DIY IPHONE Black Light! AMAZING Lifehack Trick!

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DIY IPHONE Black Light! AMAZING Lifehack Trick! - orzutiextra TikTok
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  1. ZutiGang


    个月 前

    I TRY CRAZY VIRAL LIFEHACKS! 😱🤯 FULL VID - come follow my insta for more -

    • Eliska Orgonikova

      Eliska Orgonikova

      天 前


    • Eliska Orgonikova

      Eliska Orgonikova

      天 前

      It's a fake

    • Dawn Stadler

      Dawn Stadler

      天 前

      אתה ממש ממש ממש סתום וחושב שזה אמיתי וזה לא אייפון זה סאמסונג

    • ꧁Gingertheklaskycsupofan2021 ꧂シ

      ꧁Gingertheklaskycsupofan2021 ꧂シ

      5 天 前

      Where did you find the music

    • Gideon that guy

      Gideon that guy

      6 天 前

      🥲🕖😇😂😁😊✅🤣🥱🕖😊🥱🥲😊💀🥱🥱😊🚽🕖😄🥱🕖😊🕖😁👍🥲😐🙂🚽😌🐒💀🙂🚽🚽🙂😌🚽🕖😃🥲🙂😇😊🕖🤣🕖🙃👍🥲😐🥲👍🤣🕖🤣💀💀😊 AHFD7PACY is most of your descriptions

  2. Bartixx


    3 小时 前


  3. Wally Korona

    Wally Korona

    4 小时 前

  4. Naveen


    8 小时 前

    That's not iPhone thatthat's not iPhone that is cancer

  5. Fatma Saltoğlu

    Fatma Saltoğlu

    8 小时 前

    Denedim yalan

  6. Horizontal Ninja

    Horizontal Ninja

    8 小时 前

    It's not even on the flash

  7. Alixxcha


    9 小时 前

    So, I guess this is what people see as content nowadays.

  8. Papple


    11 小时 前

    Iphone Note20 ultra. Noice

  9. Teo


    11 小时 前

    Sorry to burst your bubble but thats not how it works and the stains wouldn't be green

  10. Prabhakar Sawardekar

    Prabhakar Sawardekar

    13 小时 前

    Another episode of type of gay

  11. im avarua

    im avarua

    14 小时 前

    Уу пахнет пиздежём



    16 小时 前

    what is the song name

  13. the sech ff

    the sech ff

    17 小时 前


  14. Mirella Couto

    Mirella Couto

    22 小时 前

    Mentira Fake

  15. Gast____


    23 小时 前

    Bro would nothing is on the mirror but you know that there be something

  16. bill cipher

    bill cipher

    23 小时 前

    The amount t of times ilthis song is used is criminal

  17. Flummox


    天 前

    I love how It's not even an iPhone

  18. Iori/伊織


    天 前

    I was wondering that what happened to his finger nails 😂😂😂

  19. Tu Tu

    Tu Tu

    天 前

    Some nuclear lifehack

  20. Ajda Gregorka

    Ajda Gregorka

    天 前

    That isn't real

  21. Ofelia Jesus Baqueiro Chan

    Ofelia Jesus Baqueiro Chan

    天 前


  22. Lone star

    Lone star

    天 前

    That is Samsung 20 not iPhone can't you even read what you buyed

  23. Purna Maya Ghalley

    Purna Maya Ghalley

    天 前

    I have try but it didn't work



    天 前

    Man juice

  25. narayan Singh

    narayan Singh

    天 前

    Not truth

  26. Warfy Gaming

    Warfy Gaming

    天 前

    I am a type of guy who is thinking what to write after reading all the comments.

  27. simrat kaur

    simrat kaur

    天 前

    It's fake

  28. Md shamshu patel ss SS Patel's

    Md shamshu patel ss SS Patel's

    天 前

    Samsung galaxy

  29. Manpreet Dhaliwal

    Manpreet Dhaliwal

    天 前

    why is tiktok taking over everything, first insta and now CNglobal

  30. Ng Yang Wei Yang Wei

    Ng Yang Wei Yang Wei

    天 前

    Can we do on a another phone for that hack

  31. Baglesh Kumar

    Baglesh Kumar

    2 天 前


  32. Ishtar


    2 天 前

    Nice iphone dude

  33. Mj _45

    Mj _45

    2 天 前

    I did it my Samsung phone but nothing happened. Now i know it will worked in iphone

  34. Luis Angel Anaya

    Luis Angel Anaya

    2 天 前


  35. rajeev kumar

    rajeev kumar

    2 天 前

    He is the type of guy who awake a sleeping person just to ask was he sleeping 🤣

  36. uwu la dors

    uwu la dors

    2 天 前


  37. Bielzinho Santos

    Bielzinho Santos

    2 天 前


  38. agrocardo


    2 天 前

    He's the type of person that wears a helmet while walking

  39. Davi Gabriel

    Davi Gabriel

    2 天 前

    Is not ifone is Samsung

  40. 2007 E92

    2007 E92

    3 天 前

    His the type of guy that buys tesla because his tired of his pruis making now rev when it starts

  41. parth batra

    parth batra

    3 天 前


  42. Griffita


    3 天 前

    Valla. Cerdo el tio ah como. Tiene la basija

  43. lisablackpink


    3 天 前


  44. Magomedrasul Magomedov

    Magomedrasul Magomedov

    3 天 前

    Что как!?

