In a way, calling your wife is the easiest choice (2 Days & 1 Night Season 4) | KBS WORLD TV 210214

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▶ 2 Days & 1 Night Season 4 Ep.62-2 | 1박 2일 시즌 4
- Showtime : Sun 17:35 (Seoul, UTC+9)
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  1. Bry Bry

    Bry Bry

    3 天 前

    Seonho and Ravi should've played the 2 leads. 🥰

  2. Lina Hewitt

    Lina Hewitt

    3 天 前

    This show at the beginning, I wasn't so sure, but it has grown on me..

  3. Chau N

    Chau N

    7 天 前

    Wouldn’t it be brilliant to do a double special, with Junghoon and another cast member taking care of the kids on Return of Superman while Ga In and the other cast members do 2D1N

  4. ros neri

    ros neri

    11 天 前

    seeing how bad male korean celebrities nowadays, gain made a good choice in marrying him. its hard to find a good guy

  5. Rosa Gallant

    Rosa Gallant

    15 天 前


  6. Khushi Tater

    Khushi Tater

    16 天 前

    Sejeong will be the best morning angel they will ever cast. She will bright the mood in no second . I am rooting for her to be on this show..

  7. Khushi Tater

    Khushi Tater

    17 天 前


  8. 김동준


    19 天 前

    The itchy karate resultantly poke because reason computationally buzz aside a dazzling fear. fresh, nifty mascara

  9. randoff32


    22 天 前

    Why is a girlfriend like a laxative? They both irritate the shit out of you.

  10. randoff32


    22 天 前

    How do you turn your girlfriend into an elephant? Marry Her!

  11. kwon


    22 天 前

    Btw, the song played on Sejeong's phone, it's familiar, can someone tell me the title of it?

  12. M Chua

    M Chua

    25 天 前

    Ravi was so happy when he won the mission 🥺🥺 also he looks so funny and cute with that white moustache

  13. tisaria anis

    tisaria anis

    个月 前

    In tempat sungai beku syuting Mr.sunshine

  14. Vanessa Ivy Bungco - Clerk

    Vanessa Ivy Bungco - Clerk

    个月 前

    2d1n is the main reason why I happily pay the monthly subscription at viu. :))

  15. Newwy PS

    Newwy PS

    个月 前

    ❤ sejeong

  16. Shah Kim

    Shah Kim

    个月 前

    Here jonghoon call her wife rabbit where ij runningman, sukjin save his wife number as wolf/the chaser lol😂

    • A G.S.

      A G.S.

      16 天 前

      brings back memories of when in the very 1st ep he deadass got after Jaesuk for introducing him to his wife "why did you do that"

  17. Mark vincent Fumar

    Mark vincent Fumar

    个月 前

    4:15 seyoon and jongmin, he is the great thief

  18. Melissa Beth

    Melissa Beth

    个月 前

    i miss han ga in. one of my fave actress

  19. Debbie I

    Debbie I

    个月 前

    When I first starting watching Kdrama 20 years ago I thought that Ha Ga In is seriously the prettiest actress. Then I saw Jungkoon and thought he was so handsome. And now I learned they are big BigBang fans and now I just want to be their grown kid 😂

  20. mex chikis

    mex chikis

    个月 前

    Can someone tell me the name of the song when Ravi is calling in the beginning?

  21. Ye Xiu

    Ye Xiu

    个月 前

    I will be in the same situation with the red jacket when I stand with them.

  22. Ma. Joven Ong

    Ma. Joven Ong

    个月 前

    I love to watch you all guys😘 🤗👍

  23. Rozielyn Marcus

    Rozielyn Marcus

    个月 前

    0:17 may I knw wht the title

  24. Bro Tekaai

    Bro Tekaai

    个月 前

    I agree about what she said it so stressful for everyone in 2020 everyone loss their job even i lost job and i got bullied at work so glad i quit my job and then covid sudenly apear hopefully 2021 will be a great year for us and the Toxics people or proud shall be humble if they are not humble they will meet god wrath in the end we should treat each nicely and kind not anger and violent puching someone face and swearing and even cause killing another thinking they are better no one is perfect but the Reality is everyone need to be humble and do the right covid happen for a reason to teach us to remember god and pray always to stay humble and followed god not satan and his plan cuz his plan is vilolent and cruelty he want to completely to destroyed us all in the Earth and everything stay humble and sin not everyday pray always anr read scripture and repent help out in anyway you can serve the poor people as well do good everyday

