When a passenger tries to threaten a flight attendant 🤩


  1. Claire Hegarty

    Claire Hegarty

    9 小时 前

    First of all whose friends would do that?!? Also love it vids!❤️

  2. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman

    13 小时 前

    Should have given her the special class reserved for people who are uncomfortable

  3. Hegelian Sours

    Hegelian Sours

    16 小时 前


  4. Aylin ve Ceylin'in Oyun Dunyasi

    Aylin ve Ceylin'in Oyun Dunyasi

    21 小时 前

    She’s like Captain I have a drunk passenger threatening my life

  5. jchoneandonly


    天 前

    But you didn't give her a business seat.... You let her go to business to chat with her friends...

  6. ZeGingerCat


    天 前

    Sir permission to throw this Karen off the plane Pilot:Sure why not

  7. Yukime Hiraoka

    Yukime Hiraoka

    天 前

    What was she Karen doing? Just hiding behind Jeenie the whole time and listening to their conversation? Jeenie was so quiet when she told the lady she could go hang out with her friends for a bit , how did she hear her?

  8. Galaxy Woods

    Galaxy Woods

    天 前

    Nice 👍 I would say (😅 umm there is a drunk 😵 Karen threatening me )

  9. I am imposter

    I am imposter

    2 天 前

    Technically she ain't giving away free business class seats she's letting her friend hang out with her other friends until they take off how stupid are Karen to know that hanging out with friends in business and going to business getting a free bump up class is the same thing

  10. Lola Kiwi

    Lola Kiwi

    2 天 前


  11. Ali Azfar Mahmood

    Ali Azfar Mahmood

    2 天 前


  12. Eden Williams

    Eden Williams

    2 天 前

    Take that Karen! I love that line. It doesn't concern you. Haha move along

  13. Jiyoo Kim-Jung

    Jiyoo Kim-Jung

    2 天 前

    Jeenie: permission to restrain? Captain: sure. What's the restraint? Jeenie: *kicks off the plane*

  14. Sam Ultimate

    Sam Ultimate

    2 天 前


  15. chintan shelar

    chintan shelar

    2 天 前


  16. Debbie Davidson

    Debbie Davidson

    2 天 前


  17. burning Kabutops

    burning Kabutops

    2 天 前

    The funny part is unless you got to contact the head of the airline nobody gives 2 flying fucks.

  18. Todoroki Shoto

    Todoroki Shoto

    2 天 前

    Dabi:hi tog-shoto Me:*-* did you call me toga Dabi:n-no Me:DRUNK BROTHER CALLING ME BY HIS GIRLFRIENDS NAME

  19. Catina Porter

    Catina Porter

    3 天 前

    Yeah uhm-

  20. Juror63


    3 天 前

    That was an AWESOME reaction! 👌

  21. rndmlyrndm


    3 天 前

    I hate it when the plane is mostly empty and you take off seat belt sign off can I switch seats no sorry 😐

  22. sjalusi1


    3 天 前

    Ahh yes the racist stereotype of a Karen being spewed in these comments. Now do a video on a Shaniqua whose mad at the flight attendant

    • Lana Joy

      Lana Joy

      55 分钟 前

      Even white people hate Karen's, wym lmao. And whilst they tend to be white, people of all races are open to being called it :)

  23. Daniel Köstler

    Daniel Köstler

    3 天 前

    Could u bring the karen to court for attempt to blackmail? Honest question

  24. 2.Siskyz !

    2.Siskyz !

    3 天 前


  25. Pollard


    3 天 前

    Whenever I have to fly somewhere, I have to watch every Jeenie flight attendant video before I take off lol

  26. Avatar Aang ؟

    Avatar Aang ؟

    3 天 前

    The Perfect Karen Replent Doesn't Exis-----

  27. Sir Pancake

    Sir Pancake

    3 天 前

    “Comedy is all about subverting expectations” A wise man

  28. Jolie Bokeh

    Jolie Bokeh

    3 天 前

    OMG "captain ... permission to restrain?" is my new favorite phrase

  29. Dark Stormer

    Dark Stormer

    3 天 前

    Technically that blackmail not threatening

  30. Star Hariss

    Star Hariss

    3 天 前

    Hahaha yes

  31. ᴬᴺᴵᴹᴱ ᴳᴵᴿᴸ

    ᴬᴺᴵᴹᴱ ᴳᴵᴿᴸ

    3 天 前

    Lmao the Karen hair cut tho

  32. random things

    random things

    3 天 前

    Omg yassss

  33. Russ19er


    3 天 前

    Bump me up eh?? Lol

  34. Alexandra Fietz-Vigano

    Alexandra Fietz-Vigano

    4 天 前

    What is a purser/what does he/she/they do on a flight?

