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ホロライブ所属、2019.12.28デビューしました!4期生で4代目会長の桐生ココ(Coco Kiryu)です。

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Hey this is Coco Kiryu from hololive crew from Japan!
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  1. Louis


    17 小时 前

    25:35 BLINK

  2. つりふぁ


    天 前

    27:00 now it hit very hard

  3. Leela


    3 天 前

    25:47 .... Wait ive watched this one before



    3 天 前


  5. Akemi Homura

    Akemi Homura

    4 天 前

    So we learn that calli puts on her glasses to hide her embarrassment and murderous intent. And that Coco wants to have a baby with Calli

  6. Simarino97


    4 天 前

    There are fates worse than death... and being friendzoned is probably the worst 😱

  7. eddebrock


    7 天 前

    27:18...I'm sad now.

  8. Maximum Effort

    Maximum Effort

    8 天 前

    “I could make you pregnant.” Coco: dead beats listen up it’s what you want, me coming in the night for ya

  9. Acceldown


    9 天 前

    "You... kaichou... I still... have you.." Well that aged like fine milk

  10. Jacky Chou

    Jacky Chou

    10 天 前

    48:02 doshiDAD?

  11. ZzNezzerzZ


    11 天 前

    The "think kaigai niki" meme hitting *REAL* different right about now... 😢

  12. Anaheim Electronics Mechanic

    Anaheim Electronics Mechanic

    11 天 前

    25:09- I'll always have you in my heart Kaichou...

  13. Tridho W. P_

    Tridho W. P_

    12 天 前

    you haven’t done a collab with the other holoEN members and you’re graduating soon, this is pain

  14. a Pteranodon Brachiosaurus

    a Pteranodon Brachiosaurus

    12 天 前

    This was a landmark, opening the doors for future potential collabs between JP and EN.. I'm seriously glad that I was able to be here to experience this. Coco, I really hope our gratitude can somehow shine through the dark and reach you. Thank you for everything, kaichou.

  15. A C

    A C

    12 天 前

    What will you have after all this? You.. kaichou.. I still have you

  16. ROAR


    12 天 前

    10:06 and they went on a journey! 😝 I laughed out loud when I saw this, you guys are hilarious 😂

  17. Justin Haley

    Justin Haley

    12 天 前

    26:40 This meme hits different now

  18. Corey Kelly

    Corey Kelly

    12 天 前

    15 minutes in, i have no idea what the fucks happening.

  19. Kurt's Rhythm-Peko!

    Kurt's Rhythm-Peko!

    12 天 前

    We gotta cherish as much of this as much as we can...

  20. HiTo


    12 天 前

    one of the most boring shitpost review lol

  21. jay cee

    jay cee

    12 天 前

    59:22 After today's announcement, puts this little exchange in a whole new light.

    • Felipe Horez

      Felipe Horez

      11 天 前

      Yeah like I know Yagoo gets meme'd on by the community and talents all the time, but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. This is the problem with having a "hail corporate" mindset where you think the company can do no wrong, or treating the CEO like another Elon Musk who is this supposed quirky funny hip guy who is in on the jokes and one of the bros. I don't want to tin foil hat shit, but it's really hard not to speculate especially with the controversies that have happened within the past half year leading up to this unfortunate outcome.

    • James TDO

      James TDO

      12 天 前


  22. ともだち


    12 天 前

    This hit different now

    • NeostormXLMAX


      11 天 前

      you know i think its deleted now but calli said "FUCK EM " " FUCK THEM" at the end? i think now it shows whos its directed to

  23. my profile pict is waifu

    my profile pict is waifu

    12 天 前

    you finally get Coco collab with holoEN but at what cost.....

  24. pope julianis

    pope julianis

    12 天 前


  25. Misfara


    12 天 前

    26:18 "you kaichou, i still have you" it hits different now

    • Sephyrias


      12 天 前

      Yeah, just came back for this exact clip as well. She 100% already knew that she was going to leave soon when she showed it on stream here. So bittersweet.

