Feeding My Pet Seagull for 69 Days to Gain his Trust

these past few months have been magical 🥺
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pet seagull
feeding steven
arryn skelly
steven the seagull
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  1. Cherry CxA V.2

    Cherry CxA V.2

    5 分钟 前


  2. Richard Houle

    Richard Houle

    9 分钟 前

    I love your video i love the segl

  3. Francis Lacap

    Francis Lacap

    20 分钟 前

    Get a long range high quality camera so you can him at his baby's

  4. Tzi yau tong

    Tzi yau tong

    26 分钟 前

    Its so sad i was crying happy tears for steve :>

  5. Priyanka Gavand

    Priyanka Gavand

    33 分钟 前

    I am soo happy that this was in my recommendation

  6. Zerosse


    41 分钟 前

    Now kill it to assert dominance

  7. Jovien Rapael Reyes

    Jovien Rapael Reyes

    57 分钟 前

    What the f*ck

  8. Yuriel Valenzuela

    Yuriel Valenzuela

    小时 前

    After that he did feed it😔

  9. Simon Chong

    Simon Chong

    小时 前

    When the seagull eyes are batter than ur life-

  10. Sydney Bush

    Sydney Bush

    小时 前

    My family 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  11. Andrea Ogrimina

    Andrea Ogrimina

    小时 前

    Now this is what i call not a waste if time

  12. Pyr0 FyrO

    Pyr0 FyrO

    小时 前

    I love Steven more feeding days plsssss!!!!!

  13. Christians kid show

    Christians kid show

    小时 前

    I’m following on TikTok

  14. ????????? Call me willow

    ????????? Call me willow

    2 小时 前

    Stephen is the king of all that is fish never to be disturbed :]

  15. XxKavi._.ReemaxX


    3 小时 前

    Seaugull: elsa noises* I feel like the king

  16. Christian Angelo Cruz

    Christian Angelo Cruz

    3 小时 前

    Is anyone gonna talk about the second number in the tumbnail

  17. Robloxfan Destroyer

    Robloxfan Destroyer

    3 小时 前

    Ahhh the 69 meme is the day there :)

  18. ugne magde

    ugne magde

    3 小时 前

    *I was pooping on a grandma yes me too*

  19. ugne magde

    ugne magde

    3 小时 前

    *I'm just excited for the balls*

  20. Hank


    4 小时 前


  21. mr debris

    mr debris

    4 小时 前

    This was very enjoyable

  22. •tsuyu_asui•


    4 小时 前

    I watch this for 1 hour and i handle my very very hungry stomach and my very very very very very very very very very very sleepy eyes



    4 小时 前


  24. Claw


    4 小时 前

    Hes actually gonna die from how much hes eating

  25. Mr.T


    4 小时 前

    19:48 though 😂😂😂😂

  26. ТАТЬЯНА татьяна

    ТАТЬЯНА татьяна

    4 小时 前

    Я бы тоже к такому окошку прилетала... Можно адрес? Я даже кушаю аккуратней...

  27. DogeCoin Moon Trips

    DogeCoin Moon Trips

    4 小时 前

    his neighbours must hate his guts cause he attracts all the fucking seagulls lol

  28. Vimbainashe Mushayikwa

    Vimbainashe Mushayikwa

    4 小时 前

    Only recommendation is next time he should carry the tray with his feet too 😂 Also, this has strong quarantine vibes 😂😂

  29. Hie Ting

    Hie Ting

    5 小时 前

    how is it not raining

  30. Mell stivani93

    Mell stivani93

    5 小时 前


  31. Maddox Huss

    Maddox Huss

    5 小时 前

    Thicc bird

  32. Thanh Hung Bui

    Thanh Hung Bui

    5 小时 前

    Wow this content is so divine

  33. Dell And Hell

    Dell And Hell

    5 小时 前

    the seagull said bitch 214 times

  34. Kiran van Ruitenbeek

    Kiran van Ruitenbeek

    5 小时 前

    Did he actually get rabies

  35. Charlie Blocker

    Charlie Blocker

    5 小时 前

    Day 14 he was smoking

  36. Jenny Chaplin

    Jenny Chaplin

    5 小时 前

    It may seem funny kinda is but when a seagull starts knocking on your window it's annoying not gonna lie

  37. Alexandra Nan

    Alexandra Nan

    6 小时 前

    "my neck is growing"😩👍

  38. Yolopinkfu


    6 小时 前

    Now I want a pet seagull :(



    6 小时 前

    i love the video.

  40. Carte1380 Galaxy

    Carte1380 Galaxy

    6 小时 前

    Hmmmm get some favourite food

  41. Queen_ Wants_Food

    Queen_ Wants_Food

    6 小时 前

    ✨ Divine✨

  42. Jiale Huang

    Jiale Huang

    6 小时 前

    why do your seagull call you the b word

  43. Evalyn D. Domine

    Evalyn D. Domine

    6 小时 前

    Hmmmmn do u wanna pet him without the worry of him bitting u? Well buy multiple gloves and wear then like layers. It may be hot but when u pet her its worth it! :D

