iPad Pro M1 Review: The Ultimate Spec Bump!

The M1 iPad Pro is unreal fast... at all the same stuff. Bring on iOS15!

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Computer provided by Apple for review.



  1. Subhajit Debnath

    Subhajit Debnath

    10 小时 前

    Are those Casey neistat glass t shirt?

  2. Jovi Latini

    Jovi Latini

    14 小时 前

    The flashy connection synthetically force because zoo prognostically bleach except a green grey grieving thailand. spurious, plant crop

  3. Shafeeq sha Shafeeq sha

    Shafeeq sha Shafeeq sha

    17 小时 前

    Super i like you

  4. Thuan Nguyen

    Thuan Nguyen

    18 小时 前

    can someone compare Apple XDR display vs iPad Mini LED?

  5. Art of Loy Loy

    Art of Loy Loy

    19 小时 前

    the new iPad Pro is so great I can actually see the booger fly out of your left nostril 15:15 awesome reviews!!



    20 小时 前

    If MKBHD was not a youtuber he would be an ad marketer for famous companies.

    • ً


      11 小时 前

      He's already*

  7. NomadicCleric


    21 小时 前

    Sorry, I'm never gonna build microservices on an iPad :)

  8. A. S.L

    A. S.L

    23 小时 前

    apple, slow in the ram game then releases a 8gb and 16gb ipad pro hahaha.

  9. Fernando M

    Fernando M

    天 前

    I'm a big android fan boi. I have a z fold2 currently. I'm a general contractor, and I've been looking for a more technical way to measure and capture photos of my projects. Lidar was the answer paired with the canvas app I think it'll be great once I get my 2021 iPad pro.

  10. Aditya Chopra

    Aditya Chopra

    天 前

    Could ipad BE any better 😂

  11. Sahil Afroz

    Sahil Afroz

    天 前

    The only tech CNglobalr we actually need.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I.Akshay kumar 469

    I.Akshay kumar 469

    天 前

    ME realises i wont even get a ipad 8th gen...... Ummm.. 😅..

  13. Harshul Mehta

    Harshul Mehta

    天 前

    Tbh the intro in MKBHD video is much better than the apple ad 😂😂😂

  14. Bunny Bloods

    Bunny Bloods

    天 前

    can i play subway surfer and talking tom on that?🤔🤔🤔

  15. That Xpat Fam

    That Xpat Fam

    天 前

    I want to know if the M1 iPad Pro makes a difference when using apps like photoshop on sidecar. Opposed to an iPad Air.

    • cartoonist


      天 前


  16. Chooch McGooch

    Chooch McGooch

    天 前

    the single thing i dislike about my ipad is iOS. it should be another full capability mac. of course, they'd probably tack on another $1000 to the price tag.

  17. Thomas Nguyen

    Thomas Nguyen

    天 前

    I like the direction Apple is taking with their tablets. I've always been a bit against some of their phones and laptops because I always got the impression that they sacrificed a lot of utility and practicality for the sake of preserving their aesthetic, but for the Ipad pro M1 that doesn't seem to be the case. I've been looking at stronger tablets or 2-in-1 laptops and this definitely catches my eye. After doing a little window shopping, I am disappointed to see that this comes with the additional premium that I have come to expect from Apple products in contrast to Samsung or Microsoft. I think I am going to wait to see what Samsung does with their S8 tablet before setting my heart on anything. I expect they will likely match or come close to the M1 for a much more amicable price tag.

  18. joseph keoaka arthur

    joseph keoaka arthur

    天 前

    ok im getting old. but why cant the MacBook Pros just have touch screen?

  19. javer garcia

    javer garcia

    2 天 前

    What kind of keyboard is he using . The white one

  20. foto21com


    2 天 前

    Annoying music. AGAIN.

  21. Monkey Lee

    Monkey Lee

    2 天 前

    That wide angle distortion killed me 😂😂😂

  22. Geoffrey Wong

    Geoffrey Wong

    2 天 前

    All that performance on a mobile OS is quite a waste…………

  23. Braden Purcell

    Braden Purcell

    2 天 前

    Agree 100%, the only thing holding the M1 iPad Pro back now is iOS. So if it’s got the power, but it lacks the efficiency, is it really “pro”? Base model iPad has the same iOS as the M1 “pro”. 🤔

  24. Shahid al Sowmik

    Shahid al Sowmik

    3 天 前

    Say apple to make iPad pro size like mi mix fold

  25. Erick Guillarte

    Erick Guillarte

    3 天 前

    i will have that soon !!! i will win the raffle ! claimed it !!!!

  26. Shashank Gupta

    Shashank Gupta

    3 天 前

    The intro is Savage..💥

  27. k


    3 天 前

    coming from a 2013 mini-ipad.. straight up using it everyday for 8 yrs.. time for an upgrade... let's try it now!

