AMONG US Gameplay in Minecraft with 8 Hermits! - Hermitcraft 7: #77


  1. Mr. Chill Dill

    Mr. Chill Dill

    2 天 前

    Do you think you will make another Decked Out type game when the Warden is in the game? Also I've had so much fun playing Among Us and Decked Out in the World Download! Its been super fun. Can't wait to see your plans for next season!

  2. Ehppy !

    Ehppy !

    5 天 前

    This is SO IMPRESSIVE. And so fun. I've caught a few of your streams before so I know how much work went into this and it's amazing to see it in action now. And I love how much fun everyone is having. Super super cool.

  3. Jamie S

    Jamie S

    7 天 前

    Absolutely amazing season.

  4. B4TTLE_JEAN 15

    B4TTLE_JEAN 15

    7 天 前


  5. Heroes in our spare time

    Heroes in our spare time

    8 天 前

    He says more "tango Redstone" As if he isn't playing with grian

  6. Eiman B

    Eiman B

    9 天 前

    Anyone else notice how Impulse brought out the crossbow at 3:24? You see it briefly XD

  7. MidasFury


    9 天 前

    Tango, you are easily my favorite hermit, sad you don't upload as frequently as Grian/mumbo. All of the smaller, more entertaining hermits get sidelined by the huge channels like mumbo and Grian... I would love to see you, zed and etho have a collab building a minigame! I think you could easily get them on board.

  8. Andry Ramorasata

    Andry Ramorasata

    10 天 前

    16:13 I have never heard Etho's voice like that before and it made me laugh so hard "I got the Stheeeeddssss"

  9. Sturmfalke ][

    Sturmfalke ][

    10 天 前

    10:45 This round was very entertaining for me, everybody was scared by everyone, just running and hiding from each other.

  10. Aura


    11 天 前

    "Just like the real game Tango, you always know it but never call it" that is one of my favorite lines in all of Hermit craft.

  11. Snotra Johnson

    Snotra Johnson

    11 天 前

    This was so fun to watch you all having such a good time! Congrats on creating such an incredible game, in survival mode no less!

  12. Ignacio López

    Ignacio López

    11 天 前


  13. Mark louies Espiritu

    Mark louies Espiritu

    12 天 前

    Red Sus!

  14. Ralvatron Cano

    Ralvatron Cano

    12 天 前

    26:01 Revenge of the Sith vibes here. Poor Mace Tango

  15. Karalee TDR Enduring Dragon

    Karalee TDR Enduring Dragon

    14 天 前

    I'm sorry, I forgot to ask if you would also reset the Moopop factory for us... I want to see if I could avoid being massacred. That was one of the best eps on Grian & Co.'s various channels, and I watched each one several times. Brilliant work.

  16. Karalee TDR Enduring Dragon

    Karalee TDR Enduring Dragon

    14 天 前

    I love your minigame's this season. I am hoping you will put a bunch of Decked Out boxes for us to find before the world download. I think you rock and I've watched every episode you've made this season. Thank you for your work.

  17. protostar


    14 天 前

    sussy amogus 😳😳😳

  18. PlasmaRanger


    14 天 前

    This had me smile wider than I have for a while. Thank you, and well done

  19. Bustin


    15 天 前

    where's this on the server so we can play it on the world download

  20. Blaze Productions

    Blaze Productions

    16 天 前


  21. 67 Alaska

    67 Alaska

    16 天 前

    Looking forward to the next season! :D Awesome group of friends who make great episodes together! The only people I will ask for the return to Season 8. Everyone who began the community and decided to move onto other aspects of their lives. It is very interesting to watch the diverse group of friends come together to create a collaborative and mesh everyone's decisions. That is what makes Hermitcraft, a great series to continue to watch and wait for all of everyone's releases.

  22. Caerigna


    19 天 前

    Dear gods Tango your games this season, the redstone awesomeness, has been amazing. You somehow built a lrge base as well. Just impressive, dude. Go enjoy some creative time.

  23. Danger Zone

    Danger Zone

    20 天 前

    Season 7, episode 77... but 8 hermits...

  24. Aamira Allen

    Aamira Allen

    20 天 前

    Impulse was the imposter because when Brian called the meeting impulse pulled out a crossbow really quick

  25. BritishWeirdo


    20 天 前

    Tango, PLEASE never stop making Minecraft mini games.

