Electric bus bursts into flames, sets nearby vehicles on fire in China

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An electric bus burst into flames, engulfing three vehicles next to it on a university campus in southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. No one was hurt in the incident as firefighters quickly put out the fire within 20 minutes.

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  1. X L

    X L

    天 前

    buggy or bus?



    天 前

    Me: looks at tesla

  3. Mahindadasa Hewa Mannage

    Mahindadasa Hewa Mannage

    2 天 前


  4. Jagreet Sidhu

    Jagreet Sidhu

    2 天 前

    This exactly why i will never drive an electric car

  5. jose Oliveira

    jose Oliveira

    2 天 前

    Bus bonb.

  6. Baskar Raju

    Baskar Raju

    2 天 前

    Looks like matchbox were set on fire

  7. Catacome


    2 天 前

    This just shows you cannot make "intelectual copies".

  8. Juan Miguel Javier

    Juan Miguel Javier

    2 天 前

    Made in China

  9. Togutoguro Togu

    Togutoguro Togu

    2 天 前

    Made in China 😀

  10. Günther Gartenmann

    Günther Gartenmann

    3 天 前

    aaaaaah china.... 🙄

  11. Huong Ngyyen

    Huong Ngyyen

    3 天 前

    Xe trung quốc thấy sợ không ? Xe khg ai hết mà cũng bắt !,,,

  12. Kiss Gergő

    Kiss Gergő

    3 天 前

    Imagine if that happened while the bus was being used

  13. Ener Olanam

    Ener Olanam

    3 天 前


  14. Greater World

    Greater World

    3 天 前

    Fire force anime 😂🔥

  15. Hemzakai Haokip

    Hemzakai Haokip

    3 天 前

    Thats a Chinese product bus

  16. Edwin Rodriguez

    Edwin Rodriguez

    4 天 前

    Made in China 😆😆😆

  17. Mark W

    Mark W

    4 天 前

    Was probably cheaply, and poorly made. This is China after all.

  18. Liepājas Liedaga vidusskola

    Liepājas Liedaga vidusskola

    4 天 前

    Has the investigation showed anything?

  19. Avus -foec

    Avus -foec

    4 天 前

    I wonder where the bus was made cough cough China

  20. YukiP


    4 天 前

    Made in China: Everything explodes except explosives

  21. haoru chen

    haoru chen

    4 天 前

    Detective: Suicidal EV in AI sentimental mode



    4 天 前

    Made in china hahaha

  23. s v

    s v

    4 天 前

    That's why EV is dangerous if small malfunction happens

  24. Shubham Prasad

    Shubham Prasad

    4 天 前

    Now who's gonna pay the money

  25. Tszki Lam

    Tszki Lam

    5 天 前

    Last bus: WOAH

  26. Aleksandar Tomic

    Aleksandar Tomic

    5 天 前


  27. steven dyre

    steven dyre

    5 天 前

    China product aye....

  28. J azz

    J azz

    5 天 前


  29. Akb123


    5 天 前


  30. Michael Henzen

    Michael Henzen

    5 天 前

    Da wurde mit Sicherheit nachgeholfen!!Das ist kein normaler Brand.

  31. Wee Sow How

    Wee Sow How

    5 天 前

    Cheap battery . Black market battery. Always made in china forever. Disgusting.

  32. V0RN eek

    V0RN eek

    5 天 前

    The buses caught fire faster than the garbage bins. 😂

  33. LArKuLe


    6 天 前

    Battery cell vent flammable vapor and catch fire.

  34. Mister M A.K

    Mister M A.K

    6 天 前

    Don't forget the dumpsters too

  35. Imrul kaies Imo

    Imrul kaies Imo

    6 天 前

    Chinese products are unreliable in most of thw cases

  36. williem hendra

    williem hendra

    6 天 前

    The problem is in battery technology, Because it's outdoors and hot in the sun, causing a fire.. Or it could be being cashed over.

  37. Geanboi Tindoc

    Geanboi Tindoc

    6 天 前

    It's just look like matches. The others aren't dead year?

  38. THOR Fishing Cooking vlog.

    THOR Fishing Cooking vlog.

    6 天 前


  39. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar

    6 天 前

    chineese items nvr last

  40. NoobGamer 40

    NoobGamer 40

    6 天 前

    The last bus didnt catch fire to make them easy to investigate about the other buses

  41. R. Srinath Rengarajan

    R. Srinath Rengarajan

    6 天 前

    Made in china 😂😂

  42. Varun Yadav

    Varun Yadav

    6 天 前

    After all the equipment was chinese 👀👀👀👀

  43. avi shake

    avi shake

    6 天 前

    Looks like very planned sudden fire

  44. Great choi

    Great choi

    6 天 前

    looks like a bus. it's revised golf cart

  45. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh

    6 天 前

    This is what made in china logo means 😂😂

  46. Jakejake Jakejake

    Jakejake Jakejake

    7 天 前

    As always, substandars

  47. Vicknes Waran

    Vicknes Waran

    7 天 前

    One time use only item.

  48. Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez

    7 天 前

    Made in China

  49. fact now

    fact now

    7 天 前

    You know what happen when lithium met with water?

  50. az8868


    7 天 前

    fight lithium fire with water.... well...

  51. Alister playz

    Alister playz

    7 天 前

    Plot twist: the last bus lit a match stick and threw it at them.

