Dustin Poirier: 'We are gonna fight again'


  1. XcellentMMA


    12 天 前

    Khabib reacts to Conor McGregor's loss: cnglobal.info/faq/mJGFhmepZmmFha4/sh-p-n.html

    • Khebab Nurmagay

      Khebab Nurmagay

      9 天 前

      @B J tf ur saying buddy

    • B J

      B J

      9 天 前

      @Khebab Nurmagay Ok, go to Caucasus and say the same thing discord mod

    • Christoph von Papenburg

      Christoph von Papenburg

      10 天 前

      Lol nurmagedov only talk about mcgregor get a life ali

    • Khebab Nurmagay

      Khebab Nurmagay

      11 天 前

      @james Butcher cry

    • Piyush Ruhela

      Piyush Ruhela

      11 天 前

      😂😂😂 absolutely brother I agree

  2. Jermaine Ledet

    Jermaine Ledet

    2 天 前

    louisiana born and raised💪🏽yk whats crazy i useda date his cousin lolll

  3. Mike M

    Mike M

    5 天 前

    Everyone is talking about how Conor was cringe but why is no one talking about Dustin actor of the year soap opera Xanax too cool Poirer

  4. Cesar Garcia

    Cesar Garcia

    5 天 前

    Easy fight, easy money. Can't blame him

  5. JT


    5 天 前

    This rivalry is all for money. You people are 🤡

  6. I may or may not be Batman

    I may or may not be Batman

    5 天 前

    This is the strangest mentality in the world to me. "il murder you, il butcher you, il make bits of you, il kill you". Ive heard it a thousand times. I would definitely be more pissed someone brought my wife into it than i would about an idle threat. I think dude thinks conor actually wants him dead xD

  7. Braythuggin


    6 天 前

    Conor fasho gon get his

  8. klaudiusz swierczynski

    klaudiusz swierczynski

    6 天 前

    You dont have to brother, youve beaten his ass more than enough and proven that MCchicken is no match for you

  9. Andrew Gonzales

    Andrew Gonzales

    6 天 前

    Dude connor is living in Dustin's head rent free while connor is living his best life

  10. Calm Leo

    Calm Leo

    6 天 前

    He doesn’t care about Conor talking shit about his wife, but he does care that Conor said he’s gonna kill him? Lol

  11. Gosling


    6 天 前


  12. z Forbes

    z Forbes

    6 天 前

    y’all laughing but he’s gonna come back and beat his ass

  13. DuzBee


    6 天 前

    Dustin is going to sweep the leg again

  14. Hank Bellamy

    Hank Bellamy

    6 天 前

    Connor nothing but a girl guide weak as piss

  15. DatBoiJay


    6 天 前

    Connor doesn’t mean all that he just trash talks because it’s intimidating.

  16. preslav jankov

    preslav jankov

    7 天 前

    people said bad things when they are mad

  17. Cameron C

    Cameron C

    7 天 前

    You soft…

  18. Aris JR

    Aris JR

    7 天 前

    Yeah they need to fight again.its still 1-1 for not idiot mma fans, conor still have the clear win though .by k.o porrierl in thier 1st match

  19. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob

    7 天 前

    Pretty sure no-one wants to see them fight again.

  20. Edvin Parmeza

    Edvin Parmeza

    7 天 前

    I'm starting to feel sorry for conor.. dustin is definitely going to kill him in the next fight

  21. Jalen Price

    Jalen Price

    7 天 前

    Disappointment for Dustin and a minor setback for Conor. Respect to both of them. But Dustin looks to be in a great position and he’s not gonna give it up. He’s gonna take the throne from Conor and become the pound for pound overall Face of the UFC. He just needs to keep pressing and Conor he can still keep the throne as long as he doesn’t come back too early to fight.

  22. Aj Kid

    Aj Kid

    7 天 前

    As a Dustin fan, Dustin sounds kinda like a child here. It’s the fight game, and the ufc at that. So no matter how nice you are, when enter that octagon you turn on your killer instinct and fight to kill, it’s how it works, u don’t play nice in there.