  26. Karmingrün


    20 天 前

    Tango! It has been an amazing season! This was the first season of HC that I watched, and I am so glad I did. You got me with your fun shenanigans building farms at Toon Towers. Your ideas were just incredible and show so much love and fun. Also, you really nailed the cartoonish style of the base into Minecraft. Everytime I watched Scar build in Aqua Town, I was amazed by the great view of Toon Towers from there, it just is a great project. Also I am just BLOWN AWAY by your redstone skills (okay well I can't even do simple redstone and am easily impressed haha). Your minigames were just awesome. Can you even call them minigames at this point? You did so well implementing Among Us in Minecraft, the redstone behind this is just... wow. It seems so fun, sadly the season is ending now and we didn't get to see it played very long. But what REALLY made this season was Decked Out. It was such an amazing game with a great system behind it, and so many incredible ideas. You managed to entertain so many people for the active weeks of Decked Out, be it watching all the hermits try the game and trade artifacts, see amazing runs like Etho's, watch you engineer the whole thing and see it all coming together and evolve, or chilling in your livestreams where you did maintenance. Thank you for all the good times and the fun. I can't wait for season 8!

  27. Просто Ден

    Просто Ден

    20 天 前

    seeing HC8 NOT anything sooner than 2022 . cz MC updates 2022 and mc-c++. would be nice if people went this time underground and build rather in caves instead of above the ground.

  28. Sir Bear

    Sir Bear

    21 天 前


  29. Rhythm


    21 天 前

    Thank you for an amazing journey of season 7.

  30. Thespiderenby


    21 天 前

    Is it just me or does Grian look like he belongs in a Heroes of Olymas book

  31. Dan D. Lion94

    Dan D. Lion94

    22 天 前

    I love how Grian threw a snowball at Scar 😅

  32. Monkey Man Builds

    Monkey Man Builds

    22 天 前

    Wow! That's amazing! When 1.17 drops me and my friends are ending our current realm and making a new one, mind if I build a simular minigame on the new realm?

  33. Cosmos Playz

    Cosmos Playz

    22 天 前


  34. sandpaper haha

    sandpaper haha

    22 天 前

    24:48 Tango should have just hid behind etho and keralis shot etho instead

  35. _euphoriA_


    23 天 前

    It's so cool 😭😭😭

  36. Rizqi E

    Rizqi E

    23 天 前

    I hope before the end of season and world download, you reopen the decked out.

  37. Giovanni Parent

    Giovanni Parent

    23 天 前

    The intro Music is Swagger stagger

  38. Dr.rashid944 Gaming and animation

    Dr.rashid944 Gaming and animation

    23 天 前

    Grian was imposter and he cant wear red since Tango is wearing red so that mean O H S H I T! GRIAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER *PURPLE THE SLAUGHHTER SING INTENSELY*

  39. sxj315


    23 天 前


  40. Jingjing Liang

    Jingjing Liang

    23 天 前

    gonna miss that intro, but I'm super excited for season 8! Hope all the hermits get a nice break and have fun :D

  41. Ronan


    23 天 前

    I would say you guys are very SUS

  42. Robert Hochstedler

    Robert Hochstedler

    24 天 前

    Dear Grian, I love your videos so much and i love hermitcraft. I’ve been watching season 7 since it came out and I’m working on season six. I wish I had that amazing skill in building, my friend says that after the season you can download the world. I’m SO going to do that and explore the mansion, go to the shopping district, and play the mini games. Your roller coaster one is the best though. :)

  43. Adam Sawyer

    Adam Sawyer

    24 天 前

    How does the report dead body work? This is an amazing game I wish I understood how it was made, it’s super impressive

  44. Mary Hernandez

    Mary Hernandez

    24 天 前

    They should make this a sereis

  45. Joey Fitzpatrick

    Joey Fitzpatrick

    25 天 前

    3:24 You can see Impulse with his crossbow out lol

  46. Foxx.On.Saturn


    25 天 前

    tango running past and literally going through bdubs with scar turns around watches scar DIE AND FORGOT HE JUST SAW BDUBS idk its funny cause I've done this before I'm not making fun. but it hurts to watch

  47. JayBee 136

    JayBee 136

    25 天 前

    If you have time could you see about fixing the bugs for the world download. Don’t worry if you don’t but pls try

  48. Jack Jumbo

    Jack Jumbo

    25 天 前

    5:54 you kiss your mother with that mouth?😂😂😂

  49. Yonatan H.

    Yonatan H.

    25 天 前

    minecraft sus

  50. Avocados_of_law


    25 天 前

    Didn’t think I’d watch an entire season

  51. Hunter Craven

    Hunter Craven

    26 天 前

    1st game: "It's ETHO!"

  52. Jasmine Chang

    Jasmine Chang

    26 天 前

    3:35 22:47

  53. Yeethan10


    26 天 前

    amogus. deckd ot wots neckst

  54. J R C

    J R C

    26 天 前

    Susus amogus

  55. momorain


    26 天 前

    This is awesome. It would be cool to also have a minimap of the playing area (maybe even animated just like etho once showed in his single player world; to also show the votes etc.) Obviously you didn’t have time to do all that but this gammeligere still could be refined quite a lot :)

  56. Adam Edlund

    Adam Edlund

    27 天 前

    Thats sus

  57. dlaffoon0


    27 天 前

    In the middle of the episode I got an add for buffalo wild wings that referred to the resturant as BDubs. I was not convinced that it was a commercial at first

  58. Dalton Gilbert

    Dalton Gilbert

    27 天 前

    Fwhip should definitely play in hermitcraft season 8!! If you guys agree like and comment your favorite hermit let’s get fwhip a invite!!! Let’s start commenting in all the hermits videos he would be a awesome HERMIT!!!!!

