Stephen Curry 49 Pts, 5 Rebs, 11 Threes vs Thunder | FULL Highlights

Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry Highlights vs OKC Thunder - 49 Pts, 5 Rebs, 3 Asts, 1 Stl, 14-26 FGs in 29 Minutes!


  1. Dale Blakemore

    Dale Blakemore

    个月 前

    Steph Curry is the only reason I watch NBA games. If GSW in not playing I watch the Sharks.

  2. NBA shorts

    NBA shorts

    个月 前

    Any Steph curry admirer here 😌🙌

  3. JOSH TV


    个月 前

    Curry the best shooter in all time..... He is the one the best player go for mvp.... Curry 30

  4. demetrius winston

    demetrius winston

    个月 前

    Look at Curry man so inspirational

  5. Arpit Verma

    Arpit Verma

    个月 前

    Does he have some cheat or something. Wherever he shots ,the ball just goes into the basket. Never seen something like that

  6. Ghost In the shell

    Ghost In the shell

    个月 前

    Curry is the best point guard i don’t care what nobody say

  7. victor barbosa

    victor barbosa

    个月 前

    Unfair curry is playing in rookie dificult

  8. Tito Xen

    Tito Xen

    个月 前


  9. Joseph


    个月 前


  10. pabloisaias53


    个月 前

    Es un extraterrestre....

  11. Ultimate_Savage


    个月 前

    Where is Westbrook ? anybody ?

  12. Chuka Ezeigbo

    Chuka Ezeigbo

    个月 前

    "11 Threes" is a waste of a stat-line, you might as well just put the # of assists.

  13. Tiffany Russell

    Tiffany Russell

    个月 前

    This is crazy and he really should get MVP. If this was a regular season they sit at number 8 because of Curry. Most Valuable player. How would they even think to give it to a James Harden or anyone on a superteam when what Steph is doing is unreal and he by himself with Draymond assisting

  14. Avishka Rodrigo

    Avishka Rodrigo

    个月 前

    Kerrrrrrrr why you had to ruin it noooooo

  15. ZIna Dennis

    ZIna Dennis

    个月 前

    Mr. globetrotter

  16. tattoo artist ph

    tattoo artist ph

    个月 前

    Best shooter in the world.

  17. GOAT777


    个月 前

    CURRY is something special bro !🐐

  18. Aaron


    个月 前

    If Steph Curry don’t win MVP we all should quit watching basketball. He deserved it. He’s not getting any younger.

  19. Adi Rindra

    Adi Rindra

    个月 前

    Yeah man, who does this things in regular?? He's totally not a human as we know it. He starts the evolution...

  20. Bob de Laleu

    Bob de Laleu

    个月 前

    Lol bruh this man unlocked the code of basketball he a glitch

  21. Floro Fernandez

    Floro Fernandez

    个月 前

    Thank you for being part of the show OKC

  22. Gemly Quibuyen

    Gemly Quibuyen

    个月 前

    2021 MVP

  23. ManicksGaming69


    个月 前

    when you max the 3 points in nb2k in ur player

  24. prophet DJS

    prophet DJS

    个月 前

    I've been watching basketball a long time & I can truly say I've never seen a shooter like this, I remember Chuck Persons from the pacers use shoot deep shots that's why they called him the rifleman but nothing close to this level, & surely didn't have the skill set as Curry, so truly a once in a lifetime player.

  25. dean


    个月 前

    Curry overrated , all he does is make shots, but can he defend?

  26. nxs marz

    nxs marz

    个月 前

    He had 12 threes

  27. Yilé Baba

    Yilé Baba

    个月 前

    The best ❤

  28. Alvin H

    Alvin H

    个月 前

    he could break record anytime any day if he want. insane....

  29. Mark


    个月 前

    Steph will win the scoring title and MVP

  30. Aditya Kelkar

    Aditya Kelkar

    个月 前

    Look at curry man lol that last sequence be crazy tho

  31. leo brito soares

    leo brito soares

    个月 前

    three point machine : Curry!

  32. BingGan


    个月 前

    If Curry allowed to play 4th quarter, 81 pts won’t be existed anymore.