    • Aj Kid

      Aj Kid

      7 天 前

      @The Archer Plays 23 yea but Dustin of all people should know that Conor is a promoter, and actually I was surprised that Conor with the pain and the broken leg actually still put his act on and promoted another fight, like Dustin has seen Conors good side, so I’m surprised Dustin took anything Conor said seriously

    • The Archer Plays 23

      The Archer Plays 23

      7 天 前

      Hes referring to after the fight when conor said he was gonna kill him for this, fight was over and he was just blatantly threatening his life

  23. Bankroll Mo

    Bankroll Mo

    7 天 前

    What happened to his ear?😐

  24. James Lion

    James Lion

    7 天 前

    Dustin much Respekt bro your the Man

  25. Play Store

    Play Store

    8 天 前

    Dustin is going to fight him over over and over to make billions and make him humble.

  26. Augustus Chaturvedi

    Augustus Chaturvedi

    8 天 前

    i just realized how weird his ears look no hate pls

  27. NT


    8 天 前

    Dustins a bitch lol he’s still touched

  28. Asif Barlaskar

    Asif Barlaskar

    8 天 前

    So they keep on fighting until Conor actually wins? Hmm sounds fair

  29. Zeroaiges000


    8 天 前

    His little girl gonna be Ivy League and baylor at this point with all the cash that he’s shaking down from the leprechaun.

  30. Big Shane Gillis

    Big Shane Gillis

    8 天 前

    Fraud actor

  31. Tommy Wang

    Tommy Wang

    8 天 前


  32. Daniel Couto

    Daniel Couto

    8 天 前

    The only damage conor can do to any elite fighter right now is by refusing to fight them, it must hurt more than any punches or kicks he can throw.

  33. Love Peace

    Love Peace

    8 天 前

    Pls.pray for kids of north korea.. they die everyday of hunger starvation and slavery..pray for kids of africa on extreme poverty

  34. 666 Baby

    666 Baby

    8 天 前

    His ears get wifi

  35. Storm Dude

    Storm Dude

    8 天 前

    Guys hear me out.. if man Bun mcgregor combined with karate stance mcgregor makes a return on this 4th fight dustins for Gonna get put down this time💯👊🏼

  36. H Z

    H Z

    8 天 前

    all i gotta say is dustin shouldn't be taking those "death threats" seriously. ya conor needa stop runnin his mouth cuz he keep losing but when people say that they usually mean they just gonna fuck u up. don't mean they actually gonna kill u

  37. Cam Bahouan

    Cam Bahouan

    8 天 前

    Dustin should fight Conor 10 times to prove 9 times out of 10 he’s gonna ein

  38. Andrew Andrew

    Andrew Andrew

    8 天 前

    Both dudes 24/7 security teams are like "yo chill."

  39. Richie


    8 天 前

    Thank you Conor for turning me into a Dustin Porier fan.

  40. Alpha woof

    Alpha woof

    8 天 前

    Due to the doctor storage the rivarly is now 1-1-0-1

  41. Emil Simon Evangelista

    Emil Simon Evangelista

    8 天 前

    Dustin: we're gonna fight till we get old

  42. meggi meggi

    meggi meggi

    8 天 前

    Ufc start to be boring

  43. OnePiecerooles


    9 天 前

    Paycheck 💰

  44. Shane!


    9 天 前

    milk the cow dustin😂😂😂get paid my boy

  45. trug7e


    9 天 前

    Dustin is just taking "im gonna kill you" so serious... Ofc he will not kill him dafuck

    • Castro Eulis

      Castro Eulis

      6 天 前

      Everytime someone gets into a physical confrontation, theres a chance they wont make it out alive. Daaaafuck now fuck off somewhere, I got work to do.