  52. joker joker

    joker joker

    7 天 前

    We Indians not calling duplicate product as duplicate ... instead of that..we use to call as.."china.. product"😀

  53. TJ


    7 天 前

    Michael Bay style

  54. Tommy Tsiniginie

    Tommy Tsiniginie

    8 天 前

    over charged the batteries. Electric vehicles are dangerous.⚡🔥👎

  55. Joe Schmow

    Joe Schmow

    8 天 前

    Yay! Everyone go green new deal and this is it! Score for the tree huggers! Oh the other thing…MADE IN CHINA. I hate recycling and don’t do it.

  56. Elephantstone


    8 天 前

    I live next to a bus station. They just recently obtained their first six electric buses. Hmm.

  57. Sameer Tidke

    Sameer Tidke

    8 天 前

    Was thinking only petrol and disel vehicles bursts this is the first time I seen electric vehicle also gets bursts....

  58. 老李


    8 天 前

    電動巴士 應裝設恆時監控警示裝置 那些裝置成本不會很高

  59. Homuchog Homa

    Homuchog Homa

    8 天 前

    Йопта 😲 а если так на ходу пыхнет?

  60. Rajnish Singh aluhwalia

    Rajnish Singh aluhwalia

    8 天 前

    Made in china

  61. Jonathan Marvel Saptrasto Red Dragon

    Jonathan Marvel Saptrasto Red Dragon

    8 天 前

    “*fortunately, no one was injured.*” That’s because there’s no one in that area.

  62. SAG Brady

    SAG Brady

    9 天 前

    So much for electric cars..this should scare you from getting one..

  63. Navajo


    9 天 前

    The world wonts to switch from Gas to Electric cars🤭

  64. J V L

    J V L

    9 天 前

    Tofu buses.

  65. Kulas Terrol

    Kulas Terrol

    9 天 前

    It's made in china what we are to expect.

  66. Jinhong PARK

    Jinhong PARK

    9 天 前

    Nobody: Batteries made in China: *NIGHT OF FIRE*

  67. LKH Channel

    LKH Channel

    9 天 前

    The last bus passed the Quality Control

  68. AKHANDA Ji


    9 天 前

    Chinese Products 🤣🤣🤣

  69. Afnan Nusayr

    Afnan Nusayr

    9 天 前

    “Made in China"

  70. Afnan Nusayr

    Afnan Nusayr

    9 天 前

    0:09 so no one's gonna talk about the garbage bins?

  71. Ahmaad Alamarry

    Ahmaad Alamarry

    9 天 前

    China cheap cars Electric one

  72. Uttarakhand - Amazing & Awesome

    Uttarakhand - Amazing & Awesome

    9 天 前

    Look like these are small sized buses with defected design. Comes to an end. Justified MADE IN CHINA reality.

  73. NightFlier


    9 天 前

    Batteries made in China have serious problems with quality and safety.

  74. Nhật Anh Bùi

    Nhật Anh Bùi

    9 天 前

    What suprising me is how small that Electric bus really is. Also who need comedy when we got the comment section.

  75. I RIKI

    I RIKI

    9 天 前

    Made in china

  76. Richard Kahn

    Richard Kahn

    9 天 前

    I was hoping for the causes of the fire in the comments and SCMP. Wasting my time to subscribe

  77. Clifton Herrington

    Clifton Herrington

    9 天 前

    I hope these Electric cars people are getting doesn't do this.



    10 天 前

    Made in china🤣

  79. comentator profesionist 50£ ora

    comentator profesionist 50£ ora

    10 天 前

    This is Full Power

  80. miguel RODRIGUES

    miguel RODRIGUES

    10 天 前

    Produtos sem controle de qualidade, e feito com materiais de péssima qualidade...

  81. dkhl02


    10 天 前


  82. Tim Goble

    Tim Goble

    10 天 前

    And you thought that little batteries in your phone are bad

  83. Namasjii sansi

    Namasjii sansi

    10 天 前

    Yes electric cars are amazing But it is literally a ticking time bomb or a walking fire wood if it is not we'll maintained or because of the very hot weather

  84. Johan Bouwman

    Johan Bouwman

    10 天 前


  85. Fauzan Zainal

    Fauzan Zainal

    10 天 前


  86. Greysoul Jr

    Greysoul Jr

    10 天 前

    Made in China

  87. Victor Ray

    Victor Ray

    10 天 前

    CIA behind it.

  88. misael camargo

    misael camargo

    10 天 前

    Qué mal plan? Ojalá y nunca tengamos qué comprar éste tipo de vehículos! Y tenían qué ser dé origen chino!

  89. Hawks


    10 天 前

    *And Nepal is Bringing Buses from China*

  90. vivek kumar

    vivek kumar

    10 天 前

    Chinese Quality you can Trust....

  91. Jumbomuffin 13

    Jumbomuffin 13

    10 天 前

    Made in China

  92. MR GUPPY 101

    MR GUPPY 101

    11 天 前


    • Cramone Love

      Cramone Love

      9 天 前

      Big difference between American made products and Chinese.

  93. Anatoly Shestakov

    Anatoly Shestakov

    11 天 前

    Хорошо горит - к дождю.

  94. tol mol ke bol

    tol mol ke bol

    11 天 前

    Talk about those fire extinguishers lying on road

  95. kranthi M

    kranthi M

    11 天 前

    Cheap quality of China… but entire globe is back of China… hopeless..

  96. Шахиня Закирова

    Шахиня Закирова

    11 天 前

    Из за чего они загорелись?!

  97. Виталий Черга

    Виталий Черга

    11 天 前

    Ух нихера себе, хорошо что там никого не было.

  98. Денис Денисов

    Денис Денисов

    11 天 前

    😂 нефть и газ правят миром!

  99. Равиль Мустафин

    Равиль Мустафин

    11 天 前

    Электросамокаты и смартфоны так горят...



    11 天 前

    Così sono costretto a rimanere a casa