The Return of Superman EP.376-Part.2 | KBS WORLD TV 210411

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▶The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 - Ep.376
- Every Sunday 19:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)

Fathers may not be perfect.. but that's alright if they aren't perfect! There's nothing like a father's love to boost our spirits. The dads who used to spend all their time working have returned home on 'The Return of Superman'.

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  1. Elvin Rahma

    Elvin Rahma

    20 小时 前

    They are so cute, i am so touching by Minho. SM always have a good person

  2. Kanau Aleatório

    Kanau Aleatório

    21 小时 前

    Minho so material HUSBAND 💞

  3. gguk


    天 前

    Why am I Naeun when I see my cousins fighting and I try to stop them by saying a quote but when they keep fighting I tell them to shut up 👽

  4. E Si

    E Si

    3 天 前

    Still can't believe that gunhoo is talking now.

  5. Ixapipi


    3 天 前

    Aaaaa Minho te amo

  6. Spring Flowers

    Spring Flowers

    4 天 前

    the last time I watched the return of superman Gunhoo was still a baby and being held by his father and Naeun was still so small and now they have a little brother😍💕

  7. BTS TIME💜💜

    BTS TIME💜💜

    5 天 前

    Minho will be a great dad in future

  8. Sami Jelice

    Sami Jelice

    6 天 前

    A menina é a mais velha certo? Ela é a mais madura dos três

  9. ashilah r s

    ashilah r s

    8 天 前

    naeun is such a sweet girl 😭❤

  10. Lailatul Jazila

    Lailatul Jazila

    8 天 前

    I like to see them with their fav samchon, Minho Samchon huhuu

  11. Honey lemon

    Honey lemon

    10 天 前

    Jinwoo is so cute😍🥺🥰I can't..when he smile it's melt my ❤ adorable

  12. Heather Faulkner

    Heather Faulkner

    10 天 前

    6:44 I think Jinwoo is actually saying “paper” because he’s pointing at the stack of yellow paper

  13. hailee jacobs

    hailee jacobs

    11 天 前

    25:41 the guy on the right just stole my heart aww

  14. Farzana Nurul Izzah

    Farzana Nurul Izzah

    12 天 前

    My heart melt 🥺 i wish minho marry soon . He'll be a sweet dad

  15. Heather B

    Heather B

    12 天 前

    Those kids are literally more intelligent than me and m idiotic 19🙂

  16. Nicky P. d G

    Nicky P. d G

    13 天 前

    Wait the smallest baby is a boy? If its s boy why the mom comb his hair like a girl? I don't get it..... ok no she is a girl the translation was not correct.

  17. justme40660


    17 天 前

    Do someone know the song at @29.55 please ?

  18. Me, Myself And I

    Me, Myself And I

    17 天 前

    Gunhoo and Jinwoo is so alike each other, we can say and thought that they were twins.

  19. Lalitha yerramsetti

    Lalitha yerramsetti

    19 天 前

    I hope naeun gets all the respect she deserves when she grow young . She is so selfless and caring

  20. ❤️K-POP Boyz🔥

    ❤️K-POP Boyz🔥

    19 天 前

    I wish i have sister to 😭

  21. Kusum Nayam

    Kusum Nayam

    20 天 前

    Naneun & seo woo jin plzzz

  22. María Esther Medina Vargas

    María Esther Medina Vargas

    21 天 前

    Jajaja, this is cool!!!!!!

  23. ahmed hussain

    ahmed hussain

    22 天 前

    why does minho look like jackson wang in the thumbnail ❓❓❓❓

  24. julia yau

    julia yau

    23 天 前

    Naeun takes care of her sibling well. Anna raise her kids very well.

  25. Jennie Lim

    Jennie Lim

    26 天 前

    Oh No !! Naeun high5 with Uncle Minho so nice. I hope Naeun the next time when she see Uncle Kwanghee she will high5 to Kwanghee okay 💕.. And I wish Kwanghee 🤧speedy recovery soon .

  26. Mary Valsan

    Mary Valsan

    27 天 前

    minho with kids is my dream man UGH

  27. lele- chan

    lele- chan

    28 天 前

    I know johoo because who watched the 5 siblings have see him because one the 5 siblings they dad are Friend of johoo the friend of johoo play soccer too so they Friends

  28. luvienini


    29 天 前

    Omgg! These kids grow up so fast. it’s been a while since I watched their episodes

  29. Veda Raju

    Veda Raju

    个月 前

    The fact that these kids know better about wearing mask then few adults

  30. yuannie


    个月 前

    I'm 21 yrs. old and I learn a lot from Naeun. I'm hot-headed and have short patience.

