What was Team USA thinking on this play? 🤔

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USA vs Nigeria Exhibition Game


  1. Philip Wacker

    Philip Wacker

    13 小时 前

    Tatum could at least have set a proper screen... in his defense he pointed out the open 3-point-sharpshooter in Draymond.

  2. Josh Harmon

    Josh Harmon

    天 前


  3. Diego Hemken

    Diego Hemken

    天 前

    Blew their streak. Down 3, 13 seconds left? Give the ball to KD!

  4. Seb F.

    Seb F.

    天 前

    They deserve to lose... bunch of woke mfs

  5. SharpLyrics


    天 前

    still can't believe the fact us lost to aus

  6. Panduh


    天 前

    I’m honestly embarrassed these guys represent our country

  7. Hazelhurst


    2 天 前

    What is this shit?

  8. Crip52Crazy


    2 天 前

    Can someone tell me What went Wrong?

  9. AJ!zzL3D


    2 天 前

    They were looking for an open 3 but the defense was GREAT.

  10. KingUman30


    2 天 前

    it was Lloyd Pierce who drew it up. You can see why he doesn't have a job now.

  11. Racks On Racks

    Racks On Racks

    2 天 前

    Idk y’all but I want Iguadala

  12. Tijan


    2 天 前

    Going fishing !!

  13. Jamal Mcguire

    Jamal Mcguire

    3 天 前

    This is actually a really beautiful ATO floppy set

  14. Al Aguirre

    Al Aguirre

    3 天 前

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  15. alex ramirez

    alex ramirez

    3 天 前

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  16. TheOddSkillz


    3 天 前

    Would’ve had a great shot if tatum and draymond set double picks when Lavine was curling

  17. TNT Section

    TNT Section

    3 天 前

    They aren’t even executing the play properly. Nobody actually set a decent screen... but yet they expected Zach to get open?

  18. gman2015


    3 天 前

    Mike Brown is the coach, the guy who blamed Varejao for a playoffs loss one time lol. In 2009 to my Magic I think. Btw, Varejao was offered a ring when Cavs beat Gstate in 2016 but didn't accept that ring cuz he played for G state. Classy.



    3 天 前


  20. jopiblabla


    3 天 前

    Didn't knew quavo was playing for the Nigerian national Team

  21. Y B

    Y B

    3 天 前

    why did the caster say that it's so important? isnt this a friendly match?

  22. Tan


    3 天 前

    Tf was Tatum doing?

  23. Jason


    3 天 前

    how do i always end up watching GOAT mike brown videos in the middle of the night lol

  24. Austin Figueroa

    Austin Figueroa

    3 天 前

    Pop thinking he deserves better than this

  25. baits camouflage

    baits camouflage

    3 天 前

    lost to a team without water….

  26. Moon Man

    Moon Man

    3 天 前

    These BLM millionaire victims lost this game on purpose!

  27. JustYourAverage2DSimps


    3 天 前

    No one is setting screen lmao

  28. Sam


    3 天 前

    Spurs basketball at its finest, nice play pops, the casuals dont understand.

  29. V GP

    V GP

    4 天 前

    Si nos they have lost 2 in a row? France and Nigeria? Wow.

  30. MohFlava


    4 天 前

    If only Lavine passed with the behind the back with his left hand to Draymond and he shot the three but then again not everyone is LeBron! And people would still hate him... And why Durant and Lillard not takin the shot is beyond me.... 🤣

  31. Interesting comment but....

    Interesting comment but....

    4 天 前

    They’re all used to weak defense

  32. Jean Ferguson

    Jean Ferguson

    4 天 前

    They were thinking about everything else but the game, that's what happens when you get woke... 🤷‍♂️

  33. Josh Kung

    Josh Kung

    4 天 前

    What type of shitty screens were those?

  34. Josh Kung

    Josh Kung

    4 天 前

    They only used to iso ball smh

  35. Samuel K

    Samuel K

    4 天 前


  36. H i

    H i

    4 天 前

    They be spending too much time woke Need to start winning But who cares no one watching these 'Olympics Lowest ratings in 33 years Hahaha

  37. SamYG


    4 天 前

    The fact 4 out of 5 of them are capable of taking a clutch shot is just sad

  38. king Fatman

    king Fatman

    4 天 前

    Calling for Lebron & curry and AD

  39. RAFAEL Feliciano

    RAFAEL Feliciano

    4 天 前

    I think the dream team from the 90 will play better,they need the goat mj

  40. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez

    4 天 前

    Coach pop is going senile

  41. Ryan Ilhan

    Ryan Ilhan

    4 天 前


  42. J.G. McBell

    J.G. McBell

    4 天 前

    Is that Mike Brown coaching Nigeria?