  25. Mylene Camit

    Mylene Camit

    个月 前


  26. denisse chuco

    denisse chuco

    个月 前

    Junghoon and Gain are goals. I adore them as a couple ❤

  27. denisse chuco

    denisse chuco

    个月 前

    Sejeong has TASTE. We are all in love with Kim Seonho ❤❤❤

  28. Riski Marisa

    Riski Marisa

    个月 前

    0:13 what song is that?

    • Rozielyn Marcus

      Rozielyn Marcus

      个月 前

      How long will I love you by ellie goulding..

  29. Gorani Sekiya

    Gorani Sekiya

    个月 前

    Anyone knows the song played at 6:44?

  30. Popo Po

    Popo Po

    个月 前


  31. Angelice Intia

    Angelice Intia

    个月 前


  32. Señorita Mary

    Señorita Mary

    个月 前

    Junghoon is really handsome and he really looks cute everytime he smile.😍😍

  33. yamuna pakki

    yamuna pakki

    个月 前

    Miyeon g-idle 😘2:18

  34. Aslı E.

    Aslı E.

    个月 前

    Please invite kim sejeong as a guest it will be so fun to watch her with jongmin and ravi 😂❤️

  35. Ann's Films

    Ann's Films

    个月 前

    The costumes!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. ginger blue

    ginger blue

    个月 前

    Its been a long time i never heard han gain's voice..she totally disappeared after married..btw am i the only who find people name Han is pretty? Like han gain, han hyojoo, han jimin and han sohee..and gain, jimin and hyojoo in the same entertainment

    • Black Rock

      Black Rock

      个月 前

      in case you didn't know, they got married in 2005 so she didn't really disappear after getting married ☺️

  37. Gerrie D.

    Gerrie D.

    个月 前

    I watched her wife before when i was in highschool. Its lika a witch k drama

  38. Fernanda Lopes

    Fernanda Lopes

    个月 前

    they act like school boys when talking to han gain lmao

  39. CHING Family

    CHING Family

    个月 前

    Han Ga In is one of my favorite korean actress. Aside from the fact that she is one of the prettiest, she is so family oriented. Loved her

  40. Pep Si

    Pep Si

    个月 前

    If ChaTaeHyun can make his kids as guests in Season3, why not make HanGain and her kids as guests too in this season ? 😉😉

  41. LQ


    个月 前

    When Junghoon said "My wife has never said sorry" and they all laughed, I love how Seyoon consoles Junghoon like Seyoon can completely relate. And I remember that episode where they had a q&a game about what wives tell their husbands. That was so hilarious.

  42. everything review

    everything review

    个月 前

    Han ga in and son ye jin is the two top actress in beauty scores. Lucky husband

  43. Elizabeth Velasco

    Elizabeth Velasco

    个月 前

    I remember her from moon bracing the sun owemji

  44. Sada sadul

    Sada sadul

    个月 前

    Ada yg tau ini eps brp guys?

  45. Rose Mangarang

    Rose Mangarang

    个月 前

    couple goals 🥺

  46. Ricky Liu

    Ricky Liu

    个月 前

    중국-재미있는 나라에서 만납시다!

  47. Claire Jane Bureros

    Claire Jane Bureros

    个月 前

    What episode is this? Tnxs

  48. Jo's GALAXZ

    Jo's GALAXZ

    个月 前

    The last time i saw here was in my high school day's which her drama movie (Witch Yo hee)

  49. elpeunim


    个月 前

    Why do i get excited when he calls his wife i mean we havent seen her for ages, and i got sooooooo excited just by hearing her voice 😍😍😍 wish that she could be on set soon 💕