  33. jay em

    jay em

    个月 前

    If he gets injured ala D Rose you’ll gonna be blaming kerr for not sitting him when they were up by 40. Casual fans

  34. Jocikic


    个月 前

    "Look at Curry man, so inspirational"

  35. Sharp Young

    Sharp Young

    个月 前

    Funny thing is that curry had 49 pts with 11 3's and on the same day I had 49 pts with 13 3's. LOL

  36. Coool Cat

    Coool Cat

    个月 前

    Wow, major props to Curry. Changing the game and making it look easy

  37. Slade


    个月 前

    Se for para os play-offs é mvp hein

  38. Kevin Towns

    Kevin Towns

    个月 前

    And to think old heads think this dude couldn't dominate in any era

  39. Karen Everett

    Karen Everett

    个月 前


  40. 방구석리


    个月 前

    crazy. crazy. unreal

  41. Marius G

    Marius G

    个月 前

    this OKC probobly would not be in top 8 i euroleague.. efes, cska, barcelona, would knock them out atleast 20 pointes ;D

    • Marius G

      Marius G

      个月 前

      In this season defense i think euroleague team in east possible would be in top 8.. nba is getting worse..

  42. Johnny Guolker

    Johnny Guolker

    个月 前

    He just enjoys the game and the warriors in playoff

  43. Kevin Ping LIN

    Kevin Ping LIN

    个月 前

    Wana see him go for 15 3’s in a game

  44. GeLo Langit

    GeLo Langit

    个月 前

    When will Kerr allow Steph to beat Klay’s record? Lmao

  45. Informal English

    Informal English

    个月 前

    Curry is not human , give him the mvp

  46. Angelito Gacutan

    Angelito Gacutan

    个月 前

    Kerr always challenged stephen curry to beat the record of most 3 points in a game in just 3 quarter.

  47. Manu Petaia

    Manu Petaia

    个月 前

    2:52 bruh he did that against the Wizards a couple years ago. What kind of confidence this man got??

  48. Czareff Kong

    Czareff Kong

    个月 前

    How i wish he played the full game

  49. James Bonner

    James Bonner

    个月 前

    GSW had 100 pts in the 3rd quarter.

  50. YoKocchi


    个月 前

    Damn if curry really carries the golden state up to 7th seed, he should be the mvp this year

  51. V B

    V B

    个月 前

    This is funny to say but... this is a normal game for Steph... lol and it's true XD

  52. Захар Бойко

    Захар Бойко

    个月 前

    Look at Curry man..

  53. ICE Americano

    ICE Americano

    个月 前


  54. Alban Acey

    Alban Acey

    个月 前


  55. gquick


    个月 前

    Man these announcers are kinda nerdy 🤓 get some bass in there

  56. Zach


    个月 前

    Best point guard of all time.

  57. peter kearsing

    peter kearsing

    个月 前

    The dudes hacking

  58. Only Facts

    Only Facts

    个月 前

    CURRY Stat padding his way to the scoring half team is winning by 23 POINTS and CURRY plays the entire 3rd the previous game it was the same...

  59. Luis Ramón Matos Rodríguez

    Luis Ramón Matos Rodríguez

    个月 前

    Es un acecino

  60. jheyzied robles

    jheyzied robles

    个月 前

    curry the MVP

  61. jovalleau


    个月 前

    It's just too bad that teams hone in on him during the playoffs, assuming they make it in. GS needs Klay. If he was healthy this season, there's no way they aren't title contenders right now.

  62. Braylen Rochell

    Braylen Rochell

    个月 前

    I love watching this guy

  63. Miguel Salazar

    Miguel Salazar

    个月 前

    Won't be surprised if they extend the 3 point line soon

  64. Rose Lee

    Rose Lee

    个月 前

    Not Human

  65. Lai Villa

    Lai Villa

    个月 前

    Yesssir! Steph is a real mvp.💪☝️🙏👏👏

  66. Shemzinho


    个月 前

    11 threes in 3 quarters? That 3PT record would’ve been broken if he played the 4th

  67. QuanSoNixe


    个月 前


  68. Gates Aceaveli

    Gates Aceaveli

    个月 前

    He could've broken scoring records and took that 3point record a game back if Steve stop taking him out of the games

  69. yow yow

    yow yow

    个月 前

    What if steph scores only 3s in a game. the only player did it right?? 20 3s possible right hahaha that's 60 points lol

  70. Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor

    个月 前

    Ok so Curry unofficially has the 3 point record for 3’s in a game lol like this is the second time this season he could’ve passed 14 and was taken out of the game

  71. VirTuaL TEacHer

    VirTuaL TEacHer

    个月 前

    Number 30 in blue is an alien from shootalandia galaxy

  72. Allan George Dulay

    Allan George Dulay

    个月 前

    Wish Kerr didn’t pulled him out

  73. ramses katta

    ramses katta

    个月 前

    49 points in 29 minutes people..The math doesn't even make sense..Steph is not a human Idgaf what you say.

