripps

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  98. AbyssGnasher


    3 个月 前

    this aged well wow -_-

  99. alayna george

    alayna george

    3 个月 前

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  100. Erica Rose

    Erica Rose

    3 个月 前

    All social medias are bad. Watch ‘The Social Dilemma’ and you’ll see why.