    • Brayen


      12 天 前

      It didn't age very well

    • James TDO

      James TDO

      12 天 前


  26. スピスピ


    12 天 前


  27. The Lost Virtue

    The Lost Virtue

    12 天 前

    Can’t believe what just happened to Coco’s channel. I wish her the best in the future. Still Glad this collab happened.

  28. andres carranza

    andres carranza

    12 天 前

    R I P hololive

  29. Dex Roduel De Guzman

    Dex Roduel De Guzman

    12 天 前

    Rip future EN and other ID collabs. Thanks for the memories coco

    • a Pteranodon Brachiosaurus

      a Pteranodon Brachiosaurus

      12 天 前

      The cultural exhange isn't easily erasable unless done so by the company (which if so, it's only immensely delayed), both sides are curious of each other. Plus, Ina is having an EN/JP collab with Roboco, Lamy and Fubuki now on the 12th of June. So no need to give up hope just yet. Kaichou and Calli has helped to build a bridge, we just need to cross it.

    • HimekoKatagiriMaho


      12 天 前

      The journey isn't over just yet. She "hinted" (via a thumbnail with her hat) in today's stream that Ame is the next guest for Shitpost Review :D Chaos Dragon energy +gaming gremlin energy. Chat is gonna be overloaded by raw chaos

  30. Saiph


    13 天 前

    With the announcement of Coco's graduation and leaving Hololive we'll have to look back fondly at these collabs and remember the great times she gave. She will be missed greatly. Her finale on July 1st will be a stream to not miss.

    • Kilted Shepherd

      Kilted Shepherd

      11 天 前

      25:26 is why, she's pregnant with Calli's baby. Dad's going to be a Dad.

    • burlo gaming

      burlo gaming

      12 天 前

      27:23 this is so sad

    • HakoYaki 箱焼き

      HakoYaki 箱焼き

      12 天 前

      @Erin Coco already said the videos will be kept

    • Erin


      12 天 前

      Won't her videos become private? Happened with every other graduated member 😢

  31. Edric Yeo

    Edric Yeo

    13 天 前

    Last good one boys

  32. ohmyitsjohn


    13 天 前

    This EN Shitpost Collab feels so much different right now. She always wanted to do an EN collab.

  33. えす


    13 天 前


  34. Erjohn


    13 天 前

    Man ive been waiting meme review collab with gura.

    • Erjohn


      13 天 前

      @BaconRitz ._. yeah this is why i said this. Ive been waiting. But man.

    • BaconRitz ._.

      BaconRitz ._.

      13 天 前

      You should see Coco's most recent upload.

  35. Kirisaki


    14 天 前

    Here I am like I'll marry Rushia for a 2ed chance at life

  36. mo mo

    mo mo

    14 天 前


  37. Gamer PL

    Gamer PL

    14 天 前

    12:10 Marine: My succesor.

  38. ショコラトル


    15 天 前

    Teasing Master Coco-san 17:39 but you are nervous 18:35 is she always like this? 40:42 your acting like a crackhead

  39. MasNak30


    15 天 前

    Calli with a bustier and dragonfied Kiara.

  40. Andreas Stefrans Wijaya

    Andreas Stefrans Wijaya

    15 天 前

    12:11 I'm "Horn"y

  41. birbri


    15 天 前

    My god Calli is so fucking bland. Literally no reactions no nothing, all the simps in the comments making excuses for her is funnier than anything she said this stream.

    • PossessedbyPhoenix


      15 天 前

      Her reaction was in her eyes!!! ↘️↖️↘️↖️⬇️⬅️⬅️↖️↗️↙️↘️↖️➡️↙️➡️↖️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬆️↗️⬅️➡️↙️↘️⬅️↗️↙️↗️↙️↗️↙️↖️

    • birbri


      15 天 前

      @Simpren It's sad

    • Simpren


      15 天 前

      Compare her energy this stream to her latest collab lmao she gives no fucks at all

  42. ManiX207


    16 天 前

    the respect and awe callie has of her senpai is astonishing .. but cute

  43. E'lena the Miqo'te

    E'lena the Miqo'te

    16 天 前

    Honestly I was with Coco and expected the top 10 girls to all be Yagoo

  44. ankatavaska


    17 天 前

    Coco: "Let's fuck Yagoo together!" Me: "Does she realize what she is saying?" _Starts thrusting finger agressively_ Me: "Nevermind, she does."