  74. calogero vitellaro

    calogero vitellaro

    个月 前


  75. Mharlo Rempillo

    Mharlo Rempillo

    个月 前

    Were so lucky to witness the brilliance of this guy damn those 3s seems unbelievable

  76. SkyFlakes


    个月 前

    dude be lookin like my 2K mycareer player bruh

  77. Its Tevaughn

    Its Tevaughn

    个月 前

    steve kerr just really need to let the man break the reocrd tho

  78. Roland Roland

    Roland Roland

    个月 前

    Bro this is lit fucking insane .... excuse my language but I had to 😩

  79. shogrran


    个月 前

    Ray Allen is lucky Curry doesnt play 4th quarters.

  80. carole pasion-capan

    carole pasion-capan

    个月 前

    Steph is really the mvp king of the warriors shocks the crowd

  81. Saskia Gordon

    Saskia Gordon

    个月 前

    Curry is the best shooter in nba history at 3s he is superfly 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  82. Kristine Escano

    Kristine Escano

    个月 前

    Kerr saving klays record back at it😂

  83. Beejay Borja

    Beejay Borja

    个月 前

    Stephen curry Are you human?

  84. Marc Sam “Greedhugs” Intog

    Marc Sam “Greedhugs” Intog

    个月 前

    against a new team that is. let's see how he gonna do that against a powerhouse like jazz.

  85. Caleb Jensen

    Caleb Jensen

    个月 前

    When athletes just make u smile

  86. Chicago773 Williams

    Chicago773 Williams

    个月 前


  87. Let me sleep in peace (pls)

    Let me sleep in peace (pls)

    个月 前

    This must be so demotivating to play against. How can you even defend this? I feel kinda bad for OKC lol.

  88. _xiiaoyang


    个月 前

    Imagine if all of his team-mates feed him and he play catch n shoot like klay, and for full game

  89. Wynton McCurdy

    Wynton McCurdy

    个月 前

    He’s getting BETTER! 😦

  90. Wynton McCurdy

    Wynton McCurdy

    个月 前

    My brain hurts.

  91. Eleven “el”

    Eleven “el”

    个月 前

    imagine being so talented you only need 2 and a half quarters to score this much

  92. Tyrone leiataua

    Tyrone leiataua

    个月 前

    he probably would of dropped 70

  93. Mystery


    个月 前

    Curry haters right now. 1. They will bring past years even tho it's not relevant to what curry's Doing now. 2. They would Bring KD is needed in order to beat bron even tho Gsw beat them already. They haven't just closed the series well. 3. Shuting the hell up cause they can't say ANYTHING bad because the man is literally showing them he's currently the BEST out there. . . . When you're talking to 1&2 don't bother arguing with them. They don't have enough brain capacity to debate properly.

  94. Gnankadja Yao stephane

    Gnankadja Yao stephane

    个月 前

    OMG look at the okc bench when he hits the last shoot 😹😹

  95. Fritz Zipar

    Fritz Zipar

    个月 前

    Commentator: " this dude is not human". Yes, he is a superhuman

  96. sabby9


    个月 前

    bro what am i watching dude hits 11 3s like its a normal thing and 49 points what the fuck.

  97. 最終兵器彼氏


    个月 前

    Look at Curry man, he ruins NBA and saves NBA

  98. askeladd


    个月 前

    2:52 when you forget that's curry normal three point range

  99. rzl


    个月 前

    People remembered Kobe for all the great things he did and his 81 points play a big part in it too. Steve Kerr INFURIATE me. Please STOP POURING the ICE on Curry. A player is more susceptible to get injured when they are FORCING the game. But Curry was CRUZING. I am pissed.

  100. Nhoyskie zen-abi

    Nhoyskie zen-abi

    个月 前

    Steph Curry, should be banned from 3 points line hahahhahaha WTF. amazing person!