  35. PlsRespectCocoas


    4 天 前

    It’s like that moment u give a snack to your friend and the others start menacing you

  36. Tarek K

    Tarek K

    4 天 前

    Cringe af

  37. Jobeth


    4 天 前

    Karen back at it again

  38. 萬畇謙


    4 天 前

    Imagine she just told the captain “KAREN”

  39. khaela Mensha

    khaela Mensha

    4 天 前

    There is a saying : L enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions. Meaning: sometimes trying to do good put you in a hellish nightmare

  40. Lady Wish

    Lady Wish

    4 天 前

    Permission granted!

  41. Zeizei Wai

    Zeizei Wai

    4 天 前

    Omg that's what you get "KAREN" not one person likes a karen🤮

  42. Xx_Cloudy_Skies_xX


    4 天 前

    Me: how about isntead of bumping you up, how about i give you a free skydiving lesson? Without a parachute.

  43. Linh Nguyen

    Linh Nguyen

    4 天 前

    I’m actually a girl but this my dad’s account tbh that women who wanted business class was a dang Karen

  44. Amy King

    Amy King

    4 天 前

    You would lie, and as much as rnks person sucks, you would lie to get her kicked off?! Guess you never had a bad day. Good for you. Can't do your job though, quit, instead lf lying about a situation. Must be nice to be a dictator.

  45. Belladonna


    5 天 前

    The rude passenger felt like an entirely different person, Jeenie's got real talent

  46. SS: Thepainter

    SS: Thepainter

    5 天 前

    I know this is random but I have an album called Paintsplatters being released on Sunday so go stream

  47. Bloody Maiden

    Bloody Maiden

    5 天 前

    Stop being poor, Karen 😂

  48. David Herrera

    David Herrera

    5 天 前

    Does things like this actually happen or it's made up in her head

  49. kamren austin

    kamren austin

    5 天 前

    I just found out that today's lesson is if you'll find it you could just call somebody on the plane and say we got a drunk passed knows that being rude to you

  50. Bad Bearies

    Bad Bearies

    5 天 前


  51. Ahmad Farzad

    Ahmad Farzad

    5 天 前

    What’s a purser?

  52. Starzdaze


    5 天 前

    No matter where you go, there's always a Karen lurking about!

  53. thegoddamnbatman1047


    5 天 前

    This is just a video of someone being shitty at their job.

  54. eviltwinzak


    5 天 前

    I wish flight attendants would deal more harshly with Karens.

  55. reapertale sans

    reapertale sans

    5 天 前

    Were corrently flying over the ocean please any drunk or toxic passengers exit the plane

  56. *Sam'son* of iSac

    *Sam'son* of iSac

    5 天 前

    That's Soo my black ars, xD when one eye climbed up her skull as she was being threatened.

  57. Dimi


    6 天 前


  58. Ron B

    Ron B

    6 天 前


  59. BlasianFJ


    6 天 前

    Probably shouldn't give special treatment then

  60. MelsMad!


    6 天 前

    Where do all those wigs come from? 😂

  61. babou salsa

    babou salsa

    6 天 前

    dont use God s name in vain

  62. Bun bun the bunny

    Bun bun the bunny

    6 天 前

    Karen: give me a frickin upper class seat Her: *yeets hand* *SIR A DRUNK PASSANGER IS THREATENING MY LIFE PERMISSION TO RESTRAIN-*

  63. Criss Sa

    Criss Sa

    6 天 前

    Love how the threatening passenger says “oh but I believe you can” in a passive aggressive way. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😭

  64. Sweet Rolled Tacos

    Sweet Rolled Tacos

    6 天 前

    Oh my god that's genius Whenever a karen starts screaming, I can just scream that she's drunk and is threatening me :) Thanks for the tip!

