YouTuber House Tour Review

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  1. ninya


    43 分钟 前

    Why must almost everything be white in the first house?

  2. KLanky Burd

    KLanky Burd

    小时 前

    I personally hate how most of these houses are basically discord light mode

  3. Judah Rininger

    Judah Rininger

    小时 前

    18:26: *cries in bootstrap*

  4. Rockwell McCloskey

    Rockwell McCloskey

    小时 前

    Most upper class video I've ever seen.

  5. Judah Rininger

    Judah Rininger

    小时 前

    What’s up with all of these fake fireplaces? Is that a common thing? I remember my father actually getting a fire place installed in our living room with a chimney and everything so that he could get some wood from the sawmill or the forest and save money on heating in the winter.

  6. Judah Rininger

    Judah Rininger

    小时 前

    I couldn’t live in a house where every room echoed. One echoey room would be nice to sing in.

  7. Outlet


    4 小时 前

    Why dont people have a beer fridges

  8. SpaceyGnat


    4 小时 前

    Aw yes California the land of high taxes.

  9. Nexter Chorgan

    Nexter Chorgan

    5 小时 前

    Hasde chehraka ka koi matlab nahi

  10. Alyssa B.

    Alyssa B.

    6 小时 前

    This is a personality tour disguised as a house tour and his reviews reflect that LMFAO

  11. idc


    6 小时 前

    No shit that the wife of that Ace dude doesn't mind him cheating.. She gets the bag.

  12. It’s Ike

    It’s Ike

    6 小时 前

    I have watched this video over several times and I have been assured, I did not get him wrong

  13. Emilie Pond

    Emilie Pond

    6 小时 前

    My apartment is smaller than the first people’s entry room………. I have a two bedroom apartment with a study area, how much money did that box of boring space cost????

  14. Boobookittyfuck


    7 小时 前

    The ace family is so boring their whole house is white and they decorate with balls and a chain

  15. Abdul Aziz

    Abdul Aziz

    8 小时 前

    A lot of rich people buy houses that don't look like or function like a home

  16. rawwi


    8 小时 前

    Pewd’s home gym is unbeatable 😐

  17. Louis Guiste

    Louis Guiste

    9 小时 前

    Ha ha rich

  18. Cranky Fox

    Cranky Fox

    9 小时 前

    God all these houses look like ugly shitty warehouses. Endless ugly modern white houses with echoing cavernous boring interiors. Where are the Victorian, art deco, and asian ethnic styles? Where are the gardens and gazebos with acres of dark forest? Where are the castle's, haunted mansions, and the cyberpunk silo houses? LA CNglobalrs have such boring shit tastes and personalities. The Hawaiian house had life in it but also had a bugman mentality to it.

  19. jimboid135


    9 小时 前

    How they just letting you move to Japan when neither of you are from there?

  20. Roberto Abreu

    Roberto Abreu

    10 小时 前

    you pend 4 milion dollars in a house and still have to pay 47k per year in taxes... how... why... what...

  21. cat burn

    cat burn

    11 小时 前

    looking at bretmans dope ass house and hearing pewdiepie diss it... wow so pretty to me, turns around and looks at my SHITTY apartment.

  22. Bluekiss25


    11 小时 前

    17:55 skips video haha, trying not to say any bad comments with a chair made by a Filipino designer 😂 or you will summon the Filipino netizens in the comment section 😂😂

  23. Katie Tran

    Katie Tran

    11 小时 前

    felix, your richer then sssniperwolf. you CAN have the ice machine.

  24. luisa bundy

    luisa bundy

    12 小时 前

    40-åringar = äldre personer som gillar vinrum? Snark Felix

  25. Mina Shirazi

    Mina Shirazi

    12 小时 前

    You are so swedish when it comes to house n it's interior 😂

  26. I love Pewdiepie

    I love Pewdiepie

    13 小时 前

    Ok we do need Pewdiepie house tour

  27. Closet Freak

    Closet Freak

    14 小时 前

    None of these houses looks like a comfortable home. Idk if its because i never lived in a house size of a fuckin village but damn id rather a nice maybe a two story small house that isnt… white and actually comfy and not white i hate a full white house

  28. TomHiddlestonIsAdorable


    15 小时 前

    Bretmans had the most character

  29. Nero


    16 小时 前

    Everybody who played Sims and build too big houses knows this issue: what to put in empty spaces? A sofa? An Artpice? Both? More of both?