  45. MetallicD3ath


    17 天 前

    I wanted to say earlier but I've been swamped but... Congrats- uh, wait, no... hooray for getting approval for EN collabs! Truth be told, I knew Calli was the least likely to have seen the memes before, so this was probably best case scenario. Ahh I've been so excited to see this and having to wait has sucked. Calli brings a completely different vibe to the stream, but it's not unwelcome. I feel bad for saying so but watching you bully her was hilarious. You really know how to push her buttons.

  46. Hduagvoe


    18 天 前

    Funniest s**t i have ever seen

  47. Рон Рассл

    Рон Рассл

    18 天 前

    Ehm... Is it really normal that there is no jp comments, or there is some kind of inside joke?

  48. OsirisDragon


    18 天 前

    I know that maybe Coco will never read this but at least I want to express my thoughts on her. After all that unjustified backlash, hearing her laugh and have fun gives me satisfaction. I mean, she is a dragon but she has feelings as every one of us. I am glad you were able to collab with holoEn. Congrats!!

  49. 愛利ンチ


    20 天 前

    Wouldn't be surprised if Hololive Alternative is actually a harem rom-com series with Yagoo as the protagonist

  50. Martin Verrisin

    Martin Verrisin

    21 天 前

    When you realize there are no subtitles, yet you still understand the Japanese perfectly... O.O

    • Martin Verrisin

      Martin Verrisin

      16 天 前

      @wafflepiepancake years of anime, and being lucky she used sentences mostly without any difficult words, or easy to fill in

    • wafflepiepancake


      17 天 前

      how do you learn this power?

    • Dominick Destine

      Dominick Destine

      20 天 前

      Weeb power pays off at last.

  51. GNackers53


    21 天 前

    For some reason, I've been hearing some really disturbing sounds during the entire stream. It sounds like an angry chicken ripping apart their coop with their bare talons. I wonder what that was?

  52. Nahuel


    21 天 前

    Starting with the EN curse. Trully a great collab

  53. Bluemilk92


    21 天 前

    Whao... IDK how Hololive works, but Cali seems like she's walking on glass. I guess Coco would be intimidating AF, she's so experienced.

  54. Sunny Pitt

    Sunny Pitt

    22 天 前

    43:22 of ill marry you rushia-tan!

  55. Dori


    22 天 前


  56. SIMPLY Takuma

    SIMPLY Takuma

    22 天 前

    OMG The baby Meme was to cute.

  57. Northern Light Official

    Northern Light Official

    23 天 前

    It's Calli!!!!

  58. Xenozilla


    23 天 前

    2:29 end of technical difficulties

  59. BulldOwOzer


    23 天 前

    Wide Coco looks like she's enjoy walking down the corridor

  60. Shats Bassoon

    Shats Bassoon

    23 天 前

    No one: Calli at the end of a Reddit Shitpost Review: "Hey. Y---"

  61. Jeremy Geller

    Jeremy Geller

    23 天 前

    Coco: I’ll make you pregnant calli-chan R34 artists: write that down

  62. a


    23 天 前

    I can't believe I missed this



    23 天 前


  64. son son

    son son

    23 天 前

    coco' "can you hear me ?" really sound like aoi yuuki as the spider

  65. 無限Mugen


    24 天 前


  66. Mozo


    24 天 前

    Man I remember when hololive EN was just Cococaine and Hachama

  67. Broekje


    24 天 前


  68. Zed Art

    Zed Art

    24 天 前

    31:50 just leavin it here in case of depression.

  69. ゆうた


    24 天 前

    とりあえず やっぱり桐生ココ氏は強烈に濃い子だってのが解った

  70. Daisuki2DISK


    24 天 前


  71. Sard Ch。ふわ上サード

    Sard Ch。ふわ上サード

    24 天 前

    23:17 "Are you fucking kidding me?" DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN LOL

  72. Crawmerax 101

    Crawmerax 101

    24 天 前

    59:16 You're welcome

  73. FreyrFox


    24 天 前

    Callis words during the end screen. So cute ; ;

  74. not a serial killer

    not a serial killer

    24 天 前

    24:50 if she's pregnant which ones the futa

  75. Mason Thompsen

    Mason Thompsen

    24 天 前

    The whole dad thing actually came from a game of 'Passports Please' (unless the other one came first) in which Calliope hung up a picture which her 'son' made. After making a joke that the chat was her 'son', the nickname Dad stuck.