  44. Jon Daniel Alican

    Jon Daniel Alican

    6 小时 前

    How u know its the same seagull

  45. Taacticall


    6 小时 前

    1:01:41 that sounds so wrong

  46. Bacon legend

    Bacon legend

    7 小时 前

    Good pet owner

  47. Dasrizal Zal

    Dasrizal Zal

    7 小时 前


  48. ⋰∘Kabuza-⊚-P-ʀɝð⊝⋱


    7 小时 前

    Seagull: *b i t c h*

  49. Natsu Hinata

    Natsu Hinata

    8 小时 前

    Its a different Seagal lmao 🤣 😂 the eye color

  50. NaoKomiiiシ


    8 小时 前

    I was so bored and watched this I don’t regret

  51. CocoSmile


    8 小时 前

    "I was pooping on a grandma" "Well done. *I like to do it too* "

  52. BubbleTea Boba

    BubbleTea Boba

    8 小时 前

    ✨Divine✨ 😩

  53. MineCraftplayer 49

    MineCraftplayer 49

    9 小时 前

    His seagull is now my lock screen

  54. MineCraftplayer 49

    MineCraftplayer 49

    9 小时 前

    I got hungry watching this its devine

  55. Rosie Red

    Rosie Red

    9 小时 前

    69 ;)

  56. iiwxd


    9 小时 前

    "Hey ***** i brought my friend here *****" LOL



    10 小时 前

    How and when did he start coming for food?

  58. Blue Falcon Gaming

    Blue Falcon Gaming

    10 小时 前

    What happened after 69 days

  59. Marcus Noe

    Marcus Noe

    10 小时 前

    We need more🥺



    10 小时 前

    She say bitch

  61. MineCraftplayer 49

    MineCraftplayer 49

    10 小时 前

    The pancakes looked good wish I could have some I think they'd be 10/10 yummy yum yum

  62. pine Apple

    pine Apple

    10 小时 前

    Really cool 😂😂😂👌

  63. Ahmad Fauzan Perdana

    Ahmad Fauzan Perdana

    10 小时 前

    Does anyone know what's the title of the bgm he used in the video?

  64. SolaHiro


    10 小时 前

    Tsundere seagul Chan.

  65. freshta khidri

    freshta khidri

    10 小时 前

    sooo how do you know that is the same bird

  66. Dead_Ᏸᙈnnẙ


    10 小时 前

    Person: I guess they to look kind of juicy Siegel: and one day it will be inside of me Person: ..... never say that again

  67. maycan


    10 小时 前

    "You checky seagul" Me: hey seagul i can give u all tha food ya want anf give u extra >:} I WANNA GET U AND PET U

  68. Shakira Rasoli

    Shakira Rasoli

    11 小时 前

    On day 11 hee said kiwi but it was apple

  69. Lord Drago

    Lord Drago

    11 小时 前

    Day 666 -some dude killed the Seagal and ate him and his kids . . .

  70. Commander


    11 小时 前

    This Seagull sure likes to cuss alot

  71. Johnroi


    11 小时 前

    I Want more

  72. Quentilla Trawick

    Quentilla Trawick

    11 小时 前

    “Bring me a cat next time,or I’ll kick your a__”

  73. evil fan

    evil fan

    11 小时 前


  74. big boie

    big boie

    11 小时 前

    “no” *beak point* “stinky”

  75. Magieleeh Panganiban

    Magieleeh Panganiban

    11 小时 前

    Me: *sees hashtag short* Video: *1 f******* hour*

  76. April Farina

    April Farina

    12 小时 前


  77. Error404


    12 小时 前

    I feel something is sus about the vid name about that last name 69 dumbass

  78. penn marion

    penn marion

    12 小时 前


  79. charoemolina


    12 小时 前

    The baby’s are so cute

  80. Shackeve


    13 小时 前

    The seagull always saying bitch

  81. Cookiewolfe677 Cookiekiller

    Cookiewolfe677 Cookiekiller

    13 小时 前

    It was Worth that one hour 😭🤚

  82. oxford pictionary

    oxford pictionary

    13 小时 前

    What happened after day 69!



    13 小时 前

    U r spent u r time and food for only a little living being beliveness but nice video bro we learn much from this

  84. picle man

    picle man

    13 小时 前

    How you know it’s the same seagull

  85. i will ban you from discord

    i will ban you from discord

    13 小时 前

    imagine if a new seagull came every time starting from day 2 that would be frustrating :(

  86. Random Facts

    Random Facts

    13 小时 前

    I really love it when a notification shows up”someone liked your comment”or”new subscriber”

  87. icecreamdoggie mia

    icecreamdoggie mia

    13 小时 前

    Looks incredible. Like this video.

  88. co_ love

    co_ love

    14 小时 前

    Okay but this is lowkey wholesome and chaotic at the same time

  89. Ahmad Syamil Ramli

    Ahmad Syamil Ramli

    14 小时 前

    First 1 hour youtube video i watch and never skip. Worth my time.

  90. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari

    14 小时 前

    Plot twist- they were different seagulls every time

  91. A Guy

    A Guy

    14 小时 前

    Plot twitch each one was a different seagull

  92. Teresa Munster

    Teresa Munster

    14 小时 前

    The bird is mean and nice and funny

  93. Coraline Cronopoulous

    Coraline Cronopoulous

    14 小时 前

    i think seagals like fries bcs i was eating fries today and they attacked and stole my french fries wtf rip my fries

  94. Brooklyn Bail

    Brooklyn Bail

    14 小时 前

    He fed them EGGS 🍳

  95. Emman Nadal

    Emman Nadal

    14 小时 前

    Did u even buy food for ur self at the store get a tiny home for him outside ur house