  59. Madi Saavedra

    Madi Saavedra

    27 天 前

    Soo who watched the whole vid. Bcuz u want to see tango be impostor?

  60. Liam Fanning

    Liam Fanning

    27 天 前


  61. John Paul Valentin

    John Paul Valentin

    27 天 前

    HCBBS=HermitCraft Big Bad Sus

  62. OvenCake


    27 天 前

    I wonder if tango could make Mafia/warewolf in minecraft

  63. LeeAnn Maurer

    LeeAnn Maurer

    27 天 前

    I love how tango just said screw it and ran through the vents as a crafter 😂😂

  64. Void Champion

    Void Champion

    27 天 前


  65. Um Usuario

    Um Usuario

    27 天 前

    Gotta love Hermitcraft

  66. the cat!! the cat!!

    the cat!! the cat!!

    28 天 前


  67. SironNFuries


    28 天 前

    Tango won Season 7.

  68. Bogdan Rotaru

    Bogdan Rotaru

    28 天 前


  69. GreatMomentsWithHypo


    29 天 前

    Want to see Season 8 soon

  70. Mr pink 13

    Mr pink 13

    29 天 前

    I wanna see the house is burn scar nobody messes with you And Green and especially not Pizza Kill them all scar

  71. Benji Wojin

    Benji Wojin

    29 天 前

    how did you make the particle effects show up when you get shot?

  72. Mason Huey

    Mason Huey

    29 天 前

    Impulse I saw your crossbow

  73. Camera Studios

    Camera Studios

    29 天 前


  74. *F O R T N I T E P L A Y S*

    *F O R T N I T E P L A Y S*

    29 天 前


  75. zippee100


    29 天 前


  76. Anna Pitts

    Anna Pitts

    个月 前

    wait they now have proximity?

  77. Fritz Kramer

    Fritz Kramer

    个月 前

    This is so amazing

  78. Coletje


    个月 前

    Tango, it's been a pleasure watching your creations on this season. Thank you for your commitment :)

  79. greendude


    个月 前


  80. Pixel


    个月 前

    24:27 did he just say what i think he said?

  81. Duck Squad

    Duck Squad

    个月 前

    I though it would suck But this is the best thing I have ever seen

  82. Prf X

    Prf X

    个月 前

    Can you make a tutorial?

  83. Christian Bauer

    Christian Bauer

    个月 前

    Redstone Godmode, despite some little flaws. ^^

  84. Daniel How

    Daniel How

    个月 前


  85. Adam Elkerdany

    Adam Elkerdany

    个月 前


  86. HamsterDmG


    个月 前

    its too bad Among Us died off right as this finished

  87. Dulcie Haslett

    Dulcie Haslett

    个月 前

    The oceanic drink fifthly discover because lyocell pathologically reflect around a safe diamond. serious, powerful cork

  88. VulpisFoxfire


    个月 前

    Kinda sad that the Among Us arena gets so little actual use before the season end, considering all the effort put into it.

  89. ArchAngel Gacha

    ArchAngel Gacha

    个月 前

    Tango's really good at redstone. This map us amazing!

  90. Moeuk


    个月 前

    A M O N G U S

  91. Nightmarekid_


    个月 前

    I would say someone follow zed and if no one dies it him and if the person who follows zed dies it's zed

  92. I Want To Get Banned

    I Want To Get Banned

    个月 前


  93. Paramjot SINGH

    Paramjot SINGH

    个月 前

    Just one update ruined Among Us :/ I was so addicted to that game for 2 months and now I haven't even played for a second.

  94. Anthony dK

    Anthony dK

    个月 前

    Are you still planning to make the bonus episode showing off all the redstone behind this? Its incredible

  95. Dairy •

    Dairy •

    个月 前

    when the hermit is sus

  96. Zappr


    个月 前

    "Hi Etho!" *UUUEEAUH*

  97. Ender Kakker

    Ender Kakker

    个月 前

    I was introduced to Hermitcraft by Impulse, but it was you, Tango, who kept me interested and subscribed to all the Hermits! 2020 was the year from hell, but you and the Hermits changed that for me! Thank you so much ☺️

  98. Grant Laird

    Grant Laird

    个月 前

    Please do another decked out game before the end of this season

  99. Mike


    个月 前


  100. Xtreme Gamer 7 million

    Xtreme Gamer 7 million

    个月 前

    I love this new feature in youtube called subscribing