  43. Netaholic 137

    Netaholic 137

    4 天 前

    They wanted a shot off that screen but Nigeria doubled which was a smart play

  44. Brady22


    4 天 前

    US losing to nigeria???!?!?! smh

  45. Elite Exposure

    Elite Exposure

    4 天 前

    Tbh popovich is over rated. Duncan wouldve won 6 chips with any other coach and Kawhi can win 5 if he wasnt so lazy. Look at Belicheck, useless without brady.

  46. Hashirama Senju

    Hashirama Senju

    4 天 前

    Team USA is looking like a joke lmao.

  47. Ben Lou

    Ben Lou

    4 天 前

    Why does jason tatum touch the ball in this situation?

  48. SmoothBone21


    4 天 前

    not one player actually set a screen lol smh

  49. Ancient Scumbag

    Ancient Scumbag

    4 天 前

    These superstars is exposed! the only reason they are superstars is because there is no defense in NBA

  50. Alex Xiong

    Alex Xiong

    5 天 前

    I'm guessing the play was supposed to go back to lavine. In which case that's all Tatum and Draymond's fault. Where are the screens? If it was supposed to go to Kevin then it's lavines fault for not setting the screen. I think Ego is a factor here. I think Pop drew up a play and the other were salty it wasn't for them.

  51. Jack MacPhee

    Jack MacPhee

    5 天 前

    Bro you have Dame Lillard on your side what is the hold up he doesn’t even need that good of a look

  52. Frostixity


    5 天 前

    they need BRON

  53. matteo.g3


    5 天 前

    Jesus is king.

  54. loudpackalumni YT

    loudpackalumni YT

    5 天 前

    why zack lavine on the team for im better than this fn guy

  55. Camaron Mazyck

    Camaron Mazyck

    5 天 前

    That's just good defense wtf

  56. Grub Dog

    Grub Dog

    5 天 前

    Why did the announcer say this was the most important 3.5 seconds ever in basketball history. This game didn’t even matter, it was basically a scrimmage 🤣

    • MycroSparks


      4 天 前

      In Africas basketball history. Basically Africa never achieved anything in basketball yet, so beating a team that only a few teams ever did is their biggest achievement in the sport, so far. Its still just a meaningless game, but since theres not much to compare it too cause Africa never had a deep run in the Olympics or World cup, this is the biggest thing theyve done. Again, so far. We know the potential theyve got now due to the support they got in developing talent. And boy is there talent there, its insane.

  57. Homelessness Advocate

    Homelessness Advocate

    5 天 前

    KD's stocks in freefall. Giannis won the ring he had penciled in, LeBron just saved the world from Aliens, and KD can't even beat Nigeria

  58. intrapersonal


    5 天 前

    if anything this just shows how dogshit the state of domestic American basketball is. outside of the NBA, they're fucking garbage, because refs aren't so call-happy.

  59. Mr Green Bean

    Mr Green Bean

    5 天 前

    Popovitch: run in circles and pass = Profit

  60. morrison1405


    5 天 前

    Marijuana is a hell of a drug.

  61. Lucas Merrick

    Lucas Merrick

    5 天 前

    Then de Aaron fox walks in

  62. Kuya


    5 天 前

    This might be worse than Draymond shooting from half court with 10 seconds left

  63. rico Pasi

    rico Pasi

    5 天 前

    They were thinking 🤔 🧐💭 💭 What would JR Smith do 😂😂😂😂💀

  64. k371717


    5 天 前

    This the play that coach Steve Kerr used in all-star game, somebody inbounds the ball, somebody passes it to somebody else and somebody takes the shot.

  65. 1983 BABY

    1983 BABY

    5 天 前

    They need Coach K

    • James ,

      James ,

      5 天 前


  66. Lejohndary World favorite retard

    Lejohndary World favorite retard

    5 天 前

    Why is the most clutch player inbounding the ball?

  67. kap


    5 天 前

    why the hell are they looking for Lavine when they got Lillard?

    • kap


      5 天 前

      @James , the fuck are talking about dumbass? he is on the team lol

    • James ,

      James ,

      5 天 前

      @kap like I said dumbass, he’s not fucking on this team

    • kap


      5 天 前

      @James , who gives a fuck, he is way more clutch than lavine and a way better shooter.