  65. Unicorn Lover

    Unicorn Lover

    6 天 前

    No she didn't😂😂😂😂😂

  66. LØV3


    7 天 前

    I mean, I'm no Karen but I wouldn't false accuse her, it's mess up, I also don't like the Karen threatening you but either way you shouldn't give free promotion class no matter the circumstances. Your situation is like abusing power and you know it is illegal but you still did it. So it's all fair that you should be fire. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate but this is what I think is right and it is probably the most right answer unless you can comment a GOOD reason that I'm wrong.

    • Kushala Kumari

      Kushala Kumari

      6 天 前

      That's exactly what I thought 👍👍

  67. Mori  Jin

    Mori Jin

    7 天 前

    Isn’t that just called blackmailing

  68. Marielle Kaye Del Rosario

    Marielle Kaye Del Rosario

    7 天 前

    I mean I kinda understand the other one though it's unfair you know to do that...you need to be fair, just my opinion though no harm😂

  69. Erraticat


    7 天 前

    "Wanna go skydiving"

  70. Luna Girl s

    Luna Girl s

    7 天 前

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  71. Rurururururur Rurururururururu

    Rurururururur Rurururururururu

    7 天 前

    If somebody is saying theyre going to report you for giving out free favors just say they trying to murder you. Needed any more proof females make false accusations for fun? Here it is.

  72. ryuu


    7 天 前

    Me as a wattpader: *Go on with your threat, we own this airline anyways*

  73. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya

    7 天 前

    Everyone: she just made karen repellent Me: *triggered because not all the words are surrounded by the little dark outline thing*

  74. Sky


    7 天 前


  75. Danika Fuessel

    Danika Fuessel

    7 天 前

    What a B***h

  76. gerlyn g

    gerlyn g

    8 天 前

    Just in case no one told u, God loves you💜✝️🥺

  77. Xx_Violet~Girl_xX


    8 天 前

    Lamao 😂

  78. Duck Ducking

    Duck Ducking

    8 天 前

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm on the Karen's side on this one it's really unfair

  79. Mountain Daisy

    Mountain Daisy

    8 天 前

    Lady is being nice then get threaten by a karen

  80. Raulia


    8 天 前

    "Haha you foolish mortal how dare you think you can just threaten me and make me lose my job i have the power to Report you drunk!!!!!!"

  81. Zeizei Wai

    Zeizei Wai

    8 天 前

    I think threatened should be in quotation marks like, like this "threatened"

  82. Louise Helgesson

    Louise Helgesson

    8 天 前

    The flight attendant got all the power.

  83. Mason Gardner

    Mason Gardner

    8 天 前

    the Karen reminded me of my English teacher

  84. The Sisters Quintero

    The Sisters Quintero

    8 天 前

    Why are you calling if there is no WIFI

  85. Coco Lawrence

    Coco Lawrence

    9 天 前

    It sounds like there's a Karen aboard

  86. HaileyI love your videos Thompson

    HaileyI love your videos Thompson

    9 天 前

    Oh no

  87. StarLord 200

    StarLord 200

    9 天 前

    We not gonna talk about how the purser has a FUCKING 2 HOUR BREAK



    9 天 前

    I am dying from laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Danielle Asbeury

    Danielle Asbeury

    9 天 前


  90. TheHardRockHippie


    9 天 前

    The threatening passenger gives me Kris Jenner vibes

  91. l Harper

    l Harper

    9 天 前


  92. Fabian Quezada

    Fabian Quezada

    9 天 前

    Lol permission to restrain 🤣

  93. Theory time

    Theory time

    9 天 前




    10 天 前

    I am in the airport and they say that something happened and if they don't fix the plane before 5 they will cancel the plane

  95. Tayebah Hussaini

    Tayebah Hussaini

    10 天 前


  96. Reginald House

    Reginald House

    10 天 前

    That's Karen transformation tho...👌💯 Was hot too haha

  97. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales

    10 天 前

    Another 2hr break? Holy fuxk does this person even work?

  98. Sarah Varnon

    Sarah Varnon

    10 天 前

    The Karen wig and everything 🤣