  31. Florie May Garces

    Florie May Garces

    个月 前

    Little gunho

  32. tanzila shamaruk

    tanzila shamaruk

    个月 前

    How gunhoo asks Minho if he is tired makes my heart melt

  33. Muhammad Indra

    Muhammad Indra

    个月 前

    Naeun is a great sister 🔥

  34. blanqqu


    个月 前

    Ya'll these kids are smarter and more responsible than a average college student lol. Their parents are really great in raising them.

  35. Lupe


    个月 前

    Omg! These kids grow up so fast. It's been a while since I last watched any of their episodes.

  36. Jizabelle Obaldo

    Jizabelle Obaldo

    个月 前


  37. Ratna Ariani

    Ratna Ariani

    个月 前


  38. Mae Beom

    Mae Beom

    个月 前

    I'm embarrassed. Seeing how mature naeun was than me though I'm much older than her.

  39. Anissa Maulidya

    Anissa Maulidya

    个月 前

    Rasa ingin menjadi naeun 📈

  40. ByNemonemo


    个月 前

    How i wish minho comeback for a visit with uncle key, taemin & key!!



    个月 前

    so this is me a 15yrs old that dont care bout her 2 brother

  42. Zeynep r

    Zeynep r

    个月 前

    I was very happy when ı saw sejeong's warning music clip at the end of the video. Sejeong fightingg.

  43. Patricia May Ramirez

    Patricia May Ramirez

    个月 前

    Minho pls bring your baby Taemin to play with the Park siblings 😊 we want some chaotic cuteness in one screen ❤❤❤

  44. srp sntrk

    srp sntrk

    个月 前

    I want to see Key with Naeun and Jonghyun would be so caring towards Jinwoo Taemin would handle Gunhoo and Onew would watch both Shınee and kids lol

  45. Romabelle San Mateo

    Romabelle San Mateo

    个月 前

    Minho pakasalan mo ko

  46. GUCCI mAn

    GUCCI mAn

    个月 前

    Cuteeee!! Wahh😭😭😭😭

  47. Baby Bear Junseo

    Baby Bear Junseo

    个月 前

    I legit wanna cry, Gunhoo is so big now I remember when he couldn’t even walk. Now he’s a HYUNG!! Jinwoo looks like Gunhoo but Gunhoo was much bigger lol jinwoo is a tiny baby. Naeun is still the princess and bear Noona Ofc

  48. Adiana's Crossovers

    Adiana's Crossovers

    个月 前

    Minho exist: Naeun, Gunhoo, Jinwoo: There he is, our favourite person..

  49. Malaika Irshad

    Malaika Irshad

    个月 前

    They like minho so surely they will like shinee others member too soo we will hope shinee will came and meet them

  50. Santi Sulastri

    Santi Sulastri

    个月 前

    Ya ampun bisa²nya aku iri sama anak-anak 😭😭😭

  51. Healer


    个月 前

    I want key onew and taemin here with park siblings

  52. Nura


    个月 前

    i can’t handle Naeun🥲💔

  53. Jingka Wangsu

    Jingka Wangsu

    个月 前

    I like it so much when Gunhoo, speaks in Korean aww.. That is so melting(≧▽≦)

  54. Secret Miw

    Secret Miw

    个月 前

    Is this they new houp?

  55. Putra Salasa

    Putra Salasa

    个月 前

    OMG Naeun is the best

  56. Resham Jaiswal

    Resham Jaiswal

    个月 前

    Awwwwwwwwww minho you are so lucky that you become gunhoo older brother soooooooo cute 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄👏👏👏

  57. Erin


    个月 前

    FOOTBALL PLAYERS: why can't they just go to the field? What rules are there in a pro game that requires them off field at that time?

  58. Wonoketingal


    个月 前

    The Return of Superman EP.376-Part.2 | KBS WORLD TV 210411 👍 nanas liar

  59. Melanie Fernández

    Melanie Fernández

    个月 前

    I hope i can see him with his own children one day

  60. erica


    个月 前


  61. Farhana K.A

    Farhana K.A

    个月 前

    I want bts to meet naeun and her siblings , especially jimin , plsssss Guys press the like if u agree

  62. Wind SL

    Wind SL

    个月 前

    Best sister award goes to..... Naeun ❤️

  63. Dolly Richard

    Dolly Richard

    个月 前

    Smart sister and she protect her siblings

  64. yirui chen

    yirui chen

    个月 前

    Naeun is the best :"""

  65. Rosela Karaj

    Rosela Karaj

    个月 前

    Minho did a really great job taking care for the childrens

  66. 14th sphere

    14th sphere

    个月 前

    Naeun is a really good sister

  67. Jasmine


    个月 前

    I love Naeun, she's so caring and cute❤❤❤

  68. ZiaLater


    个月 前

    I think its time to make ligaw for Minho he's literally good with everything especially kids. Cmon let get married hahaha

  69. Thalita Uzi

    Thalita Uzi

    个月 前

    How lucky jinwoo and gunho habbe a big sister like naeun

  70. Eunice


    个月 前

    Minho’s practicing his fathering skills for our baby ☺️

  71. elli kang

    elli kang

    个月 前

    Eden real guardian angel ❤️

  72. Lilowo


    个月 前

    Minho really like kids, I remember back then when the Shinee have a show "Hello Baby", Minho really takes care the child and the child really likes him.