  45. sanjida akter

    sanjida akter

    3 天 前

    Why the comment section is full of " he's the type of the " Ok fine leave that but tell 😩🙌🏻 Does it really work ? 😣 Idk I just ask 🙆‍♀️

  46. 주현우


    3 天 前

    조준 더럽게못하다보네

  47. Travis Leet

    Travis Leet

    3 天 前

    I have the exact same phone

  48. kakazinhoGarme


    3 天 前

    Como assim😱😱😱

  49. BCRecor


    3 天 前

    Una pregunta soy el unico que se dio cuenta que puerco video se come la uñas mano y pies

  50. mochi family

    mochi family

    3 天 前

    OMG that's amazing👍

  51. a


    4 天 前

    Using a Samsung and mentioned IPhone. 😂😂😂

  52. Carina Oliva

    Carina Oliva

    4 天 前

    Es mentira le puso pintura florecente

  53. 굿 GOOD

    굿 GOOD

    4 天 前

    오줌튄거 다보이노 ㅋㅋ

  54. Arnelis


    4 天 前


  55. Wilmalena Koale

    Wilmalena Koale

    4 天 前

    Stop,guys we know it's fake but forget it

  56. احمد الشمري

    احمد الشمري

    4 天 前


  57. tricky phase 3

    tricky phase 3

    4 天 前

    ''If idiots could fly, Tiktok would be an airpot'' A wise man on the internet

  58. Polo Rouge

    Polo Rouge

    4 天 前

    Doesnt work... rip for all who have tried

  59. Edwin Rivas

    Edwin Rivas

    4 天 前

    That is fake

  60. Verlandoz


    4 天 前


  61. Anahit Hayrapetyan

    Anahit Hayrapetyan

    4 天 前

    A ինչա

  62. Сакура Харуна

    Сакура Харуна

    4 天 前

    Нет о нет😱😱 даже не думайте делать этот лайфахак я зделала это в тимноте как видео и увидела сущиство в зеркале глаза красные зубы острые язык страшный и кокти не надо делать этот лайфахак я сирёзна😱

  63. Poulami Das

    Poulami Das

    4 天 前

    Every one knows it's a glow stick. Hahahaha

  64. アストルフォ


    4 天 前

    He's the type of guy who asks blind kids to have a staring contest

  65. _ x ı ď ə к ı シ _

    _ x ı ď ə к ı シ _

    4 天 前

    its samsung

  66. happywheelslover7


    4 天 前

    He's the type of guy to go to the bathroom and then test to see if he actually went to the bathroom

  67. Elliot lingle

    Elliot lingle

    4 天 前


  68. Michael Corona

    Michael Corona

    4 天 前

    Is fake guys

  69. Gilton Jatoba

    Gilton Jatoba

    4 天 前

    Top demais 😄

  70. BMXXPRO1


    4 天 前


  71. Pyper and Peighton Bennett

    Pyper and Peighton Bennett

    4 天 前

    That is not an iPhone it is a Samsung

  72. Ferna Que

    Ferna Que

    4 天 前


  73. Joshua Chou 2.0

    Joshua Chou 2.0

    5 天 前

    The title says DIY iPhone but I’m pretty sure the case says Samsung

  74. kryptonite Numan

    kryptonite Numan

    5 天 前

    YES!! Iphone DIY. With a Samsung. Great.

  75. wolf VW

    wolf VW

    5 天 前

    WhAtHe hEcK hAvE yOu DoNe To Ur ToIlEtE!?!??!!?

  76. Antonio Francisco Leite de Oliveira

    Antonio Francisco Leite de Oliveira

    5 天 前

    Esse daí estragou a câmera Total nem tem como arrumar

  77. el pajin rf

    el pajin rf

    5 天 前


  78. Samuel Holanda

    Samuel Holanda

    5 天 前


  79. Sonic Fan

    Sonic Fan

    5 天 前

    Is it working on other phones?

  80. Rapja


    5 天 前

    The song: i love everyting Me: love how on the title it sais iphone life hack usung a smasung

  81. Robert Teixeira

    Robert Teixeira

    5 天 前

    Music ?

  82. Z singh

    Z singh

    5 天 前

    This is a samsung

  83. The slayer

    The slayer

    5 天 前

    It's fake

  84. un redditor su YouTube

    un redditor su YouTube

    5 天 前

    He's the type of guy.

  85. MAD TOXIC!


    5 天 前

    This is fake

  86. Nicola Odermatt

    Nicola Odermatt

    5 天 前

    In the title stays DIY Iphone but its a samsung handy🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  87. Dade Matlock

    Dade Matlock

    5 天 前


  88. Rishan ali

    Rishan ali

    5 天 前


  89. Lld Ccb

    Lld Ccb

    5 天 前

    Name of the phone?

    • Theodor Örnjäger

      Theodor Örnjäger

      5 天 前

      Iphone 20 max s pro ultra. JK samsung s20 ultra I think

  90. Danish Ahmed

    Danish Ahmed

    5 天 前

    Iphone lmao

  91. Jugoslav Jovanovic

    Jugoslav Jovanovic

    5 天 前


  92. quiet gronchy rom

    quiet gronchy rom

    5 天 前

    Yall are funny af

  93. Ketucho Beewolf

    Ketucho Beewolf

    5 天 前

    No hagan eso se les puede salir el plastiquito que cubre la lente

  94. onearly gonzo

    onearly gonzo

    5 天 前

    The ist samsung

  95. •Mocha•


    5 天 前

    He's the type of guy who will call an Android phone Iphone

  96. Kollbee Jeter

    Kollbee Jeter

    5 天 前

    Boy we know u just broke open a glow stick

  97. Jaime Pain Ortiz

    Jaime Pain Ortiz

    5 天 前

    He's that type of guy who's not even a guy.

  98. Devil No.1

    Devil No.1

    5 天 前

  99. Shubham Baliyan

    Shubham Baliyan

    5 天 前

    He is the type of guy who pees on his hands and then washes the pants👍😂

  100. uni


    5 天 前