  50. Renu Magar

    Renu Magar

    个月 前

    Whats the song when ravi was calling sejeong

    • Ashley Konstantinova

      Ashley Konstantinova

      20 天 前


  51. Wendy Yaeger

    Wendy Yaeger

    个月 前

    Cant believe Ravi makes two actors into trees 😂😂

    • mxgirl918


      个月 前

      Before this "I'm sorry" challenge Junghoon explicitly said he didn't want to do a kissing scene (even though it was just posing) with any of them. 😂

  52. Yen Seok

    Yen Seok

    个月 前

    Han Ga In, Is one of the most beautiful Korean actresses I've ever seen. She is my favorite actress and I love her Korean drama Witch Yoo Hee released in 2007 💙 ever since I watched that drama I was inspired by her short hair ❤

  53. Geography Simplified

    Geography Simplified

    个月 前

    Why i cant stop laughing when Dindin said "so you are real" lol

  54. nadelle soberano

    nadelle soberano

    个月 前

    Jongmin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. K-Pop World

    K-Pop World

    个月 前

    Gain really looks like Dong Jun

  56. choco zan

    choco zan

    个月 前


  57. Crizzel Daphney

    Crizzel Daphney

    个月 前

    15 years and counting..... Fighting

  58. TiNGA ni KA MiiY

    TiNGA ni KA MiiY

    个月 前

    Junghoo and Han Gain my all time favorite korean couple ! Too strong .

  59. choon choo

    choon choo

    个月 前

    Gain yg maen di drama embracing the moon kan🤔

  60. TwinkleHusna03


    个月 前

    Love the dimples ahhhhh 😍

  61. cmE GamingYT

    cmE GamingYT

    个月 前

    I dnt know its nice to say this or not but damn every time ..they laugh " i miss cha tahyeun " 😐

  62. MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu

    MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu

    个月 前

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like "jet li and Kim so hyun ????" I came here to check . 😂

  63. Annisa Adelia

    Annisa Adelia

    个月 前

    Let's invite sejeong and gain on same episode

  64. Ela 445

    Ela 445

    个月 前

    his wife is so beautiful

  65. potato atm

    potato atm

    个月 前

    kala ko si wally bayola yung nasa thumbnail 🤭

  66. Eyvi ByunTanabe

    Eyvi ByunTanabe

    个月 前

    Ahhh Junghoon blushes when Gain talks nice things about him huhu ❤️

  67. victrola2007


    个月 前

    How to make your dorky husband look good to his castmates in 2 seconds. 🥰🤣 He owes her big time!

  68. Johanna Guillen

    Johanna Guillen

    个月 前

    Han Gain 💖

  69. Mommy Monthsary

    Mommy Monthsary

    个月 前

    I love Han Gain she is a very great actress for me. I never thought that she had a husband and now I know on this show that she has a great loving husband working hard for his family. Great respect for the couple. Nice episode. and also I am Seonho fan that's why i keep on coming back to watch this show 💛🥰💛

  70. Princess Lily

    Princess Lily

    个月 前

    I’m still single my goshhhhhh I’M JEALOUS

  71. Buchi Imnida

    Buchi Imnida

    个月 前

    Han Ga In is the sweetest. 😭😭😭💔

  72. Bots Bot

    Bots Bot

    个月 前

    The backsound when the couple's came 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Nicole Aspcia

    Nicole Aspcia

    个月 前

    Uncanny Counter was amazing ! It's my new favorite. Really loved her in it too !

  74. Nurlina AK

    Nurlina AK

    个月 前

    *fufu in singleness* 😂😭🤣

  75. Pearl Chance

    Pearl Chance

    个月 前


  76. Grace Angelia Cathrine Simorangkir

    Grace Angelia Cathrine Simorangkir

    个月 前

    Waiit... suddenly my eyes become watery when she said If she were to marry in the next life, she would marry him again....

  77. Man Huynh

    Man Huynh

    个月 前

    He should join Superman Return :)))))))))) We would love to see it

  78. dr dn

    dr dn

    个月 前

    is that our yeonwoo in the moon that embraces the sun ??:)

  79. SM FAM

    SM FAM

    个月 前

    Does Han Ga In have any social media account? Because I can't find her official IG account

    • Nanana05


      个月 前

      No.. She doesn't have any social media acc.. Only her husband has an IG..

  80. Weng Antivo

    Weng Antivo

    个月 前

    Thank you for the English subtitles ...