    • James ,

      James ,

      5 天 前

      Idk if you’ve noticed this but lillard isn’t good on the national team lmao

  68. Andry Canz

    Andry Canz

    6 天 前

    lmao modern NBA superstars having a hard time playing against nigerian defense. imagine what old school NBA players (80's - 2010's) would do to these bums.

  69. Dennis Menace

    Dennis Menace

    6 天 前

    Tatum fucked up the play. He was supposed to set a screen for Zach so he could curl and Green sets his screen and Zach hits the 3 on the right but Tatum just lets Zach's man go right by without doing anything and this kills the play, you see Green try to set a screen but its too late.

  70. F5


    6 天 前

    LOL team USA shits its pants. Not so tough at all

  71. tuckcity


    6 天 前

    Jayson Tatum would’ve done more good if he had just stepped out of bounds and sat with the cameramen Clogging lanes and taking up space lmao all for nothing

  72. tuckcity


    6 天 前

    Pampered stars used to offense being set up for them, not used to setting up offense for teammates Minimal effort on setting screens, minimal moving without the ball Look at Durant, look at Tatum Lavine the only one putting in effort

  73. 1bacon man

    1bacon man

    6 天 前

    Wow they did not know they were getting fouled

  74. Chrispy Taco

    Chrispy Taco

    6 天 前

    The NBA is weak af I've seen Nigeria play more defense against Australia than watching the NBA for the past 4 years

  75. Poopy Pooper

    Poopy Pooper

    6 天 前

    Here after they lost against France

  76. Zach Vasquez

    Zach Vasquez

    6 天 前

    What's Pop smoking?

  77. Sputnik


    6 天 前

    bruh lillard travelled, these refs getting paid by team usa.

  78. DZlego


    6 天 前

    lmao ben simons iq is higher than this

  79. SerAva


    7 天 前

    Kobe facepalming from the heavens

  80. Nick Marble

    Nick Marble

    7 天 前

    Throwing on purpose

  81. Ahmed Akhai

    Ahmed Akhai

    7 天 前

    this is a case of not turning off chemistry before playing a game lmaooo

  82. Tony Gonzalez

    Tony Gonzalez

    7 天 前

    How about the travel when Dame dragged his pivot foot?

  83. Random Gamer

    Random Gamer

    7 天 前

    And this isn’t even Nigeria’s starting lineup 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  84. Dark Techno

    Dark Techno

    7 天 前

    matchfixed friendly game

    • Nick Marble

      Nick Marble

      7 天 前


  85. Syntex Armagedon

    Syntex Armagedon

    7 天 前

    I miss kobe 😔

  86. Jordan Gasparetto

    Jordan Gasparetto

    7 天 前

    Sorry i was thinking about my next kneel.

  87. Reid Pattis

    Reid Pattis

    7 天 前

    Coach Pop looking at the situation like: wtf is this?

    • Homelessness Advocate

      Homelessness Advocate

      5 天 前

      "When I drew this play up, I assumed you guys knew you were the O's not the X's"

  88. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    7 天 前

    They ain’t ready for that FIBA basketball. Today’s weak ass tik tok generation of NBA basketball is about to get exposed so bad this year for soft it’s become.

  89. 111voodoo


    7 天 前

    Team USA was thinking how bad they’re lives are living in the us.

  90. steven mcilwain

    steven mcilwain

    7 天 前

    That was post to be dame time.

  91. StlKid98


    7 天 前

    where’s curry💯

  92. August S

    August S

    7 天 前

    Is pop washed?

  93. SOND3R


    7 天 前

    J.R should drop a Henny type for the one time

  94. MrHumble 21

    MrHumble 21

    7 天 前

    That’s Isabel… my coach used that to pay too but we do win cz we know how to use it especially because I’m usually the one executing, my coach trust me 2 much



    7 天 前

    Nice coaching lmao

  96. Christian Andrei Borja

    Christian Andrei Borja

    7 天 前

    For me, I think it's Tatum's fault for not giving a screen for Lavine

  97. Fasaion Jarvison

    Fasaion Jarvison

    8 天 前

    My guy Tatum did absolutely nothing on that play 😂 What were you doin?!?!

  98. i80386sx


    8 天 前

    Team USA needed a couple of guys from the 2021 world champions.

  99. Flip


    8 天 前

    Nobody wants to set a screen

  100. GG 2x

    GG 2x

    8 天 前

    I think they were trying to get it to Kd but they locked him up