New Monster Size Comparison - Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Almost all sizes shown are the official sizes by Capcom and these are 100% base sizes, no crowns. Monsters are measured in their longest possible stretched model position so size values often seem bigger than their organic visual.

How we created this Size Comparison (Behind the Scenes):

This video would not have been possible without the help of Fandirus and most importantly Dave and Fexty. Check them out here:

Today, we officially welcome Fexty into TDS. Through his modding expertise we will be able to produce even more amazing Iceborne videos during our coverage of MHRise this year! Also, big shoutout to Michi who spent over 4 months to make this video as perfect as possible. And yet we decided not to get a sponsor for this one, so if you enjoyed it and want to support us please check out our Patreon. We would appreciate it a lot!
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Monster Size notes:
*Gajalaka: measured model in Blender due to official size being inaccurate
*Boaboa, Wulg, Cortos: measured model in Blender due to no official size existing
*Kestodon: used the official size even though both genders slightly differ in size
*Popo: measured model in Blender due to no official size existing for New World Popo
*Radobaan: size from the game files directly. Capcom most likely made a mistake in their official MHW size comparison
*Acidic Glavenus: measured model in Blender due ingame size being smaller than official Glavenus size
*Kulve Taroth: measured second stage model in Blender due to no official size existing
*Alatreon: official new world size is 2969.63cm
*Fatalis: size from the official MHW size comparison which has been changed to 4137.17cm in Iceborne which can be seen in the game files


  1. Team Darkside

    Team Darkside

    3 个月 前

    How we created this Size Comparison (Behind the Scenes): ►

    • Cyntia Wolburg Pascoe

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      Alpha Devil

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      3 个月 前

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    jose araoz

    20 小时 前

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  9. Kazama Hiroto

    Kazama Hiroto

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    Adam Taylor

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    • EvilJetos


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      Yes, all these monster models come from Monster Hunter World

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