  30. Someone Red

    Someone Red

    16 小时 前

    2:00 Balls and chains

  31. Filo_Emma LF

    Filo_Emma LF

    17 小时 前

    I don't get the letters of the tiers 😅

  32. Mia Garcia

    Mia Garcia

    18 小时 前

    You know it’s shitty when your voice starts echoing in the house

  33. Da Hotdog22

    Da Hotdog22

    20 小时 前

    imagine the price of the electric bill with all those cupboards

  34. Evan paul

    Evan paul

    20 小时 前

    See logan paulss house!

  35. Katelyn Santiago

    Katelyn Santiago

    21 小时 前

    bretman moved out he has a new beach house review it

  36. WrekktBlaze Gaming

    WrekktBlaze Gaming

    21 小时 前

    If all of PewDiePies subscribers donated him 1 dollar he would have 100000000

  37. Anshika Covers

    Anshika Covers

    21 小时 前

    Have you ever looked at your own house

  38. notedgie


    22 小时 前

    I love bretman's house tho

  39. Arnav Kawale

    Arnav Kawale

    22 小时 前

    Do your house tour 🏠🏠

  40. WarLead2792


    22 小时 前

    i like Bretmans house the most. I hate houses that are too clinical and cold and empty and his is the most comfy and homely. Even his kitchen. I can feel at home in that kitchen but I can't in sniperwolfs

  41. Yup I love Jung hoseok

    Yup I love Jung hoseok

    22 小时 前

    I loved Bretman’s house the most because I’m Filipino and it has so many “Filipino qualities” like idk how to put it but it’s got culture! Personality! It isn’t just a white box with a big couch and TV

  42. nunu singh

    nunu singh

    23 小时 前

    filex actually just said he got an amazon fire place like nobodys bizness

  43. Kurokochi-


    23 小时 前

    Tax is simply corruption but legal

  44. Bill S

    Bill S

    23 小时 前

    4:40 It’s a lot of black, it’s a lot of white, it’s a lot of balls Lana rodes in a nutshell

  45. Shivani


    23 小时 前

    i wouldn't wanna live in a house where my voice echoes

  46. riteasrain


    天 前

    so glad I'm not these people, how unhappy can you be

  47. ozzy


    天 前

    Do G-Eazy

  48. Fenton Styles

    Fenton Styles

    天 前

    Flat roofs , all white and crazy echoing. Yuck.

  49. MonoElm


    天 前

    That’s California property tax. The rest of the country is nowhere near that amount. California sucks.

  50. Halo zexfn

    Halo zexfn

    天 前

    people with huge million dollar houses like have half the house full of nothing because the house is huge and they don't know what to put there

  51. T Y

    T Y

    天 前

    I hate shiny floor tiles

  52. karen smith

    karen smith

    天 前

    63,000 a year- thats bigger than my moms paycheck

  53. ȶǟӄɨֆ zach

    ȶǟӄɨֆ zach

    天 前

    my dudes like 20 mil subs *pathetic*

    • ȶǟӄɨֆ zach

      ȶǟӄɨֆ zach

      天 前

      i mean like cmon, pewdipie's net worth is more than the ace family, and he wishes he has their house

  54. cmo


    天 前

    Petition for pewds house tour

  55. 3bdo Ain

    3bdo Ain

    天 前

    Pewdiepie finds the negative in everything I love it

  56. Jena


    天 前

    But now... Pewdiepie house tour???

  57. Copper Sponge

    Copper Sponge

    天 前

    Did he change the thumbnail?

  58. Marcus


    天 前

    PewDiePie I'd be stoked to have one of these houses (6:26) and yet u have 6x the sub count how do they have more money

    • juice


      天 前

      He prob has the same or more money, he just doesn’t brag about the amount he has

  59. Isaac Foster

    Isaac Foster

    天 前

    Rich CNglobalr house tours be like ; > Huge house > Most of the house is empty > Everything is black and white (or pink) > There's always at least one useless thing which is expensive asf > They are full of cliches (bgm and host's attitude etc)

  60. Isaac Foster

    Isaac Foster

    天 前

    "ayy they got balls ! *I liked that* "

  61. Person


    天 前

    If your house has an echo even with all the stuff in it, you know the house is too big

  62. Rose :3

    Rose :3

    天 前

    My grandparents have a bigger TV in their bedroom. Ace family is weak.

  63. tomonkysinatree


    天 前

    Lmao pewds realizing how Americans get shafted with taxes left and right

  64. Milca


    天 前

    Bretman’s house screams coziness and happiness and feels the most homely out of all of this. Idc about his computer setup being messy especially he’s not a real streamer/gamer- he just had that setup when he was playing with his OTV friends.

  65. Ren


    天 前

    I think Felix should have given Bretman more credit because it actually looks like a house. He integrates so much wood (koa, Hawaiian wood), Filipino designers/Hawaiian local artists, his personality, and nature etc. I saw the whole video and was like THIS IS THE HOUSE I WOULD ACTUALLY LIVE IN. Large white marble houses look like fancy insane asylums to me.