  46. Filip Larsson

    Filip Larsson

    9 天 前

    Conor is the most interesting fighter out there, he brings the pesetas that’s it.💪🏼💥💪🏼💥

  47. PeterGriffin Vaiphei

    PeterGriffin Vaiphei

    9 天 前

    Ugh! So, apparently fighting others won't give him a payday like this anymore, he is open for another one with Conor.

  48. Ciaran McCormack

    Ciaran McCormack

    9 天 前

    Dustin basically said he can Fuck my wife but don’t say you gone kill me

  49. Betim Ameti

    Betim Ameti

    9 天 前

    Connor is becoming Dustin’s side bitch, he fucks him up whenever, however and wherever he wants and plus his getting paid very well to do it. Thats why he is not interested in belt anymore 😂



    9 天 前

    I think his ears weigh 126 of his 156

  51. Kyle Rash

    Kyle Rash

    9 天 前

    He broke his leg is half people. He didn’t lose knock it off with the idiotic talk. You can’t fight with your leg in half. The guy didn’t win.

    • danilo cruz

      danilo cruz

      9 天 前

      Win is a win 🤣

  52. Antonio Andrade

    Antonio Andrade

    9 天 前

    “I’ll fight him in the sidewalk” sure you will. I’ll give 1 million dollars to dustins shitty charity of that happens😂 this guy ain’t about it

  53. Antonio Andrade

    Antonio Andrade

    9 天 前

    This guy takes killing him a greater insult than sleeping with his wife😂 this guy doesn’t care about the title and will never be champion. He will be forgotten as the guy who kept beating a guy in a losing streak for money.

  54. Hans Gruber

    Hans Gruber

    9 天 前

    nice shirt

  55. Nicolas Morales

    Nicolas Morales

    9 天 前

    Yes but first the fight vs oliveira, this guy needs a title shot now, he's clearly the best lw

  56. Shaikh Uzair

    Shaikh Uzair

    9 天 前

    Chicken leg piece 😂😂😂

  57. SuhDude Gaming

    SuhDude Gaming

    9 天 前

    McGregor will break Dustins face next time. Mark my words.

  58. Ronin


    9 天 前

    Still 1-1

  59. A You Tube Commenter

    A You Tube Commenter

    9 天 前

    BEST OF 7?

  60. WILKZ OiL


    9 天 前

    They’re just dragging this out nobody want to see a 4th fight man, these man just want the big money fight, porier vs McGregor 55 coming soon

  61. Peter Cruz

    Peter Cruz

    9 天 前

    I didn’t watch this one, and I won’t watch the next one

  62. Nils xD

    Nils xD

    9 天 前

    What happened to his ears?

  63. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar

    9 天 前

    His right ear is fuckin huge almost looks fake lmao

  64. Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye

    9 天 前


  65. Alex Moran

    Alex Moran

    9 天 前

    His nose looks like conors ankle tho🤷🏼

  66. C J

    C J

    9 天 前

    Dustin is a good guy . Respect for him

  67. Matsung Temjen

    Matsung Temjen

    9 天 前

    Conor is the Cash cow of UFC. Fook me up if im wrong. If u have a match with Conor u r rich😎

  68. Xavi Alonso

    Xavi Alonso

    9 天 前

    this is like the first time i’ve seen in the ufc that a guy cries about someone saying that is going to murder you or smh, is part of the show this guy is a pussy

  69. Ken **

    Ken **

    9 天 前

    Dustin is doing the same mistake again when he first fought conor mc tap out which is allowing conor to get in to his mind

  70. Mirucki Mike

    Mirucki Mike

    9 天 前

    Bullshit lol he wants the money

  71. FidelDibs


    9 天 前

    Connor right now is in the perfect set up for a massive comeback. Sadly idk if he can do it?

  72. Jaya Surya

    Jaya Surya

    9 天 前

    Dana started thinking about ppv🤪

  73. SoBasicReviews


    9 天 前

    When this is all over, Dustin not only gonna own a hot sauce company, but also a ketchup company.