  28. Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis

    4 天 前

    Anyone have a app thats awesome for graphic design ( flyers ) without the price tag?

    • Josh Feeney

      Josh Feeney

      9 小时 前


  29. UglyNerfHerder


    4 天 前

    I’m personally getting this to be my laptop.

    • xabeerx


      2 天 前

      Same lmao I'm so excited 😎💪🏽

  30. Zander Zipz

    Zander Zipz

    4 天 前


  31. Lucas g_.

    Lucas g_.

    4 天 前

    tbh, im just chillin with my amazon fire tablet, its good enough for me not to spend 1,000+ on an ipad

  32. War Monster

    War Monster

    4 天 前

    What is the name of that game 4:37

  33. Yelsin Chacon

    Yelsin Chacon

    4 天 前

    How could you ever talked bad about a product, when you get paid to say otherwise 😂😂

  34. TQ


    4 天 前

    must be nice sitting on apple's payroll

  35. HCCH


    4 天 前

    would they make an M1 iPad Air?

  36. Scott Lumsden

    Scott Lumsden

    4 天 前

    Marques has every gadget known to man excluding…. An iron. 😂

  37. Love Sucks

    Love Sucks

    4 天 前

    The chip is useless if they keep on limiting the performance and software

  38. Beverly Hayes

    Beverly Hayes

    4 天 前

    The innocent potato simultaneously doubt because draw thirdly offer atop a gamy hail. muddled, nappy ring

  39. Rinnaroth Sim

    Rinnaroth Sim

    5 天 前

    More expensive

  40. muhd fudinz

    muhd fudinz

    5 天 前


  41. a kol

    a kol

    5 天 前

    can the cellular version make phone calls without an iPhone?

  42. a kol

    a kol

    5 天 前

    can you install whatsapp on this?

  43. dotails


    5 天 前

    Techlead Show was teasing you but you both said the same thing that it has power but no function.

  44. Nicholas Hanks

    Nicholas Hanks

    5 天 前

    why he always using onplus wire?? hahaha

  45. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells

    6 天 前

    For regular user this will be a great tablet for a simple user then this would be ok but they might want to wait until another one comes out

  46. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells

    6 天 前

    They did a good job

  47. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells

    6 天 前

    The I pad is big

  48. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells

    6 天 前

    This new iPad 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥

  49. TheZestyMan


    6 天 前

    Marques, your fingers look very soft in this video

  50. BIGBRO


    6 天 前

    Does it run PUBGm in 90fps?

  51. Ryn Frost

    Ryn Frost

    6 天 前

    Can someone please buy me iPad Pro? Yours truly is struggling😞😞

  52. Iraqiboi999


    6 天 前

    “A fool and his money are easily parted” -Apple, probably.

    • ADN


      14 小时 前

      “I get mad at people richer than me” - You, definitely.

    • Akshat


      4 天 前


    • Akshat


      4 天 前


  53. rakesh kashyap

    rakesh kashyap

    6 天 前

    iPad pro unboxing is Best Best.... and iPad pro starting is very very Best!

  54. Aj Taulapapa

    Aj Taulapapa

    6 天 前

    Only if fortnite was still available

  55. Sabūr Ali Khan

    Sabūr Ali Khan

    6 天 前

    50g is enough for you to notice!!! So that means after 💩 you feel as light weight as a feather 😂😂😂!!!

  56. Alli Hair

    Alli Hair

    7 天 前

    I am going back to get my masters in UX Deign and need a new personal device. I love the new Mac Air M1 but was curious if a new iPad Pro M1 could still allow me to use sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, etc...? HELP PLEASE!!!

  57. Abielsvlogs


    7 天 前

    I’m trying to decide wether to get my dad the m1 iPad or m1 iMac for Father’s Day 💀😂

    • k


      3 天 前

      if dad already have any form of ipad or tablet, go for the new iMac (plus the fun colours he could choose too!) really depends on preferred use.. why not Macbook Pro Air M1?

  58. Yoda Goat

    Yoda Goat

    7 天 前

    The peaceful hook differently plan because tv totally search astride a strong trouble. ready, wide manx

  59. Ishai Harel ישי הראל

    Ishai Harel ישי הראל

    7 天 前

    Max Tech shows that the m1 iPad Pro with 16GB of RAM really makes use of its 16 GB RAM @

  60. Ishai Harel ישי הראל

    Ishai Harel ישי הראל

    7 天 前

    Max Tech shows that the m1 iPad Pro with 16GB of RAM really makes use of its 16 GB RAM @

  61. jack baby

    jack baby

    7 天 前

    You are turning into a Apple fan boy for some, why ?