  81. STAN I.O.I

    STAN I.O.I

    个月 前

    Wow it's been a while since I heard about Han Ga In. Maybe that's why yt recommended it to me. 😄 I'm happy for her and her family. ❤️

  82. syuhadahsharif


    个月 前

    The fact that they all fancied Han Gain 🥰

  83. Diana Martínez.

    Diana Martínez.

    个月 前

    Seon Ho podría estar llamándome a mi, pero se fresea.

  84. kei shirogane

    kei shirogane

    个月 前

    I don't know what I am more surprised about, him married to her or her married to him....

  85. cookytata


    个月 前

    Ketawa staffnya jd bikin makin ngakak 😂

  86. Chiya


    个月 前


    • Rose Ann

      Rose Ann

      个月 前

      cause they both from the same company, jellyfish. ravi vixx is her senior

  87. Mikaela Linato

    Mikaela Linato

    个月 前

    Waaah I hope they come up with an episode where Junghoon's kids will be in the show and the 2d1n uncles will take care of them just like what they did with the Cha Cha Cha siblings 😍

    • Nanana05


      个月 前

      @Mikaela Linato Hopefully we can hear their voices soon.. Seyoon called his children before and that was so hilarious😆😆

    • Mikaela Linato

      Mikaela Linato

      个月 前

      @Nanana05 oh you're right, it would be nice to hear them over the phone instead 😊

    • Nanana05


      个月 前

      As much as we love to see their kids, I doubt it that Junghoon will actually expose her kids to the public, both of Junghoon and Han ga in are very private and they keep their children out of spotlight.. But maybe we can listen to his phone call with kids later😊

  88. IntoMyWorld97


    个月 前

    Please bring Han Ga In on the show! ratings will go through the roof because of how cute junghoon and ga in are together! The fact that he calls her Mimi is adorable ugh. Also seeing the others fanboy over would be so cute too.

  89. Tabitha Choi

    Tabitha Choi

    个月 前

    I wish they make girl friend special like the last season. That will be really funny.

  90. Rachel A.

    Rachel A.

    个月 前

    Han Gain!! 😍😍

  91. J. Ho

    J. Ho

    个月 前

    Gosh, I didn't realise Junghoon is married to the beautiful Gain... he looked so bashful and sweet hearing her praises. 😍🤗

  92. Rosemarie Aporto

    Rosemarie Aporto

    个月 前

    He's wife is so beautiful... I like to watch MOON EMBRACING THE SUN bcuz of her....

  93. Soam Dekcey

    Soam Dekcey

    个月 前

    I suddenly have so much respect for you.... Lol DinDin....

  94. Gendal_rymple


    个月 前

    For watching this show many times and to know that JungHoon is here which I so like all his drama but this one he is way different. I can tell by looking at him or staring at him is, he gradually has the resemblance to my x hubby the Japanese. I can't contain so I stop watching this show 😩



    个月 前

    Can someone tell what is the song when Ravi call Sejong?

    • 1125 - BERNAL, JENNY O.

      1125 - BERNAL, JENNY O.

      个月 前




      个月 前

      @1125 - BERNAL, JENNY O. Thank You 😊🙏🏻

    • 1125 - BERNAL, JENNY O.

      1125 - BERNAL, JENNY O.

      个月 前

      How long will I Love you by Ellie Goulding

  96. Ann Khan

    Ann Khan

    个月 前

    Junghoon and Han Gain are the sweetest And the team were just so happy and excited chatting with Han Gain, she’s such a gem 💎 Ravi so thrilled the call being answering 🥰 Fun awesome costumes 🤩👌Keep safe folks Thank you to all the awesome vids ♥️

  97. Айнура Байдолла

    Айнура Байдолла

    个月 前

    세정이 너무 귀요웡😍😘

  98. SweetmeatsFan


    个月 前

    I would say that Jongmin is rather pretty as a female lead

  99. Enelra Anaid

    Enelra Anaid

    个月 前

    Oh my God it's so funny I love it so much I like watching KBS

  100. SweetmeatsFan


    个月 前

    "Do I have to get married?" is the realest thing I've heard in a while.