"Rap Star S2 说唱听我的2" EP1: Azora Yu Chang Chin and Kenji Wu domineering opening !

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Highlights of this episode:
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33:27 1Way《Light in the heart》
39:17 It's so cool, flower《Gold》
46:31 AHe zhuli《Eleven》
0:55 AKA Niuniu《And what about you?》
1:00:38 DADDLL《Nails complete》
1:07:04 Zhou Qingjian《Satellite》
1:11:34 JERRYZ《You know nothing about your potential》
1:17:28 Sun Jingdong《It is for you》
1:26:59 KIWI《Play》
1:30:23 Wiz_H《Restart》
1:39:45 More on that next Monday.

[Show Info] The first music variety in China to reshape the industry standard and create a new generation of "Rap star". It aims to create the most popular Chinese rap music.

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