  62. anuj yadav

    anuj yadav

    7 天 前

    What is the name of the intro track

  63. E. Pitts

    E. Pitts

    7 天 前

    Awesome review! Very thorough. I’m upgrading my 2020 version to this one.

  64. LCC


    7 天 前

    I don’t get this whole Tablet Instead of laptop trend

  65. pouya


    7 天 前

    just wanted to put my thoughts out there: Ipad is a great device for multiple things, especially education, for example for me, I can easily use Matlab and some great apps for taking notes and study, and also a really really good machine for people who draw or design, there are roomers that 3D modeling apps are coming for Ipads, it is also a great device for video editing, but not the best if compared to MacBooks, remember, even saying that it can compete with a laptop, is a huge success for it, but Apple does apple things! using the GREAT M1 chip, but limiting the hell out of it, before the recent event, you could not even see the progress of the copied file! multi-tasking could be a lot better and it could easily be a laptop replacement if apple trys to fix it, which I am sure they can but IDK why they don't! but I think with all the "hate" around this problem, apple could potentially fix this issue by the next update, HOPEFULLY! also, so many CNglobalrs are mad at this, whom apple had listened to in the past, I think Apple could easily fix this for some people who want to take advantage of this amazing machine with all of it's features like the apple pencil, which is a must have for me as a student. also the thunderbolt port; it just copies the screen of the iPad and shows it on the other screen, which sucks! people can take advantage of this feature, especially video editors, it can alone be a supply for a workstation if all these issues are fixed. apple can easily bring the MacBook apps to Ipad, but they simply don't! people say it is because of the cost and Apple wants to make money, but the Ipad pro 12.9" costs around 1100$ which is more than the MacBook air in some cases! so that couldn't be the case. I think that Apple would for sure fix this, but only for the pro models, at least I hope so!

    • pouya


      7 天 前

      @LCC, I totally get it, but you cant use the apple pencil on any other apple products except ipads, and you don't get a 120hz refresh rate on MacBooks. I use the apple pencil so much because of Matlab and writing down notes. It is also a must-have for drawing; you cant use your fingers to draw, well you can, but its result is nothing near the drawing which has used the apple pencil instead. if the problems I mentioned get fixed, you basically get a touch-screen laptop with great performance and 120hz display, starting at 899$ for the 11", if you find these specs on any laptop, please tell me, I want it more than ever!

    • LCC


      7 天 前

      Why don’t people just use a laptop. Rather than buying an iPad and then trying to run a desktop programs on it and attach an external keyboard anyway. And if it’s cheaper to buy a MacBook Air than you’re better off just doing that.

  66. Paz


    8 天 前

    Bruh, The intro is actually better that actual Apple Ads, lol 😭🤣😂 !

  67. Shaun Hazell

    Shaun Hazell

    8 天 前

    Shall we call it a Lap-pad or an iTop?

  68. Sooraj S

    Sooraj S

    8 天 前

    4:42 which game?

  69. It's Me Vedhanshini

    It's Me Vedhanshini

    8 天 前

    Nicely explained. When it will be available in india?

  70. Shivakumar Auradi

    Shivakumar Auradi

    8 天 前

    The biggest comedy is ipad pro is more expensive than macbook pro and soon it will turn expensive than diamond

  71. D DEV

    D DEV

    8 天 前

    In this 5 years Apple's greatest mistake was they launched iPad AIR 4 😂😂😂 no one buying ipad , iPad mini, iPad Pro...

  72. Fox boy 2000

    Fox boy 2000

    8 天 前

    I got an 11 inch space grey M1 iPad Pro but it has a USB C port instead of a Thunderbolt port. Perhaps it’s only for some specific colors and sizes? 🤔

  73. Syeed Mahmud Nishat

    Syeed Mahmud Nishat

    8 天 前

    The intro was jusy WOW

  74. Verum117


    8 天 前

    In other words its future proof

  75. funn tube

    funn tube

    8 天 前

    That 20 seconds add ruined my interest

  76. MrPiggy


    8 天 前

    I have zero Apple products, yet I love MKBD reviews on them. The production quality is out of this world!

  77. Scott Nedrelow

    Scott Nedrelow

    8 天 前

    @ 0:32 the blue sleeve one of mine? @mkbhd



    8 天 前

    I want to buy 8/256GB 12,9 INC

  79. Sam


    8 天 前


  80. javtesh singh

    javtesh singh

    9 天 前

    Apple Next Event : introducing .... iWatch with M1 processor 😂😂

  81. ItzWonky


    9 天 前

    What was the little car game you were playing where you were dragging your finger side to side so the car doesn’t crash I wanna play it

    • chìnø


      8 天 前

      The game is Speed Demons on the App Store, it’s an Apple Arcade game

  82. Ironmanix


    9 天 前

    Glad to see that the old gen magic keyboard works for both! Thanks as always Marques!