  74. Ultimate Dj

    Ultimate Dj

    9 天 前

    Hopefully we can all see the next fight soon

  75. Saad Patel

    Saad Patel

    9 天 前

    I don’t get how people like Connor… even after he talks all that shit and still gets beat the shit out

  76. strikehair55


    9 天 前

    Fuck him up Poirier

  77. MakeYouSweat XD

    MakeYouSweat XD

    9 天 前

    This fight will sell more in the 4th fight fasho 😂 just because of how salty Conor went out

  78. Grayson Roberts

    Grayson Roberts

    9 天 前

    That's messed up and he is wrong for that and I'm ready for the next one

  79. Ethan watson

    Ethan watson

    9 天 前

    Why do the fighters have weird ear 👂form

  80. Click


    9 天 前

    I don't think Dustin is even worried about this, I think he is just reeling in Conor for more money lmao

  81. c t 23

    c t 23

    9 天 前

    Is it just me or is his nose broken like sideways

  82. Awan Islam Malaysia

    Awan Islam Malaysia

    9 天 前

    his leg will broke again if they fight again. just kick to the leg.. conor will crying, only idiot conor will fight again .. poirier already know where he should kick after this.. simple win

  83. No Imxge

    No Imxge

    9 天 前

    Dont accept a 4th fight, Dustin! Let this be the end of Connors Career, you’re are his gateway to a comeback!

  84. Hustle Allday

    Hustle Allday

    9 天 前

    honestly I used to have lots of respect to Connor but the guy is a scumbag now. The wife thing was passable but Daughters are off limits.

  85. WhiiteBlaZe


    9 天 前

    Dustin is in Good Shape 🔥

  86. brian thomas

    brian thomas

    9 天 前

    Omg do you know how many ufc fighters have told their opponents that they were going to murder them gtfoh with all that

  87. Brad Campbell

    Brad Campbell

    9 天 前

    No you are not.. i am going to bare knuckle box the idiot Shouldnt call u a fucking hill billy I wish i on conner mcgregor i do From brad campbell Tell him kirkoswald anytime ANY FUCKING TIME DUSTIN MATE I GOT YOU BRO

  88. Devin


    9 天 前

    Dustin needs to stop crying

  89. C BS

    C BS

    9 天 前

    😂 I laugh every time this dumbass says that. Dude took Conor’s threat seriously. Grow up crybaby and learn about shit talk.😝

  90. SR SR

    SR SR

    9 天 前

    He knows McGregor is easy money, no respect for his fake “power”, everyone knows he’s an easy fight now. McGregor has not progressed his skills at all he is not even top 10!

    • The Legend 27

      The Legend 27

      7 天 前

      @flyingchimp12 He can't even knock out an old man.

    • flyingchimp12


      7 天 前

      This guy actually think Conor doesn’t have power LOL

  91. Max J. Salazar

    Max J. Salazar

    9 天 前

    look at bros ears man so inspirational

  92. James highway

    James highway

    9 天 前

    That is a real man talking.

  93. c0nc3ntr8d


    9 天 前

    Dustin seeing nothing but 💰

  94. Bruno


    9 天 前


  95. R 666.

    R 666.

    9 天 前

    Conor is a big girl.



    9 天 前

    Connor deserves what he got , he’ll get his ass kicked again.



      9 天 前

      @A You Tube Commenter 100%

    • A You Tube Commenter

      A You Tube Commenter

      9 天 前

      Dustin is just a better fighter. Period.

  97. Scienz


    9 天 前

    LOL Dustin... You'll do NOTHIN'

  98. Spongy bob

    Spongy bob

    9 天 前

    I bet everyone that payed for that fight feels stupid lmao lololol

  99. BreadStickPapi


    9 天 前

    Not even gonna lie this dude Dustin is one of the few guys that just dominates Conor and all around seems like a better fighter. Most of the time when Connor loses he’s going strong at the beginning but then starts getting beat up by the end of the fight. That’s one thing I didn’t see here in both of the fights.

  100. James Bond

    James Bond

    9 天 前

    Love how all the fight gurus in here talk shit but don’t have the balls to throw down in real life lmao typical