  76. Pinsir TheSir

    Pinsir TheSir

    25 天 前

    Them: Don't worry, Sanshita Calli is not real. Sanshita Calli:

  77. Dominick Destine

    Dominick Destine

    25 天 前

    27:46 NTR'd fennex.

  78. Sarge


    25 天 前

    Her translation speed is impressive even I take some time to translate Spanish to English for people in the heat of the moment

  79. Dレティシア


    25 天 前


  80. Andres Aguiar

    Andres Aguiar

    25 天 前

    Did she say floor gang? She is one of us she is one of us

  81. chainz983


    25 天 前

    i can only assume both of em havnt watched Invincible

  82. Matthew Chamberlain

    Matthew Chamberlain

    25 天 前

    Babey Calli is pretty dang adorable, kudos to whoever drew that.

  83. Kevin Leugan

    Kevin Leugan

    25 天 前

    This is like the famous movie star that plays yakuzas meeting an actual yakuza member. The amount of paniq in Calli throughout this was amazing.

  84. Sam Cyanide

    Sam Cyanide

    25 天 前


  85. Zombie Cyborg Pirate Ninja

    Zombie Cyborg Pirate Ninja

    25 天 前

    "I can be a gangster too" W I D E Coco

  86. 山下靖弘


    25 天 前


  87. Reizoku


    25 天 前

    Where is "i can make you pregnant" Scene?

  88. Hylian


    25 天 前


  89. (ง'̀-'́)ง


    25 天 前

    Alternate title: Please Don't Bully me Coco Senpai!

  90. SomeIdiot


    25 天 前

    W I D E P R I D E

  91. 按赞机器


    25 天 前

    Callie's eyes during the whole stream be like: ↘️↖️↘️↖️⬇️⬅️⬅️↖️↗️↙️↘️↖️➡️↙️➡️↖️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬆️↗️⬅️➡️↙️↘️⬅️↗️↙️↗️↙️↗️↙️↖️

  92. Prince Aligorna

    Prince Aligorna

    25 天 前

    Is this the first EN and EN0 collab since Haachama started having fights with the ghost of her dead sister?

    • SomeIdiot


      25 天 前

      It is! Search up "Hololive Coco Why there isn't a Hololive EN Collaboration? Eng Sub" by OtakMori Translations. Coco talked a little bit about the goings on in early April.

  93. LiwenDiamond


    26 天 前

    Let us have a moment of silence for Yagoo's dream as these extremely vulgar yet still loveable girls review their shit posts for the course of an entire hour.

  94. Error Error

    Error Error

    26 天 前

    Blessed stream 😂😂

  95. Sr. Santos

    Sr. Santos

    26 天 前

    *Diosa enséñame a saberle al chipost*



    26 天 前

    Imagine if Takashi Takeuchi started making VTuber characters

  97. Andres Felipe Giraldo

    Andres Felipe Giraldo

    26 天 前

    Este stream fue tan poderoso en tantos sentidos que tengo que decirlo en español. Ahora creo en la supremacía del dios Coco.

    • Andres Felipe Giraldo

      Andres Felipe Giraldo

      26 天 前

      Pd: pobre Calli fue arrinconada desde el primer segundo del stream.

  98. LittleLynnCalledIlya


    26 天 前

    Calli moe gap is too strong, I can't...

  99. 合田裕也


    26 天 前

    「コラボ成立までの軌跡」の切り抜きを見て、感慨深いものがありました。 カリっさんのキャラのギャップとか、ENのノリの違いなんかも感じられて面白かったです。 一方で、初期は白竜優先だった会長がよくここまで頑張ってくれてるな、適応能力とんでもねえなとも思いましたw 次回も楽しみ!

  100. Steve McCool

    Steve McCool

    26 天 前

    Callie is cute when flustered.