  73. Blink- L

    Blink- L

    个月 前

    Naeun is so independent 😭

  74. jeNOJAEMin


    个月 前

    It's safe to say that Naeun could really replace her Mom if she's not around!

  75. thomas william

    thomas william

    个月 前

    Nauen is an amazing sister!!! They are so lucky to have her!!!

  76. Borang Love

    Borang Love

    个月 前

    Did anyone actually notice the fact that Minho is wearing his shirt the other way round.......for the whole time

  77. Lory Convocar

    Lory Convocar

    个月 前

    Still looking forward to see more videos of Park Sibling's with their favorite Uncle Minho, Samcheon, hopefully, Minho visits them again with his Hyung's from SHINee.

  78. JanMae Rimpola

    JanMae Rimpola

    个月 前

    where can i buy those mask?

  79. Hai Hellow

    Hai Hellow

    个月 前

    What about kwanghee?? I feel bad for him,,the kids had a new fav uncle 😔😔

  80. jeNOJAEMin


    个月 前

    5:02 Narun is soooo wise :(

  81. Tima Thongam

    Tima Thongam

    个月 前

    Gob bless beautiful and loving siblings endlessly . They gave the biggest peace to every viewers .

  82. Tima Thongam

    Tima Thongam

    个月 前

    Gunho.....I can't wait for him to grow and witness his mature self. He really carries a model vibes nd I am sure when he hits puberty he' gonna melt million of girls 💕

  83. Ivy Jane Barcoso

    Ivy Jane Barcoso

    个月 前

    Ika10x nako kakasabi ng sanaol :

  84. Swetha Ashokan

    Swetha Ashokan

    个月 前

    Minho its high time for you to make your our kids 😂

  85. Your Nurse AMPB

    Your Nurse AMPB

    个月 前

    I thought return of superman means the fathers returned and is with their kids. Not guests with these kids.

  86. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood

    个月 前

    I love them together, they share such a great bond.

  87. キャサリンKathe


    个月 前

    Minho es muy divino se ve super genial con los niños, a demás ellos lo adoran, ojalá siga participando en el programa

  88. Coded_PearlAqua


    个月 前

    Ive watched these before.. cuts and all.. watched the full ep.. and still watching again now. Minho and kids.. precious combo

  89. Rere


    个月 前

    Stand by me playing in the background when he met the kids is actually sending me LMAOO

  90. blue_ jen _16

    blue_ jen _16

    个月 前

    Naeun is such a great sister. She's so sweet and reliable.

  91. ᴄᴀᴋᴇ


    个月 前

    Woah definitivamente Naeun es muy linda y buena hermana, transmite como son sus padres con ellos woah mucho amor y Minho woah tan bueno con los niños a pesar que son 3 te admiro yo ni puedo cuidar sola a mi hermano menor, no pude enamorarme mas al verte tan tiernos todos aaah esto es terapia para mi salud mental

  92. Alia


    个月 前

    Now I’m jealous of 나은! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  93. Mari


    个月 前

    so cute

  94. iRene


    个月 前

    Naeun wish she has a hyung to listen to her story like Minho Samchon do. She even send a letter to Minho, she learned dance for first time (On Minho Instagram) ☺️ She act mature in front her siblings, but she still baby inside.

  95. Jessy Jessy

    Jessy Jessy

    个月 前

    Naeun aaa you're so sweet. The sweetest girl i ever see

  96. Flower Crowns

    Flower Crowns

    个月 前

    The cameramen: okay. Nice. 👍 Gunhoo: I can't stop laughing omg, the way he said it sound so soulless 😂😂

  97. Serene Htet

    Serene Htet

    2 个月 前

    Love to see park siblings with my lovely Minho. They r so close each other n sweet to be together... 💕💎💕💎💕💎💕

  98. FugliEz K

    FugliEz K

    2 个月 前

    I love how Minho especially takes care of Nauen and listens to her attentively while she talks about her day🥺💕with how mature she is its easy to forget she’s also a kid that should be doted on just as much

  99. Cyanic Blue

    Cyanic Blue

    2 个月 前

    No one is talking how they are sibling goals

  100. Lala Soleha

    Lala Soleha

    2 个月 前

    well yoogeun fav song also ring ding dong.. i guess all kids like that song hahahha