  66. possumguts


    天 前


  67. possumguts


    天 前

    the best part is how ssniperwolf's and david dobrik's houses reflect the sociopathy of their owners and their pathetic lives

  68. Keziedra


    天 前

    13:26 Mfs just stole all quartz of the entire fucking nether to build this house

  69. Alina Y

    Alina Y

    天 前

    First house looks like 12 year old i built it in the sims

  70. izumi mei

    izumi mei

    天 前

    Honestly pewdiepie has a disastrous taste in houses, sorry pewds. That ssniperwolf kitchen was *dreadful*

  71. Jasponite


    天 前

    Sssniper wolve's house entry way looks like an apple store.

  72. SoSoyGee


    天 前

    That girl in the ace family is such a gold digger lmao

    • SoSoyGee


      天 前

      @Mia Liv LC just look at how she talks

    • Mia Liv LC

      Mia Liv LC

      天 前


  73. Dylan Murray

    Dylan Murray

    天 前

    4:40 interracial orgy description

  74. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear

    天 前

    I actually really liked Bretman’s house, every else’s is just shit, no personality and it feels like a prison. Bretman’s feels like a home.

  75. daddy chill

    daddy chill

    天 前

    "It's a lot of black, it's a lot of white, it's a lot of balls..."

  76. pumpuppthevolume


    天 前

    poods looking for a house

  77. Mrfoxwithasuit


    天 前

    Can we notice how dark his clothes is that thing looks like a black hole

  78. Shannon Frazier

    Shannon Frazier

    天 前

    i cringed when i heard "cactuses"

  79. 재키


    天 前

    100% black and white house just screams, “We have no personality.”

  80. Apoorva Bijon

    Apoorva Bijon

    天 前

    sssniperwolf's personality and taste literally seem EXACT OPPOSITE to who she actually is now jeez

  81. JakeQwi


    天 前

    Newly Rich with dreams of what they think is sophisticated. Girlfriends who think they have great taste because their boyfriends don’t care.



    天 前

    I literally have the same kitchen as Bretman. Fuck you pewdiepie

  83. Lars de Cuijper

    Lars de Cuijper

    天 前

    sniper wolfs house is so empty, i dislike it a lot.

  84. Bo Gib

    Bo Gib

    天 前

    Ace family foreclosure house tour.

  85. GabbStewMUA


    天 前

    tax in Commifornia is ridiculous! It cost way too much to live there and definitely not worth it especially with all the piss,feces and heroin needles everywhere 🤷🏻‍♀️

  86. KosmonautKasey


    天 前

    Switch the end piece placement of the couch and turn them to fit. Lmao

  87. dprssdcat


    天 前

    bigger house = bigger space = more echo = more chores = hire maids = hire housekeeper = family staying over = more annoying cousins = supernova = depression

  88. B Ch

    B Ch

    天 前

    house so big it echoes

  89. SpaceShit V10,000

    SpaceShit V10,000

    天 前

    2:08 That is the worst looking couch I have ever seen

  90. Ananás_Com Sabor_A_Limão

    Ananás_Com Sabor_A_Limão

    天 前

    Whats with the tiny TVs me a pior person have a bigger TV

  91. a.


    天 前

    16:44 ചാന്തുപോട്ട്😂💯

  92. Isabella M.

    Isabella M.

    天 前

    "Yo, they got balls, I like that"

  93. Jeffie Jeff's Art

    Jeffie Jeff's Art

    天 前

    This first house looks so cold and the echoing would drive me crazy.

  94. Moni Mini

    Moni Mini

    天 前

    Reminds me of my rich uncles house and my other rich uncles house. The other one, who I'm assuming is less rich, had taste 👌. He transformed a normal house that he bought and extended it. It didn't have that empty echo like feeling, it had reasonably normal sized rooms. And the outside was also 😗👌, even though still in development. The other uncle's house was big white, cold and full of sofas and TV's. No life whatsoever. They (his family) have money but doesn't know how to spend it.

  95. UMULBANIN Naqvi


    天 前

    James Charles house plz

  96. H. Ar.

    H. Ar.

    天 前

    emma's house is really amazing

  97. Crazy Nerd Inventor

    Crazy Nerd Inventor

    天 前

    1:22 that's the face of someone who knows that his wife loves his money more than himself.

  98. UnCreative Deconstructionism

    UnCreative Deconstructionism

    天 前

    did they just say the *bathroom* "doubles as an office space"?

  99. IamMarshall


    天 前

    Do jake,logan and ksi house