  83. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    9 天 前

    I know how he felt at 4:18 when he said "It is just kind of ridiculous"

  84. Eating For The First Time

    Eating For The First Time

    9 天 前

    "With power comes responsibility" Ipad2021 - Power but no responsibility.

    • k


      3 天 前


    • oiuet souiu

      oiuet souiu

      7 天 前

      The distorted selfies had me rolling 😹😹😹

  85. Kayla Arnold

    Kayla Arnold

    9 天 前

    Functionality wise I say the same thing to customers. Apple IS protecting Mac sales from iPad. If you could install illustrator or autocad, etc. on an iPad, Mac sales would drop

    • Kittipop Peanloedvorakul

      Kittipop Peanloedvorakul

      2 天 前

      @oiuet souiu Replied to the wrong comment didn’t you?

    • oiuet souiu

      oiuet souiu

      7 天 前

      Proud of you marques! You've come a loooooooong way over the years. Keep it up!

  86. Kayla Arnold

    Kayla Arnold

    9 天 前

    Yeah the Mackbook air is cheaper, but at least the iPad Pro doesn’t overheat… lol

    • bcvbb hyui

      bcvbb hyui

      9 天 前

      How to bypass activation lock on Iwatch I recommend lockoutpin on lG

  87. azclex


    9 天 前

    everyone talking bout the intro lol

  88. sodeu kesei

    sodeu kesei

    9 天 前

    The cuddly utensil distally reject because board unequivocally kneel into a aboriginal dew. spotless, murky wind

  89. Cesar Ortiz

    Cesar Ortiz

    9 天 前

    You have to call out iPad OS being incapable

  90. I A

    I A

    9 天 前

    Just got myself iPad Pro 12.9 1TB 5G. Compare to my 2018 iPad Pro. There’s isn’t much difference using both day to day. I would say abit faster n that’s it. The screen are extremely similar apart from watching HDR content but due to aspect ration it always have black bars when watching movies. The thunderbolt is great feature but again iPad OS have its limitations. MKBHD video is great but failed to review it from user prospective.

  91. Phyliss Beebe

    Phyliss Beebe

    10 天 前

    The smoggy cappelletti substantially borrow because family realistically produce amongst a lazy baboon. cuddly, hungry top

  92. Bridger Giroir

    Bridger Giroir

    10 天 前

    Hello guys, Who Knows about Crypto ? Can I get a Personal Tutor on Bitcoin , I don't mind paying to learn

  93. Jonathan Scott

    Jonathan Scott

    10 天 前

    I traded in my iPad Pro 2020 a few days ago and I am now the proud new owner of a Samsung Tab S7 plus. This is an extraordinary machine with full desktop mode and full external display support. This is a tablet but also a laptop replacement. One of the biggest problems the iPad Pro has is the horde of embargoed Apple CNglobal reviewers who refuse to acknowledge that the competition is taking over. The Apple iPad Pro is now a deeply flawed device in terms of value and usability compared to other devices at there. You are a kidding yourselves if you think this device has any future in its current form. The entire iPad range only amounts to 9-10% of Apple’s global revenues while the Mac makes up 10% and the iPhone accounts for over 50% of revenues. The whole argument of the iPad cannibalising Mac sales is completely redundant when you consider how insignificant Mac computers are in the Apple portfolio. Apple CNglobal reviewers are the most insincere group of people on the Internet. How many of you are brave enough to challenge just how disappointing the iPad Pro has become?

  94. Daniel Ortego

    Daniel Ortego

    10 天 前

    I just ordered the 2021-12.9 M1-2TB. I'm not sure it was such a great idea considering the cost, but I need something more portable than the MacBook Pro and doesn't suck the battery dry in 90-minutes or less. Also, my last two MacBooks/MacBook Pros' have the incredibly pathetic butterfly keyboard. They have failed three times!

  95. Carl Williams

    Carl Williams

    10 天 前

    Apple should hire the MKBHD TEAM for the next event @marques brownlee

    • Shanon Fernando

      Shanon Fernando

      9 天 前

      Fr tho

  96. archerman


    10 天 前

    7:42 You look like a young Rock

  97. chris ryan chen

    chris ryan chen

    10 天 前


  98. Christopher Perkins

    Christopher Perkins

    10 天 前

    That booger in your left nostril is really bothering me.

  99. Yohei's JP Vlog

    Yohei's JP Vlog

    10 天 前

    Casey Neistat Shirt haha Who else saw this?

  100. Chris Wilder

    Chris Wilder

    10 天 前

    How to bypass activation lock on Iwatch I recommend *lockoutpin* on lG